[Toy Review] Godemiche Wand Attachments

Anyone who has read my work for any length of time will know about my obsession with both wand vibrators and things with interesting textures. So combining the two? Yes, hello, I’m listening! Godemiche, purveyors of all kinds of colourful silicone goodness, have recently added wand attachments to their product roster and I received a set of them to try.

What Are Wand Attachments and Why Use Them?

Doxy magic wand vibrator with Godemiche wand attachment

Wand attachments are removeable covers that fit over the head of a wand vibrator. They are usually made of a soft and flexible material such as silicone or TPE.

Attachments are a fantastic addition to wand vibrators, allowing you to explore different sensations and ways of using your wand. For example, an attachment can turn your wand into a rabbit, penis masturbator, or G-spot vibe, concentrate the vibrations into a smaller area, or add texture.

They can also lower the intensity of a wand for those who find the strong vibrations to be too much. And, if you’re sharing your toy with a partner, swapping out toppers between users is a quick and easy way to minimise your risk of STI transmission without having to pause to sterilise the toy itself.

Godemiche Wand Attachments: 2 Sizes, 3 Textures

Godemiche wand attachments in four textures and colours

Godemiche’s wand attachments are currently available in two sizes. One is designed to fit the Doxy (Original or Die Cast), and the other to fit the Vibratex/Hitachi Magic Wand. Though you probably could use them with some other wand brands, they are only officially recommended for the Doxy or Hitachi and therefore you risk damaging the toppers if you use them outside of these recommendations.

These attachments are made of body-safe silicone and available in a dizzying array of colours. You can choose your own or ask the company to surprise you. Since they are silicone and non-powered, you can clean them with warm water and antibacterial soap and sterilise them with a body-safe medical wipe or by boiling.

Godemiche’s wand attachments currently come in three textures: Waves, Ridges, and Bubbles. I received all three to try out. I also received a prototype of a fourth texture somewhat between the “Bumps” and “Pills” textures that are available on other Godemiche products, but I haven’t reviewed that one here since it is not out on general sale yet.


Godemiche wand attachment in purple in "waves" texture

I was the most excited about this one because the Waves is one of my alltime favourite textures from Godemiche’s increasingly extensive range of grinding toys.

I’ve always found this one works best with a firm surface underneath because I want to grind against it hard. So putting it on a wand topper is genius because it allows you to apply as much pressure as you like and move it in different motions. A back-and-forth motion with the vibrator on a low or medium setting feels like having dozens of little tongues flicking over your clit.

Get this one if… you’re looking for continual clitoral stimulation that’s soft and flexible, yet still moderately intense.


Godemiche wand attachment in gold in "ridges" texture

This one is best suited to those who prefer more intense stimulation. It feels a bit like the Waves, only “more” – the ridges are firmer and have less give to them, but you still get that continuous back-and-forth stimulation.

I absolutely adore this one, particularly in combination with the vibrations. I’ve also found that this one works really well if I put the vibrator down on a surface (such as the bed, a sex pillow, or a wand mount) and then grind against it.

Get this one if… you prefer a more intense rubbing sensation, or have enjoyed the Waves texture but wished it was a little firmer.


Godemiche wand attachment in pink in "bubbles" texture

I don’t reach for my Bubbles Grind Rings that often because they’re slightly too gentle for me. When I want texture, I generally want a little more than this subtle design can provide. It’s fine for a warm-up or when I’m already feeling very sensitive, but by itself it doesn’t do a huge amount for me.

With that said, this will work really well for some people and might be a good choice for those who are trying textured wand toppers for the first time.

Get this one if… you prefer a gentler sensation or find too much extreme texture overwhelming or uncomfortable.


Obsessed. Ob. Sessed.

A way to make my beloved Doxy even better? Fuck yes. I adore these things and will be yelling about them to every wand vibrator fan I know.

Godemiche wand attachments retail for £39.99 for a surprise colourway, £47.99 for a single colour of your choice, and £53.99 for a dual colourway of your choice.

Thanks to Godemiche for providing me with these products to review. All opinions are, as always, mine. Affiliate links appear in this post!

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