[Lingerie Review] Fifty Shades of Grey Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body

[Update 10/05/24: this product has been discontinued. I have removed dead links but left the post up for reference.]

It will never cease to amaze me that there exists, out there in the world, an actual published book that contains this line describing a pair of knickers:

“Wow, they feel… slinky… and kind of hot… yeah.”

– Fifty Shades Darker

Further, it will never cease to amaze me that the book containing the above line, and the rest of its series, have collectively made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Still, despite its problematic messaging and dubious writing, the Fifty Shades of Grey series remains ridiculously popular, and new additions to the official Fifty Shades sex toys and lingerie ranges continue to appear. I recently received the Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body from Lovehoney’s Fifty Shades Christmas lingerie collection to try.

Fifty Shades of Grey Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body: First Impressions

The Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body is a beautiful rich red one-piece. The bottom half is pretty floral lace, then it nips in with an elasticated waist (adorned with a gold Fifty Shades charm) and the top half is ultra soft and floaty semi-sheer chiffon. It ties in a halter-neck style at the nape of the neck, and features poppers at the crotch for easy opening and closing.

The fabric is a polyester/polyamide/elastane blend, but the gusset is 100% cotton. This is good news for us folks with vaginas, as wearing manmade fibres in that area can cause issues such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and and other vaginal problems. (Source).

I’m immediately in love with the gorgeous colour and the softness of the fabric. Even before I wriggled into it, I had a feeling this one was going to be a hit.

Comfort and Fit

The Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body is unwired and easy to put on. Simply step in, pull it up, and tie it as tightly or loosely as you like. If tying things behind your neck is tricky or impossible for you, you might need someone else to help with this one. Pro tip: if, like me, you’re large busted, tying it slightly tighter will help your boobs to stay inside the garment instead of popping out!

Lovehoney’s advertising copy sells this as “comfortable enough to sleep in”. While I think that’s really overselling it (no-one is actually sleeping in this thing, surely?) it is pretty damn comfortable. The soft fabric is pleasant to wear, the waistband isn’t too tight, and it doesn’t have any wires or scratchy parts.

I received the Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body in a medium, which fits my size 10/12 frame well. It’s available in all sizes from UK 6 to 28 and other reviews likewise indicate that it runs true to size on most people.

As it’s unwired and not tightly fitted, the Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body doesn’t offer much in the way of lift. That’s a definite plus for me (my boobs prefer to be free!) But it’s something to bear in mind if you prefer more structured and supportive pieces.

Fifty Shades of Hot?

(I’m sorry, y’all. Truly).

This piece is absolutely dreamy for me. I love almost everything – the cut, the colour, the fit, the fabric. The contrast between the figure-hugging bottom half and the looser top half is ideal for me (I love my butt and waist and am less confident about my large boobs). The floaty, drapey chiffon gives a fun and flirtatious look, and the lace is glamorously feminine.


This is my favourite new piece of lingerie I’ve received in a long time. It’s such a fabulous colour and makes me look and feel gorgeously femme. Though it’ll look great all year round, the red is particularly suited to the festive season.

It also arrives packaged in a branded Fifty Shades bag, which is great for gifting (watch out for this one appearing in my Christmas Gift Guide this weekend!)

The Captivate Wine Chiffon Plunge Body retails for £44.99 ($54.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece to review. Affiliate links appear within this post. All views and pictures are, as ever, mine.

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