[Toy Review] The Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit

The Rabbit Company’s “Come Hither” Rabbit was one of the first toys I reviewed way back in 2017. If you ignore my clunky “brand new sex blogger” review style, I stand by my basic assertion. I love that toy and I still use it from time to time even now. This week, I’ve received my second ever Rabbit Company product courtesy of my friends at Whipple Tickle: the G-Spot Rabbit.

Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are controversial, and for good reason. Despite being held up as the pinnacle of sex toys for people with vulvas, they actually don’t work very well for a lot of bodies. There are various reasons for this.

I couldn’t find any reliable statistics but at least anecdotally, clitoral stimulation is the primary way that many vulva owners masturbate. Many never penetrate themselves at all. I very rarely do, except when I’m testing a penetrative toy. So it makes sense that Rabbits, which only allow for combined stimulation, won’t work for everyone.

Secondly, many rabbit vibrators are simply not very well designed. They are too rigid and inflexible, with the internal and external arms fixed in position. And since bodies – including genitals – come in all different shapes and sizes, this means they will be a poor fit for many users. I’ve tried many rabbit vibrators that could only reach my clit if I angled them so strangely that I was basically poking myself in the vaginal wall with the shaft. Not sexy.

With that said, though, I had high hopes for the G-Spot Rabbit. After how much I liked the Come Hither Rabbit, I hoped this one might be similarly excellent. Was it? Let’s find out.


The Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit measures 8 inches in total length (5″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter at the widest point. It is rechargeable via the included USB charger. Weirdly, though, it’s not waterproof, which I find odd in a toy of this price-point. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled but I feel like waterproof should come as standard for any toy over about £50 unless it’s mains-powered. This oversight also makes cleaning a bit of a pain.

Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit vibrator

The G-Spot Rabbit is made of soft and body-safe silicone in a bright shade of purple. Its handle is white and the buttons are matching purple silicone.

What I Liked About the G-Spot Rabbit

Let’s start with the good, shall we?

I really like the shape of the G-Spot Rabbit’s shaft. It’s smooth and comfortable to insert, and the curve is perfect. In terms of G-spotting success, it definitely lives up to its name. The slightly bulbous head also gives a nice level of G-spot pressure.

In terms of positioning, the G-Spot Rabbit works really well for my body. The internal and external arms fit really nicely with my anatomy. Obviously all bodies are different so your mileage may vary. It’s got a little flex to it, though, so there is some space for adjustment depending on what works for you.

I also really like this toy’s buttons and controls. You can control the two motors – the one in the shaft and the one in the clitoral stimulator – separately. The controls take a little getting used to but once you’ve figured out which button does what, you’re good to go. This is particularly great for me because I don’t actually like vibrations internally very much, so being able to enjoy the G-spot pressure alongside the clitoral vibrations with the internal motor switched off (or on low) is ideal.

Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit vibrator buttons

The buttons are well-placed and easy to press, and their raised icons make it easy to find the right one without looking. There are six inbuilt patterns for each motor but, as usual, steady vibrations are what I’m most interested in.

Finally, I like the shape and flexibility of the bunny ears. They’re small enough to offer a decent amount of precision, targeted clitoral stimulation, and flexible enough that I can position them directly on my clit, over the hood, or around the sides depending on what I’m in the mood for.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

My biggest complaint with the G-Spot Rabbit is definitely the buzziness of the vibrations. They’re strong, but they’re not rumbly, which is a pretty big downside for me. It can get me off about 50% of the time, and the trick seems to be to use it when I’m already very aroused. If I try to use it from cold, my clit tends to get numb from the buzzing before I can cum.

Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit vibrator

When I first took the G-Spot Rabbit out of its packaging, I liked the look of the little tickly “whiskers” beneath the bunny ears. Unfortunately, in use, I can’t feel them at all. They’re just positioned completely wrong to make any kind of contact with my clit. Which is super disappointing because honestly they look like they’d feel really good.


Rabbit vibrators are always going to be a bit of a gamble. They’re quite a specific shape and it’s hard to tell what will work for your particular body until you try. With that said, though, there are good and bad rabbits out there and the Rabbit Company G-Spot Rabbit is pretty firmly in the “good ones” camp despite a couple of issues.

If you’re looking for very rumbly vibrations (or something you can use in water), skip this one. But if you’re after a solid dual-stimulation toy with independent controls, and don’t mind a little buzz, it’s a great choice.

The G-Spot Rabbit by The Rabbit Company retails for £140.99 (but is currently on sale for £118.99.)

Thanks to Whipple Tickle for sending me this product to review. All views are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

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