[Toy Review] TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator

This review has been a while in the making, so first I would like to thank TWIJOY for being so patient with me. I prefer to get things done properly rather than rushing to get them out quickly, and between some ongoing life stuff and a bout of COVID, there’s been a lot going on at C&K HQ.

I would also like to thank my Twitter pal Gentleman_Perve for his assistance in testing this toy and providing feedback. Me and the readers appreciate you lending your penis to the cause of accurate sex toy reviews!

So with that said, let’s take a look at the TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator.

TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator: State of the Art Stroker

The TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator looks like a high-end kitchen appliance. “It looked right at home charging on my kitchen counter!”, G_P says. Its design is sleek and stylish, and it is not immediately obvious as a sex toy. It’s one of those “if you know you know” type things.

TWIJOY NIGHT interactive masturbator

It has an opening at one end, housing a soft sleeve with textured nubbins. Those with shorter penises may find that they struggle to reach the rotating part. The interior material seems to be some kind of TPE. This material is body-safe for external use (though it is porous, so it’s best not to share this toy with anyone else for hygiene reasons.)

The TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator is IPX7 waterproof, meaning it can be submerged in water for play in the bath or shower and for ease of cleaning. It is rechargeable via the included cable.

Buttons and Controls

The TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator operates on a 5 button interface that is easy to decipher and use.

You’ll need to long-press the On/Off button to switch your toy on or off. The Rotate button rotates the inner sleeve, pressing the button again changes its pattern, and pressing and holding it stops the rotating. The Sucking button allows you to turn the sucking function on and off and to cycle through the different settings, and the Pressure button allows you to increase the toy’s pressure. Finally, the Exhaust button releases the toy with a short press.

So far, so intuitive!

Functionality and Feel

One of the greatest selling points of the TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator is that it comes with so much inbuilt functionality. Between the rotating, sucking, and pressure functions, it’s easy to customise your experience. It can reach up to an impressive 200 rotations per minute!

TWIJOY NIGHT interactive masturbator

The toy’s entrance is generously sized but may still feel tight particularly if your penis is girthy. Always use plenty of lube for a comfortable experience.

“I hit the Pressure button, but something that on my thumb had been pleasurable on my penis felt like it was going to rip my foreskin off!” says G_P. “I hit the Exhaust button which helped a lot,” he adds. So unless you like a LOT of tightness to the point of pain, you might want to be careful with that Pressure button!

The rotate button fared much better, offering a pleasurable stimulating feeling as the nubbins rotate around the shaft and head of the penis. If you prefer constant stimulation, you may find the patterns frustrating. They tend to stop and start or switch direction. Others will enjoy this variation. It’s purely a “your mileage may vary” situation. The steady speeds are quite slow, so that may be an issue if you prefer fast and furious rather than slow and steady.

“Next I tried the suck function, which uses the vacuum to suck and release in a number of different patterns,” G_P says. “Fortunately the increase and decrease in pressure here were much better than with the pressure button. It was very clever.” You can use these functions both separately and together.

One thing to bear in mind is that the suction on this toy is strong. “I tried to remove my penis and found it firmly suctioned into the device and painful to remove,” G_P says. “The Exhaust button was no use, so I had to open the case at the top where it separates for cleaning and release the pressure.”

The TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator is also loud, sounding like somewhere between a kitchen appliance and breathing apparatus. Truly silent motorised sex toys do not exist, so I always take claims that a toy is quiet with a pinch of salt. You do have to deal with a certain level of volume if you want power. But it’s something to be aware of if volume is an issue for you.

App Connectivity

When you buy your TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator, you have to select either the Android or iOS operating system. Make sure you get the right one, or you won’t be able to use your toy with the app! I received the Android version.

G_P reported that app connectivity was difficult. Once you have downloaded the app, you have to log in using Google, Facebook, or something similar or create an account with your email address. If security is a concern for you, use a burner account.

When you download and connect to the TWIJOY app, you’ll be awarded 300 tokens as a joining offer. This can be used to purchase time with the various webcam models who work through the platform if interactive online play is your thing (including letting them take control of your toy remotely.) You can buy more credits if you wish.

Another fun function of the TWIJOY app is the ability to send a control link to another person. This allows them to control your toy from anywhere in the world. This can be fun for long distance couples.

The app itself seems fairly simple and intuitive to use, with a clean and user-friendly interface.


A mixed bag, this one. Overall, the main selling point of this toy seems to be for those who enjoy playing with cam models online. If having your favourite performer take control of your toy sounds like a fun time, then this toy will be a great choice for you.

It’s also a good option if you are looking for a technologically sophisticated toy to use with a long distance partner. If you’re just looking for a straightforward masturbator, though, it would not be my first recommendation.

The TWIJOY NIGHT Interactive Masturbator retails for £100.

Thanks to TWIJOY for sponsoring this review. All opinions are mine and the tester’s own. Pictures are by TWIJOY.

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