[Better Sex Products Review] Bijoux Indiscrets CBD Arousal Oil and CBD Oral Sex Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is all the rage at the moment. This non-psychoactive and now legal (in many places, including the UK) compound found in the cannabis plant is touted as having all kinds of incredible benefits, from reducing anxiety to helping with chronic pain… and, yes, improving your sex life.

I am, it’s fair to say, rather cynical about such things. I don’t tend to believe amazing claims unless there’s amazing evidence to back them up. Maybe CBD really is a magical cure for all kinds of ills, and the science will prove it over the coming years. Or maybe it’s a very expensive and overhyped placebo. The reality, I imagine, in somewhere in the middle – it probably has some genuine benefits, and it’s probably been overhyped.

I wrote a little more here summarising very briefly what some of the available data says about CBD and sex so far. All this to say that I am approaching CBD-infused sex products, such as CBD lubes and oils, with a healthy amount of both curiosity and skepticism.

Bijoux Indiscrets recently offered me two new products to try: their Arousal Oil with CBD and their CBD Oral Sex Oil. But did they live up to their claims?

Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex CBD sex oils: Arousal Oil and Oral Sex Oil in their packaging

Bijoux Indiscrets Arousal Oil with CBD

Slow Sex Arousal Oil with CBD from Bijoux Indiscrets is made up of a range of natural oils and extracts including Coco-Caprylate/Caprate (an emollient derived from coconut oil), Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (AKA olive oil), shea butter, soybean oil, castor seed oil, and a number of others. Bijoux is an all-vegan company and uses only plant-derived ingredients.

Bijoux Indiscrets CBD arousal oil

The idea of the Arousal Oil is simple: apply it to your vulva and clitoris before sex or masturbation. The CBD, so it is claimed, may help to increase natural lubrication as well as stimulating blood flow to the area to increase sensitivity.

I did feel as though I experienced an increase in sensitivity when I applied a few drops of this arousal oil to my clitoris and labia and then waited a few minutes. When I touched myself, I was incredibly wet and sensitive and I reached orgasm very quickly. So from that perspective, yes, it worked!

Some sources I looked at claim that CBD is a vasodilator (something that opens the blood vessels, improving blood flow), which would go some way to explaining this effect. Others, however, claim that CBD without THC – that’s Tetrahydrocannabinol, or the high-inducing compound in cannabis – has few if any vasodilatory effects.

So what happened, then? Maybe the CBD had a direct causal effect on my arousal and sensitivity, and maybe it didn’t. Some of the other ingredients may have had an effect. The simple act of rubbing something on my genitals while in a sexual headspace might even have been the cause. Then, of course, there’s the potential for a placebo effect. At some point,I’d love to set up a blind experiment with this stuff and regular oil-based lube to see if there’s any difference when I don’t know which one I’m using.

Also worth noting that this product is only 1% CBD. That’s the equivalent of 0.3ml of CBD in a standard 30ml tube. That is, by anyone’s definition, a tiny CBD concentration and has left me a little doubtful that the CBD itself was the main cause of the effects I experienced.

The oil has a fairly strong and distinctive scent that I can best describe as “floral.” It’s fine, not really my sort of thing but not unpleasant either. Be careful when using the pump top bottle because it has a tendency to squirt out suddenly and go everywhere! I also found that my fingers felt quite sticky after applying this oil and I wanted to wash it off my hands as quickly as possible (neurodivergent sensory issues!? Me!?)

Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex Arousal Oil with CBD retails for £34/€38 for a 30ml bottle.

Bijoux Indiscrets CBD Oral Sex Oil

The Bijoux Indiscrets Oral Sex Oil contains far fewer ingredients than the Arousal Oil. It’s just sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, CBD, peppermint oil, limonene and linalool. This product, too, is only 1% CBD.

Bijoux Indiscrets CBD oral sex oil

The instructions say to apply a few drops to your lips and genitals, so that’s what I did. I was hoping I might feel some noticeable effect on my lips, such as tingling or an increase in sensitivity. Sadly, I didn’t feel much of anything even after several minutes and a reapplication.

It was the same when I tried it on my vulva and clit. The oil worked quite nicely as a simple lubricant, making everything pleasantly slippery. However, I did not notice any increase in sensitivity, sensation, or pleasure on any of the occasions that I tried it. This was a surprise, actually, since – whatever I do or don’t believe about CBD – peppermint-based products have worked well for me in the past.

The taste and smell of the Slow Sex Oral Sex Oil oil isn’t at all unpleasant. The overwhelming impression is of it being kind of minty. However, when I’m going down on a lover I want to be able to taste and smell them. (See also: why I don’t like flavoured lubes.)

Close up of CBD oil dropper with oral sex oil

Unlike the Arousal Oil, the Oral Sex Oil comes with a little eye dropper applicator. This makes it easier to apply to your lips and genitals with precision and without spilling it everywhere. It’s much less sticky than the Arousal Oil and didn’t give me the same sensory “ick.”

BIjoux Indiscrets Oral Sex Oil with CBD retails for £22/€25 for a 15ml bottle.

A Quick Word of Caution

Because they are oil-based, these products are not compatible with latex or polyisoprene. Don’t use them if you’re using safer sex barriers, such as condoms or dams, made from these materials. They’re okay to use with polyurethane, though.


I remain intrigued but cynical about CBD in general, and for sex in particular. The available information is interesting, but far from conclusive. I’ve also now had a number of different experiences with different CBD products, and the wildly varying results tell me something in and of themselves.

If there was a simple causal relationship between CBD-containing products and increased arousal, boosted sensitivity, or faster and harder orgasms, surely I would experience that reliably every time in much the same way that I experience a reduction in pain every time I take a paracetamol?

The verdict, then? It’s complex and I wish there was more – and more reliable – data to draw on.

Ultimately though, if something works for you, I think that’s valuable in itself. I can’t explain why the CBD Arousal Oil worked for me (or why the Oral Sex Oil didn’t!) I suspect it has to do with a number of factors: the other ingredients, my headspace at the time, my level of cynicism, and possibly even the CBD itself.

All I can tell you about is my experience. Why not try it for yourself and see how you get on?

Thanks to Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me these products to review. All views, as always, are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Lube Review] Morgasm CBD Lube

Two things you’ll know about me if you have been reading my work for some time: I am both highly curious and highly cynical. This means that, when I hear about a cool new sex thing, my brain goes “it’s probably not all it’s cracked up to be… but damn I want to try it and find out!” Enter CBD lube, which (along with CBD products in general) has been having a major moment over the last couple years.

You might remember this guest post by Hattie Gladwell from back in 2021 in which she shared how CBD lubricant helped her to overcome orgasm difficulties.

So when Morgasm reached out and offered me a sample of their CBD-infused lube, obviously I was a “fuck yes” for that.

Morgasm CBD Lube

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main components of cannabis and comes from hemp (a cousin of the marijuana plant.) CBD is available in various forms: oils, extracts, capsules, and so on. It’s been infused into numerous products, from foods and drinks to health and beauty products and more.

CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that causes a “high.” This means that it is legal in many places even where cannabis is not, including here in the UK. According to Harvard Health, CBD is generally safe for adults. However, it can produce adverse interactions with some medications (check with your doctor), may cause side effects in a small number of people, and is not advised for use by anyone under 21.

How Does CBD Lube Work?

It’s cited as a miracle remedy for countless problems from chronic pain to low mood and insomnia. And in some areas at least, the positive data points are beginning to stack up. In others, however, the evidence just isn’t there yet. The science of CBD and its effectiveness is still in its infancy in many areas, including in the sex space.

Much of the evidence I could find for the effectiveness of CBD lube was anecdotal. According to one survey, 68% of 1000 participants who tried CBD said it improved their sex life. Obviously anecdotal evidence is far from conclusive, but there’s enough of it out there that it’s at least worth more than a passing glance.

Scientifically-speaking, a few of the commonly cited potential effects and benefits of CBD lube include:

  • Increasing blood flow to the genital area, which can increase sensitivity and physiological responses to arousal (such as wetness)
  • Reducing discomfort during sex due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aiding in muscle relaxation, including around the genital area

But when it comes to CBD lube and its benefits, to what extent is any of this a placebo and to what extent is the CBD actually having a direct effect? The bottom line is that right now we don’t really know. But it’s an intriguing enough area that I hope we’ll see more studies over the next few years.

Morgasm CBD Lube: What’s In It?

Morgasm’s CBD lube is a water-based lubricant infused with 250mg of CBD per 50ml. It contains an array of plant-based and hypoallergenic ingredients including mentha piperita (peppermint leaf extract), the amino acid L-Arginine, aloe vera, and vanilla extract. Check out the ingredients breakdown for a full list of what’s in Morgasm lube and what each ingredient does.

Morgasm CBD lube ingredients

Morgasm CBD lube is vegan and not tested on animals. It is also safe for use with both latex and non-latex barriers as well as all body-safe sex toy materials.

A Quick Note on Glycerin

The only ingredient on Morgasm’s list that gives me pause is “organic kosher vegatable glycerin.” It has long been cited that glycerin(e), a sugar alcohol, can contribute towards the development of yeast infections. However, some sources are now saying that this may not be entirely accurate, or at least that it may not be that simple.

I couldn’t find any definitive scientific literature either way. Personally, I’m still going to be avoiding glycerin-containing products internally until I see proof that they’re not harmful to the vagina. Unlike many glycerin-containing lubes, however, Morgasm CBD Lube isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave an unpleasant tacky residue on my skin. This means I’m happy to use it externally. You’ll need to make your own risk assessment based on your body and preferences.

Morgasm CBD Lube: First Impressions:

I had two initial reactions to Morgasm’s CBD lube when I first opened my sample:

  1. It smells gorgeous! It has a distinctive but not overpowering tangy, subtly minty scent. That’s probably the peppermint leaf at work. Taste-wise, that tang and slight sweetness comes through too.
  2. It’s a really, really weird colour! It comes out of the tube in a sort of beige-brown. I initially wondered if my sample was off but no, that’s just the colour it is. It’s not noticeable once it’s applied to the body, but it was jarring at first. I’m used to lube being clear, or white at a push.
Woman's hand with a smear of Morgasm CBD lube

So How Did It Feel?

I was deeply cynical about this product, folks. Really, I cannot express that enough. I went in fully assuming that my reaction was going to be a severely underwhelmed “well, it’s lube, so that’s good I guess?”

So imagine my shock and delight on discovering that it actually, genuinely works for me!

I applied the lube a few minutes before I was planning to masturbate, as the information I’d read indicated that topically-applied CBD can take a while to kick in. I was slightly aroused when I started, but I could feel my vulva and clit getting really sensitive really quickly once I applied the lube.

When I started masturbating, I couldn’t believe how sensitive I was. The best way I can describe it is that it felt like I’d shortcutted the build-up, essentially arriving at the “every nerve ending quivering” state that normally comes from protracted arousal building, anticipation, or edging.

The bottom line is that I came really hard and really fast.

Again, I have no way to conclusively prove or disprove that this effect was caused by the CBD. It could have been, or it could have been any of the other ingredients (mint, for example, is commonly used in arousal-enhancing products for the cooling and tingling sensation it provides.) It could have been the combination, or it could have been a placebo despite my cynicism. No way to know for sure.

But also… if something works, does it actually matter all that much? Whatever the cause, the orgasm I had was real. And when something helps me to cum that hard and that quickly, I’m going to take the win.

Morgasm CBD Lube left my skin feeling soft and healthy, with a hint of that minty scent. I didn’t feel a need to rush to the bathroom and wash it off, which – for my neurodivergent and highly sensorily-sensitive self – is an achievement in itself.


I don’t really understand how it worked, I only know that it did. This stuff gave me one of the strongest (not to mention fastest) solo orgasms I’ve had in quite some time.

The one downside? Like most CBD products, it’s seriously pricey. Morgasm CBD lube retails for a slightly eyewatering $54 for a single 60ml tube. You can save by buying in bulk packs of 2, 3, 4, or 10 tubes, but it’s still an expensive product.

It should tell you how much I liked it that I am seriously considering splashing out on a full-size tube or two.

Thanks to Morgasm for sending me this product to test and review. All opinions and experiences are, as always, mine. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Guest Post] How CBD Lube Changed My Sex Life When My Body Forgot How to Orgasm by Hattie Gladwell

Today’s guest post comes from Hattie Gladwell (she/her,) a freelance journalist whose work I have been reading and enjoying for a while. This is her first piece for C&K.

I loved this story because struggles with orgasm are so, so common, especially for cis women and other people with vulvas. The limited cultural narratives around sex can make us feel that we should all be having the most amazing sex, all the time and without ever talking about it.

Those same narratives push the idea that if we’re with the right partner, sex and orgasm will be easy and effortless, and that any use of additional tools (such as toys or lube) indicate failure. But as we can see from Hattie’s story, those things can be game changers in the best possible way.


Amy x

How CBD Lube Changed My Sex Life When My Body Forgot How to Orgasm

I was in a sexless relationship for almost six years. It was difficult not just physically, but mentally, too. I wanted an intimate relationship, but sadly he wasn’t interested. Of course, I thought it was me. That something was wrong with me. I changed how I looked constantly to see if maybe he’d start loving me again, but the relationship had been dead for years. 

When we first got together, I was able to orgasm easily and quickly. Multiple times. Having an orgasm had never been a concern to me. I’d always had a good sex life before the relationship, and during the first year. But everything changed, and I don’t know why. 

When we finally broke up and I walked away from the stale relationship, I met somebody new quickly. My family and friends warned me that it was too early, that I needed to heal. But I had already done my healing over the last six months of the relationship—because I knew it was coming to an end. 

It was incredible to have sex with someone new. I mean, it was incredible just to have sex again. But, I couldn’t orgasm. It made me feel bad because I didn’t want my new partner to think it was him. My body just forgot what an orgasm felt like, and I couldn’t do it anymore. 

When I tried to get there, it was even more impossible, because I was putting myself under too much pressure. It wasn’t until I decided to “re-discover myself” alone, learning what I liked and didn’t like, and what made me tick, that finally, I came to climax again. 

I decided to show my partner what I liked, and it worked—but it still took me up to an hour to get there, and sometimes I couldn’t at all. It was frustrating and I felt resentment towards my ex because I felt like I had no control over my body.

I could only come during mutual masturbation. Never during sex. Which is annoying, because I want to reach orgasm when my partner does. It feels more intimate. It makes me feel closer. 

That’s where the CBD lube comes in. 

There are lots of CBD lubes out there, even though not that many people know about them. Of course, most people have heard about CBD and the common belief that it helps with chronic pain. But it can also help with sensitivity of the vulva, as it is absorbed through the tissues.

I was sceptical, but decided to try Dani Pepper’s “O” orgasm enhancer.

It comes in a bottle that looks just like regular, non-CBD lube, and is transparent. It’s made using organic and natural ingredients, and is water-based, meaning it’s okay to use with latex. 

I sat down with my partner and talked about using the lube, and he agreed. He was just as adamant about getting my orgasms back on track as I was. 

That night, we had sex. But before we did, we did what we usually do, and he tried to get me off. I decided to do it during mutual masturbation because I wanted my body to get used to the CBD lube in a way that I knew might just make me come. 

He put the lube on me, and within 15 minutes I started to feel more relaxed. I wasn’t worried about climaxing. I decided that it didn’t matter if I didn’t orgasm this time—I could always try again. 

But I did come. Quickly. Intensely. The most extraordinary orgasm I have ever had. 

It lasted for at least 10 seconds, and afterwards, my legs were shaking and I couldn’t speak through breathlessness. 

What I also loved is how calm I felt afterwards. I continued to feel this really relaxing sensation. Sex afterwards was amazing because, even though I can’t come through penetration still, it made us both feel accomplished. Knowing I’d “got there” meant there were no frustrated vibes after having sex—or masturbating for an hour. 

I always use the lube now; every time we have sex. It’s my go-to, and I of course have more than one bottle at a time so that I can keep myself stocked up. 

CBD lube, and specifically Dani Pepper’s orgasm enhancer, has been a game-changer for me. Not just because of the incredibly intense orgasms, but because it has brought me closer to my partner sexually. I feel like our sex life is way more intimate now, and I never feel like I’m missing out. And I won’t ever again.

About the Author

Hattie Gladwell is a journalist and editor from Sussex. She is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues, and mainly writes about sex, relationships, parenting and mental illness.

Product recommendation is the writer’s own and is not an affiliate link.