[Nightwear Review] Lovehoney Dark Orchid Robe

[Update 10/05/24: this product has been discontinued. I have removed dead links but left the post up for reference.]

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it’s the time of year when I start receiving shipments of lovely seasonal products to try for you all. This year I thought I’d throw a little sexy loungewear/nightwear into the mix along with my traditional lingerie reviews. So today we’re looking at the rather lovely Dark Orchid Robe, a navy satin and lace robe from Lovehoney’s Valentine’s Day collection.

Dark Orchid Robe: Style and Aesthetics

Dark Orchid is one of Lovehoney’s 2022 seasonal lingerie lines and includes a robe, a chemise, and a teddy. I’m also going to be reviewing the teddy (WHY are they called that!?) next week.

The Dark Orchid Robe is made of midnight blue satin (polyester/elastane) with black eyelash lace (polyamide/polyester) sleeves and trim. The colour is gorgeous, really rich and deep, and close-up you can see that there’s matching blue edging around the flowers in the lace parts. I didn’t notice this on the product photos, and it’s a really pretty touch that helps tie the whole piece’s look together.

Due to the nature of the fabric, it looks pretty crumpled when it first arrives. Just hang it for a day or two and the creases will drop out naturally.

It’s something I’d wear after sex to keep the chill off when I’m not ready to get dressed, or as I run down to the kitchen to make post-sex coffee. I can also see myself wearing it towards the end of a night out at a sex party or club, when I’ve shed my corset but I still want to look hot while being comfy and cosy.

It’s pretty enough to wear on its own but also works well paired with other lingerie styles in complementing colours.

My one design complaint? I wish it had pockets!

Fit and Comfort

The Dark Orchid Robe comes in 3 sizes, to fit anyone from a UK6 up to a UK30. Honestly, though, given the nature of this item and how it’s worn, I suspect it’d also work for a size or two either side of this range at least. I received the size 8-16 and it fit my size 12 frame comfortably and with tonnes of room to spare.

Length-wise, it reaches to mid thigh on me. I’m average height but if you’re tall, this robe might look very short on you! (Not necessarily a problem. Just something to be aware of).

The Dark Orchid Robe fastens with a belt around the middle, making it easy to customise how tightly or loosely you want to wear it. There’s also a hidden inner tie that you can use to help make sure it stays closed. The fabric is ultra soft and silky, which feels luxurious against my skin. Even the lace is pretty soft (which is vital for me as someone with fabric sensory issues). The whole garment is also very lightweight and easy to wear.

The Dark Orchid Robe isn’t particularly warm, given that it’s short and made of such light fabrics. So it’s not going to be replacing my thick, fuzzy winter robe any time soon! With that said, it’s ideal for summer when I want something to throw on over my PJs that isn’t going to make me feel too hot. I can certainly see myself lounging around in it on summer evenings at home.


The Dark Orchid Robe is hanging on the back of my bedroom door (I wish it came with a hanging loop to make it easier to keep on the door peg) because I just know it’s going to be something I wear regularly.

This one is a resounding yes from me. Beautiful and comfortable too – just gorgeous!

The Dark Orchid Robe retails for £39.99 ($49.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Dark Orchid Robe and several other lovely Valentine’s Day products to review. All thoughts and images are, as always, my own.

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