[Toy Review] Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

Satisfyer started out making pressure wave toys, bringing products like the excellent Satisfyer Pro 2 and the famously adorable Pro Penguin to market. After that, they branched out into vibrators, some of which I loved and some of which were just okay. So I suppose it was inevitable they’d make a wand eventually.

The good folks at EroticFeel, an online sex shop selling an extensive range of products from sex toys and lingerie to BDSM gear, were kind enough to send me the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman to try out.

Wand-erful First Impressions?

The Wand-er Woman arrived discreetly in plain packaging and inside, the toy was presented in an attractive blue/pink/purple box with information about the toy and line drawings of nude women. I have to say that I don’t like this product’s name. It’s a cute pun, sure, but it’s really unnecessarily gendered since wand vibrators are for everyone.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman wand vibrator

My other first impression of the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman is that it’s LARGE. Measuring 34cm (13.4″) in length and weighing in at 647g, this is not a small toy. I’m not necessarily opposed to large toys, but they can be challenging to hold and manipulate and are inaccessible for some people. I actually found the thickness of the Wand-er Woman’s handle to be more of a problem than its weight alone. I have fairly small hands, but the thickness of this toy’s handle combined with its weight made it challenging to hold for long enough to have a decent play session with it.

Woman holding magic wand vibrator by Satisfyer

The Wand-er Woman is available in three colourways: black, white, or purple. I received the white version, which has lilac buttons and a silver decorative bad at the top of the handle. The Wand-er Woman is rechargeable via the included cable, and completely waterproof. The body and head are coated in soft, body-safe matte silicone and the silicone cap is removeable from the head, which allows for easier cleaning.

In Use

The Wand-er Woman boasts ten vibration settings (constant vibration plus 9 patterns) and 5 speeds, for an impressive total of 50 possible combinations. The three-button interface is simple and intuitive, and the buttons are easy to press. I appreciated being able to scroll through the speeds by simply holding the plus or minus buttons down, without needing to press repeatedly. The Wand-er Woman’s neck has a little flex, which is useful for positioning.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman magic wand vibrator buttons

The Wand-er Woman is not quite as powerful, nor as rumbly, as many of the corded wands in my collection. It doesn’t deliver the eyeball-shaking, whole-room-rattling intensity of some of my all-time faves. It also doesn’t quite match up in terms of deep, penetrating rumbles.

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman wand vibrator

That’s not to say it isn’t powerful, though! All but the most discerning Power Royalty will still be able to get plenty of pleasure out of this toy. It’s not exactly buzzy, either, just… somewhere closer to the centre of the buzz/rumble spectrum. I need the highest setting to get off, but not everyone’s clit is as demanding as mine. I also don’t particularly care for patterns – I tried them all for the sake of being thorough, and because I keep hoping to meet a vibration pattern that changes my mind about vibration patterns, though I haven’t yet.

The cordless design is useful, as I don’t always wand power cords trailing across my bedroom (and, in environments like play parties, there isn’t always an outlet available). The battery life is good. Noise-wise, it’s fine. Interestingly, I’ve seen some users complain of their Wand-er Woman being excessively loud, but mine just makes a persistent hum at the kind of volume you’d expect for a toy at this power level. It’s not silent but it doesn’t sound like a power tool, either.


One of the key selling points of the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman is its relatively affordable price point. Retailing for £44.95 at full price, it’s less than half the price of many of its main competitors. If you’re willing to cope with the downsides, such as the toy’s weight and the width of the handle, and you’re not expecting the same power you’d get from a pricy corded toy, it’s a perfectly fine option. Folks on a budget, or beginners wanting to try out wands without splashing out £100 or more immediately, might find it’s perfectly adequate for their needs.

I don’t think I’ll be reaching for it regularly, but I’m glad it exists!

Thanks to EroticFeel for sending me this product to review. All views are, as ever, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

Black Friday Sex Toys, Lingerie, and More: All the Best Deals

Looking for the best Black Friday sex toys deals? You’ve come to the right place! In this thread, I’ve put together a rundown of the best deals from the companies I’ve partnered with (plus a couple I have no affiliation with just because they do beautiful things!)

DISCLAIMER! Unless specified otherwise, links in this post are affiliate links and buying through them will send me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please note that I have a policy of only promoting body-safe products and only recommending items that I have actually tried and actually love (or, in the case of toys for penises, that I have had recommended by folks I trust).

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Right. Let’s go, shall we?


Lovehoney often have epic Black Friday sex toys sales, and this year is no exception. There’s up to 60% off selected sex toys, lingerie, lubes and better sex products, and kink gear.

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My top picks:


Everyone’s favourite purveyors of beautiful, colourful sex toys have actually got two Black Friday specials this year: limited edition colourways on some of their most popular toys, and huge discounted inventory drops of plugs, dildos, and gags in a wide array of colours and styles.

My top picks:

Bijoux Indiscrets

Use code BLACK25 to get 25% off all Bijoux Indiscrets products and receive a free kit including a bullet vibe, lube or massage gel, and cosmetics pouch.

My top picks:

The Pleasure Garden

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My top picks:

Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss have discounts of up to 50% on all their bestselling products.

My top picks:


Shevibe’s Black Friday offering consists of a site-wide discount (with a few exclusions) that increases depending on how much you spend. Use the code BEACH and you’ll get:

10% Off Orders Of $75+
15% Off Orders Of $100+
20% Off Orders Of $125+
25% Off Orders Of $350+

My top picks:

Peepshow Toys

Peepshow Toys have a massive blowout sale with up to 70% off some products, and 20-25% off sitewide (20% on purchases of $10-324, 25% on purchases of $325 or more). Discounts are applied automatically, so no need to use a code.

My top picks:


Bondara are offering 30% off everything with the code BLACK. Be aware that they do unfortunately sell some toxic and porous toys. Never purchase toys made of jelly, gel, or mystery materials, and be very wary of porous materials such as TPE and TPR, especially for insertable toys. Look for silicone, ABS (hard) plastic, glass, or stainless steel.

My top picks:

Self & More

Self & More have a flash sale of 25% off Lelo products (I won’t use Lelo personally, but you do you!) and a smattering of other discounts available across the site.

My top picks:

Erotic Feel

Erotic Feel have numerous discounted products in their Black Friday sale, with up to 70% off some lines.

My top picks:

The Kinkery

The Kinkery, run by the wonderful Kayla and John of Loving BDSM fame, are offering 20% off all products (except gift cards) with code SPANKS21 until November 30th.

Sh! Women’s Store

Sh! have numerous discounted products in their FriYAY sale, while stocks last.

Tyes by Tara

Tyes by Tara have a sale page with several gorgeous discounted products including necktyes, niptyes, and tyecuffs.

Do you know of any other Black Friday sex toys, lingerie, BDSM, or other sexy product sales? Let me know!