[Toy Review] Lovehoney Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Who doesn’t love a sex toy that’s as cute as it is functional? For many of us, the aesthetic of our toys matters and adds to our overall experience. This is particularly true when you’re giving a toy to a lover as a gift. The Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator from Lovehoney certainly fits the bill of “cute.” But how did it fare in use?

About the Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator

This is a petite, heart-shaped clitoral suction toy with the nozzle located in the bottom tip of the heart. If you’re not familiar with this type of toy, it surrounds your clit and stimulates it not with vibrations, but with rapid air pulses that create a “sucking” sensation. (Companies keep insisting on claiming that these toys feel like receiving cunnilingus. They do not. Let’s move on from this silliness, shall we?)

Lovehoney Heartbeat clitoral suction stimulator red clit sucker vibrator

Measuring just 3″ in height, the Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator is light and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It is made of soft and body-safe silicone in an attractive, bright crimson red.

The Heartbeat is rechargeable via the included USB cable, with a 60 minute charge giving you around the same in running time. It also has a travel lock function and is IPX7 waterproof – that is, fully submersible for up to 30 minutes.

Lovehoney Heartbeat clitoral suction stimulator red clit sucker vibrator

Settings and Controls

The Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator offers an impressive ten levels of power. The levels are well-spaced and distinctive. Due to the nature of this type of toy, there are no “patterns” to contend with (fuck patterns amirite?)

Lovehoney Heartbeat clitoral suction stimulator red clit sucker vibrator turned on its side to show the buttons

The toy has a two-button interface located on its side. One button powers it on and off, the other changes the setting. For a toy with as many as 10 settings, you really need two-way controls. Having to scroll all the way back through just to go back one level is a recipe for ruined orgasms and annoyance. Otherwise, the buttons are easy to press and the user interface is simple.

In Use

I understand the appeal of a heart-shaped sex toy, but the shape also creates problems. This is one of the least ergonomic clitoral suction toys I’ve ever tried and it is, frankly, a nightmare to hold for any length of time. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve ended up with serious hand cramp.

My other major complaint with this toy is that the nozzle is too small. I don’t have a particularly large clitoral glans, but this toy is still too small to surround it comfortably. If you have a larger or more prominent clit, forget it. Someone in the Lovehoney on-site reviews does note that they have a smaller-than-average clit and that this toy works really well for them as a result, so it might just be a matter of what types of anatomy it is best suited to.

The Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator’s power is decent, particularly on the higher levels. On the top setting, it can make me cum in less than 10 minutes (which is good because I can’t really hold it for much longer than that due to the aforementioned shape issues.) The suction sensation is perhaps a little more “buzzy” than many of the higher-end clitoral suckers I’ve tried. It’s also reasonably quiet, which is nice.


Cute, for sure, but ultimately more gimmick than function. This toy has too many flaws for me to fully recommend it, most notably the awkward shape and too-small nozzle.

The Heartbeat Clitoral Suction Stimulator retails for £49.99 (UK) or $59.99 (US.) To be honest, it’s pretty overpriced for what it is. I recommend the Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator or the Romp Switch (review) for budget-friendly alternatives, or the Womanizer Liberty (review) if you can spend a little more.

Don’t forget to use code coffkink10 at checkout for 10% off your entire Lovehoney order.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this product in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping with them sends a small commission my way at no extra cost to you. All views, as always, are mine.

[Toy Review] ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator

ROMP is a toy brand owned by WOW Tech, the parent company behind brands such as Womanizer, We-Vibe, Pjur, and Arcwave. ROMP toys have a fun, playful aesthetic and come in a range of bright, popping colours. I received the ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator (US link) which features in Lovehoney’s top picks for Valentine’s Day, to test.

ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator

The ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator measures 4″ in total length and looks like, well, a tube of lipstick (or other makeup product such as mascara.) It wouldn’t look at all out of place in my makeup bag.

ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator

The ROMP Lipstick is a clitoral suction stimulator that – like the thousands of other toys in this category now on the market – uses a nozzle opening and rapid pulses of air to provide “touchless” stimulation to the clit. The toy’s body is made of hard plastic, and its nozzle is made of body-safe silicone.

This toy is rechargeable. A full charge (2 hours) gives you around 60 minutes of use on the top setting. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, i.e. submersible in water up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

Things I Like About the ROMP Lipstick

Before I start complaining about all the issues with the ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator, let’s talk about the things I did like!

ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator

  • The look. In general, I’m “meh” about the concept of sex toys that are deliberately designed not to look like sex toys. But the aesthetic of this one is cute and fun enough that it gets away with it.
  • It’s small, light, and comfortable to hold.
  • The button placement is sensible (on the base of the toy) and the button itself is clicky and easy to press.
  • It has 7 evenly-graded power settings, which is reasonable for a toy at this price point.
  • It’s pretty quiet, especially when the nozzle is against the body.

That’s about it, I’m afraid.

Anything I Don’t Like?

Ugh. Where do I begin? I really wanted to love this product, because I was drawn to its bright colours and cute design. Unfortunately, I have far more negative than positive to say about the ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator. Namely…

  • The nozzle is too small! I don’t have a particularly large clit, but I couldn’t even get this thing to enclose it all. The nozzle opening is a tiny 1cm in diameter. If your clit is anything but quite small, I think you’ll struggle with this one.
  • The suction mechanism is – how do I put this nicely? – absolute crap. I didn’t get any of the lovely fluttering sensations that I get from good clit suction toys. Instead, it just felt like a particularly weak and buzzy vibrator.
  • The button isn’t always responsive. About 10-20% of the time, I have to press it twice to get the setting to change.
  • For a toy at this price-point, a one-button interface (meaning you have to scroll through all the settings to go backwards) really isn’t good enough.
  • It’s far too expensive. £49.99/$59.99 is a reasonable price for a mid-range toy, but feels like a rip-off for something as disappointing as this.
ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Worst of all is that I knew within two minutes that this thing was never going to get me off. Even with warm-up and some hot content to read, there was just absolutely no way. To be honest, even when I was turned on and my clit was sensitive and ready to go, this toy didn’t even feel particularly good. If “did not give me an orgasm” is a damning statement to make about a sex toy, “did not even feel good” is pretty unforgiveable.

A final and possibly petty gripe: the packaging tells me I can “cancel my next booty call”. This is an immediate ugh from me because I do not think we should be comparing toys to human partners or framing them as replacements, even in jest. It’s also just ridiculously inaccurate considering the speed with which I threw this thing across the room and reached for something effective to finish the job.


The ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator is, all things considered, tremendously disappointing. Its nozzle is too small, its suction functionality is lacklustre, and there is simply no universe in which it will ever make me cum.

Sadly, I’m chalking this one up as overpriced and underwhelming. Especially because you can get far better clitoral suction toys for the same price (or even less!) Skip it.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this product in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links appear in this post. Using them sends a small commission my way at no extra cost to you!

5 Ways to Use a Sex Position Wedge

I recently received Lovehoney’s Ultimate Sex Position Enhancer Set, a two-piece set comprising a sex position wedge and ramp. Instead of doing a straightforward review, I thought I’d do something a little different and tell you about a few different ways you can use items like this.

Sex furniture and sex position aids are having a moment in a big way, and I’ve been wanting to try some for ages. Turns out they are both enormous (Mr C&K when this thing arrived in a comically huge box: “Amy, where on EARTH are you going to keep it!?”) and surprisingly versatile.

Lovehoney Ultimate Sex Position Enhancer Set

This set consists of two pieces, a wedge and a ramp, that can be used together or separately. Both are 24″ wide, with the ramp measuring 34″ in length and 12″ in height and the wedge measuring 14″ in length and 7″ in height. Again: I did not fully grasp how huge these things are. Think very carefully before purchasing if you live in a tiny apartment or don’t have anywhere to store them!

The cushions are made of a firm and supportive foam, and covered with a micro-velvet cover that is fluid proof, removeable, and washable. So if you get sex fluids or lube all over it, just whip the cover off and wash it on a normal cycle in the washing machine. The exterior is also soft and non-slippery. I wish they came in a colour other than grey, but at least it’s fairly unobtrusive and will blend in with your decor.

The set retails for £249.99 ($299.99 US.)

5 Ways to Use a Sex Position Wedge or Other Sex Position Aid

There are so many creative ways to use a sex position wedge, position aid, or other types of sex furniture. Here are just a few of my faves.

Try Different Positions for Penetrative Sex

This is perhaps the most obvious use for a piece of sex furniture such as a sex position wedge. It is, presumably, what they were originally designed for. But whether you’re having penis-in-vagina, anal, or strap-on sex, a sex position wedge or ramp can make it easier and more comfortable to get into all kinds of positions.

I hear they can be particularly good for missionary position vaginal sex, raising the receiver’s hips to allow for deeper penetration and more precise G-spot stimulation. They’re also great for legs-up positions and for cushioning the knees during receiver-on-top positions.

Make Oral Sex Easier

Do you love going down on your partner for hours but find that neck strain is an issue for you? Yeah, me too (I often use the edge of the bed for this reason, which can work well.) But a positioning aid can be a game changer in this area.

A sex position wedge under the receiver’s hips can make their genitals more accessible and make it more comfortable for the giver. That way, you can lick or suck for as long as you like in absolute comfort.

Get Comfy During Masturbation

Do you ever find it difficult to get comfortable in one position while you’re masturbating, particularly during a long session or if it takes you a while to get off? If so, try using your sex position wedge or ramp to experiment with different positions.

Personally, I find reclining on the ramp while using the wedge to prop up my upper back and neck supremely comfy. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Have Sex on the Floor… In Style

Sometimes you just want to get all primal and fuck on the floor… but then find the idea is better in theory than in practice. Carpet burn or hard wooden floors against your knees? No thanks. But get the ramp and wedge out, and suddenly you’ve got a ready made sex couch wherever you want to put it!

Use It as a Toy Mount

If you enjoy grinding toys, a sex position wedge can make an ideal toy mount. I find the wedge works particularly well with my Godemiche Grind Pads and Vibe Pads. Just fasten them to the wedge with the straps provided, position it underneath you, and you’re good to go.

Of course, you can also get creative with all kinds of sex toys. If you can find a way to hold it in place (I recommend those same straps or a length of rope,) the wedge also works brilliantly as a wand mount.

Bonus: Use It For Totally Unsexy Things

Mine is currently propping up a wet mattress in my guest room while it dries out. It’s… a long story.

Thanks to Lovehoney for supplying me with the product featured in this post to share with you all. All views, as always, are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post. Product images: Lovehoney.

[Lingerie Review] Lovehoney Unwrap Me Bra Gift Set

Giving lingerie as a gift is a divisive one, and can be a minefield. Should you or shouldn’t you? Will it be appreciated or not? And most importantly, how well do you know the recipient?

On this one, I tend to come down on the side of “it depends.” (Anyone surprised?) If you know your partner and their tastes and size very well then sure, go for it. But if you’re not sure, choose something else or stick to a gift card so they can pick something they’ll love. This is all assuming, of course, that they’re a lingerie person at all. Giving lingerie as a gift when your partner has never worn it or expressed any interest in wearing it is unlikely to go down well.

With all that in mind, let’s have a look at something from Lovehoney’s 2023 Christmas range: the Upwrap Me bra gift set, which landed on my review pile this week.

Lovehoney Unwrap Me Bra Gift Set

This four piece set consists of a bra, pants, and two wrist ties. They are made of a satiny polyester/elastane blend in a deep and vibrant shade of red.

Lovehoney Unwrap Me Bra Gift Set in its packaging

The Unwrap Me bra gift set is available in “One Size” (UK 6-16) and “Plus Size” (UK 18-22.) If you’re in the middle, though, I’d suggest sizing up especially if you have larger boobs (more on that in a minute) as they run a little small.

Be aware that they’re hand-wash only and can’t be ironed, tumble dried, or dry cleaned. I tend to wash my lingerie in a protective bag on the cold hand wash cycle of the washing machine, and that has always worked fine.

What I Liked

  • The set comes attractively packaged in a black sleeve, stamped with the Lovehoney insignia and tied with red ribbon that matches the set. Lovely for gifting, or just as a treat to yourself.
  • The satin is lovely and soft.
  • The deep red colour is beautiful and festive.
  • Front-fastening makes the bra super easy to put on and take off.
  • The bra is very adjustable, with sliders on both the back band and the shoulder straps.
  • A wide band makes the bra comfortable to wear.
  • The gusset is made of 100% vulva-friendly cotton.

All that, and I just really love how it looks! I think the tie-up design is really sexy and I love how the straps on the pants frame my butt (in my opinion, one of my best features.) It definitely makes me want my partners to unwrap me for Christmas…

And What I Didn’t Like

Despite my overall positive impressions of this set, there were a few aspects of the Unwrap Me bra gift set that I didn’t like as much.

  • The elastic straps on the pants (the ones that go across the butt cheeks) aren’t adjustable. I can fix this myself with a couple of stitches, but it would have been so easy to include an adjustable slider here.
  • My damn boobs still don’t fit. I requested the plus size version (I’m between sizes and thought it might be a better fit for my chest) but even then, the cups aren’t really big enough. It’s wearable, especially if I shorten the straps for a little more stability and support, but there will definitely be unintentional nipple slippage if I move wrong! Another note on sizing: some wearers in the on-site reviews have noted that it may not work well for shorter people.
  • The satin is so slippery that when it’s on, the ties don’t really stay tied very well. Realistically, you’ll need to double knot everything if you want it to stay on for more than ten minutes.
  • The matching wrist restraints are cute, but they are NOT (as the marketing copy claims) for “fun bondage play.” Please don’t tie people up with silky ties, it’s really not very safe as they can tighten or cut off circulation in unexpected ways. I’ve yelled about this before. Use these for decoration, and buy some cuffs or rope for actual bondage. Please.


Overall, I do like this set. It’s beautiful and reasonably comfortable, too. Though I do have some complaints, they’re not significant enough to stop me from wearing it again.

This set retails for £29.99 in both One Size and Plus Size (that’s $36.99 US.)

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this set to review. All views, as always, are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping with them sends me a small commission.

[Toy Review] Lovehoney Heart Throb Heart Massager

I’m all about combining the romantic with the sexy (just ask my partners!) So when I received Lovehoney’s 2023 Christmas gift guide, I was immediately drawn to the “Heart Throb” heart massager.

But how did it fare in use and did it win my heart?

Lovehoney “Heart Throb” Heart Massager

The Lovehoney Heart Throb is a heart-shaped vibrator measuring a tiny 3″ in length (that’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand!) It has indented curve detailing on both sides, making it look like the heart insignia from Lovehoney’s branding.

Lovehoney Heart Throb red heart massager and its box

The Heart Throb is rechargeable via the included cable, and 1 hour of charging will get you around an hour of runtime. It’s waterproof (submersible) and features a handy travel lock.

The outside of the toy is 100% body-safe silicone in a rich shade of red.

The Heart Throb retails for £29.99 ($34.99 US.)

The Heart Throb Vibrator In Use: Pros & Cons

First, let’s talk about what I liked about this toy.

  • It’s cute af. And did I mention that it’s cute?
  • The body of the toy is firm with only the slightest bit of “squish,” making it easy to get plenty of pressure.
  • Lovely soft silicone.
  • Small enough to hold in your palm and slide between bodies during partnered sex, if you want to.
  • The single button is sensibly located (in the centre at the top) and easy to press.
  • It’s super light and easy to hold.
  • The shape means that you can get broader stimulation by holding it flat against your body, more pinpoint stimulation by using the tip, or something in between by using the side. Lots of options!
Lovehoney Heart Throb red heart massager end-on, showing the button

That’s quite a lot of good points, no? Now onto what I didn’t like:

  • There are 10 settings – 3 constant vibration speeds and 7 patterns – but only one button. Yup, it’s that annoying “you have to scroll allllll the way through if you want to change down” problem again.
  • The thick silicone dampens the vibrations a lot.
  • The vibrations are weak and buzzy. Unfortunately this is literally the number one thing I look for in a vibrator – a decent and rumbly motor – so it’s a pretty unforgiveable flaw.

This toy started out so promising. It’s just a shame that it is let down by having such a crappy motor. I wanted to love it, but it totally failed to make me cum (and, at this level of power, I can’t imagine it ever would.) For me, it’s not even great for a warm-up because the buzziness is more likely to put my clit to sleep than wake it up!


It’s super adorable, but as a vibrator the Heart Throb heart massager is only mediocre.

Lovehoney Heart Throb red heart massager

It’s a cute and sexy stocking stuffer for someone who likes gentler vibrations. If you’re more into power and rumbles, though, skip it.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Heart Throb Heart Massager to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views, as always, are mine.

[Toy Review] We-Vibe Ditto+ App Controlled Butt Plug

We-Vibe has been one of the biggest players in the app-controlled sex toys space for a long time now, and for good reason. From their early days of pioneering wearable clitoral vibrators to the extensive product range they have today, We-Vibe has consistently produced quality toys that live up to their high price tag.

I recently received the We-Vibe Ditto+ from Lovehoney. I’ll be candid and say I don’t use anal toys all that often and when I do, I tend to be very choosy. So let’s see how this one measured up.

We-Vibe Ditto+ Details

We-Vibe Ditto+ vibrating butt plug

The We-Vibe Ditto+ is a vibrating butt plug measuring 3.5″ in total length, 3″ in insertable length, and a petite 1.2″ in diameter at the widest point. It is rechargeable via the included USB cable, with a single charge giving you around 120 minutes of runtime. It’s also fully waterproof and submersible, and comes with a cotton storage bag.

The We-Vibe Ditto+ is made of lovely, body-safe matte silicone and is available in two colourways: pink or black. I received the pink, which has a gorgeous subtle shimmer when it catches the light. I don’t love that it has a visible seam all the way around and little spot marks, presumably from the molding process. They’re small aesthetic details but when you’re paying over £100 for a toy, those things do matter.

How Does It Feel? Insertion and Comfort

I appreciate the We-Vibe Ditto+’s small size. On the relatively rare occasions that I use anal toys, I tend to opt for smaller ones. Large anal insertables just aren’t really my thing. That said, if you prefer a larger toy, this one probably isn’t for you.

We-Vibe Ditto+ vibrating anal plug

Like all anal toys, the Ditto+ is suitable for folks of all genders and genital configurations. However, it’s not large enough to reach the prostate on most people who have one, so look elsewhere if you’re looking for a prostate stimulator. (Might I recommend the Aneros range?)

If you have a vagina, the shape of the Ditto+ is ideal for wearing during penetrative sex. Just remember to angle the flat side of the Ditto+ towards the front of your body for comfort. Your partner will feel the vibrations when they’re inside you. Vaginal/anal double penetration isn’t really my jam but, if I was going to do it, the Ditto+ is an ideal plug for the purpose.

I really like the base design of the Ditto+, too. As you may know, it’s vital for anal toys to have a flared base. This is because, without one, there’s a risk of them getting sucked up into your butt and getting stuck. (Cue an embarrassing trip to A&E or, at worst, a real medical emergency.)

We-Vibe Ditto+ app controlled butt plug base and buttons

However, many anal toys have rounded bases that can be super uncomfortable to wear after a while. The Ditto+’s L-shaped base sits flush with the curve of the butt cheeks comfortably and without digging in.

Don’t forget that adequate lubrication is absolutely essential for safe and pleasurable anal play.

How Does It Feel? Vibrations, Controls, and Sound

The We-Vibe Ditto+ has ten vibration modes: 4 steady speeds and 6 patterns. The toy itself has only a one-button interface, but the remote control makes it easy to switch between settings and to turn the intensity up or down.

The button on the base of the toy is a little too firm and difficult to press. However, you’re unlikely to use it all that much. Once the toy is inside you, it’s just too awkwardly placed and you’re much better off using the remote control. The remote has a simple interface, easy to press buttons, and great responsiveness. Be aware that the remote isn’t waterproof, though.

Like most We-Vibe toys, this one has an excellent motor. It’s strong and rumbly, and ideally situated within the toy to transmit the most vibrations to the right spots. When I use vibrating clitoral vibrators, I tend to turn them straight to the highest setting and leave them there. It’s different with butt toys, though, where I tend to prefer slightly gentler stimulation. The top setting on the Ditto+ is actually a bit too much for me! Butts are sensitive and easily overstimulated, as it turns out. (At least mine is.)

Sometimes it feels as though every sex toy ever to exist claims to be “whisper quiet.” This is usually laughably and demonstrably untrue (with the companies that proclaim it the most often producing the most obnoxiously loud, rattly, whiny toys!) However, We-Vibe toys are consistently impressively quiet, especially when you balance their level of power against their level of volume.

The Ditto+ is no exception. Even at the highest setting its noise is no more than a quiet buzz. It’s totally discreet for use anywhere with a reasonable level of ambient noise. (So if going out with a plug in is your thing, have at it!)

App Functionality

The brand new We-Vibe app has been totally redesigned and rebuilt from scratch. It’s free to download from the Android or iOS app stores. You don’t even need to create an account to start playing, so you can dive in straight away.

The app walks you through connecting your toy, which is done through Bluetooth and takes about 20 seconds. You can then select “Play” to control your toy from close range, or “Long Distance Play” to connect with a partner anywhere in the world.

The “Single Vibe” mode allows you to select a setting and then change the intensity with the swipe of a finger. The “Multi Vibe” mode is particularly cool and allows you to select four different modes, which appear in the four quadrants of your screen. You can then change mode and adjust the intensity with the swipe of a finger.

You can also create a playlist or use “Beat Mode” to vibe along to music, or select “Ambient Mode” to have your toy respond to the ambient noise of your surroundings. (This could be fun in a loud environment such as a club or party.)

Overall, an impressive array of options that make for a surprisingly versatile toy!

The one option I found completely useless was the “Touch Mode.” Supposedly this allows you to translate touches of the screen into a vibration pattern but no matter how (or how fast or slow) I moved my finger across the screen, the intensity and pattern of the vibrations was the same. It’s a cool idea but utterly non-functional in its current form.

The We-Vibe’s app connectivity is steady, reliable, and highly responsive as long as you’ve got a decent internet connection. We-Vibe has typically been ahead of the curve in this area generally, but the new and improved app really is a step up.

The We-Vibe app does not allow screenshots due to its security policy. This was super annoying for the purposes of completing this review, but does make sense from a safety perspective!


The We-Vibe Ditto+ retails for £109.99 in the UK and $129 in the US. If you just want a basic vibrating silicone plug, you can get something much cheaper and enjoy much the same effect (though, admittedly, the vibrations won’t be as strong or rumbly.) But if you’re going to make the most of the extensive app functionality, the We-Vibe Ditto+ is a good investment.

Good design, great vibrations, actually useable app. Excellent all around.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this product to review. All views and experiences are, of course. mine. Affiliate links appear in this post.

Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Day #24: Womanizer Liberty

We made it! Yes, we’ve reached the final day of my quest to review every item in Lovehoney and Womanizer’s 2022 Sex Toy Advent Calendar. You can read the full series here. And as ever, please consider using my affiliate links scattered throughout this post if you decide to buy one.

Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2022 Day 24: Womanizer Liberty

womanizer liberty

Product Info

  • Material: ABS plastic body with silicone nozzle
  • Colour: Purple with white nozzle and buttons
  • Body safe? Yes, ABS plastic and silicone are both body-safe and non-porous
  • Waterproof: Yes., submersible
  • Size: 4″ total length
  • Speeds/patterns: 6 speeds
  • Lube-compatible: Yes, water-based lube is best with silicone toys
  • Cleaning: Remove the nozzle and clean with a body-safe sterile wipe, antibacterial soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, by boiling, or in the dishwasher. Wipe the body clean if necessary.


  • Comes with a little case, making it discreet and travel-friendly
  • Suitable for use in the bath or shower
  • Light and comfortable to hold
  • Easy to clean due to the removable nozzle
  • Feels AMAZING


  • A little loud at the top speeds


I had a feeling the Womanizer Liberty might turn out to be the crowning glory of the set and I was right. Once again, Womanizer – the original purveyors of suction-based clitoral stimulators – have knocked it out of the park. This amazing little stimulator is easy to hold and use, powerful, and feels incredible. On top of all that, it’s travel-friendly and waterproof. Top marks.

See you next year!

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the 2022 Couples’ Sex Toy Advent Calendar, which retails for £130 and contains £374.99 worth of products, to review. All views are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping through them helps to keep the site going! US readers can buy it here.

Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Day #23: Couple’s Cock Ring

Well, here we are – it’s the penultimate day of my review series of Lovehoney and Womanizer’s 2022 Sex Toy Advent Calendar. You can read all the reviews here. And if you decide to buy a calendar or any Lovehoney product, please consider buying through my affiliate links. This supports my work at no additional cost to you!

Don’t forget to check back for the final day tomorrow.

Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2022 Day 23: Couple’s Cock Ring

couple's cock ring

Product Info

  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Purple
  • Body safe? Yes, silicone is both non-porous and non-toxic, making it a completely body-safe sex toy material
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Size: 3″ total length, with a 1″ “tongue” for clitoral stimulation
  • Lube-compatible: Yes, water-based only
  • Cleaning: A body-safe sterile wipe, antibacterial soap and water, a 10% bleach solution, boiling, or dishwasher


  • Pairs with the bullet vibe from day 1 (or any other bullet in your collection)
  • Soft silicone
  • Stretchy to fit most penis sizes
  • Nice texturing on the clitoral stimulator


  • Vibrations feel very weak once transmitted through the silicone
  • Clitoral stimulator is too flimsy to really be satisfying


I have long come to the conclusion that vibrating cock rings are better in theory than in practice, at least for me. This one seems well designed on the surface, and I do like that it’s designed to fit a wide range of bodies and that the clitoral stimulator portion is textured. Unfortunately, in practice, it’s too flimsy and flexible to provide any kind of pressure or sustained stimulation.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the 2022 Couples’ Sex Toy Advent Calendar, which retails for £130 and contains £374.99 worth of products, to review. All views are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping through them helps to keep the site going! US readers can buy it here.

Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Day #22: Under-Mattress Restraints

We’re on the home stretch now, with just 2 more days to go in my review series looking at Lovehoney and Womanizer’s 2022 Sex Toy Advent Calendar. You can read all the reviews so far here. And please remember to use my affiliate links to help out the site at no extra cost to you if you decide to make a purchase.

Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2022 Day 22: Under-Mattress Restraints

Lovehoney under-mattress restraints

Product Info

A set of 4-way restraint straps which fit under your mattress and feature loops at each corner to attach cuffs and restrain your partner by all 4 limbs.


  • Suitable for almost all bed sizes as they are highly adjustable
  • Easy to tuck out of sight if necessary
  • Pair them with the cuffs from Day 3 and Day 15 or with any other set of cuffs you own.
  • Quick, safe, and non-threatening introduction to bondage


  • None – this is a really nice inclusion.


I’ve been after a set of these for ages but always assumed they wouldn’t fit my giant bed. Happily, I was wrong! These are strong, easy to set up, and safe to use as long as you observe some basic safety protocol (e.g. never leaving a bound person alone and always playing with a safeword.) These might be among my favourite items in the whole kit!

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the 2022 Couples’ Sex Toy Advent Calendar, which retails for £130 and contains £374.99 worth of products, to review. All views are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping through them helps to keep the site going! US readers can buy it here.

Lovehoney Sex Toy Advent Calendar Day #21: Sexy Snap Position Cards

Wow, can you believe it’s day 21 already? We’re almost finished with this year’s series of reviews featuring Lovehoney and Womanizer’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar. You can read all the posts here. And don’t forget to use my affiliate links if you decide to make a purchase of this or any other Lovehoney product!

Sex Toy Advent Calendar 2022 Day 21: Sexy Snap Position Cards

sexy snap position cards

Product Info

A set of cards featuring various sex positions, plus instructions for two different games to play with them.


  • Quite inclusive; many of the positions will work for either vaginal or anal sex with their a bio cock or a strap-on.
  • Fun, playful and non-threatening way to try out new positions.
  • Reminds me of this scene from The Bold Type where Jane, Kat and Sutton test out one of Sage’s sex positions to “verify it’s physically possible.” I’m always happy to be reminded of my favourite show


  • Some of them require ridiculous core strength, upper body strength, or just indestructible furniture to pull off


To be honest, my approach to penetrative sex has typically been “find two or three positions that work and just rotate them depending on mood and energy levels.” I imagine this is fairly normal, especially in long-term sexual relationships. If you’d like to try something new, this game will give you some inspiration. Just don’t be put off by the fact that some of these positions are not going to be physically possible for everyone.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the 2022 Couples’ Sex Toy Advent Calendar, which retails for £130 and contains £374.99 worth of products, to review. All views are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post and shopping through them helps to keep the site going! US readers can buy it here.