Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Door #1: Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Update 04/03/22: this product is seasonal only and has been discontinued. Individual components may still be available.

I’m so excited to have received the Lovehoney “Best Sex of Your Life” sex toy advent calendar for couples! This treasure trove of sexy goodies comes with 24 numbered windows, each containing a sex toy, kink product, or other sexy item.

This kit is geared towards couples where one person has a penis and the other has a vulva, but many of the items are flexible and unisex. Mr CK and I are going to be opening one door at a time for the next 24 days and sharing a mini review each day, then I’ll publish an overall review of the whole set at the end.

Let’s dive in and see what’s behind the first door…

Door #1: Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Sex toy advent calendar for couples door 1

Today we’re looking at Door #1, which contained a small bullet vibrator. Here’s a quick rundown of the details:

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Colour: Shiny red with a gold Lovehoney heart insignia.
  • Body safe? Yes – ABS is non-porous and non-toxic.
  • Power: Rechargeable.
  • Waterproof: Yes, submersible.
  • Size: 3″ in length, 0.8″ in diameter.
  • Lube compatible: Yes, all kinds.
  • Cleaning: Gentle soap and warm water or a 10% bleach solution.

As far as I can tell, this vibrator is the Lovehoney Glow Up Bullet Vibrator in a new colourway. This means its RRP is £24.99.

Lovehoney Glow-Up Bullet Vibrator from Best Sex of Your Life advent calendar

The vibe comes with a USB charging cable and you get around 60 minutes use on a full charge. It operates on a one-button interface located in the base, and offers three constant speeds and seven patterns. To switch it on, you have to hold down the button until the light flashes, then give it another quick press. Press to cycle through settings, then press and hold to turn the toy off.

Power-wise, I’m significantly more impressed than I expected to be! This toy packs a decent punch, given its small size and low price point. It sits midway along the buzz-to-rumble scale, offering strong and non-numbing vibrations though not quite hitting that deep, penetrating rumble that so many people love. It’s a little loud, so bear that in mind if you live in a shared space or need to keep the noise down.

The target market for this set is primarily people and couples without much experience of sex toys, perhaps just exploring or looking to start their collection, so I’m approaching this review series through that lens. This is a great bullet vibrator for beginners, powerful enough to hit the spot but compact, non-threatening, and easy to use.

Red bullet vibrator for couples from sex toy advent calendar

If you enjoy penetrative sex, this bullet is small enough to slide between bodies for extra clitoral stimulation. And remember that vibes aren’t just for clits! You can also use your bullet vibrator on the labia, nipples, penis, balls, perineum, or literally any other body part that feels good. (Don’t insert it anally, though – it’s not safe for that as it doesn’t have a flared base).

Bottom line: it’s body-safe. It can get me off reliably. And it’s small and light enough to throw in my bag for a playdate or weekend away.

Door #1 is a hit. Check back to see what’s behind Door #2 tomorrow…

The Best Sex of Your Life advent calendar retails for £120, and you can get 10% off this or any other purchase at Lovehoney by using my code “coffkink10” at checkout. These calendars are limited in quantity, so don’t wait until December to get yours.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending us the Best Sex of Your Life couples’ sex toy advent calendar to review. All views are our own. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping through them helps to keep the site going!

4 thoughts on “Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Door #1: Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

  1. Silly question, but how do I charge this bullet vibrator? It came with a usb charger and it would appear the charger is to be inserted above the power button but I am having trouble removing the rubber casing.
    Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Hi! If I remember correctly, you unscrew the bottom part from the top part and then there’s a socket for the charger.

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