[Toy Review] GFY Custom Vibrator

Sometimes I don’t know I need something until it is offered to me. One such thing recently was… a vibrator with my site logo on it! It’s such an obvious thing, given what I do, but it had simply never occured to me as a possibility before. But when the good folks at GFY Toy reached out and offered me a GFY custom vibrator, well, I immediately knew I needed it in my life.

GFY custom printed sex toys logo

Read on to learn how I got on… and to learn how you can enter to win your own custom sex toy!

Who Are GFY?

I’ll let them introduce themselves. In their words:

“Sometimes you’ve just got to ask yourself, what sort of person starts a company literally just to print people’s faces on vibrators? Well, that’s us. The heroes you never knew you needed.”


GFY stands for – yeah, you guessed it – Go Fuck Yourself. Which is, honestly, a truly hilarious name for a company that makes custom vibrators. Well played, folks. They claim to be the first company in the world making custom-printed vibes, and they make a donation to Cancer Research for every vibe sold.

You can send them a picture and they’ll use it as a basis for a toy, or you can use their nifty online design tool to create your own. They’ll print up your vibrator and ship it to you quickly and discreetly. That’s it!

Here’s how mine looks:

Coffee and Kink GFY custom vibrator
GFY custom vibrator with coffee cups

Cute, no? The printing is clear and has not started to rub off even though I have washed the toy several times.

If you design your own, a GFY custom vibrator costs £19.99. If they design it for you, it’s £24.99.

What’s it Like as a Vibrator?

The GFY custom vibrator is in the classic bullet vibrator shape and measures 5″ in length and 1″ in diameter at the widest point. It tapers to a rounded tip and is suitable for both vaginal and clitoral use (don’t use it anally, though, as it doesn’t have a flared base). The GFY vibe is made of hard ABS plastic, which is non-porous, body-safe, and compatible with all varieties of lube.

Custom printed vibrator with Coffee and Kink logo

The single button interface is located in the base and is easy to press. You use this to switch the toy on, cycle through the patterns, and switch it off again. The GFY vibrator offers ten settings in total: two constant vibration speeds and eight patterns.

The power is pretty mediocre, which is what you’d expect from a basic bullet vibe that costs under £25. I’ve actually tried far worse at this price point, though – it’s not excessively buzzy and the hard plastic conducts the vibrations reasonably well.

Bullet vibrator with custom printing and button in base

If you prefer gentle to middling strength vibes, the GFY custom vibrator is a solid option. If you’re a Power Queen (or any other form of Power Royalty!) like me, though, this vibe is unlikely to hit the spot.

You’ll need one AA battery for your GFY vibe, which is handily included. I’ve had about 2 hours’ testing time out of mine so far and it’s still going strong!


Honestly, I think my GFY toy is going to be a desk ornament rather than a vibrator I reach for to get off. It’s just not really powerful enough to become a nightstand staple for me. But that’s okay, because it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Are you looking for playful gag gift ideas for your partner, a joke present for your bestie, souvenirs for your hen party, or even promotional items if you work in the adult industry? If so, a GFY vibrator is a fun and different option!

Win a GFY Custom Vibrator

We’ve just launched the fundraising campaigns for Smutathon 2021, the 12 hour charity writing marathon that I founded back in 2017. This year’s event takes place on Saturday 6 November. We will be supporting Trans Lifeline in the US and Gendered Intelligence in the UK. These trans-led charities are dedicated to supporting the transgender community, which is so important in this time of rampant transphobia.

As a token of our appreciation, everyone who donates at least £10 between now and midnight on November 6th will be entered into a prize draw. We have a bunch of amazing things to give away, including a GFY custom vibrator with your choice of design, plus erotica anthologies, sex toys, event tickets, and much more! Each £10 gets you an entry, so if you donate £100 you’ll get ten entries.

Donate here and here.

Thanks to GFY Toy for sending me this custom vibrator in exchange for an honest review, as well as for their support of Smutathon 2021! All views, as always, are mine.

[Toy Review] Oh-Moji Emoji Vibrator, Because Why the Fuck Not?

Sex, as I have long held, is hilarious. It’s also many other things, of course – hot, sweet, loving, occasionally healing and transformative. But often we get so caught up in the notion of Sex As Serious Business that we forget fucking is meant, first and foremost, to be fun.

So, even though I entirely am here for beautiful toys and plain-but-functional toys and hyper realistic toys, I am also occasionally here for silly, funny and plain ridiculous toys. Enter the Oh-Moji.

Just for fun, I’m using emojis instead of title headers for this piece. Because I can.


My friends at Lovehoney offered me a sneaky peek at their new toy line ahead of its release, and how could I say no to that? The new line, it turns out, consists of three Emoji-themed mini wand vibrators: heart eyes (the one I have,) blowing a kiss, and tongue-out.

These vibes are silly and cute, and clearly marketed towards younger consumers. I have mixed feelings about this; it does seem to be playing into stereotypes about young people and students. However, if a vibrator with an amusing, irreverent design is what it takes to get a young person to buy their first toy and start exploring their sexuality, I’m good with that.

Each Oh-Moji is a petite 5″ long, with a white-and-yellow handle decorated with the Lovehoney heart logo, and a yellow wand head with one flat side, where the emoji face is printed. They are USB rechargeable, and you get about an hour of continuous use from a two-hour charge. I do wish rechargeable toy batteries would last longer, in general!

The Oh-Moji has 11 settings; 3 constant speeds and 8 patterns. It is operated via a simple one-button interface, which you press to change through the settings. This does mean that if you find one you like and skip past it, you have to go allllll the way back through again.


The Oh-Moji is NOT waterproof, so please don’t let it get wet or try to use it in the bath! Luckily, the silicone head is removable which makes for easy clean-up after use. You can, of course, also do a quick clean with a toy wipe or medical wipe (I buy mine in bulk from a medical supplies site). The Oh-Moji is a little small to use with a condom, though you could if you really needed to – and a dam would work just as well to avoid unwanted fluid exchange if you’re sharing the toy without sterilising it first. As ever with silicone toys, please use a good quality water-based lube.


There are several things I like about these product. The design makes me giggle, and I like how small and innocuous they are.

I also, obviously, love that they’re body-safe. So many cheap vibrators and other toys are made of crappy, unsafe jelly/rubber/PVC materials which can be porous or even toxic. No such worries with this one, as the head is pure silicone. People who cannot afford to buy expensive, high-end toys also deserve body safe products and I’m really glad that Lovehoney are trying to cater for a particular corner of the likely-to-be-low-income demographic.


So what didn’t work for me with the Oh-Moji?

Primarily, the level of power. I am a self-confessed power queen and a lot of weaker vibrators just aren’t enough for me. Unfortunately, this one fell into that category. I persevered, but it simply wasn’t strong enough to get me off. The vibrations were very buzzy, too, whereas I much prefer rumbly.

I also did not like how flexible the neck is. I like to be able to press a vibe into my vulva when I’m using it, and the bendy neck just makes it impossible to do this without pushing it away.


Possibly not a bad choice for a first vibrator, especially if you’re looking for something on the gentler side. It’s body-safe and not too expensive (£29.99 at full price, currently on sale for £19.99). However, I do not recommend this product to anyone who likes rumblier vibrations or a higher level of power. Overall, I like them much less than I liked Positive Vibes, Lovehoney’s last cheap, cute-design, body-safe offering.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Oh-Moji in exchange for an honest review. If you purchase from them using my affiliate links in this post, I make a small commission which helps me keep doing this work. Photos are by me and not to be used without permission. 

[(Not a) Toy Review] Here’s What Happened When We Tried a Terrible Cock Ring

From whence it came I do not recall. It must have found its way into my freebie bag at one sexy event or another. But somehow, this monstrosity came into my possession:

The Skins Vibe Ring, a clear jelly rubber cock ring with a small bullet vibe, sitting on its box. For a review.Because Mr CK is a very indulgent partner, and supportive of my penchant for putting strange things on my genitals and then oversharing about it on the internet, we decide we’d test it. Just for fun.

Well, it was… something. I’m not sure fun is quite the word.

This “Vibe Ring” vibrating cock ring by Skins (better known for making condoms) looks and feels like something you’d buy for £3 from a machine in a seedy nightclub. It’s made of some kind of jelly rubber (the packaging is mysteriously quiet about its actual material) and just from handling it for a couple of minutes I can see its porous as fuck. Sweat and oils from my hands have leached into the rubber, turning its clear appearance opaque, and the squishy texture and dodgy chemical smell coming off it are dead giveaways for phthalates.

As a cock ring, it’s worse than useless. A cock ring is designed to restrict blood flow away from the penis, creating a stronger and longer-lasting erection. A lot of penis-owners report that this can be very pleasurable and give them stronger orgasms. This thing, though?

“I literally can’t feel it!” Mr CK declared when it was around his cock. It’s too stretchy and flimsy to do anything. Still, we were determined to give it a fair hearing, so we turned the little vibrating bullet on and I  hopped on board and started fucking him. In the me-on-top position, I could at least feel the vibrations – if you can call them that – against my clit. But, unsurprisingly, they were too weak and too buzzy to give me anything that I could define as pleasure. Mr CK reported that he could just barely feel the vibrations through his shaft but they were nowhere near to being pleasurable for him either. (And this is a man who definitely enjoys vibrations!)

We changed positions, him standing and me on my back, legs spread, on the end of the bed. This was worse. With every thrust, the damn thing buzzed against me in its completely useless and mildly distracting way. It was low-level annoying in the way that a mobile phone vibrating in your pocket can be. Only, you know, less likely to give me an orgasm.

“Ooh, it made you come!” Mr commented as he felt my cunt muscles clenching around his cock.

“Nope. That was all your dick, babe.”

“Shall we take this thing off?”

“Yes, lets do that.”

We tossed it aside and finished our fuck, which was much more satisfying once the stupid ring was safely on the other side of our very large bed. Afterwards, we snuggled in the afterglow and laughed about how utterly terrible this ridiculous excuse for a sex toy was.

“It feels like it would fit around my head,” he said, stretching it experimentally.

“Try it!” I dared.

And that, my friends, is how a sex session finished with my partner and I taking turns to wear a cock ring like a head lamp. I hope you enjoyed that mental image. You’re welcome.

TL/DR: Do not buy this toy or any other cheap, rubbery “single use” cock ring. For a simple, high quality cockring, try the Tantus Ultra Premium silicone cock ring. If you’re after one that vibrates, try the Desire Rechargeable from Lovehoney

The image featured in this post was taken by me. Don’t steal my photos, please! Links above are affiliate links. Doing your sexy shopping with my affiliates helps support me to keep the blog going.