[Lingerie Review] Lovehoney Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie

Content note: this post makes a brief mention of intentional weight loss. Please skip this one if that’s likely to be triggering for you!

I’m extremely into corsetry, basques, and everything else in that general category of products. I love how they make my body – my waist, my boobs, my hips – look and how sexy I feel in them. Lovehoney kindly sent me the Black Lace Waspie from their new Twilight Rose Christmas lingerie collection.

In case you don’t know, a waspie is essentially a shorter under-bust corset. Obviously it varies slightly depending on your body, but on me, the top of the waspie hits an inch or so under my breasts.

Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie: First Impressions

I took this one out of the packaging during a lingerie try-on session with Mr CK, the purpose of which was to choose an outfit for a party we were attending. When I saw the Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie, the first thing I said was “this is something that 18-year-old goth Amy would have gone mad over!”

Lovehoney black lace waspie from Christmas lingerie range

The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie is made of “microfibre”, in this case a synthetic blend of polyester and elastane, as well as mesh and lace, with ribbon trims. The microfibre parts feel soft to the touch, while the lace is a little coarser (though not problematically so, at least for my skin). Its structure is supported by six plastic bones. It is adorned with a wide band around the waist, red and black lace panels, and red ribbon detailing as well as a little gold Lovehoney heart. It comes with four removeable suspenders so you can wear stockings with it if you wish.

The Waspie closes with a row of hook-and-eye clasps down the back. Pro tip: put it on backwards and then spin it around once you’ve fastened all the hooks (or ask someone else to do it up for you).


The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie is available for UK sizes 6-24. I received the medium (UK 10-12) which is usually a good fit for me. However, the Waspie was actually just a little small when fastened on the loosest setting. It closed, but it looked and felt slightly too tight.

Lovehoney red and black underbust corset Twilight Rose waspie from Christmas lingerie range
Worn with the Serpentine Lace Body.

I’m trying to lose a few pounds at the moment and I think when I’m done, the Waspie will fit beautifully. But if you’re thinking of getting one of these and you’re between sizes or unsure, I’d suggest sizing up for this one.

The plastic boning gives the piece structure and holds it in place, while being less rigid and constricting than the steel bones found in true corsetry. Plastic boned pieces are a good in-between if you want a garment that offers gentle support and shaping, but also enjoy being able to breathe and sit down!

The main thing I’m not sure about is the lace trim at the top, which is 1.5″ wide. On the model pictures, this sits neatly against the skin. On me, though, it tended to bunch up and roll down in a way that I found distracting. If I’m going to wear something, I don’t want to be adjusting it all night.

Aesthetic and Sex Appeal

I do like this piece, overall, despite the slight issue with how it sits on me. The black and red colour combination is a winner, the lace and ribbon detailing is pretty in a goth-femme sort of way, and I like the way the wide band nips in my waist.

Interestingly, wearing the Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie feels a little like stepping back into an earlier version of myself. I’ve moved away from goth style in recent years, not because I no longer love it but simply because I am older and tireder and have more sensory issues that tend to nudge me towards greater comfort. Wearing something I’d have swooned over 10 or 15 years ago is bringing back some memories and reminding me what I loved about those fashions in the first place.

Lovehoney Christmas lingerie Twilight Rose black lace waspie

I doubt I’d wear the Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie by itself, because I don’t like how my naked breasts look over underbust corsets. I’d likely pair it with a floaty shirt, a suitable bra, or even an unwired bodysuit to give the whole ensemble more shape and structure. It’s quite a versatile piece and works just as well as the centrepiece of an outfit as it does as lingerie.

I think I might be wearing it when I go to The Rocky Horror Show with part of my polycule in a few months’ time…

Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie: Verdict

The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie is a pretty and well-made basque that can function as underwear or outerwear. While the slight issue with the fit and lace trim means I doubt I’ll be wearing it frequently, it’s fun for when I want to let Goth Amy Circa 2008 out to play.

The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie retails for a great-value £29.99 ($36.99).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece to review. All views and pictures are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post.