[Toy Review] We-Vibe Rave 2

If you’re a regular reader of my toy reviews, you’ll know that I am not always the biggest fan of internal vibrators. In general, vibrations against my G-spot just don’t feel that good to me. Sometimes they can even be uncomfortable.

This means that, when I am asked to review G-spot vibrators, I often end up using them in ways beyond their intended purpose. The We-Vibe Rave 2, which landed on my desk this week (my job is weird, y’all) is no exception to this rule.

We-Vibe Rave 2 G-spot vibrator

So how did I get along with this new toy from a company that has created so many enduring faves over the years?

We-Vibe Rave 2

The We-Vibe Rave 2 is a new iteration of We-Vibe’s Rave G-spot vibrator. It’s an app-controlled G-spot toy that measures 8.5″ in length (5″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter. Made of body-safe silicone, it is available in either hot pink or dusky blue.

We-Vibe Rave 2 app controlled vibrator

There are several upgrades to this edition of the We-Vibe Rave from the original, including:

  • It now has two motors instead of one
  • It has a hinge in the centre of the shaft
  • The shaft has been slightly redesigned

The Rave 2 is rechargeable, with 2 hours of charging giving around 2 hours of runtime. A storage pouch is also included.

What I Like About the We-Vibe Rave 2

Having been big players in the app-controlled toys space for a long time, We-Vibe typically produce reliable and good quality products. As such, there are a lot of things to like about the We-Vibe Rave 2.

  • The twisted shaft design and pronounced curve is excellent for targeted and precision G-spot stimulation.
  • The hinge! Oh my god the hinge. It’s an absolutely brilliant addition and I love how much it can alter the feel of the toy as well as how easy it is to hold and manipulate.
We-Vibe Rave 2 app-controlled G spot vibrator

  • The app functionality for solo/close-range play (we’ll dive into the app in more detail below.)
  • The second motor which offers stimulation of the sensitive area around the vaginal entrance.
  • The ability to control the two motors independently.
  • The vibrations are strong, rumbly… but also quiet.

What I DON’T Like About the We-Vibe Rave 2

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: this product’s bizarre marketing claims. On the We-Vibe website, the company claims that the Rave 2 offers “dual stimulation target[ing] both G-spot & clitoris.” There is no universe in which that’s true, sorry. Even with the hinge bent as far as it will go, there is no way this toy is reaching both the clit and the G-spot at the same time on the vast majority of bodies.

It also claims that it can be “worn during sex,” which… maybe sort of, I suppose, depending on what kind of sex we’re talking about. However, that terminology in the sex toy industry mostly refers to toys that can be worn during penis-in-vagina intercourse. This toy is definitely not that. It’s also just not something I would ever consider to be a “wearable” toy in any meaningful way.

Seriously, did We-Vibe just copy the wording from another of their products wholesale and not edit it at all? Because that’s how it looks.

Okay, so what else didn’t I like?

  • I would have preferred the insertable part to be a little more flexy and less rigid.
  • The manual controls are really fiddly and annoying. It can be hard to tell which motors you’re turning on and off and the responsiveness to speed changes isn’t always reliable.
  • A lot of the vibration patterns are quite samey so though there are nominally 10 patterns, it’s really more like five or six.
  • “Touch mode” on the app does not work at all. No matter how I move my finger, the toy responds exactly the same.
  • The long-distance app functionality made me want to scream. This deserves an entire section to itself, so we’ll get into that below.
We-Vibe Rave 2 G-spot vibrator buttons

Okay, Let’s Talk About the App

The reason most people will buy a toy like the We-Vibe Rave 2 is because it’s app-controllable. App-controlled vibrators have taken off enormously and are great for people in long-distance relationships, those who enjoy discreet public play as well as cam performers.

Solo Mode

The We-Vibe app seems to be slightly different every time I use it, with new additions and improvements. Overall, I really liked this latest iteration when I was using the toy in solo mode. You have a few options including:

  • “Single Vibe”, which allows you to adjust the speed of the two motors (separately or together) on a single pattern.
  • “Multi vibe”, which allows you to use a different pattern for each motor simultaneously and switch between patterns quickly.
  • “Touch mode”, which is supposed to change the vibrations based on your finger movements on the screen but actually does absolutely nothing.
  • “Beat”, which syncs your toy to music.
  • “Playlist”, in which you can create your own personalised collection of settings in a particular order.
  • “Ambient”, in which the toy responds to ambient noise around you.

The connectivity was fast and the responsiveness was good. So far so promising.

Long-Distance Mode

But then I tried to use the long-distance feature to hand control of the toy over to my girlfriend, and that’s when my experience with this toy really started to go sideways.

Bearing in mind that the long-distance capabilities are one of We-Vibe’s main selling points for many of their toys: it simply does not work at all. We spent the best part of an hour trying to get the damn thing to connect and got nowhere.

No matter what we did – up to and including deleting and reinstalling the app – we could not get it to connect. We were met with either blank screens or notifications that the other was “offline” when we were very definitely online.

Having read lots of reviews this seems to be a common issue with this iteration of the We-Vibe app. I do expect some occasional issues with app-controlled toys as the technology is still relatively new and the kinks are being ironed out, so to speak. But there’s really no excuse for it to be this useless, particularly when it’s marketed so heavily as a benefit of these toys.

So instead of a hot remote sex date, we ended up spending a frustrating hour battling with technology. In the words of my girlfriend when we finally gave up: “I’m just horny and angry now!”

Verdict: Do I Recommend It?

The We-Vibe Rave 2 itself is fine as a toy, though not spectacular. It offers great power and good app functionality in solo play mode, as well as some excellent design features. But its manual controls are a massive pain, it makes some outlandishly inaccurate marketing claims… and the feature that is arguably its most important selling point doesn’t fucking work.

Therefore I cannot currently recommend this toy if you want to use it remotely. If you want to use it with the app at close range or just as a regular G-spot vibrator then sure, it’s fine, though I think you can probably get an equally serviceable G-spot vibrator at a lower price if you don’t need all the additional fancy features.

The We-Vibe Rave 2 retails for £129.99 ($139.00) and is available from Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney US, We-Vibe Europe and We-Vibe North America.

Thanks to We-Vibe for sending me this product to review. All views are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

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