[Toy Review] Bodywand Vario

The company that sent me this item appears to have shut down as of 03/07/24. I have removed dead links accordingly and replaced product links with a supplier that is still live.

People with clitorises have wildly different preferences when it comes to how we like to have them stimulated. For some people, only the lightest touch will do, while others prefer a lot of pressure. Intense, rumbly vibrations do it for some, while a light buzz works best for others. Then, of course, there’s the broad vs. pinpoint stimulation question.

For those who prefer very pinpoint sensations, toys like the Zumio are ideal. For those who enjoy all-over vulva stimulation, wands are the way to go. But what about if you’re looking for a little of both, or even just aren’t sure what you like yet? That’s where the Bodywand Vario comes in.

This is only the second Bodywand toy I’ve ever tried, so I was intrigued to get started and see how it shaped up. Let’s take a closer look.

Bodywand Vario: Details

The Bodywand Vario is a double-ended vibrator. At one end there’s a narrow flexible silicone tip with a ball shaped end for clitoral stimulation, and at the other there’s a curved insertable vibrating shaft.

Bodywand Vario dual stimulation vibrator

It is made of 100% body-safe silicone in white with rose gold coloured ABS plastic accents. For some reason, white silicone toys always make me think of medical devices. Which, you know, can be fun if that’s your kink!

The Vario’s insertable length is around 4″ and the diameter is 1.2″ at the widest point, so if you’re looking for a large insertable this isn’t the way to go. End to end, it measures just over 7″ in total.

The Bodywand Vario is USB rechargeable via the included cable. You’ll get 60-90 minutes of use from a full two hour charge depending on which settings you’re using. It is splashproof, so you can use it in the shower or wash it with soap and running water but should not submerge it in water (for example, in the bath.)

Bodywand Vario In Use

The Bodywand Vario offers 7 vibration settings (3 speeds and 4 patterns) in the insertable end and 10 settings (3 speeds and 7 patterns) in the clitoral stimulator.

The Vario’s two-button interface is fine, though the buttons are small and blended into the white silicone body. This makes them pretty hard to see, especially in low light. You can use both ends of the toy simultaneously, though I can’t imagine any reason you’d want to. As ever, I would prefer two-way controls so that you can scroll both ways through settings.

Bodywand Vario dual stimulation double ended vibrator with box

Holding this toy is a little awkward when you’re using the insertable end. You end up with your hand wrapped around the flexible tip, which isn’t the most intuitive or comfortable.

The Vario’s vibrations are pretty good! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this thing’s level of power genuinely impressed me. The vibrations in the insertable end feel more rumbly to me than those in the clitoral end. I can’t work out if it’s actually a different motor or if the vibrations just feel different because they’re distributed across a broader area.

I tested out the intertable end briefly, and it’s fine though not really my thing as I don’t like the sensation of internal vibrations. Its shape is good, though, with a nice curve and just enough flex. The firm ridge on the underside will appeal to those who enjoy texturing on their toys.

The Bodywand Vario really comes into its own as a clitoral vibrator, though. I absolutely love the shape and size of the precision tip. It’s not as small or firm as the Zumio (the most obvious point of comparison for a toy like this,) so it doesn’t cross that narrow threshold from “so intense it’s amazing” to “so intense it’s painful.”

Pro tip: the matte silicone is smooth and soft, but given the small size of the tip you’re going to want plenty of lube for this one.


I had a feeling I was going to like the Bodywand Vario, and it exceeded my expectations with its excellent design and powerful motors.

The Vario retails for £125.99. It’s a somewhat pricey product but – if you enjoy both clitoral and internal stimulation – you’re really getting two toys in one.

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[Toy Review] Bodywand Rabbit Wand Attachment

This is the first in a series of upcoming short-‘n’-sweet reviews of wand attachments, as this is something I get asked about all the time.

It’s no secret to anyone that I love wands. I currently own seven, and am lusting after at least two more. They make me come quickly, reliably, and hard. If I’m worked up, a wand can get me off in 2-3 minutes. Even starting from cold, it rarely takes longer than ten.

But did you know you can get all kinds of attachments and add-ons for your wand? I will admit that I’ve always looked at wand attachments and gone “meh”. I like my wands as they are and saw no benefit to adding anything extra to them. Until last night, I’d never even tried one.

But, as I said, I get asked about wand attachments all the time so it seemed like past time for me to try some out and bring y’all some reviews. Thankfully, my friends at Lovehoney have got us covered, and have kindly sent me several of their best-selling wand attachments to review.

The first is the Rabbit Wand Attachment by Bodywand.

I have a complicated relationship with rabbit vibrators. By which I mean I usually hate them, but very very occasionally stumble across one that really works for my body. So I will tell you straight off the bat that I, personally, did not enjoy using this wand attachment.

However, let’s back up and take a closer look…

The bodywand rabbit blue silicone wand attachment on my desk.

However, the shape and size of many wand heads is similar enough that most standard-sizes attachments will work with most standard shaped wands. I used the Bodywand Rabbit Attachment with my Doxy Original, and it fit absolutely fine. It’s also pictured on Lovehoney’s site being used with the Lovehoney Classic Wand and it fits fine there too. The circumference of the part that goes over the wand head is 7 inches and the silicone is a tiny bit stretchy.

The insertable length of the Rabbit’s internal arm is 3.5 inches, and the circumference is 4.5″ at widest point. The clitoral arm is 2.5″ in length and very flexible, meaning it will fit

The Bodywand Rabbit wand attachment is made of body-safe blue silicone. As it has no motors, it is safe to boil-sterilise or pop in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning. Remember: this bit is waterproof, but your wand isn’t!

The Bodywand Rabbit attachment retails for $32.99. This may seem expensive for an attachment, but if you consider how much you’d pay for a rabbit that is anywhere near as powerful as a wand (hint: £50 absolute minimum) it’s quite a reasonable price assuming you already have a wand to use it with.

My experience

The bodywand blue silicone rabbit wand attachment sitting on a red and black laptop keyboard.

The clitoral arm on this attachment is very flexible, meaning that it will suit a range of different vulvas in terms of clitoris/vaginal opening placement. My problem with many rabbit toys is that, unless your anatomy is shaped and sized a very specific way, the two parts just don’t line up. I didn’t have that problem with this attachment.

I did, however, really struggle with the physical challenge of using this attachment. A wand is already heavy and bulky. Add an attachment, and it gets bulkier. An attachment like a rabbit, which typically requires very precise placement in order to pleasure the right spots, combined with the heft and bulkiness of a wand just makes the whole thing ridiculously difficult to put and keep in place. It kept slipping out of position and my arms were aching long before I achieved any kind of satisfaction.

Ultimately, my dislike of this attachment also came down to a matter of physical preference: my vagina simply does not like internal vibrations! My G-spot wants to be either pounded hard or caressed in a “come hither” motion. Not vibrated. Ever. (Are you surprised that one of the only rabbit toys I genuinely love is the Come Hither Rabbit?)


Yes, if… you like dual stimulation toys; you’re a fan of intense internal vibrations; you already know you enjoy rabbit toys but want the vibrations to be stronger.

No, if… you don’t like internal vibrations or prefer your clitoral and vaginal stimulation separate; you find it difficult to maneuver awkwardly shaped and bulky toys.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this and the other attachments I will be reviewing for you in the coming days.