[Toy Review] Nothosaur Toys ALLA

Nothosaur Toys only recently came onto my radar, when they reached out and asked about sponsorship. But I’ve already begun recommending them to readers who ask me about fantasy toys. With an impressive collection including alien dildos, tentacle dildos, dragon dildos, fantasy grinders, and much more, they have all sorts of great offerings for fans of the weird and wonderful.

Nothosaur were also kind enough to send me a product from their range to review. Meet the ALLA.

What is the Nothosaur Toys ALLA?

Nothosaur Toys ALLA, a long pink and blue tentacle dildo

The Nothosaur Toys ALLA is a tentacle dildo based on sources such as the Kraken sea monster mythology and the Cthulhu science fiction/horror stories. And it is literally a giant tentacle. It features a large heavy base and two rows of suckers along a flexible shaft. The long shaft tapers gently to a point.

The ALLA is available in several colourways. I chose the light pinkish-purple with blue accents known as “Redemption”, which is super pretty. For a small additional cost, you can also request a custom colourway of your choice.

The ALLA is available in six sizes, ranging from XS (11.8″ in total length) up to “Legendary” (41″ in total length.) Pay close attention to the size chart when you’re ordering, because if you’re not careful you’ll end up with something a lot bigger than you expected! I ordered the ALLA in a medium, which measures 22″ in total length and 1.1″ in diameter towards the top of the tentacle. The sheer idea of one that’s almost twice as large again makes my eyes water, but you might be a lot braver than me!

What I Like About the ALLA

Nothosaur Toys are gaining a great reputation in the world of fantasy sex toys, and it’s easy to see why. The ALLA is the first of their products I have tried, and there are plenty of things about it that I really like. Namely:

  • The Nothosaur Toys ALLA is a beautifully designed dildo. If you have a tentacle kink, I don’t think you could do much better! The detailing is impressive and the use of the two silicone colours adds both depth and an ethereal, otherworldly quality which can be tremendously appealing to lovers of fantasy toys. The Nothosaur dragon insignia is stamped into the base.
  • The silicone is body-safe and looks and feels to be of a high quality. So many fantasy toys are still being made from unsafe jelly materials or porous TPE/TPR. It’s great to see more and more silicone options coming onto the market. The ALLA’s silicone is very matte, and the suckers can be a little grabby, so using plenty of water-based lube is essential.
  • “Depth play” and “depth training” – gradually training your body to take longer toys safely and comfortably, either vaginally or anally – isn’t my thing as I find it far more painful than pleasurable. However, it is a fairly popular kink and relatively few body-safe toy options for this purpose have been available. The ALLA, with its softness and long, tapered body, is perfect for those who want to focus on depth of penetration in their play.
Nothosaur Toys ALLA tentacle dildo, close up of suckers

  • That texture! Oh my goodness, that texture! The ALLA’s suckers provide incredible additional stimulation when you use it internally. And there’s another possibility, too: repurposing the ALLA as a grinding toy for clitoral play. Seriously, try it and thank me later.
  • Thanks to the large base and lengthy shaft, the ALLA is anal-safe if that’s your thing.
  • Its suction cup holds it in place well despite its large size and significant weight. Some reviewers have commented that they can hang the entire toy from the ceiling with the suction cup!
  • The toy arrived quickly, and was discreetly packaged with no indication of what was inside.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

Nothosaur Toys ALLA tentacle dildo, shown in full length

When I tried to use it for (presumably) its intended purpose of penetration, I found the ALLA to be slightly too floppy and flexible to be truly satisfying. I was able to insert it with plenty of lubrication and warm-up, but it took a few attempts because it kept bending away from my body when I applied pressure rather than slipping inside. If you enjoy very soft, flexible and gentle toys, this might be a good thing for you. For me, though, I found I wanted a little more rigidity.

I ordered the ALLA in medium firmness (the firmer of the two available options, the other being “soft.”) So keep this in mind if you’re looking for a firmer penetrative toy. I’m actually not convinced I’d be able to use it anally for this reason. All bodies are different, though, so your mileage may vary.

Due to its design, the ALLA can also be a bit of a pain to clean. All those little suckers can harbour bodily fluids, which can breed bacteria if not properly cleaned. For that reason, I really recommend boil-sterilising your toy after each use to ensure that it is completely clean. It just has too many creases and crevices for me to feel confident recommending any other method.


The ALLA is totally different from anything else in my collection, and I kind of love it. I am unlikely to use it as a penetrative toy again (as I said, it’s a little too flexible for me and ultra lengthy toys aren’t really my thing.) However, I will definitely be making plenty of use of the clitoral stimulation possibilities afforded by all those fabulous little suckers!

If you’re looking for a fantasy-style depth trainer or just have a kink for tentacles, you’ll love this toy.

The ALLA’s retail price depends upon the size and customisation options you choose. It begins from just $79.99 for the XS size in a standard colourway, up to $379.99 for the Legendary size. With the smaller options surprisingly affordable and the larger options reasonably priced considering the materials and skill that go into crafting these toys, I am happy to call the Nothosaur ALLA a great value product!

You can also use coupon code COFFEE for 10% off your entire Nothosaur Toys order.

Thanks to Nothosaur Toys for sending me the ALLA and sponsoring this honest and unbiased review. All views and writing, as ever, are mine. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Nothosaur catalogue including the limited-edition Pride range!

[Toy Review] Mr Hankey’s Toys Unicorn Dildo

In my first Mr Hankey’s Toys review last month, I noted that I was kinda blown away by the sheer size of the toy in front of me. That theme continues in this, the second of three Mr Hankey’s reviews: today, we’re looking at the descriptively-named Unicorn Dildo.

When the Mr Hankey’s Toys gave me pretty much free rein (heh) to pick a selection of toys from their site, I couldn’t possibly resist this one. I mean, just look at it!

Mr Hankey's Toys unicorn dildo pink unicorn horn dildo

Mr Hankey’s Toys Unicorn Dildo

The Mr Hankey’s Toys Unicorn Dildo is available in four sizes, ranging in total length from 12″ up to 18.38″, in insertable length from 7″ up to 12″, and in diameter at the widest insertable point from 1.51″ up to 2.7″. I requested the second smallest size (“Medium”), which measures 14″ in overall length, 8″ in insertable length, and 1.83″ in diameter at the widest insertable point. Once the decorative base is factored in, this is a large toy.

This toy is made of 100% body-safe silicone.

It is also available in four firmness levels: 40% soft (the softest), 75% soft, medium firm, and extra firm. You can get it in any of 24 different colourways, including a white/gold two tone. I requested bubblegum pink because I was feeling extra femme that day and it seemed somehow appropriate for this toy. There’s also the option to add a vac-u-lock hole.

Things I Like About the Mr Hankey’s Toys Unicorn Dildo

Mr Hankey's Toys unicorn dildo bent in the middle to show its flexibility

I mean, the entire design of this toy is just so whimsical and delightful. When you’ve tested and reviewed as many sex toys as I have, one vaguely penis-shaped piece of silicone starts to blend into the next. (Figuratively. Silicone toys do not melt together in storage and I wish this stupid myth would die already. But that’s a rant for another day.)

But a toy that looks like a unicorn horn? Yeah, that’s new and novel. The detailing is impressive and gives a fun and playful feel that makes me smile every time I see its silly face and ginormous horn on my desk, where it is currently functioning as a particularly “extra” paperweight.

I chose the 75% soft option, which is the second softest. In this shape, that means the horn part is very squishy, bendy, and flexible. According to the company, this softness level mimics a bio-cock at 75-80% of full erection, but on this product it definitely seems softer and more flexible than that. If you want anything other than serious squish and flex, go for one of the firmer options. If, like me, you tend to prefer less intense insertable toys, the 75% soft is a great choice.

I also like the gently tapered design a lot. Coupled with the flex, this makes it ideal for targeted but not-too-intense G-spot stimulation.

The texturing of the horn is lovely, too. A lot of textured insertable toys are too much for me. They can be so intense that they become uncomfortable or even painful. The Unicorn Dildo, though, has a subtle rippling, twisted texture that is pronounced enough to be felt but also gentle.

Thanks to the bottom-heavy design, the Unicorn Dildo stands on its own. The company does warn that not all firmness levels and sizes will necessarily do this, though, so be aware of that if this feature is important to you. It does mean that putting it down on a firm surface and using it hands-free is potentially an option for users who are so inclined.

This large base also means that the Unicorn Dildo is totally anal-safe, if that’s your thing.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

Mr Hankey's Toys unicorn horn dildo

As with the Perfect Penis dildo I reviewed last month, my only real complaint with the Unicorn Horn dildo is that it’s heavy. The large and solid base really adds some weight and heft to this toy, meaning that it can be a challenge to lift and manipulate if you struggle with holding heavy objects.

The silicone is perhaps a little more matte than I would ideally prefer, which means it can be quite grabby. For large toys like this one, that’s very noticeable. However, it’s nothing that you can’t solve with plenty of water-based lube. It also picks up quite a lot of lint and dust in storage, so you’ll want to give it a quick wash or wipe before each use.

Due to the grooves and ridges of the detailed design, I recommend boil-sterilising your Unicorn Dildo to ensure that it’s not harbouring any bacteria in those hard-to-clean areas.

Otherwise? No complaints at all.


I love this product! Even in the second smallest size, it’s probably a little too large and hefty for me to actually use it super often, though it’ll definitely get the occasional outing for its intended purpose. It is playful and unique, the insertable part is genuinely well-designed, and when I’m not using it I’ll probably keep it on display anyway because it makes a fun ornament in the sex-positive den of chaos that is my office.

I love that Mr Hankey’s Toys are offering very large dildos made exclusively of body-safe materials. I often receive requests for large toy recommendations. Unfortunately, many of the manufacturers making them are still using unsafe and porous materials. Mr Hankey’s Toys products aren’t cheap, but you’ll get some serious quality for your money. With a little care, one of these toys could last years if not decades.

The Mr Hankey’s Toys Unicorn Dildo starts from $134.95 for the smallest size in a basic colourway. Prices increase as you go up in size and add customisations.

Thanks to Mr Hankey’s Toys for sponsoring this review. This means they paid me to write a fair and honest review. All views and experiences are, as always, my own.

Why Do People Like Tentacle Dildos?

When my blog took off and I started getting comments and questions from readers regularly, common queries and “FAQs” began popping up. Some of them I expected, others surprised me. Over the last seven and a half years, a request I’ve received again and again is for recommendations for fantasy toys. Monster toys, alien toys, tentacle dildos, and so on.

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t really my kink. I don’t have any issue with it, of course – all consensual and risk-aware expressions of adult sexuality are good with me! – but I can’t say I ever entirely got it.

Nevertheless, clearly this kink strikes a chord with a lot of my readers and a lot of people generally. So, when the good folks at Nothosaur approached me and asked if they could sponsor a post, I thought I’d do a delve into this popular fetish.

So what is it exactly about tentacle dildos that makes them so popular?

How Common Are Tentacle Fantasies?

Tentacles for a post on why people like tentacle dildos
Image: Nothosaur

Justin Lehmiller, PhD, writing for Psychology Today, says “it’s rare, but some people fantasize about being sexually dominated by creatures with tentacles.”

Far be it for me to question the fantastic Dr Lehmiller, but I want to ask… is it rare? Okay, tentacle fantasies are probably less common than (say) fantasies of being spanked or tied up, but the fact that there’s an enormous and booming industry around tentacle-themed erotic content and toys tells me it’s actually at least somewhat common.

As with most sex-related things, reliable statistics are notoriously hard to find. So in terms of how common this fetish is, I don’t really know. But I feel safe in saying that if you do have this kink, you’re in very good company… and probably more company than you think.

By the way: just to bust a common misconception, having tentacle fantasies or enjoying tentacle dildos does not imply that a person is in any way interested in bestiality or sexually abusing animals.

So Why Do People Like Tentacle Dildos?

Nothosaur tentacle dildos
Image: Nothosaur

Whenever people ask, “why are people into that?” about a particular kink. I want to turn the question around. To me, the most interesting question isn’t “why do people like that?” The most interesting question is why do you, specifically, like that?

You might not know why a particular kink or fetish appeals to you, of course. And that’s okay. We don’t have to analyse where our fetishes come from to enjoy them.

With that said, let’s look at a few of the reasons that people might enjoy tentacle dildos.

Enacting a Fantasy

As we’ve already mentioned, fantasies involving tentacles are pretty common.

Some fantasies are easier to bring to life – for example, through roleplay scenes – than others. For those that are more based in the fantastical, toys can be an amazing way to help them feel more real.

The Allure of the Taboo

Sexual fantasies are often based in the taboo – things that feel edgy, transgressive, or even wrong, things that push up against social norms and ideas of what types of sex are “okay” to have, to want, to fantasise about.

Dr Lehmiller writes, “The entire concept of a sexual “taboo” is inherently arbitrary because what is considered taboo in one time, context, or culture may be considered perfectly normal in another.” In most places and contexts, despite how common they are, I think it’s fair to say that tentacle fantasies would be considered taboo. This, in itself, could explain part of their allure.

Shape and Texture

Tentacle toys tend to be wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. They are usually at least somewhat flexible, and often feature a lot of intense texturing. Designs with lots of little “suckers”, for example, are common. There are variations, of course, but this is the general theme.

And what do these features have in common? They can all make a toy feel really, really good.

Tapered toys with at least some flex are great for targeted stimulation of the G-spot or prostate. Toys that are narrower at the tip are often easier and more comfortable to insert. And texturing offers additional stimulation possibilities both internally and externally.


One of the most fun things about fantasy sex toys is that there are virtually no hard and fast rules. If it can be molded out of silicone or another appropriate material, it can probably be made. So no matter the shape, size, colour, or texture you’re looking for, you’re likely to be able to find a toy that fits the bill.

And if the toy you envision isn’t available? Many fantasy toy makers will be happy to work with you to create it for you.

Size and Length Preferences

For some reason, the crossover between the “fantasy toys” market and the “very large toys” market seems to be significant. The shape and design of tentacle dildos lends itself very well to large toys, particularly those that prioritise length.

On the flip side, the slimline design of many tentacle toys is great for those who prefer narrower toys over girthier ones.

Non-Phallic Appearance

Many people of all genders and sexual orientations enjoy penetration (vaginal, anal, or both.) But for all sorts of reasons, not everyone enjoys or feels comfortable being penetrated by something that looks like a penis.

This is one of the reasons that abstract sex toys are so popular, from beautiful glass and metal designs to silicone in a dizzying array of textures and colours. It’s also one of the appeals of fantasy toys. Want to fuck yourself with something that looks like a unicorn horn, a plant, an ice-cream cone, or – yes – a tentacle? Fantasy toys have got you covered.

Choosing the Right Tentacle Toy for You

With so many tentacle toys out there, how can you decide which one to choose? You might find that a particular toy calls to you when you see it. If not, here are a few factors you can use to help you decide:

  • Colours and aesthetics. Yes, this matters! Choose a toy that will be a joy to look at and use.
  • Size. Do you want a large toy or a smaller one? Does girth or length matter more to you?
  • Texture. Would you prefer a smoother toy, or one with a lot of texture? Heavily textured toys tend to feel more intense.
  • Flexibility and firmness. Do you want a firm and rigid toy, or a softer and more flexible one? Firmer toys are more intense, while more flexible ones are gentler and can be more comfortable for beginners.
  • Vaginal or anal use (or both?) If you’re going to use your toy anally, it must have a large flared base.

Nothosaur: One Stop Shop for Tentacle Dildos and Other Fantasy Sex Toys

Nothosaur carries a large range of tentacle dildos and other fantasy dildos as well as plugs, grinders, eggs, and more. I’m currently completely obsessed with the gorgeous rainbow range for Pride Month! Whether you’re a fantasy toys aficionado or just exploring tentacle toys for the first time, check them out.

And look out for my review of one of their products, also coming soon!

This post was sponsored. All views and writing are, as always, my own.

[Toy Review] Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder

Tentacle toys, and fantasy sex toys in general, are a massive and hugely popular category. Readers are always asking me for recommendations and, until recently, I’ve been pretty stuck for what to suggest. I don’t share this particular kink, so I’ve never really sought out tentacle toys, alien toys, and so on for their own sake.

However, I’m now thrilled to have discovered the lovely folks at Uncover Creations and their fabulous all-silicone, body-safe, UK-made products. They were kind enough to send me three of their clit grinder toys to try. Today we’re looking at the third: the Tentacle Grinder.

(I suppose I should have probably reviewed the original Tentacle Grinder before the Tentacle Grinder II, but I loved the latter so much that I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!)

Uncover Creations’ Tentacle Grinder

Tentacle Toys from Uncover Creations purple tentacle clit grinder

The Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder was one of the company’s first forays into tentacle toys and it seems to be standing the test of time for good reason! This clitoral grinder is a swirly mass of coiled tentacles, each lined with dozens of little suckers. I’m hugely impressed with the intricacy and detail of this toy. If you’re into tentacles for their own sake, you’ll love the fluid, almost moving sense you get from this toy’s aesthetic.

My Tentacle Grinder is a lovely lilac colour – looking at the colour guide, I think it’s the one called “Denim.” You can choose from a range of colourways including single colour, fade, and marble effects, or you can save a little money on your order by letting the company choose and surprise you.

The Tentacle Grinder is made of body-safe matte silicone. If you prefer things extra smooth, you can get the “Silky Smooth” upgrade which uses a special additive made from Durian tree nuts. There are other customisation options, too – you can add a hole for a bullet vibrator, add a vibrator to your order, or choose from different colours for your straps.

Back view of the Uncover Creations tentacle toys grinder

The toy measures 7″ in length, 4.9″ across, and 1.77″ in depth at the tallest point. It comes with a set of straps measuring 70cm (2.5 ft), allowing you to attach it to a surface, toy mount, or body part if you want to. Though, since it weighs in at a chunky 440g, it will stay in place on any flat surface without the need for the straps.

Tentacle Grinder In Use

The Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder is texture for days. The curves of the various tendrils, plus all the little suckers, means I get so much stimulation that it’s almost overwhelming in the best possible way. Given all that texturing, though, you’ll really need lots of lube to get the best experience from this one.

Since it’s relatively large and wide, you can get incredible all-over vulva stimulation from this toy. The stimulation is also continuous and constant. No matter how you move against it, at least one of the tentacles and all its suckers will be in contact with your clit at all times.

As with the other Uncover Creations tentacle toys I’ve tried, the height of this grinder is one of its main and best selling points. Its relatively tall design makes it so easy to get into a comfortable position and grind against it, even while lying down.

The firmness is excellent, too. Though the company calls this blend of silicone “super soft”, there’s still plenty of firmness and substance to grind against. If you prefer your toys much firmer, you can always ask for a custom toy in the “medium” blend.

Tentacle grinder from Uncover Creations in purple

The only downside to this toy is that it’s a bit of a nightmare to clean. Bodily fluids and lube can get stuck between the various tentacles and in all the little folds. I recommend boil-sterilising it regularly to make sure you’ve got it really clean as well as washing it thoroughly between uses.

Tentacle Toys + Vibrations

My Uncover Creations grinders came with the premium bullet option, which is the Nu Sensuelle Bullet Point. This surprisingly excellent and powerful bullet (which costs just £35 to add to your order) is waterproof, rechargeable, and offers 10 constant speeds and 10 vibration patterns.

You can also use your own favourite bullet vibrator with your grinder if you prefer, of course. Whatever you use, though, lube it up before you insert it into your grinder. Trust me, you don’t want to be trying to get it out afterwards without lube.

Nu Sensuelle bullet point bullet vibrator

Like the Tentacle Grinder II, the original Tentacle Grinder doesn’t really need the bullet. It’s just so excellent on its own. Even so, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and if you want a little extra stimulation or something a bit different, the bullet is a nice addition. The thickness of the silicone on this one does dampen the vibrations a bit, making them slightly buzzy. Still, combined with the texture of the grinder, they’re more than enough for me.


I love the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder. When I want intensity from a grind toy, this is the one I reach for. If you like a lot of texture, this is the toy for you.

The basic Tentacle Grinder with black straps in a random colour retails at £60. Optional extras such as custom toy or strap colours, the vibrating bullet hole, a vibrator, and the “silky smooth” finish add to the cost.

Thanks to Uncover Creations for sending me three of their tentacle toys to review. All views are, as ever, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Toy Review] Uncover Creations Synstyl Grinder

The grinder toy market has exploded in the last couple of years, with numerous manufacturers bringing out their own versions. These textured toys are designed primarily for people with a clitoris, though they can of course be used by anyone. The idea is that you grind against them and the friction plus the texture provides stimulation.

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you’ll know that I’m pretty obsessed with grinders. Today I’m reviewing the second of the three grinder toys that Uncover Creations recently sent me: the Synstyl Grinder.

Uncover Creations is a small UK-based business founded by two friends and focusing on providing body-safe pleasure products, mostly in the fantasy toys genre.

Synstyl: A Grinder Toy with Serious Texture

Uncover Creations Synstyl clit grinder toy

The Synstyl Grinder, like all of Uncover Creations’ products, is made of 100% body-safe silicone. It comes with a set of straps measuring 70cm (2.5ft). You can use these to attach it to a surface, body part, toy mount, or whatever you care to grind against!

It measures 6.7″ in length, 5.1″ in width, and around 1.5″ in height at the tallest point. This relatively tall design is a major advantage – it makes it so much easier to grind against the toy from a comfortable position, such as lying down.

This toy’s design is inspired by a flower, though to me it really looks like a vulva! It’s perhaps the most intricately textured toy I’ve ever tried. The Synstyl Grinder is undoubtedly beautiful. Even the base is decorated with similar texturing, which isn’t necessary from a sensation perspective but makes the toy even more gorgeous.

You can order all Uncover Creations grinders in a vast array of colours and combinations. I think mine is “Kingfisher”, based on the colour guide, which is a lovely vibrant shade of blue. You can choose your own colour or ask the company to surprise you, and you can choose between a solid colour, a marbling effect, or a fade of two colours.

The customisation options don’t stop there, either! You can choose to include a hole in the back of your grinder for a vibrating bullet, and even purchase a basic or premium bullet vibe with it if you like. You can change the colour of your toy’s straps from basic black to one of four other options. And if you prefer things extra-smooth, there’s a “Silky Smooth” additive derived from Durian tree nuts that can be added to your toy. In other words, you can craft your ideal custom grinder.

The Synstyl Grinder In Use

When I first looked at my three Uncover Creations grinders, I thought the Synstyl would likely feel the most intense due to all the little flaps, curves and ridges. Imagine my surprise, then, when it actually turned out to be the least intense of the three!

Snystyl clit grinder toy from Uncover Creations

The Synstyl Grinder’s silicone is extremely soft and, for me, almost too yielding. I kept finding myself wanting more pressure from it. All those little petal-like folds were just a little too flexible. Uncover Creations do offer their grinder toys in medium firmness as well as the standard “super soft”, and I feel like that might have been a better option for me for this one.

Don’t get me wrong, the Synstyl Grinder still feels great in use. It’s just not quite enough for me from a pressure and intensity perspective. I’ve found that I tend to reach for it when I’m looking for a warmup toy, though it doesn’t usually make me orgasm by itself unless I’m having an extremely sensitive day.

After a couple of tests of the Synstyl Grinder by itself, I thought it was time to try it with the included bullet vibrator.

Synstyl Grinder + Bullet Vibrator

My grinders came with the premium bullet vibrator option, which happens to be the Nu Sensuelle Bullet Point. This excellent basic bullet vibrator is made of ABS plastic, which transmits vibrations well even through a thick silicone grinder toy like the Synstyl Grinder. It has 10 constant speeds and 10 patterns, a single button interface, and surprisingly rumbly and strong vibrations for its £35 price-point. I do wish it had a remote control, though. It’s pretty difficult to change the settings manually without completely dismounting when you’re riding the toy!

Back view of the Uncover Creations Synstyl Grinder

Of course, if you already have a favourite bullet vibrator you can use that with your grinder instead! Whatever you choose, though, use some lube to insert the vibrator into the grinder. Otherwise it will be difficult to get in and even more difficult to get out (ask me how I know.)

When I tried the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II, I commented that it really didn’t need the bullet vibrator. The Synstyl Grinder, on the other hand, does – at least for me. I tend to prefer more intensity, and the grinder plus vibrator gives me what the grinder on its own lacks. On its higher settings, the vibrator makes the toy’s petals sort of quiver and flicker, which feels amazing.


I like the Synstyl Grinder, even though it’s less intense than I expected it to be. This one really comes into its own when you add the vibrator, so I recommend doing so if you can. If you’re looking for a softer and slightly less intense grinder toy, the Synstyl Grinder might be perfect for you.

The basic Synstyl Grinder with black straps retails for £60. That price goes up as you add various customisation options.

Thanks to Uncover Creations for sending me samples of several of their grinders to try. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views are, as always, my own.

[Toy Review] Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II

Readers are constantly asking me for recommendations for good fantasy sex toys. And I’m often stuck for what to recommend, because tentacles and aliens and monsters and things just aren’t really my kink. You know what is my kink, though? Quality and body-safe sex toys made and sold by small businesses. (Also grinders. I fucking love grinders.) Enter Uncover Creations, who recently sent me their Tentacle Grinder II (as well as two other products – reviews coming soon!) to test for you all.

Uncover Creations is a small business based in the UK and started by two friends who were sick of seeing the same boring, repetitive sex toy designs again and again. All their toys are made from high-quality, body-safe silicone and hand poured to order in a huge range of colours and styles. To say I was excited to try out their stuff would be an understatement!

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II

Even though I don’t actually have a tentacle kink, I’ll say this for the Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II: it’s a beautiful looking toy. There’s a central raised and textured tentacle with two rows of “suckers” that tapers to a tongue-like point. The base of the toy is also decorated with swirly patterns and aquatic motifs.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II fantasy sex toy

It comes with a set of straps that you can use to attach the toy to a pillow, toy mount, partner’s leg, or any other suitable surface you can think of. The straps measure around 70cm or 2.5ft and are removeable for convenience when you’re not using them.

My Tentacle Grinder II is a gorgeous shade of turquoise. I think it’s “Strong Mint,” based on the colour guide. You can choose a solid colour, a fade of two colours, or a marbling effect. You can also allow the company to surprise you with one colour or a blend.

Optionally, you can choose for your Tentacle Grinder II to have a hole in the back where you can insert a bullet vibrator. There’s also an option to add a “Silky Smooth” upgrade, which is a finish made from durian tree nuts. I chose not to go for this because my vulva is pretty sensitive and I wasn’t sure this additive would agree with me.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II fantasy sex toy from the back

The Tentacle Grinder II measures 7.5″ in length and 5.5″ in width. The central tentacle is raised by 1.77″ at the highest point. It weighs in at a hefty 440g but, since this isn’t (typically) a toy you have to hold in your hand during use, its weight won’t be a problem for most people.

In Use

I knew I was going to love this toy the moment I looked at it. It’s got so many things I like: a raised section, soft and squishy silicone, and plenty of texturing.

Here’s what I didn’t expect: it is by far the closest a sex toy has ever come to mimicking cunnilingus for me. No, I didn’t see that coming either!

I thought that the highest point in the middle of the tentacle was going to be my favourite part of this toy. However, I soon realised that if I grind against it just right, the tongue-like tip of the tentacle flicks back and forth over my clit like… well, like a tongue. With plenty of lube, it’s a surprisingly good approximation of cunnilingus.

Uncover Creations Tentacle Grinder II from fantasy sex toys range

The orgasms I have from this toy are less like the orgasms I have from other grinders and more like the orgasms I have from a partner going down on me.

I always thought that, if a toy ever did actually get close to feeling like receiving oral sex, it would be a suction toy. Many claim to do this, though none have yet succeeded. I did not expect that it would be a grinder shaped like a tentacle. But there you have it – if I want something that kinda feels like a partner going down on me and I don’t have a willing partner available, this is what I’m reaching for.

The other great selling point of the Tentacle Grinder II is its height. With some lower grinders, I’ve found myself struggling to get into the right position or having to use a pillow or mount to bring the toy closer to my body. No such problems here. I can simply place it under me in a lying position and grind against it comfortably.

Tentacle Grinder II + Bullet Vibrator

Confession: the first couple of times I used this toy, I completely forgot to try it with the bullet vibrator. That’s because it is so damn good even without it. Still, I thought I’d better test it both with and without the vibrator to give you all the fullest possible review.

I opted for the premium bullet option, which is the Nu Sensuelle Bullet Point. This plastic bullet is waterproof, rechargeable, and has 10 constant speeds and 10 patterns. For its price-point (it costs just £35 to add one of these to your Uncover Creations order), this is a shockingly good bullet vibrator. It’s powerful and surprisingly rumbly! Of course, you can also use any bullet vibrator you already own, if you prefer.

Nu Sensuelle bullet point bullet vibrator

I wasn’t sure how well the Tentacle Grinder II would transmit the bullet’s vibrations given the thickness of its silicone. But it actually does so incredibly well and I can still get plenty of sensation from the bullet even through the thickest part of the grinder.

It is a shame the bullet isn’t a remote control one, because having to manually change the settings when you’re riding the toy can be quite annoying and fiddly. It also has one of those annoying one-button interfaces.

Overall, I’m glad I got the bullet with my Tentacle Grinder II as it provides some different stimulation options. But it’s also not strictly necessary because this toy performs so damn well on its own. Since I got it, I’ve used the vibrator less than half the times I’ve used the grinder.

Pro tip: make your life much easier by applying a bit of lube to the bullet before you insert it into the grinder. Trust me, it’ll go in and come out so much more quickly and easily if you do.


At this point it doesn’t even matter that I’m not into tentacles for their own sake. Because I am so, so, so into this thing specifically! I do not say this lightly, because I have reviewed around 200 toys at this point and tried hundreds more: the Tentacle Grinder II is one of the best sex toys I have ever tried.

The basic Tentacle Grinder II begins at £60 and comes with a set of black straps. Optional customisations such as custom colours, different strap options, a vibrating bullet hole, an included vibrator, and the “silky smooth finish” come with additional costs.

Thanks to Uncover Creations for sending me the Tentacle Grinder II to review. Affiliate links appear in this post and all reviews are, as always, my own.

[Toy Review] Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo with Suction Cup Type II

I’m going to be frank and say that I don’t really “get” fantasy sex toys – things that look like monsters, aliens, tentacles, and so on. No judgement if you’re into such things, obviously. Your kink is okay! But, cards on the table, they’re not my kink.

Even so, I get asked about fantasy toys more than just about any other category. And I’ve always been a bit stumped for what to recommend because they’re just not things I buy or use. Even so, I like to think that I’m educated and experieced enough in this industry, after close to seven years, to give an objective assessment of a toy’s quality even if it’s not really “my thing.” So with that in mind, I thought it was time I reviewed a few fantasy sex toys for you all.

Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo Type II

Whipple Tickle kindly sent me their Alien Dildo Type II with Suction Cup. This medium-large toy measures 8.3″ in total length, of which around 6″ are insertable (perhaps a little more if you’re feeling ambitious) and 1.7″ in diameter at the widest point of the shaft. It features a suction cup base which you can stick to any firm, flat surface.

Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo Type II

The Alien Dildo Type II is made of matte silicone, which is body-safe and non-porous. It’s very grabby in texture, so plenty of water-based lube will be essential. It also features a number of ridges and grooves in the silicone, so take extra care when you clean it after use if you haven’t used a condom. It’s easy for bacteria to get trapped in those spaces and cause infection if you’re not thorough.

The Alien Dildo Type II’s main colour is blue, with flecks of gold and pink. It’s genuinely a very aesthetically pleasing toy. Even if you’re not into the fantasy alien look, the swirled together colours and slight shimmery effect are beautiful. Its elaborate design is fun and unusual. I particularly like the ornate swirls around the outside of the suction cup base.

In Use

The Alien Dildo Type II starts narrow at the top and then widens towards the base with a series of bulges along the shaft. The silicone doesn’t have much “squish”, but the shaft as a whole is fairly flexible. This allows for easy and comfortable insertion, as well as more precise positioning.

This toy’s shape isn’t a brilliant fit for my body. I much prefer curved toys, and the Alien Dildo Type II is pretty much straight (<insert “unlike me, lol” joke here!>) I’m also not super into a lot of texture, which I tend to find uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Simple, smooth and gently curved dildos are my go-tos. I can sort of get the Alien Dildo Type II to hit my G-spot if I angle it carefully enough, but overall the shape isn’t quite right for me.

Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo Type II

However, bodies and preferences are different! If you enjoy straighter toys or those with more texture, you’ll probably like this one. It’s all a matter of individual tastes.

The Alien Dildo Type II’s suction cup is ultra strong and secure. (Seriously, you should have seen me trying to peel the damn thing off the side of my shower during testing!) So if you enjoy using dildos hands-free, that’s a big advantage. The suction cup also makes it harness-compatible for strap-on play, as well as anal-safe.


I’m sticking with my basic assessment from the beginning of this post: alien dildos aren’t really my thing. It’s just not a kink I have. Even so, it is a very common kink and if it’s your thing, I’m happy to recommend this toy. In addition, the shape of this toy doesn’t really work for me but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work brilliantly for you.

The Alien Dildo Type II is body-safe, well-designed, visually pleasing, and – here’s the real kicker for me – retails for an astonishingly affordable £29.99.

Thanks to Whipple Tickle for sending me this product to review. All views and experiences are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post and using them sends me a small commission at no additional cost to you.

[Toy Review] Icicles No. 24 Glass Tentacle Dildo

Fantasy sex toys are probably the single category that I get asked about the most and have to respond “I truly don’t have a fucking clue.” Absolutely zero judgement if you want to fuck things that look like monsters or aliens or tentacles, of course. YKINMKBYKIOK! But it’s not my thing. Even so, given that I get asked about them constantly, I thought it might be time to try some out and see if I can gather some recommendations for you all.

My pals at Whipple Tickle, a new UK-based sex shop selling a vast range of products, kindly sent me a couple of products to try. First up is the Icicles No. 24, a glass tentacle dildo by Pipedream Products.

Icicles No. 24 Glass Tentacle Dildo

The Icicles No. 24 is a glass tentacle dildo measuring 6″ in total length (5″ insertable.) It is made from borosilicate glass – the same stuff as Pyrex cookware. This material is body-safe, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and surprisingly strong. There’s no way a glass toy is going to break inside you, so please put that fear to bed now. (Though if you drop the toy on a hard floor, it’s best to retire it. Even if it looks okay, there may be cracks that you can’t see.)

Icicles No. 24 glass tentacle dildo

The Icicles No. 24 is easy to clean using warm soapy water, boiling water, a sterile wipe, or a 10% bleach solution. As it’s non-porous and has no motor, it’s safe to use in water. The curved tail “handle” also means you can safety use the Icicles No. 24 anally, if you want to.

The Icicles No. 24 is very pretty, with a lovely pink hue to the glass. I can see that, if you have that particular kink, it could be very sexy.

In Use: What I Didn’t Like

After many years of trying and reviewing virtually every variety of sex toy under the sun, I have had to concede to the point that I just don’t particularly like very textured internal toys. I find them overstimulating to the point of painful more than I find them arousing.

Icicles No. 24 glass tentacle dildo

I really gave the Icicles No. 24 a damn good go and I wanted to love it much more than I did. Unfortunately it’s just not one that’s a good fit for my body. Even with plenty of lube, it’s slightly too wide for me to insert comfortably. The bumps on the top of the shaft also caused me pain rather than pleasure.

It’s important to say, though, that this is a matter of personal preference. There’s not much inherently wrong with this toy and, if your preferences are different and more aligned with what the toy is offering, you’ll probably love it.

One design feature that really bugs me is the handle. Firstly, it’s too small. I can just about get two fingers through the loop, but I have teeny tiny hands. Anyone with bigger hands than me is going to really struggle to hold this toy comfortably. I also hate that the bumps extend all the way around the handle. I get it from an aesthetic perspective, but it makes the toy really uncomfortable to hold.

In Use: Anything I Did Like?

The one thing I will say in this toy’s defence, though, is that the gently curved shape is excellent. Perfect for targeted G-spot pressure. Remove those bumps and narrow it a bit, and this would be a toy I’d love. In this guise, though, it’s not for me.

Icicles No. 24 glass tentacle dildo

Other good things I can say about it: it’s satisfyingly weighty. Also, glass can be heated up or cooled down for temperature-based fun. Just pop it in the fridge or run it under warm water before you play.


You should buy the Icicles No. 24 glass tentacle dildo if you have a tentacle kink, enjoy very rigid toys, and like the intensity that comes with excessive texturing. If you prefer smoother or softer toys, though, it’s unlikely to work for you.

Icicles No. 24 glass tentacle dildo

This one is really going to be a Marmite sex toy, I think. (That’s British for “you’ll either love it or hate it”, for my international readers.) It doesn’t really work for me, but I can tell you exactly what type of person it WILL work for.

The Icicles No. 24 retails for £70.99.

Thanks to WhippleTickle for sending me the Icicles No. 24 to review. All views are, as ever, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post.