[Toy Review] Godemiche Wand Attachments

Anyone who has read my work for any length of time will know about my obsession with both wand vibrators and things with interesting textures. So combining the two? Yes, hello, I’m listening! Godemiche, purveyors of all kinds of colourful silicone goodness, have recently added wand attachments to their product roster and I received a set of them to try.

What Are Wand Attachments and Why Use Them?

Doxy magic wand vibrator with Godemiche wand attachment

Wand attachments are removeable covers that fit over the head of a wand vibrator. They are usually made of a soft and flexible material such as silicone or TPE.

Attachments are a fantastic addition to wand vibrators, allowing you to explore different sensations and ways of using your wand. For example, an attachment can turn your wand into a rabbit, penis masturbator, or G-spot vibe, concentrate the vibrations into a smaller area, or add texture.

They can also lower the intensity of a wand for those who find the strong vibrations to be too much. And, if you’re sharing your toy with a partner, swapping out toppers between users is a quick and easy way to minimise your risk of STI transmission without having to pause to sterilise the toy itself.

Godemiche Wand Attachments: 2 Sizes, 3 Textures

Godemiche wand attachments in four textures and colours

Godemiche’s wand attachments are currently available in two sizes. One is designed to fit the Doxy (Original or Die Cast), and the other to fit the Vibratex/Hitachi Magic Wand. Though you probably could use them with some other wand brands, they are only officially recommended for the Doxy or Hitachi and therefore you risk damaging the toppers if you use them outside of these recommendations.

These attachments are made of body-safe silicone and available in a dizzying array of colours. You can choose your own or ask the company to surprise you. Since they are silicone and non-powered, you can clean them with warm water and antibacterial soap and sterilise them with a body-safe medical wipe or by boiling.

Godemiche’s wand attachments currently come in three textures: Waves, Ridges, and Bubbles. I received all three to try out. I also received a prototype of a fourth texture somewhat between the “Bumps” and “Pills” textures that are available on other Godemiche products, but I haven’t reviewed that one here since it is not out on general sale yet.


Godemiche wand attachment in purple in "waves" texture

I was the most excited about this one because the Waves is one of my alltime favourite textures from Godemiche’s increasingly extensive range of grinding toys.

I’ve always found this one works best with a firm surface underneath because I want to grind against it hard. So putting it on a wand topper is genius because it allows you to apply as much pressure as you like and move it in different motions. A back-and-forth motion with the vibrator on a low or medium setting feels like having dozens of little tongues flicking over your clit.

Get this one if… you’re looking for continual clitoral stimulation that’s soft and flexible, yet still moderately intense.


Godemiche wand attachment in gold in "ridges" texture

This one is best suited to those who prefer more intense stimulation. It feels a bit like the Waves, only “more” – the ridges are firmer and have less give to them, but you still get that continuous back-and-forth stimulation.

I absolutely adore this one, particularly in combination with the vibrations. I’ve also found that this one works really well if I put the vibrator down on a surface (such as the bed, a sex pillow, or a wand mount) and then grind against it.

Get this one if… you prefer a more intense rubbing sensation, or have enjoyed the Waves texture but wished it was a little firmer.


Godemiche wand attachment in pink in "bubbles" texture

I don’t reach for my Bubbles Grind Rings that often because they’re slightly too gentle for me. When I want texture, I generally want a little more than this subtle design can provide. It’s fine for a warm-up or when I’m already feeling very sensitive, but by itself it doesn’t do a huge amount for me.

With that said, this will work really well for some people and might be a good choice for those who are trying textured wand toppers for the first time.

Get this one if… you prefer a gentler sensation or find too much extreme texture overwhelming or uncomfortable.


Obsessed. Ob. Sessed.

A way to make my beloved Doxy even better? Fuck yes. I adore these things and will be yelling about them to every wand vibrator fan I know.

Godemiche wand attachments retail for £39.99 for a surprise colourway, £47.99 for a single colour of your choice, and £53.99 for a dual colourway of your choice.

Thanks to Godemiche for providing me with these products to review. All opinions are, as always, mine. Affiliate links appear in this post!

Sex Toy Companies That Don’t Use Gendered Marketing

Gendered marketing is one of my biggest bugbears in the sex toy space, and it’s almost impossible to get away from. Everywhere you look, you’ll see sex toys categorised as “for men” or “for women.” But we should all know by now that body parts don’t define gender. Not everyone with a vulva is a woman, not everyone with a penis is a man, and myriad genders exist between and beyond those two binary options.

(If you think gender is binary or that physiology alone defines gender, then erm… you’re probably in the wrong place.)

And look, I even understand why companies do this, up to a point. For many, it’s primarily an SEO concern. “Sex toys for men” gets almost half a million Google searches per month at the time of writing, while “sex toys for women” gets close to 100,000. “Sex toys for penis” and “sex toys for clit” get a relatively paltry ~5000 and ~500 searches, respectively (and “vulva” doesn’t even get a look-in, but that’s a rant for another day.)

Even so, though, continuing to aggressively gender sex toys contributes directly towards exclusion and inequality in an industry that is already… not great on those things a lot of the time.

With that in mind, I wanted to tell you about some of my favourite adult retailers and manufacturers that do not use gendered marketing.


I love SheVibe’s playful, comic book-inspired aesthetic, and I love their gender-neutral approach even more. Toys are categorised by type and body part, not by gender. So you’ll find categories like “vibrators”, “dildos”, and “penis toys”.

SheVibe has a huge and extensive product catalogue so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something for you here.


This small, UK-based purveyor of colourful silicone sexiness categorises their toys by type – dildos, hump toys, masturbators, and so on – rather than by gender. The Grind Ring products (some of my all-time faves!), for example, are described as being for “anyone with a clitoris.”

If you’re looking for quality body-safe silicone sex toys in a bigger range of colours and blends than you’ve ever seen in your life, then look no further.

Peepshow Toys

Peepshow Toys logo

Peepshow Toys has been a major player in the body-safe sex toys space for a long time now, and their extensive range just keeps going from strength to strength.

They divide their toys by type and then sub-divide them below that. So for example, you’ll see “dildos” then sub-categories of “realistic”, “non realistic”, “suction cup”, and so on. It’s easy to find exactly what you want with no gendered marketing to be seen.


Arosum logo

I’ve only recently started working with Arosum, and I’m a big fan. They categorise their toys by body part (vulva, penis, or anus) then sub-categorise them by type (“clitoris vibrators,” “masturbators,” etc.)

Arosum puts the LGBTQ+ community front and centre and designs their products with us in mind. It’s so refreshing to see diverse images of smiling queer people and blog content covering topics like the history of Pride and LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination.

The Pleasure Garden

The Pleasure Garden is a small business and the UK’s inclusive sex shop. They believe that everyone deserves pleasure and they only stock body-safe products. Products are categorised variably by type and by body part (“vibrators”, “cock and ball toys,” and so on.)

They even have a separate “gender expression” category filled with products designed specifically with trans and non-binary people in mind!

Le Wand

Le Wand understand that wand vibrators are for everyone, and sell wands (and their attachments) without gendering them. Their blog posts and guides are de-gendered for the most part, too – you’ll see topics like “Anal Play for Vulva Owners.”

In 2019, they were even awarded “Progressive Company of the Year” at the Xbiz awards.

Love Not War

Love Not War is an innovative sustainable sex toy company selling quality silicone vibrator heads that all work with the same interchangeable battery base. This means you only need one set of electronics to enjoy all their toys. They use FDA-grade silicone, recycled aluminium, and eco-friendly packaging.

Love Not War doesn’t gender their toys, instead indicating what body part they are most suited to – the clitoris or G-spot, for example.


Stockroom is actually primarily known as a BDSM gear supplier, but also offers an impressive array of sex toys in their catalogue. You’ll see wording like “cock and ball toys” rather than “toys for men.”

Annoyingly, some of their kink gear – most notably their extensive range of chastity devices and suction pumps – is categorised by gender rather than body part. For this reason, I debated whether or not to include them. But their sex toys, at least, are de-gendered.

FYI: this post contains affiliate links.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Vibe Pad “Waves” and “Tall Pyramids”

This is the second installment of a two-part review series of Godemiche’s innovative new hump toys, the Vibe Pads. You can read part one here. I received these toys in four of the six available textures, and wanted to tell you a little about each texture as well as about the toys’ overall design.

Godemiche Vibe Pad hump toys with Rocks Off RO80 bullet vibrator

Vibe Pads: The New Generation of Hump Toys

Vibe Pads are the latest iteration of Godemiche’s line of grinding toys which began with the Grind Ring. Each Vibe Pad is a flat, rectangular piece of piece of silicone with a cylindrical raised area a few inches long in the middle. The raised part is covered in texturing and is hollow, and there’s a slit in the back where you can insert the included bullet vibrator. There is also an indent in the silicone where the vibrator button sits, allowing you to switch it on, off, or change settings without taking it out.

Back of the Godemiche Vibe Pad

The idea is simple: grind your vulva and clitoris along the toy. Vibe Pads come with removeable straps so that you can attach them to something (a pillow, the arm of a sofa, your partner’s thigh…) if you want to.

You can customise your Vibe Pad with your choice of one or two colours from over 60 options, your choice of strap colour from 9 options, and shorter or longer straps. There are currently six textures available, though I expect more will be added in due course.

The Vibrator: RO80

The RO80 provided with your Vibe Pad is a small silver bullet vibrator with 7 settings: 3 speeds and 4 patterns. I’m not blown away by it as a vibrator – it’s not particularly powerful and it’s quite buzzy. However, I mind this less than I expected to in this context. Because the vibrations are an addition to an already-excellent toy, rather than being the main event.

As I said in yesterday’s post, the vibrations are more effective with Vibe Pads that have more raised designs rather than flatter ones because they cause the raised areas to sort of flutter.

Of course, you do have the option to use the bullet vibrator of your choice instead. However, that could be more fiddly because the button(s) likely won’t be in the right place.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the remaining two textures.

“Waves” Vibe Pad

If you remember way back when I reviewed the original Grind Ring range, you may recall that the Waves was my favourite. The silicone ripples are very soft and flexible, and close enough together to provide constant clitoral contact as I grind against it.

Waves Vibe Pad hump toy by Godemiche

It’s a bit like having your clit licked by lots and lots of little silicone tongues. It’s also an ultra smooth sensation compared to many of the other textures. I like this one best when I grind down really hard against it.

“Tall Pyramids” Vibe Pad

The Tall Pyramids texture is a variation on the “Spikes” (part of the original Grind Ring range and also available on other hump toys including the Grind Pads and Vibe Pads.) At first glance, it looks a little scary. Who wants sharp-looking pointy things near their vulva!?

Tall Pyramids Vibe Pad hump toy by Godemiche

However, when you touch the tall pyramids you’ll realise that they are actually very soft and flexible. Depending on how hard you grind against the toy, you can get anything from a very gentle tickle up to quite an intense rubbing sensation. The pyramids glide around your vulva and flick over your clit, stimulating you all over at once.


I am, once again, totally obsessed with these toys and ready to evangelise about them to anyone who will listen! These two are definitely my favourite textures of the four, with the Waves coming out overall top by just a hair.

Vibe Pads start from £59.99. If you want to save money, choose “surprise me” to get a random colour. Custom colours, strap lengths, strap colours, and lube all cost a little extra. You can also get a bargain price on a bundle of 3 textures in the same colour for £134.99.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me the Vibe Pads to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views, as always, are mine.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Vibe Pad “Jelly Bean” and “Ridges”

Since they first revolutionised my masturbation habits with their Grind Rings over two years ago, Godemiche have been adding more and more products to their range of grinding toys. The latest is the Vibe Pad, which I’m going to review in two batches of two since I received them in four different textures.

What is a Vibe Pad?

Godemiche Vibe Pads in "Jelly Bean" and "Ridges" textures

A Vibe Pad is a flat, flexible, rectangular piece of silicone with a cylindrical raised area a few inches long in the middle. This part is covered in texturing to stimulate the vulva and clitoris when you grind against it. The raised part of each Vibe Pad is hollow, with space for a bullet vibrator that can be put in or removed via the slit in the back of the toy.

Back of the Godemiche Vibe Pad

Vibe Pads also come with removable straps so you can attach them to a surface or body part (thighs work particularly well, #askmehowIknow!) if you want to.

Each Vibe Pad is totally customisable. You can choose one or two colours from over 60 choices, and choose the colour and length of your straps, as well as obviously selecting the texture you want.

At the time of writing, Vibe Pads are available in 6 different textures. Today we’re looking at two of them. Watch this space, though, as I strongly suspect more will be added to the range in due course.

“Jelly Bean” Vibe Pad

This texture is my least favourite of the four that I received. Even so, the fact that I still quite like it should tell you everything you need to know about how I feel about this range overall.

Jelly Beans is the gentlest of the four textures I’ve tried. As you grind, each of the little beans laps slightly against your… no, I’m not making that joke. It’s too obvious and I am ashamed of myself for even thinking it.

Godemiche Vibe Pad in "Jelly Bean" texture

This one definitely works best with the vibrations, which cause each of the little beans to flicker very slightly. I’m actually wondering, though, whether the Jelly Beans texture would work better if the beans lay horizontally rather than vertically. With them positioned vertically, a lot of that lovely “flicking” sensation is lost because you’re grinding with the texture rather than against it.

I enjoy using the Jelly Beans Vibe Pad as a warm-up toy. Overall, though, I find this one slightly too gentle and I haven’t been reaching for it anywhere near as much as the others. This would be a good one to start with if you’re new to hump toys or just prefer a less intense type of stimulation.

“Ridges” Vibe Pad

The Ridges texture is a bit like a slight variation of the “Waves”, which you’ll recall was my favourite from the original batch of Grind Ring textures, so I knew straight away that I was probably going to like this one.

Godemiche Vibe Pad in "Ridges" texture

The Ridges are perhaps more intense than the Waves if anything, as the tops of them are slightly firmer and they don’t move quite as smoothly. If you enjoyed the Waves texture, this is a great step up. You’ll really need adequate lubrication for this one, though. I like to add a little to the surface of the toy before I start, regardless of how wet I am.

The great thing about this texture is that the ridges are close enough together that, as you grind, you get a pretty much constant rubbing sensation along your vulva and clit. Of the new batch, this is the one that can most reliably make me cum.

Let’s Talk About the Vibrator

Your Vibe Pad comes with a vibrator included: the RO80 bullet by Rocks Off. This battery-operated mini vibe has a single-button interface and 7 different settings including 3 constant speeds and 4 patterns.

The Vibe Pads are cleverly designed with a “button” cut into the silicone right where the vibrator’s button sits. This means that you can turn it on, off, or change the setting during use without having to take the vibrator out. This is an excellent touch.

Used by itself, I don’t think I would find the RO80 anything particularly special. It’s not terrible, but it’s fairly buzzy and not that powerful. It’s definitely an enhancement to the Vibe Pad’s main function as a grinding toy rather than the main event.

You know what, though? That’s fine. These toys stand up so well on their own that I can happily use them with or without the vibrations.

The design of the Vibe Pad is such that the vibrations dissipate all the way across my vulva. In my experience, they definitely work best with the more “raised” designs than the flatter ones, as they make everything sort of quiver slightly. Try the “Spikes” with the vibe and thank me later!

Your other option, of course, is to use any bullet vibrator you prefer that fits within the slot. However, this will make operating it more fiddly unless your vibe of choice also happens to have a single button in exactly the same place.


Is anyone surprised that I absolutely love these toys? They’re a great evolution of the Grind Ring concept and I’m already a bit obsessed.

Vibe Pads start from £59.99 for a random colour, with optional extras including custom colours, strap lengths, strap colours, and lube available at an additional cost. You can also save by getting a bundle of 3 textures in the same colour for £134.99.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me the Vibe Pads to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views, as always, are mine.

[Toy Review] Godemiche “High Grind” Ring and Grind Pad

I’ve been a huge fan of Godemiche’s Grind Rings ever since their creation. These deceptively simple yet utterly ingenious (and surprisingly versatile) sex toys were designed with clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex in mind, but can be used in a huge array of different ways. My current favourite is to lie face-down on my bed with the Grind Ring under me and move my hips to grind my vulva against it.

There are now two new variations in this line which Godemiche were kind enough to send me: the High Grind Ring and the Grind Pad. Let’s start with the former.

Godemiche Grind Ring and Godemiche Grind Pad

How is the High Grind Different?

The High Grind Ring is different from the original design in one important way: “A much larger mound designed to bring the texture even closer to your body while being designed to be comfortable on your genitals.” In other words, the hump in the centre is much larger and more pronounced.

Other than that, it’s the same Grind Ring design you know and love.

I received the High Grind Ring in the Bubbles texture, which was the only one available at the time. It’s now also available in “Spikes” and I’m hopeful that more textures will come in due course.

How Does It Feel?

Godemiche High Grind Ring

When I first tried it, I noted that the Bubbles design was an amazing addition to hand sex because it’s super smooth, particularly when paired with plenty of lube.

If I’m entirely honest, Bubbles isn’t a Grind Ring texture I reach for all that often. It’s pleasurable, sure, but it’s a little too gentle and subtle for my picky clit, which tends to crave a little more intensity. With that said, the High Grind is an absolutely amazing development to the original Grind Ring design and addition to the range.

The more raised style of the High Grind Ring adds a little more of that intensity I was seeking. The silicone mound provides more to grind against and is firm enough to provide a kind of pressure that feels absolutely wonderful.

Interestingly, due to the more raised mound, the High Grind provides slightly more focused clitoral pressure and slightly less in terms of broad, all-over vulva stimulation. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. It’s just different, and you should take your own preferences into account when deciding whether the Low Grind or High Grind will work best for you.

Speaking of New Developments in the Godemiche Grind Range…

Godemiche Grind Pad

…Have you seen that there are now Grind Pads as well? The Grind Pad is a rectangular variation on the Grind Ring theme, without the hole. They come with adjustable straps (available in a range of colours including a delightfully queer rainbow version!) and can be attached to a surface, whether that’s a partner’s thigh, a pillow, the arm of a chair… or whatever other options you can dream up.

The Grind Pad is currently available in the Bubbles, Spikes, and Waves designs. I’m hopeful that the whole range will be available soon! Also worth mentioning is that Grind Pads are made in the “High Grind” style. This means that their mounds are more raised than those on the original Grind Rings.

I also received the Grind Pad in the Bubbles texture. In terms of feel, it’s virtually identical to the High Grind Ring variation. I just love the extra possibilities afforded by the different shape and the straps.


I’ll never get enough of these toys… or enough of yelling about how fucking brilliant I think they are! The High Grind is an incredible upgrade to the original Grind Ring design, and the Grind Pad is a great alternative when you want to use your grinding toys in ways that aren’t penetrative sex with a penis.

Very worthy additions to my collection that will get plenty of use. They already are.

High Grind Ring prices start from £40, and Grind Pad prices start from £49.99.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me these products to review. Affiliate links appear in this post and buying through them sends me a small commission at no additional cost to you. All views, as ever, are mine.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Grind Ring “Pills” and “Tall Waves”

If you missed my previous reviews of the other products in the Godemiche Grind Ring line, you can check them out here, here, here, and here. I just got the latest textures in the range to try out, so I’m back again with yet another review in this ongoing series (and I hope it won’t be the last because I am truly obsessed with these toys.)

As a Quick Reminder, What is a Godemiche Grind Ring?

Godemiche Grind Ring in Pills and Tall Waves textures

Godemiche describes their Grind Rings thus:

The Grind Ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding, dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable then a pizza slice too and way fucking dirtier.

– Godemiche

Each Godemiche Grind Ring is 6″ long and 4.3″ across at the widest point. The stretchy hole allows for a penis or dildo to fit through. The original intention was for them to be used to provide clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. And they do work very well for that! However, they’re also really versatile and you can use them in a bunch of different ways. Why not try…

  • Placing your Grind Ring on your desk chair and grinding on it while you read (or write) erotica
  • Putting it underneath you on your bed and moving against it (a pillow, rolled up towel, or sex position wedge can help with the angle here)
  • Using it to add texture to a wand vibrator (like Girl on the Net did here)
  • Using it manually as a sexy addition to hand sex/masturbation
Godemiche Grind Rings in Pills and Tall Waves textures

By far my favourite way to use them, since I know you’re wondering, is the “underneath me on the bed” method. I can have a nice lazy wank without needing to do much other than scroll smut and move my hips. Perfect. I also enjoy the desk chair method sometimes.

With the basics out of the way, let’s look at the new textures.


Godemiche describe the Pills Grind Ring like this:

The soft pills flick across the clitoris and can also slide down the labia lips for a fuller vulva sensation.

– Godemiche
Godemiche Grind Ring in Pills texture

I really like broad sensations all over my vulva. I think this is one of the reasons I love large wand vibrators so much. So I had high hopes for the Pills Grind Ring and I was not disappointed.

When I wrote about the Tall Pyramids texture, I said that if I just glide my pussy along it, I get a sort of soft tickling sensation. The Pills texture is a little like that, except that you can really grind into it and still get that sensation. If you enjoy a lighter touch, you’ll enjoy this one.

Godemiche Grind Ring in Pills texture

I often reach for the Pills Grind Ring at the start of a session because it’s a great warm-up texture. It’s so gentle that I can even use it when I’m not super wet yet. (I usually get very wet very quickly once I start using it, as you can imagine.) Though I might sometimes switch out for a more intense texture after a while, I can also often make myself cum with this one. It gives a slow-build orgasm, feeling like a tease almost right up to the point of release.

Tall Waves

Way back when I reviewed the initial four Grind Ring textures, I said that the Waves was my favourite. It’s still a toy I absolutely love and return to again and again. Would you believe that, with the Tall Waves texture, Godemiche have taken that concept and made it even better?

Godemiche Grind Ring in Tall Waves texture

The Tall Waves provide a deep, intense sensation when I grind against the Ring. Because they’re placed closely together, it’s a continuous back-and-forth of little silicone tongues flicking against my clit. They’re soft enough to be comfortable, and yet firm enough to be satisfying.

Godemiche Grind Ring Tall Waves

Like its predecessor, the Tall Waves Grind Ring is probably the most reliable of the entire bunch when it comes to making me cum. It’s a great one to move onto if the Pills isn’t giving me quite enough intensity to get me over the edge.

Verdict: Still Fucking Amazing

I still love the absolute fuck out of these toys. They’re innovative (a comparative rarity in this industry), incredibly versatile, and – most importantly – they give me incredible orgasms every single time.

Still totally fucking brilliant.

Grind Rings start from £39.99, with the price increasing slightly for custom colours or 2-colour marbled designs. You can also add a V-plate for £29.99 if you’d like your Grind Ring to vibrate, or add a water-based lube and save 30% on the bundle.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me these toys to review. Links contained in this post are affiliate links and if you use them to make a purchase I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. All views, as ever, are my own.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Grind Rings “Pyramids” and “Tall Pyramids”

If you’re anything like me, “spikes” probably isn’t a word you associate with something you want near your genitals. Well, the newest Grind Ring designs from Godemiche, known as “Pyramids” or “Pyramid Spikes” and “Tall Pyramids”, a variation on the popular “Spike” texture, are a happy exception to that generally-sensible rule.

That’s right, I’m back again with another Godemiche Grind Rings review!

In Case You’re New Here…

If you’re new, you may have missed my previous posts, in which I outline what a Grind Ring is and some of the many ways you can use it. Check them out here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. If you’re considering getting one, these reviews will also help you decide which texture is likely to work best for you.

In brief, here’s a description of what they are and how they work:

The Grind Ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding, dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable then a pizza slice too and way fucking dirtier.

Each Grind Ring measures 6 inches in length and 4.3 inches across at the widest point. They feature a stretchy hole for a penis or dildo to fit through at the base. They’re designed to be used during penetrative sex for additional clitoral stimulation, but they’re actually really versatile and can be used in all sorts of ways, from getting you off while you’re sitting at your desk writing erotica, to changing up hand sex with different textures.

The Two New Textures

I received the new “Pyramid Spikes” and “Tall Pyramid Spikes” textures, which are exactly what they sound like. Here’s what they look like:

Pyramid Spikes and Tall Pyramids Grind Rings from Godemiche

As with all Godemiche products, you can choose from an array of gorgeous colours for your Grind Ring. I asked for purples and greens, and I received the Tall Pyramid Spikes in Winter Berry and the Pyramid Spikes in a mix of Ruby Rose and Garden Party. (As a general rule, Grind Rings are only available in single colours, so I feel very privileged to have received a limited edition one in my two favourite colours!)

The colours have a subtle shimmer and a really lovely swirling effect that you can see on the back:

Back view of Godemiche Grind Rings

Most importantly, though, how did they feel?


Adam from Godemiche says that the Pyramids Grind Ring texture was “inspired by a belt I happened to see someone wearing while out grocery shopping. It reminded me of my own ‘skater boy’ days when none of my trousers fit and I often opted for a studded belt to keep them around my thighs.” If you can’t picture what he means, think something like this.

I expected the Pyramids to feel a lot like the Spikes, but they really don’t. They’re less flexible, and still soft but with an overall firmer texture. I found the sensation from the Pyramids to be quite subtle compared to other designs in the range. I can best describe the feeling as a kind of pressure with some gentle texturing. For a point of comparison, the Pyramids is about on a par with the Bubbles for me, intensity-wise.

I’m unlikely to each orgasm with this one, but it’s a good warm-up texture before moving onto something more intense.

Tall Pyramids

I think the Tall Pyramids might have overtaken the Waves as my favourite Grind Ring texture of all!

The square spikes are noticeably smaller than those on the Spikes ring (see the below picture for comparison). So though that’s probably the closet comparison, they’re really quite different in use.

Godemiche Spikes and Tall Pyramids Grind Rings

The Tall Pyramids are very soft and very flexible. Since they’re so soft, they really don’t feel “pointy” at all.

You can get a range of sensations from the Tall Pyramids Grind Ring. In my experience, if I grind down hard against it, I get an all-over rubbing sensation, whereas if I support some of my weight and just glide my vulva along it, it’s more of a gentle tickle.

I think I like this texture best because you get constant stimulation as the spikes slide along your vulva. The little pyramids feel like dozens of little silicone tongues lapping at and around my clit. As you grind, they flick back and forth, offering both direct clitoral stimulation and all-over vulva pleasure.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these toys are so genuinely innovative and just so damn good! They’re all very different and, interestingly, I think overall the Pyramids is my least favourite of the six and the Tall Pyramids is my favourite. But all the designs are good, it’s just a matter of individual preferences as to which one will work best for you.

Such a simple idea, so brilliantly executed.

Grind Rings start from £39.99. You can get one hand-made to order in your choice of colour and texture, or grab one off-the-shelf for faster delivery and sometimes a discounted price.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me these Grind Rings in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links appear in this post and using them sends me a small commission at no additional cost to you.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Morpheus

Many of you may be aware that I consider the Godemiche Ambit to be just about the most perfect silicone dildo in existence. The size, the curve, the flex… it’s all there. The fact that it comes in a huge array of colours, combinations, and even sparkly options doesn’t hurt, either.

That’s why I was very keen to try out Godemiche’s new dildo, the Morpheus, which went on sale today.

I received the Morpheus in Emerald Glitter, a beautiful and bright shade of sparkly green. In the sea of near-endless pink/black that is the sex toy industry, being able to get things in different and unexpected colours is one of Godemiche’s big selling points.

Seriously, look how pretty it is!

Godemiche Morpheus green glittery silicone dildo

The Morpheus is made from body-safe, easy-care silicone. It’s hypoallergenic, condom compatible, and sterilising is as easy as throwing it in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes.

How does the Morpheus differ from the Ambit?

Like the Ambit, the Morpheus comes in an array of different sizing options. I received the Morpheus Thin Small, which measures 5.7″ in total length (5.3″ insertable) and 1.1″ wide at the centre of the shaft. There’s also a Thin Medium, Thick Small, and Thick Medium option. So whatever your length and girth preferences, you should be able to find a Morpheus to suit you.

The most notable difference between the Morpheus and the Ambit is that the former has a more pronounced curve. Here’s what they look like next to each other:

Godemiche Ambit and Morpheus silicone dildo comparison

The Morpheus’s head is also more gently tapered and less pronounced than the Ambit’s. This might make it more comfortable for some users and in some circumstances (more on my experiences with that in a minute).

Morpheus in use

The first thing I noticed about the Morpheus, once I’d finished admiring how sparkly and pretty it is, is that the silicone is quite matte and “grabby”. This just means it’s really, really important to use plenty of lube, which I always recommend anyway. A simple water-based lube will give you a pleasurable glide without damaging your toy (or staining the hell out of your sheets!)

Green glitter dildo

Unlike many sex writers I know, I’m not really into very girthy penetrative toys. I find that they cross the line from pleasurable to painful really quickly. When it comes to insertable things, I’m all about direct and targeted G-spot stimulation, which means that slimline toys with a decent curve tend to be the way to go. The Morpheus’s slimline shaft is perfect for my body in this regard.

Flexible dildo, green silicone dildo from Godemiche

This toy’s deep curve and bulbed head are also absolutely dreamy. The head is the ideal size for focused G-spot pressure, and the curve makes it easy to find the right spot. It’s also super flexible, which can help with comfortable insertion and positioning. I don’t have a prostate, being a cis woman, but if you’re someone who does I can imagine this toy would be equally perfect for P-spot play. Its flared base makes it anal safe.

The Morpheus comes with a nice wide base, so it’s perfect for popping into your strap-on harness if that’s your thing. I also appreciate this wider base designed because it makes for a convenient handle, making the toy easier to hold and manipulate.

Pro tip: fan of strong vibrations internally? Place a high-powered wand vibrator against the base of your dildo.


Comfortable, slimline shaft? Check. Great curve? Check. Pronounced head for targeted G-spotting? Check. On all counts, the Godemiche Morpheus is a genuinely excellent dildo and a worthy addition to the company’s range and my collection. It’s also currently living on my desk because it’s so sparkly it makes me happy every time I look at it.

The Morpheus retails from £37.99 up to £71.99 depending on which size and colourway you go for.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me this product to review. All views are, as ever, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Grind Ring “Hearts”

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

I’m generally not too fussed about Valentine’s Day these days. In non-plague times it’s as good an excuse for a date as any, but I’m not super into the idea of expressing love just because it’s a particular date. I’d rather show my love all year round. With that said, I’ve decided to mark the day in two ways: I’m wearing my “DM Me” heart tights from Snag, and I’m bringing you a review of Godemiche’s new Grind Ring texture, “Hearts”.

What is a Grind Ring and how do you use it?

If you’re new here, you may have missed my previous reviews (part 1 and part 2) of the Grind Ring collection. In Godemiche’s own words:

The Grind Ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding, dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable then a pizza slice too and way fucking dirtier.

They measure 6 inches in length and 4.3 inches across at the widest point, and feature a stretchy hole for a penis or dildo to fit through at the base.

There are currently six textures available, of which Hearts is the newest addition. I knew I wanted my Hearts Grind Ring in a Valentine’s-themed colour, so I opted for Ruby Rose. It’s a gorgeous and shimmery red/pink, and on the flat back side of the toy you get a beautiful marbling, swirling effect. Here’s what it looks like:

Godemiche Hearts Grind Ring, Valentine's Day sex toy
Back of Godemiche Hearts Grind Ring, Valentine's Day sex toy for women and people with clits

The intended purpose of a Grind Ring is to wear it around the penis or dildo during penetrative sex with someone with a clitoris, so that the receptive partner can grind against it and enjoy additional clitoral stimulation (which, as we know, is essential to reach orgasm for a significant majority of cis women and other people with vulvas).

However, as I’ve discovered, there are numerous other ways to enjoy this toy. While it’s certainly fun to use during P-in-V sex with my partner, I actually mostly use my Grind Rings by placing them on a firm surface (my desk chair is ideal) and grinding against it from a seated position. I also regularly use them as an accessory for hand sex, as that allows me to feel all the lovely texture while having finer control over the pressure and angle. Other good options include using it with a dildo for solo sex, or placing it over the head of a powerful wand vibrator.

As always, the only “right” way to use a toy is the way that feels right for you.

Texture: Hearts

So the Hearts Grind Ring is obviously cute as fuck. But how does it feel in use? I had a feeling I was going to get along well with this one as soon as I saw it, and I wasn’t disappointed. The hearts are sufficiently raised to provide a unique, and moderately intense, sensation. For a point of comparison, I’d describe the Hearts texture as less intense than the Spikes texture but more intense than the Waves or Bumps.

Due to the shape of the hearts, I find this Grind Ring is more intense on the downward motion than on the upward motion. The smooth silicone, coupled with the deeply ridged texture, is divine when paired with tonnes of lube. Of all the Grind Ring textures I’ve now tried, the Hearts is the one that gets me off the most quickly and the most consistently.

I’d recommend this one to people who enjoy firm pressure with their clitoral stimulation. It’s as functional as it is pretty and I’m a little bit in love.

Pro tip: I like to put a little clitoral balm on the toy itself for added intensity.


Definitely a toy that’s not just for Valentine’s Day! I just received my Hearts Grind Ring a few days ago and it’s fast becoming an absolute favourite.

You know what else I love about these toys? Apart from the fact that they feel amazing, that is. As far as I can tell, there really isn’t anything else quite like this on the market. Genuine innovation is pretty rare in this industry, where copycat products and occasionally blatant design stealing are rampant. And oftentimes, when a sex toy is original in design, it’s also… kind of terrible. So to come across something that’s both actually innovative and actually good is a breath of fresh air.

The Hearts Grind Ring starts from £39.99. Get one for yourself or your favourite clit owner. You won’t regret it.

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me this product to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. Buying through my links helps to keep the blog going at no additional cost to you. All views, as always, are mine.

[Toy Review] Godemiche Grind Ring “Waves” and “Bumps”

This is the second part of a two-part series on the Godemiche Grind Ring! You can read part 1 here.

In the first part of this series, I decribed the Godemiche Grind Ring as a “revelation in sensation”. Having now tried the other two textures in the range – known as “waves” and “bumps” – I’m standing by that assessment and excited to gush even more about how much I love these genuinely amazing toys.

So What is a Grind Ring, Again?

A Grind Ring is a piece of silicone shaped a bit like a pizza slice, designed to fit around the penis or dildo during penetrative sex and provide extra external stimulation to a person with a clitoris. Each Grind Ring has a raised bulge and one of four textures. It can also be used in a whole bunch of other ways: combine it with a vibrator, put it on a sex position wedge or pillow and grind against it, or use it as an accompaniment to hand sex. Or, you know, whatever other creative ideas you can come up with!

Grind Rings are body-safe and easy to clean with soap and water (or a pot of boiling water).

The Toy for Smut Writers (and Readers!)

Are you a smutty writer? Do you, like me, sometimes find yourself getting turned on by your own words? Or do you just enjoy sitting at your desk and reading filthy words? If so, consider putting the Grind Ring on your desk chair and grinding against it as you read/write. The firm surface helps to keep it in place and provide some delicious pressure. I just discovered this possibility a few days ago and I can’t get enough of it. Thank goodness I finally have curtains back up in my office…

With that said, let’s look at the two remaining Grind Ring textures that I haven’t yet talked about: “Waves” and “Bumps”.

Godemiche Grind Ring silicone sex toy in Bubbles and Waves
Feat. “Bumps” in Aquamarine and “Waves” in Pastel Pearlescent Green

Texture 3: “Waves”

Just this morning, I told Mr CK I was writing up this review, and he asked me which of the Grind Ring designs I liked best overall. After thinking about it for a moment, I declared Waves my favourite.

Godemiche Waves Grind Ring clitoral sex toy

The Waves ring was also perhaps the biggest surprise. After feeling how soft the silicone ripples are, I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to feel them. But when I ground against them, especially when they had a firm surface underneath, they felt like a series of continuous licks from little silicone tongues. Since the waves are so close together and flex as you rub against them, it’s a continuous sensation.

If I’m aroused and using plenty of lube, I can orgasm easily just by grinding my clit into the Waves Grind Ring.

Texture 4: “Bumps”

The Bumps Grind Ring is the perfect middle ground when I want something more intense than the Bubbles but less intense than the Spikes. The bumps are quite small and quite close together so whichever way I move against them, several of them are always making contact with my clit from various angles.

Godemiche Bumps Grind Ring sex toy for clit

I like to use the Bumps ring before moving on to the Waves or Spikes. It’s just the right level of intensity for a hot warmup. With that said, I could probably come on it with some perseverance and a little time. I’ll have to try – you know, for science.


Now that I’ve tried out all four Grind Ring textures, I’m even more impressed and maybe even a little obsessed. They’re amazingly versatile and a brilliant way to experiment with different sensations to see what works for you.

If you have a clitoris, I can’t recommend Grind Rings highly enough. If you’ve tried them, which texture was your favourite?

Grind Rings start from £39.99 each.

Also: there’s a new texture out! “Pyramid Spikes” has just hit the Godemiche website. If I can get hold of one, I’ll report back with a review. Stay tuned…

Thanks to Godemiche for sending me four Grind Rings in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links appear in this post and if you use them, I make a small commission. All commissions help me to keep C&K going!