[Toy Review] Good Vibes Toys Pixie Glow in the Dark Dildo

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sparkly things. So of course, when Good Vibes Toys offered me their Pixie Glow in the Dark Dildo to test, I was all over it. This is probably going to be a fairly short and sweet review today, but we’ll see.

Pixie Dildo glow in the dark dildo from Good Vibes Toys

The Pixie Dildo measures 6.5″ in total length, just under 6″ in insertable length, and 1.67″ in diameter at the widest point. It is made of body-safe silicone and features a suction cup base.

Good Vibes Toys Pixie Glow in the Dark Dildo: Positives

Pixie Dildo glow in the dark dildo from Good Vibes Toys

  • The first thing I noticed about the Pixie Glow in the Dark Dildo by Good Vibes Toys is that it’s cute as fuck. The two-tone blue and pink silicone reminds me of the colours of the trans pride flag, and is infused with glitter. It’s fun, femme, and a departure from the more realistic styles that not everyone enjoys.
  • I love the flexible shaft. This is just a toy that’s so easy to use, and I appreciate that about it. I don’t need tonnes of warm-up to enjoy it, just a little lube and it slips straight in comfortably. A worthy addition to my “lazy masturbation” collection.
  • Though the silicone of the shaft has a slight ripple that my fingers can detect, my vagina cannot. This is, for all intents and purposes, a smooth toy. I can’t always deal with too much texture, which can be overwhelming to the point of uncomfortable, so I appreciate this.
  • The very slightly curved tip is nice for G-spot or prostate stimulation that isn’t too intense.
  • The suction cup is strong and holds the toy in place well.
  • It’s a great strap-on dildo. The Pixie Glow in the Dark Dildo’s suction cup holds it in place well in a harness, and it’s light enough to wield comfortably.
  • It also serves well as an anal dildo, having just the right level of squish and flex for comfortable insertion and a relatively slim shaft.
  • As the name implies, it glows in the dark! This isn’t a feature I need my dildos to have, but it’s sort of whimsical and fun.

Any Downsides?

Pixie Dildo glow in the dark dildo from Good Vibes Toys

Any negatives with this product are pretty subjective. It’s objectively a decent toy, but bodies are all different and everyone has unique preferences. So here are some things you’ll want to be aware of.

  • It’s fairly slimline, which won’t satisfy all users. I tend to prefer small to medium insertables, so it’s a positive for me, but if you prefer longer or girthier toys you’ll want to look elsewhere.
  • It may be too soft and flexible for some users. If you prefer a firmer toy, this won’t be for you.
  • The matte silicone is a little grabby. This issue can be overcome with plenty of water-based lube. In a totally ideal world I prefer a softer and less grabby silicone, but it’s not a dealbreaker.
  • The straight-ish shape and very gently curved tip won’t work for people who prefer more pronounced curves in their toys.
  • It’s kinda expensive, at $69.99 (about £55) for a cute but otherwise fairly basic silicone dildo. Get it if you love the aesthetic, but there are cheaper options available if you’re just looking for something simple, safe and functional.

In short, this is a simple product that does what it does pretty well. Its main unique selling point is its gloriously sparkly and colourful appearance.

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Thanks to Good Vibes Toys for sending me this product to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views are mine, as always.