[Toy Review] Kiiroo Pearl2+

A few months back, I got the opportunity to review the Kiiroo Pearl3 for Sex Tech Guide. It feels a little strange to have reviewed the newer product before the older one, but the preceding toy in the range – the Pearl2+ – is still available and I recently received one to test out for you all.

Kiiroo Pearl2+

The Kiiroo Pearl2+ is a G-spot vibrator that claims to be “the world’s most high-tech G-spot vibrator.” That’s quite the claim! And while I’m as much of a fan of fancy sex tech as anyone, I’m ultimately a woman of quite simple tastes when it comes to what my vulva likes. I want rumbly power, and lots of it.

Kiiroo Pearl2+ app controlled vibrator

The Pearl2+ measures 8″ in length and just over 1.5″ in diameter at the widest point, and weighs in at a pretty light 139g. It is coated in body-safe silicone and fully waterproof. The Pearl2+ is USB rechargeable via the included cable. You’ll get around 90 minutes of battery life for a two hour charge.

What I Like About the Pearl2+

Let’s start with the good. The Kiiroo Pearl2+ does offer genuinely powerful and rumbly vibrations. In a world where sex toy manufacturers are often so focused on gimmicks (nifty app features) that they forget the basics (good motors), it’s good to see that Kiiroo’s designers have not fallen into that trap.

I also really like the Pearl2+’s shape. Its smooth shaft is comfortable to insert, and its gentle curve is ideal for targeting my G-spot. It has a soft silicone exterior and a firm texture, which is great for applying G-spot pressure.

Kiiroo Pearl2+ smart vibrator

Aesthetically, too, I’m a big fan. The Pearl2+ is a lovely turquoise, which happens to be not only an unusual colour for sex toys, but also my favourite colour apart from purple.

Manual, Interactive, Touch-Sensitive: Multiple Ways to Play

The Pearl2+ also comes with an impressive array of additional features.

Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app is available free on both Android and iOS, and is quick and easy to download and set up. The toy’s box includes instructions for connecting your toy to the app, which takes under a minute.

You can then sync your toy to interactive online content (such as VR porn), connect with your partner from anywhere in the world (they’ll also need the app for this), or use the “Touch Control” feature to control your toy’s vibrations with the swipe of a finger. If you’re an online performer, you can also sync your toy to your camming platform to allow your fans to tip you in exchange for temporary control of your toy.

The Pearl2+’s long-distance responsiveness from a partner was excellent during my test runs, but the Touch Control function was quite spotty and unreliable. And personally, though I like the idea of a toy that connects to interactive content, most of what’s available is what could broadly be called “mainstream porn”, which I have virtually no interest in (and am often actively turned off by.)

Finally, there’s the Pearl2+’s touch-sensitive functionality. Touch-sensitive plates along the back of the toy respond to any kind of contact from your body, such as the pressure from your vaginal walls when it’s inserted or the touch of a finger. More pressure equals more power, so you can turn the toy’s intensity up and down simply by using one, two, or three fingers. From my perspective at least, this is probably the coolest of all the Pearl2+’s features.

For a toy that comes with this many extras, the Pearl2+’s price of £105 ($109) is extremely competitive.

What I Don’t Like About the Pearl2+

Interestingly, I find the Pearl2+ very comfortable and ergonomic for use as a G-spot toy, but significantly less so when I use it as a clitoral vibrator. Perhaps it’s something to do with the angle, but my hand was really sore after a 20 minute session of clit play with this toy.

Honestly, I’d probably like it more if I was a bigger fan of G-spot vibrations. For a comfortable-to-use and powerful clitoral vibrator, though, I’m unlikely to reach for it regularly.

Kiiroo Pearl2+ app controlled vibrator

Finally, I don’t like the Pearl2+’s controls. It has only one button, which means you have to scroll through all the settings to go back a step if you’re using it on manual mode. Even with just three constant speeds and two patterns, it’s really annoying. In a toy of this price point, there’s really no excuse not to have bidirectional buttons. In addition, if you hit the button again after the final setting, the vibrations switch off entirely. This is immensely frustrating, particularly if you’re close to orgasm.


So is the Kiiroo Pearl2+ worth it? Ultimately, that depends on how much use you’re going to get out of its additional high-tech features.

If you’re after a basic vibrator, there are cheaper options on the market that are of at least as high a quality. Not that the Pearl2+ is bad, because – despite its flaws – it’s fairly strong and rumbly. But it’s just unnecessary to pay over £100 for a straightforward G-spot vibrator (especially one that uses a single button interface.)

But if you’re more interested in syncing your vibe with online content, playing long-distance or syncing toys with your partner, or playing around with fun extras such as the touch-sensitivity, you’ll struggle to find another toy with this many excellent features at this price point.

You can buy the Pearl2+ directly from Kiiroo. It is also available from SheVibe!

Thanks to Kiiroo for sending me this product to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views and experiences are, as always, my own.

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