[Toy Review] BMS Addiction Edward Realistic Dildo

Today’s review is the third and final in my series featuring the new Addiction range from BMS (check out Luke and Steven if you haven’t already!) The final toy in the series is the Edward realistic dildo.

Let’s take a closer look.

Edward Design & Materials

The Edward is a realistic dildo in a pale white flesh tone. It is gently curved and features lifelike detailing on the shaft and a pronounced, realistic-looking head.

Edward realistic dildo

The Edward is made of 100% silicone, which is non-porous and body-safe (it’s also easy to sterilise – just pop the toy in a pan of boiling water for 10 minutes, and any germs or bacteria will be killed). The material is very soft and squishy, making it a great entry point for people new to insertable toys… or just a good choice if you know you don’t like things too rigid.

The Edward measures 6″ in total length (5.5″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter at the widest point. It features a suction cup base, which makes it ideal for both hands-free solo play and strap-on sex. This is probably the most ideal toy from the Addiction range for strap-on play, as it doesn’t have balls (which can make it trickier to keep a toy in place in a harness). Thanks to the flared base, you can also safely use the Edward for anal play.

Like the other Addiction toys I’ve tried, the Edward comes with a mini single-speed vibrating bullet. It requires 3 x LR44 watch batteries, which are included.

Edward Realistic Dildo In Use

The Edward is by far my favourite of the realistic dildos I’ve tried from the BMS Addiction range.

Lifelike suction cup dildo affixed to shower wall

When it comes to inserting the toy, the matte silicone can be quite grabby against your skin. Using plenty of water-based lube is the best way to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure. Shape and design wise, I found the Edward easy to insert and manipulate. The suction cup makes a convenient “handle”.

The best thing about the Edward compared to the other Addiction toys I’ve reviewed is its curved shape. If you’re looking for precision G-spot or prostate (P-spot) action, a curved dildo is the way to go. The Edward’s curve works brilliantly for my body. Combined with the pronounced head, it makes targeted G-spotting easy.

This dildo is more “average” in size than the larger Steven and Luke, but that can be a good thing. I don’t particularly gravitate towards size when it comes to dildos – shape (the aforementioned curve) is far more important. Considering that the average erect penis is supposedly about 5.1″ inches in length (source), the Edward is likely to feel closer to being penetrated by a human lover.

Steven and Edward realistic dildos in flesh coloured silicone
Edward and Steven side by side for comparison

If I have one complaint, it’s that I would have preferred the Edward to be a little bit firmer. Some flex in a toy can be nice, but this is maybe a little too flexy to be completely ideal. Of course, your mileage may vary and if you don’t like too much firmness or pressure, the Edward might be your dream dildo.

About That Bullet Vibe…

If you’ve read my previous Addiction reviews, you’ll know what I think of the included vibrating bullet. Tl;dr version: it’s a weak, buzzy waste of time. If manufacturers are going to include bonus vibrators with their dildos, I wish they’d do it properly. Otherwise, I wish they just wouldn’t bother. Leaving them out would reduce the overall price of the product a little, and there are far better bullet vibes on the market.

Black mini bullet vibrator for clitoral pleasure

I also worry about including a mini bullet in with a toy that is clearly aimed primarily at the beginner market. Why? Because when I was new to sex toys, I tried this type of weak vibrator. When I couldn’t get off with it, when it numbed my clit and left me confused and frustrated, I thought there was something wrong with me.

Sex toy beginners, please hear this: there’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t get off with a weak and buzzy vibe, or indeed any toy. You just need to find what works for your body.


Overall, the Edward is a nice realistic dildo that does its job well. It’s well designed, safe, and suitable for a range of different purposes including hands-free penetration, strap-on sex, and anal play.

Best of all, the Edward retails for a very affordable £22.83. I’m so pleased to see more and more affordable body-safe toys hitting the market all the time. Being on a budget doesn’t need to mean settling for crap quality or unsafe materials!

Thanks to The Pleasure Garden for sending me this toy to review. All views, as ever, are my own. You can support the site by shopping through the affiliate links in this post.

[Toy Review] BMS Addiction Luke Semi-Realistic Dildo

Last week, I reviewed the Steven from the new Addiction range by BMS. This line of silicone dildos are designed to be both body-safe and affordable. Today we’re looking at another toy from the range: the Luke semi-realistic dildo.

Materials and Design: A Closer Luke

(Sorry. You knew there’d be puns).

The Luke from BMS’s Addiction range is a silicone semi-realistic dildo. I say semi-realistic because the Luke is realistic in shape, complete with a lifelike veined shaft, detailed head, and textured balls, but definitely not realistic in colour, with its gorgeous and unusual blue and white marbling effect. Prefer pink? The Brandon is the same design in equally cute pink and white.

BMS Luke blue silicone dildo

As someone who generally prefers playful and unusual colourways rather than flesh tones for my toys, I gravitated to the Luke’s striking aesthetic straight away.

The Luke measures 7.5″ in length (5″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter. Being silicone, it’s completely body-safe and simple to keep clean. Be aware that this silicone is very matte, meaning it can feel a little “grabby”. Plenty of water-based lube will give you a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Matte silicone is also a nightmare for attracting dust and lint, so always give it a quick wipe down before use, even if it’s been sterilised. You don’t want to introduce unnecessary gunk into your sensitive areas!

BMS Addiction semi-realistic dildo with suction cup

The Luke features a strong suction cup for hands-free use, is harness-compatible if strap-on play is your jam, and comes with a mini vibrating bullet (batteries included). Thanks to its large base, the Luke is also safe for anal play.

Luke In Use

Putting them side by side, we can see that the Luke is the more colourful twin of the Steven. They’re physically the same in shape, size, and texture. This means that, for the same reasons, the Luke wasn’t a good match for my preferences.

BMS Luke and Steven realistic dildos

It’s comfortable to insert and easy to angle, which are definitely points in its favour. But I have a very strong preference for insertable toys with a pronounced curve. They just target my G-spot much more easily. The Luke is also a little too squishy and flexible to give me the G-spot pressure I’m really after.

What About the Bullet Vibe?

I never expect much from the mini bullets that are sometimes included with dildos. They’re clearly an afterthought on the part of the manufacturer, and it shows.

Mini bullet vibrator for clit play

Though I will say that the bullets included with the BMS range have given me an idea for a creative orgasm control/mindfuck scene: “if you really need to cum, you’ll be able to get off with this crappy little buzzy thing. If not, guess you don’t actually need it!” So, you know, I can still eroticise shit sex toys sometimes!

If you’re buying the Luke or any other dildo in the BMS Addiction range, consider the bullet an unnecessary add-on that probably won’t do much. If you’re looking for a vibrator specifically, there are far better options on the market!

You Might Like the Luke If…

If you like softer dildos with plenty of flex, the Luke will be a great match for you. This softer silicone is a great step up for people who have tried TPE/TPR/jelly dildos and are looking for something safer but with the same squish and softness.

The Luke is also a great choice for people who like straighter toys. Some people find the intense G-spotting of curved toys painful, or just enjoy the deeper penetration that a toy like the Luke can provide. If that’s you, then snap this one up!

But It Might Not Suit You So Well If…

If you prefer more rigid toys for penetration, look elsewhere. If intense G-spot pressure or firmness does it for you, the Luke is unlikely to be a good fit. Similarly, if you enjoy curved toys for precision G-spot (or prostate) targeting, the Luke won’t be the best choice for you.

Final Thoughts

The Luke wasn’t a great fit for my body, simply because I prefer something a little more rigid and a little more curved for penetrative. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great toy! If you’re after a soft, body-safe, semi-realistic dildo with a fun aesthetic, you can’t go far wrong.

The Luke retails for £39.55. I’m assuming that the higher price-point compared to the Steven and other single-colour options is due to the additional labour involved in producing the lovely swirled marble effect. It’s still well priced for the quality and will last you years.

Thanks to The Pleasure Garden, a wonderful feminist sex shop, for sending me this toy to review. All opinions are, as always, entirely my own. Shopping through the affiliate links in this post supports my work at no extra cost to you!

[Toy Review] BMS Addiction Steven Realistic Dildo

As many of you know by now, I’m a big proponent of making quality sex toys more affordable. There are still too many poorly made, poor quality toys on the market, many of which are made from harmful and toxic materials. That’s why I was excited to try the BMS Steven, part of the new Addiction realistic dildo range.

Silicone realistic dildo from BMS

Over the coming weeks, I’ll also be reviewing the Edward and the Luke from the same range in partnership with The Pleasure Garden, a delightful woman-owned and inclusive online sex shop.

Meet Steven: Materials and Design

Addiction by BMS is a new range of realistic dildos made from 100% silicone. Unlike the TPE, TPR, jelly, and mystery materials that make up many cheap realistic sex toys, silicone is non-porous, non-toxic, and completely body-safe.

The silicone used for this toy is particularly matte and very flexible. I have to admit, when I first took it out of the packaging, part of me was questioning whether it was really pure silicone at all. It feels very different to any silicone toy I’ve encountered before. I flame-tested it to be sure (don’t try this at home!) and luckily it passed, so you can rest assured it’s definitely silicone. The things I do in the name of sex journalism!

Realistic dildo from BMS - Steven lifelike sex toy

If you’ve used TPE/TPR toys and enjoyed the texture, this would be a good upgrade. You’ll get much of the same squishiness and flexibility, only in a non-porous toy. If you prefer very soft, silky or smooth silicone, this toy might not be for you.

It also attract lint (and, in my house, cat hair) like whoa. Always give it a wipe down or a quick wash before use.

The Steven is a straight realistic dildo with impressive detailing including lifelike veins on the shaft, a contoured head, and textured balls. It measures 7.4″ (19cm) in total length, of which around 5″ are insertable, and measures 1.5″ (3.8cm) in diameter at the widest point.

BMS Steven bullet vibe and realistic sex toy

It also comes with a suction cup base, and with an accompanying single-speed miniature bullet vibe (which requires 3 LR44 watch batteries, included.) There isn’t a slot to insert the vibe into the toy, so it needs to be held and operated separately.

In Use

I found the BMS Addiction Steven easy and comfortable to insert and use. Its flexible shaft means you can angle it in exactly the way that works for you as you insert it. Because the silicone is so grabby, I recommend using a LOT of lube. I used Promescent aloe lube because it happened to be the nearest bottle to the bed at the time, but any water-based lube will work.

Personally, I don’t love the shape of the Steven. I much prefer curved toys for internal stimulation. Straight toys like this one tend to poke my cervix (ow) more easily than they hit my G-spot.

I also found it quite hard to angle the Steven once it was inserted as it’s so flexible. I like my toys to have some flex (erm, there are exceptions) but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. The Steven was too bendy and not firm enough for me.

Of course, bodies are all different! This isn’t a judgement on the toy’s quality, just on how well it worked for me. If you prefer straight shaped toys or lots of flex, it might be the perfect match for you.

Mini bullet vibrator

The accompanying vibe is, I’m sorry to say, a complete waste of time if you like anything other than fairly weak and VERY buzzy stimulation. It only has one speed and offers that infuriating, numbing, surface-level vibration that puts many clitoris-owners off vibes entirely. I don’t really know why the manufacturer felt the need to include it, especially now you can get powerful bullet vibrators at affordable prices.


Can I use the Steven realistic dildo in the bath or shower?

Yes. 100% silicone toys without motors are completely safe to use in water. Remember: you still need to use lube! Oil-based lube is great for playing in water. The accompanying bullet vibe isn’t waterproof.

What’s the point of a suction cup?

Suction cups allow you to fix your toy to a solid surface (like a wall, mirror, floor, or the bathroom tiles) and use it hands-free. The Steven’s suction cup is impressively strong and stays put very nicely, even during vigorous use.

Is the Steven harness-compatible?

Yes… kind of. The suction cup base means you can use the Steven realistic dildo in most strap-on harnesses. It wouldn’t be my first choice for harness play, because the suction cup is quite flimsy and the toy is flexible enough that getting the right angle while thrusting could be difficult. But yes, you certainly can if you want to.

Is the Steven anal-safe?

Yep. The balls and suction cup create a large enough base to make the Steven A-okay for anal play.

How do I clean my silicone dildo?

Your best bet is to throw it in a large pan of boiling water for a few minutes. Failing that, use a 10% bleach solution and rinse thoroughly, or use a sterile medical wipe followed by gentle soap and warm water.


Ultimately, my verdict on this one is landing on “perfectly fine but not a great fit for me.” The BMS Addiction Steven is an affordably priced and body-safe realistic dildo, and I’m really glad it exists. Any toys that steer beginners or those on a budget towards body-safe choices can only be a good thing.

The shape and level of flex didn’t really work for my body, but that doesn’t mean the Steven couldn’t be a great fit for yours!

The Steven retails for £24.88 from The Pleasure Garden.

Thanks to The Pleasure Garden for sending me this toy to review. All views are my own. If you use the affiliate links within this post, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.