[Nightwear Review] Lovehoney Jewel Satin Pearl Blush Plunging Teddy

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you’ll know that pink isn’t generally my colour. I don’t gravitate towards it for clothing or lingerie, and it’s one of my least favourite colours for sex toys simply because it’s so overused, especially on products marketed as “for women”. Even so, occasionally something will catch my eye in a shade or style I wouldn’t normally go for. The Pearl Blush Plunging Teddy from Lovehoney’s Jewel line of lingerie and nightwear was one such piece.

Pearl Blush Plunging Teddy: Details & Aesthetics

I deliberated on whether to list this as lingerie or nightwear, as it really falls at the intersection of those two categories. I’m calling it nightwear for the purposes of this review but it can really be either, or both, depending on how it feels to you and how you choose to wear it.

Lovehoney Pearl Blush plunging teddy

The Pearl Blush Plunging Teddy is a one-piece with short shorts, an elasticated waistband, and a plunging neckline. The “Pearl Blush” refers to the pale peachy pink colour, which is actually really pretty. There’s black lace detailing along the neckline and around the bottom of the shorts. This provides a striking contrast to the pastel pink and gives the whole piece more of a sense of shape and structure. There is also a little rose gold coloured Lovehoney heart insignia in the centre where the neckline joins the waistband.

I think the Pearl Blush Plunging Teddy looks really cute on! The shape works well for my body, with the looser fit allowing plenty of boob room (more on that in a minute) and the nipped-in waist showing off my curves. I love the colour a lot more than I expected to, and the lace with a floral motif and scalloped edges is beautiful. This is one I’ll reach for when I’m feeling at my most femme.

Fit and Comfort

This piece is designed to be loose-fitting and comfortable. It’s available in sizes from Small (UK 6-8) to 6x (UK 26-28). I’m a size 12 and I received the Medium (UK 10-12). It fits pretty comfortably, but I think the Large (UK 14-16) would have worked even better for me as the waistband was a little snug. Other reviewers on the Lovehoney site have noted fit issues, particularly for people who are on the taller side. If you’re between sizes or prefer your nightwear loose, size up with this one.

Getting it on can be a little tricky if, like me, you have wider hips. It takes some careful jiggling to get it on and into place. Take your time and ease it up over your curves, as tugging it too hard could damage the delicate fabric.

The easy fit and lack of wires make this one comfortable and a joy to wear. There’s also plenty of room in the “cups” (term used loosely) for those of us with larger chests. I can actually wear this piece without falling out of it every five seconds! If you wanted a little extra support you could always pair the Jewel Blush Plunging Teddy with a bralet, but it works perfectly well on its own.

If I could change one thing, comfort-wise, it would be to make the shoulder straps a little wider. I’m not sure why, but spaghetti straps on clothing have always been a sensory challenge for me. The straps are adjustable at the back with a slider, so you can adjust it to get the right fit.

The Jewel Blush Plunging Teddy is made of a polyester/polyamide/elastane blend, which is soft against the skin and a delight to wear. Be aware that this kind of satin material can snag very easily, so keep it away from sharp fingernails and consider storing it in its own bag. The gusset is made of vagina-friendly 100% cotton, and the lace is soft and non-scratchy.

Too chilly to wear this on its own right now? Pair it with the matching robe for extra cosiness!


A surprising winner! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I requested this one. But I’m really glad I did because it’s gorgeous, cute, and comfy.

I can see myself lounging around the house in this with my partner on hot summer evenings, or slipping into it at the tail-end of a sexy party.

The Jewel Pearl Blush Plunging Teddy retails for £29.99 ($36.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this item to review. All views and images are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post. Purchasing from Lovehoney through my links sends me a small commission at no extra cost to you.

[Nightwear Review] Lovehoney Dark Orchid Robe

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it’s the time of year when I start receiving shipments of lovely seasonal products to try for you all. This year I thought I’d throw a little sexy loungewear/nightwear into the mix along with my traditional lingerie reviews. So today we’re looking at the rather lovely Dark Orchid Robe, a navy satin and lace robe from Lovehoney’s Valentine’s Day collection.

Dark Orchid Robe: Style and Aesthetics

Dark Orchid is one of Lovehoney’s 2022 seasonal lingerie lines and includes a robe, a chemise, and a teddy. I’m also going to be reviewing the teddy (WHY are they called that!?) next week.

The Dark Orchid Robe is made of midnight blue satin (polyester/elastane) with black eyelash lace (polyamide/polyester) sleeves and trim. The colour is gorgeous, really rich and deep, and close-up you can see that there’s matching blue edging around the flowers in the lace parts. I didn’t notice this on the product photos, and it’s a really pretty touch that helps tie the whole piece’s look together.

Due to the nature of the fabric, it looks pretty crumpled when it first arrives. Just hang it for a day or two and the creases will drop out naturally.

Woman in Dark Orchid Robe blue silky bathrobe from Lovehoney

It’s something I’d wear after sex to keep the chill off when I’m not ready to get dressed, or as I run down to the kitchen to make post-sex coffee. I can also see myself wearing it towards the end of a night out at a sex party or club, when I’ve shed my corset but I still want to look hot while being comfy and cosy.

It’s pretty enough to wear on its own but also works well paired with other lingerie styles in complementing colours.

My one design complaint? I wish it had pockets!

Fit and Comfort

The Dark Orchid Robe comes in 3 sizes, to fit anyone from a UK6 up to a UK30. Honestly, though, given the nature of this item and how it’s worn, I suspect it’d also work for a size or two either side of this range at least. I received the size 8-16 and it fit my size 12 frame comfortably and with tonnes of room to spare.

Length-wise, it reaches to mid thigh on me. I’m average height but if you’re tall, this robe might look very short on you! (Not necessarily a problem. Just something to be aware of).

The Dark Orchid Robe fastens with a belt around the middle, making it easy to customise how tightly or loosely you want to wear it. There’s also a hidden inner tie that you can use to help make sure it stays closed. The fabric is ultra soft and silky, which feels luxurious against my skin. Even the lace is pretty soft (which is vital for me as someone with fabric sensory issues). The whole garment is also very lightweight and easy to wear.

Woman in Lovehoney sexy robe, Dark Orchid Robe

The Dark Orchid Robe isn’t particularly warm, given that it’s short and made of such light fabrics. So it’s not going to be replacing my thick, fuzzy winter robe any time soon! With that said, it’s ideal for summer when I want something to throw on over my PJs that isn’t going to make me feel too hot. I can certainly see myself lounging around in it on summer evenings at home.


The Dark Orchid Robe is hanging on the back of my bedroom door (I wish it came with a hanging loop to make it easier to keep on the door peg) because I just know it’s going to be something I wear regularly.

This one is a resounding yes from me. Beautiful and comfortable too – just gorgeous!

The Dark Orchid Robe retails for £39.99 ($49.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Dark Orchid Robe and several other lovely Valentine’s Day products to review. All thoughts and images are, as always, my own.

[Nightwear Review] Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Cami Set

Update 04/03/22: this set has been discontinued.

I deliberated whether to define this set as lingerie, but ultimately decided it fell better into the category of nightwear. Which I’ve never reviewed before. Exciting! Today we’re looking at the Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Cami Set.

I loved this set the moment my contact at Lovehoney sent me the pictures ahead of the release date. It was just so pretty that I knew I needed to own it. Let’s see how the reality matched up.

First impressions

The Cherry Blossom Cami Set is so gorgeous and feminine. I love the delicate floral pattern, the pretty lace edging, and the colour that reminds me of the sky on a summer day.

Me wearing the Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Cami Set

The thin cross-straps leave your upper back on display for an extra little bit of sex appeal.

Soft and Silky…

Nightwear should be comfortable first and foremost. So I was pleased to find that this set is made of lovely, soft satin. It feels luxurious to wear, and my partner enjoyed stroking it, too!

The lace is also nice and soft, not at all scratchy. I usually avoid lace on nightwear because it can be a sensory nightmare, but this lace is soft enough to get away with it.


This set comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes. There’s also an identical plus-size version. I got the Large, which corresponds to a 14/16 in UK sizes. I wear a 14 in most clothing brands these days.

The bottoms fit beautifully. The waistband is elasticated, making them suitable for the range of body shapes that fall into this size bracket.

Me wearing the Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Cami Set

The straps on the top are adjustable, allowing you to make them shorter or longer to fit you properly. Sadly, the back band on the top is not stretchy and I found it just a little too tight to be completely comfortable. If, like me, you prefer your nightwear to fit more loosely, I recommend going one size up from your usual.

It doesn’t cover an awful lot in the chest department if, like me, you have huge boobs. I don’t quite fall out of it, but it certainly leaves little to the imagination!

The Cherry Blossom Cami Set is easy to put on and take off. Just make sure the cross-straps are in the right place so you don’t get tangled up when you pull it over your head!

Care & Cleaning

The Cherry Blossom Cami Set is hand-wash only. Use a bowl of warm (not hot) water and some gentle detergent. Alternatively, the hand-wash setting on your washing machine will be fine if you put the items in a protective washing bag.

The satin material snags very, very easily. For that reason, I recommend storing your Cami Set out of the way of anything scratchy or sharp (bra clasps are THE WORST for this.) You could also keep it in a lingerie bag for extra protection.

Final thoughts

This set is beautiful. The cherry blossom pattern is gorgeous and the blue satin is soft and luxurious to wear. I’ll probably only wear the top for sexy purposes rather than comfortable nightwear purposes due to the fit issue, but I can definitely see myself wearing the bottoms for lazing around the house (and even sleeping, on the rare occasions that I don’t sleep naked.)

Me wearing the Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Cami Set

The Cherry Blossom Cami Set retails for £29.99 at Lovehoney. While you’re there, check out the whole range!

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