[Toy Review] Godemiche Vibe Pad “Waves” and “Tall Pyramids”

This is the second installment of a two-part review series of Godemiche’s innovative new hump toys, the Vibe Pads. You can read part one here. I received these toys in four of the six available textures, and wanted to tell you a little about each texture as well as about the toys’ overall design.

Godemiche Vibe Pad hump toys with Rocks Off RO80 bullet vibrator

Vibe Pads: The New Generation of Hump Toys

Vibe Pads are the latest iteration of Godemiche’s line of grinding toys which began with the Grind Ring. Each Vibe Pad is a flat, rectangular piece of piece of silicone with a cylindrical raised area a few inches long in the middle. The raised part is covered in texturing and is hollow, and there’s a slit in the back where you can insert the included bullet vibrator. There is also an indent in the silicone where the vibrator button sits, allowing you to switch it on, off, or change settings without taking it out.

Back of the Godemiche Vibe Pad

The idea is simple: grind your vulva and clitoris along the toy. Vibe Pads come with removeable straps so that you can attach them to something (a pillow, the arm of a sofa, your partner’s thigh…) if you want to.

You can customise your Vibe Pad with your choice of one or two colours from over 60 options, your choice of strap colour from 9 options, and shorter or longer straps. There are currently six textures available, though I expect more will be added in due course.

The Vibrator: RO80

The RO80 provided with your Vibe Pad is a small silver bullet vibrator with 7 settings: 3 speeds and 4 patterns. I’m not blown away by it as a vibrator – it’s not particularly powerful and it’s quite buzzy. However, I mind this less than I expected to in this context. Because the vibrations are an addition to an already-excellent toy, rather than being the main event.

As I said in yesterday’s post, the vibrations are more effective with Vibe Pads that have more raised designs rather than flatter ones because they cause the raised areas to sort of flutter.

Of course, you do have the option to use the bullet vibrator of your choice instead. However, that could be more fiddly because the button(s) likely won’t be in the right place.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the remaining two textures.

“Waves” Vibe Pad

If you remember way back when I reviewed the original Grind Ring range, you may recall that the Waves was my favourite. The silicone ripples are very soft and flexible, and close enough together to provide constant clitoral contact as I grind against it.

Waves Vibe Pad hump toy by Godemiche

It’s a bit like having your clit licked by lots and lots of little silicone tongues. It’s also an ultra smooth sensation compared to many of the other textures. I like this one best when I grind down really hard against it.

“Tall Pyramids” Vibe Pad

The Tall Pyramids texture is a variation on the “Spikes” (part of the original Grind Ring range and also available on other hump toys including the Grind Pads and Vibe Pads.) At first glance, it looks a little scary. Who wants sharp-looking pointy things near their vulva!?

Tall Pyramids Vibe Pad hump toy by Godemiche

However, when you touch the tall pyramids you’ll realise that they are actually very soft and flexible. Depending on how hard you grind against the toy, you can get anything from a very gentle tickle up to quite an intense rubbing sensation. The pyramids glide around your vulva and flick over your clit, stimulating you all over at once.


I am, once again, totally obsessed with these toys and ready to evangelise about them to anyone who will listen! These two are definitely my favourite textures of the four, with the Waves coming out overall top by just a hair.

Vibe Pads start from £59.99. If you want to save money, choose “surprise me” to get a random colour. Custom colours, strap lengths, strap colours, and lube all cost a little extra. You can also get a bargain price on a bundle of 3 textures in the same colour for £134.99.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me the Vibe Pads to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views, as always, are mine.

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