[Toy Review] Godemiche “High Grind” Ring and Grind Pad

I’ve been a huge fan of Godemiche’s Grind Rings ever since their creation. These deceptively simple yet utterly ingenious (and surprisingly versatile) sex toys were designed with clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex in mind, but can be used in a huge array of different ways. My current favourite is to lie face-down on my bed with the Grind Ring under me and move my hips to grind my vulva against it.

There are now two new variations in this line which Godemiche were kind enough to send me: the High Grind Ring and the Grind Pad. Let’s start with the former.

Godemiche Grind Ring and Godemiche Grind Pad

How is the High Grind Different?

The High Grind Ring is different from the original design in one important way: “A much larger mound designed to bring the texture even closer to your body while being designed to be comfortable on your genitals.” In other words, the hump in the centre is much larger and more pronounced.

Other than that, it’s the same Grind Ring design you know and love.

I received the High Grind Ring in the Bubbles texture, which was the only one available at the time. It’s now also available in “Spikes” and I’m hopeful that more textures will come in due course.

How Does It Feel?

Godemiche High Grind Ring

When I first tried it, I noted that the Bubbles design was an amazing addition to hand sex because it’s super smooth, particularly when paired with plenty of lube.

If I’m entirely honest, Bubbles isn’t a Grind Ring texture I reach for all that often. It’s pleasurable, sure, but it’s a little too gentle and subtle for my picky clit, which tends to crave a little more intensity. With that said, the High Grind is an absolutely amazing development to the original Grind Ring design and addition to the range.

The more raised style of the High Grind Ring adds a little more of that intensity I was seeking. The silicone mound provides more to grind against and is firm enough to provide a kind of pressure that feels absolutely wonderful.

Interestingly, due to the more raised mound, the High Grind provides slightly more focused clitoral pressure and slightly less in terms of broad, all-over vulva stimulation. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. It’s just different, and you should take your own preferences into account when deciding whether the Low Grind or High Grind will work best for you.

Speaking of New Developments in the Godemiche Grind Range…

Godemiche Grind Pad

…Have you seen that there are now Grind Pads as well? The Grind Pad is a rectangular variation on the Grind Ring theme, without the hole. They come with adjustable straps (available in a range of colours including a delightfully queer rainbow version!) and can be attached to a surface, whether that’s a partner’s thigh, a pillow, the arm of a chair… or whatever other options you can dream up.

The Grind Pad is currently available in the Bubbles, Spikes, and Waves designs. I’m hopeful that the whole range will be available soon! Also worth mentioning is that Grind Pads are made in the “High Grind” style. This means that their mounds are more raised than those on the original Grind Rings.

I also received the Grind Pad in the Bubbles texture. In terms of feel, it’s virtually identical to the High Grind Ring variation. I just love the extra possibilities afforded by the different shape and the straps.


I’ll never get enough of these toys… or enough of yelling about how fucking brilliant I think they are! The High Grind is an incredible upgrade to the original Grind Ring design, and the Grind Pad is a great alternative when you want to use your grinding toys in ways that aren’t penetrative sex with a penis.

Very worthy additions to my collection that will get plenty of use. They already are.

High Grind Ring prices start from £40, and Grind Pad prices start from £49.99.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me these products to review. Affiliate links appear in this post and buying through them sends me a small commission at no additional cost to you. All views, as ever, are mine.

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