#SinfulSunday Week 347 – Waiting to Be Reddened

Today’s Sinful Sunday theme is RED. I have these gorgeous new knickers and me and Mr CK are off to our favourite femsub/MDom event today, so here’s my arse waiting to be reddened by his hand, flogger, cane or whatever he decides to beat me with today.

My ass is black lacy cage-back knickers.

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Sinful Sunday

#SinfulSunday Week 338: “Stripy Stockings”

I’m ignoring the theme (sorry Molly!) because I snapped this pic after last night’s sexy party. I just love how fucking sexy my legs look in these black and white stockings with little finger cuffs attached.

Stockings were a freebie at Lube and a Laptop.

My legs in a pair of stripy black and white stockings with little handcuff attachments at the top. For a Sinful Sunday postClick on the lips to see who else is sinning this week.

Sinful Sunday
I took the picture in this post and it is my property. Do not copy or reproduce it without my express permission.

#SinfulSunday Week 336: “Just Hangin’ Out”

Today was very special for us – Mr CK did his first ever (supervised) rope suspension on me! The goal was to accomplish this by the end of the year so we’re absolutely thrilled to have done it.

Seemed only right to share, for this ‘Sinful Sunday,’ a picture of yours truly just – as the title says – hangin’ out in my beloved’s ropes.

Me from the neck down in a face up horizontal suspension a few inches off the ground. For a Sinful Sunday post

Please excuse the shitty camera quality.

Model: me. Rope & photo: Mr CK. This picture is our property and must not be copied or distributed without our express permission.

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Sinful Sunday