Portfolio: My Work Elsewhere

On this page, you can find the links to all my work elsewhere on the web (and occasionally in print). Remember: if you like my work, you can always hire me to write for you.



[14.07.2018] How Can I Discuss Polyamory with My Partner? at Lovehoney’s Head Board

[05.07.2018] The Forgotten Voices of Pride at Scarlet Ladies UK Blog

[01.07.2018] An Introduction to Adult Lifestyle Holidays at Temptation Holidays (where I will be doing a regular blogging spot)

[21.06.2018] Five Genuine Innovations in the Adult Industry at Sex Tech Guide

[08.06.2018] An MMORPG for Sex? at Sex Tech Guide

[25.05.2018] We-Vibe Sync Review at Sex Tech Guide

[21.05.2018] Sex Tech for Long Distance Love at Sex Tech Guide

[11.05.2018] MysteryVibe Crescendo Review at Sex Tech Guide

[17.03.2018] My flash non-fiction, Becoming, featured in Truth: An Eroticon Anthology

[23.02.2018] Sex Blogging Saved My Soul, a guest post for Hot Octopuss

[26.05.2017] The Five Biggest Lies I Was Told About Sex (And You Probably Were Too), a guest post for Exhibit A

[25.03.2017] Abuse, D/s, and the Art of Knowing the Difference, a guest post for Kayla Lords

[20.03.2017] Pegging: Everything You Need to Know… And More! Co-authored with Exhibit A for his site

[17.03.2017] Female Orgasm Denial (or: Why I Get Off on Not Getting Off,) a guest post for Girl on the Net

[09.03.2017] My flash fiction, Four Minutes, featured in Exhibit A’s International Women’s Day Special