[Toy Review] Love Not War Maya

Variations on the trusty bullet vibrator are a dime a dozen these days. This simple and classic design is popular for a reason but, though countless retailers and manufacturers of sex toys have churned out their own version, good bullets are still not the easiest things to find.

There’s the market-leading We-Vibe Tango, of course. The £27 powerhouse from Blush that goes on every sex date with me because it gets me off so damn reliably. A few other decent options. But overall, there are a lot of weak and buzzy and just plain lacklustre bullet vibes out there, with price not always correlating to quality.

That’s why, when lovely sustainable sex toy brand Love Not War (purveyors of such excellent products as the Meile and Koi) reached out and asked me to write them a post for Orgasm Week, I immediately knew I wanted to try out the Maya bullet vibrator.

Love Not War Maya: Sustainably Sexy

Love Not War is a manufacturer dedicated to tackling the wastefulness of the mainstream sex toy industry and bringing more sustainable, planet-friendly alternatives to our bedrooms. All their products come with the same rechargeable battery base and heads you can purchase separately, meaning you only need one set of electronics to enjoy numerous different toys.

Love Not War Maya

Love Not War use as few materials as possible, mostly FDA-grade silicone (with leftovers recycled or reused) and recycled aluminium. Even their packaging is eco-friendly, using natural brown card, soy ink, and environmentally friendly glue. And if something goes wrong, they’ll repair the toy if possible and recycle it if not. Pretty impressive, no? You can read more about Love Not War’s sustainability credentials here.

The Love Not War Maya is a bullet vibrator measuring 4.7″ in length and 0.88″ in diameter. It is made from aluminium which, yes, is a body-safe material! The metal gives it a nice weight (though much lighter than stainless steel, the other metal commonly used for sex toys.)

Love Not War Maya

It is an attractive colour that is… not exactly rose gold, but that’s the closest thing I can think to compare it to. It’s stamped with the Love Not War logo. The brushed aluminium feels absolutely gorgeous in my hand, cool and sleek and smooth. It’s also perfect for temperature play. Just run it under warm or cold water before use (or pop it in the fridge for a few minutes.)

The Love Not War Maya is rechargeable (cable included), waterproof, and travel lockable. It comes with an included drawstring storage pouch, which is a nice extra.

Love Not War Maya

In Use

The Love Not War Maya isn’t the smallest bullet vibrator in the world, so if a very petite size is important to you then you might want to look elsewhere. Due to its slightly larger size, though, I actually find it easier to hold and operate than many of its tinier counterparts.

The Maya’s single button is situated at its base. This button is easy to find with your finger and easy to press. Simply short-press to turn it on and to scroll through the ten settings, then long-press to turn it off. I don’t love a single-button interface, personally. Ten settings is a lot to scroll through to find the one you like! So that’s a little annoying.

Love Not War Maya

It is, however, pretty much the only significant complaint I can make about this overall excellent toy. The Maya’s gently tapering tip is perfect for precision clitoral stimulation, while its body is wide enough for a satisfying all-over buzz if I lay it flat against my vulva. It’s unobstrusive enough to slide between bodies during penetrative sex, if that’s your thing.

Love Not War Maya

Best of all, the Maya is powerful. Its vibrations don’t quite meet my definition of truly rumbly, but they are also far from buzzy. Its power rivals many vibrators that are both far bigger and more expensive. There are four constant vibration settings (the highest is absolutely dreamy) as well as six patterns to choose from. The Maya is also quiet enough to be non-distracting and discreet.


I love this vibrator! The Maya is sleek, sexy, sustainable, and powerful. It’s easy to use and, while not the smallest, still easy to throw in my bag for a date night or weekend away. It’s going right on the list of the best bullet vibrators I have ever tried.

The Love Not War Maya retails for £69.99 but LNW are currently offering 40% off for Orgasm Week while stocks last!

Thanks to Love Not War for sending me this item to review. All opinions are, as ever, my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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