Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Day #19: Sex Dice

We’re now officially into the second half of this year’s review of Lovehoney’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar . Check out the whole series here and please consider using my affiliate links if you decide to make a purchase. It sends me a small commission at no additional cost to you!

Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2022 Day 19: Sex Dice

Lovehoney sex dice

Product Info

A pair of dice, one listing acts (such as “kiss”, “nibble”, etc.) and one listing body parts. The idea is that you roll them together and then do the act stipulated.


  • Can be a fun way to explore different sensations
  • Sex is best when there’s laughter, and this guarantees plenty of that
  • Not gendered


  • Occasionally baffling combinations (no, I do not want you to suck my back, thanks!)


I don’t have anything against the concept of sex dice, but I think they’re just not really for me. I prefer sex to be fluid rather than gamified and I’d rather just communicate and do what feels good in the moment. So while I think these would probably be great for some people (I’ve particularly found that sex games like this can be a fun icebreaker in group sex scenarios), I don’t think I’m one of those people.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the 2022 Couples’ Sex Toy Advent Calendar, which retails for £130 and contains £374.99 worth of products, to review. All views are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping through them helps to keep the site going! US readers can buy it here.

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