How to Choose the Best Sex Doll for You

Sex dolls seem to be growing in popularity all the time, with more and more manufacturers and retailers popping up offering them in a huge variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and designs.

The stigma against sex dolls also seems to be slowly reducing as more people come to understand that sex toys are for everyone and that owning one (or several, or many) doesn’t say anything negative about a person’s character, desirability, sexual prowess, or gender.

But with so many options now available, where do you start when shopping for a sex doll? What are the best sex dolls and how can you choose the best sex doll for you? If you’ve never bought one before, it can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least.

Here are six things to consider when you’re thinking about buying your first sex doll.

Sex doll by PPUNSON lying on its side

Get clear on why you want a sex doll

People buy sex dolls for all kinds of reasons, and they’re all equally valid. From trying out new sexual techniques to building sexual confidence to experimenting with group sex fantasies without the emotional risk, your reasons for buying a sex doll will be completely personal.

Are you looking to fulfil a particular and specific fantasy, or just seeking a general-use toy? Will your partner, if you have one, be using the doll as well or is it just for you? What is it, specifically, about the concept and the reality of sex dolls that appeals to you?

Once you understand why you want to get a sex doll, you’ll be able to start formulating a clearer idea of what type is most likely to work for you.

Think about what traits you find attractive

Sex dolls are not designed to be replacements for human partners. However, if there are particular traits you find attractive (such as large breasts, an hourglass figure, or a muscular chest) then you will probably be able to find a doll that boasts those features.

Some sex dolls are designed to be fairly realistic in their appearance. Others, however, often have exaggerated versions of human features. This means it’s vital to keep in mind that, while sex dolls are simply sex toys and completely harmless to use, it’s important not to compare your human partners’ bodies to them.

When you fantasise about using a sex doll, what’s in your mind?

Presumably you have fantasised about using a sex doll at least occasionally to get to the point where you are considering buying one. When you have those fantasies, what type of doll do you imagine? Try to hone in on the specifics as much as you can.

What shape and size is the sex doll you think about? What type of features does it have? How are you using it, and how might its design impact that use? Once you can picture your ideal sex doll, you can start shopping for something that fits the bill.

Consider size

Sex doll with penis by PPUNSON

Sex dolls come in various shapes and sizes, from “life size” dolls roughly the size of an average human through to miniature versions and those only encompassing a small portion of the body (torso dolls or butt/genitals dolls, for example.)

When you’re choosing the best sex dolls for you, don’t forget about the practicalities. That life-size doll might be super sexy, but is it really going to fit in your tiny studio apartment? Where will you hide it when the family comes to visit? If you are going to be travelling with your sex doll, you might likewise want to choose a smaller one.

On the other hand, full size dolls can offer a more realistic experience in use. If that’s important to you, you might decide that finding the extra storage space is worth it. There’s no right or wrong here, but think it through before you hit the purchase button.

Understand sex doll materials and care considerations

Sex dolls can be made out of several different materials, but thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone are by far the most common.

Silicone dolls tend to be more expensive than TPE dolls, but are also likely to last longer because silicone is a non-porous material. With good care and cleaning, TPE dolls can last for a good while. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on the material (watch for discolouration, dark spots, or bad smells) and avoid sharing them for safety and hygiene reasons. Using a condom can also help your sex doll to last longer.

You can use water-based lube with any sex doll material, but should avoid using silicone lube with a silicone doll as this can cause a chemical reaction that may damage the material.

What’s your budget?

Sex dolls are available at a wide array of price points, from tens of dollars up to thousands of dollars. Prices vary according to size, material, manufacturer, complexity of design, customization options, and more. So when you start shopping for a sex doll, have a budget in mind.

If you’re prepared to drop the money for it, you can have a sex doll customized in virtually any way you like. If you’re on a budget on the other hand, you may be surprised at how many affordable options are out there for you to choose from.

Thanks to PPUNSON for sponsoring this post. All writing and views are, as always, mine. Images by PPUNSON.

Where Can I Find a Realistic Sex Doll?

Readers and workshop participants, particularly cis men, ask me this question a lot. There has seemingly been a huge increase in the popularity of sex dolls recently, perhaps simply due to their greater availability. (Isn’t the internet great?) The idea of a realistic sex doll appeals to a great number of people for many different reasons. But where can you find one… and why might you want to?

What Are Realistic Sex Dolls?

Realistic sex doll with blonde hair wearing a blue low cut dress

A sex doll is simply an inanimate object, usually made of a material such as silicone or TPE, designed to resemble a human body (or part of one) and to be used for sexual purposes. Fundamentally, they’re nothing more or less than a type of sex toy.

Realistic sex dolls are available in all kinds of designs. The most common are designed to resemble cis female bodies. However, there are also sex dolls modelled after cis male or trans bodies.

“Realistic”, of course, is relative. No doll is going to 100% resemble a human partner. However, some dolls have that “uncanny valley” creepiness about them while others are much more lifelike.

It is important to note that sex dolls are often exaggerations or charicatures rather than realistic representations. They may emphasise particular features (such as large breasts or penises, tiny waists, or round butts) in a way that is not entirely in line with how real human bodies tend to look.

At least anecdotally, cis men are by far the most likely demographic to own a realistic sex doll. But people of all genders can and do own and use them.

Sex Dolls Are Controversial

Let’s clear one thing up: there is absolutely, positively no such thing as a sex doll that is sentient in any way. Despite the moral panics about AI sex robots that pop up every now and then, they are still largely the stuff of science fiction and experts believe they will never be commonplace.

Even so, a realistic sex doll – one made to look like a human – seems to stir up strong emotions for some in a way that other types of sex toys do not. Some believe that they are a threat to human partners and could potentially replace them. Others feel as though they could lead to abuse, violence, or dehumanisation against human partners.

I do not believe any of this. I also do not believe that there is any inherent ethical problem with using a sex doll, realistic or otherwise. They’re no different from a dildo, vibrator, stroker, or other sex toy. I’d need to see some serious, hard evidence to be convinced that there’s anything even remotely inherently harmful about them.

What Are Some Things You Can Do With a Realistic Sex Doll?

The most obvious reason to buy a realistic sex doll, of course, is to masturbate with a toy that looks and feels somewhat like having sex with a human partner. But beyond this, there are so many different ways to enjoy your sex doll. Here are just a few you might want to consider:

  • Live out fantasies around particular sex acts or having sex with a person with specific physical attributes
  • Try out new techniques that you might want to bring into the bedroom with your human partner(s)
  • Experiment with threesome, group sex, or same-gender fantasies without the emotional risk involved in bringing in other human partners
  • Play with kink scenarios such as cockolding, cuckqueaning, exhibitionism, and voyeurism

To me, the much more interesting question is: what would you like to do with a realistic sex doll? What about this type of toy appeals to you specifically?

So Where Can I Find a Realistic Sex Doll?

Realistic sex doll with shoulder length dark hair wearing a red top and skirt

As with so many things these days, the answer is “on the internet, of course!” You might be able to buy a sex doll at your local adult boutique or sex shop, but (due to the size, cost, and variety of sex dolls on the market) the selection is likely to be very small.

Fortunately, there are now numerous companies manufacturing and selling sex dolls online. With so many options out there, it’s important to do your research, read reviews, and understand what you’re buying. Good sex dolls are expensive, so don’t rush your purchase.

BestRealDoll offer what they proudly call “the world’s most realistic adult sex dolls.” Options range from basic genital or butt masturbators under $100 up to detailed, full-body dolls costing over $2000. Their sex dolls USA warehouse has thousands of products stocked and ready to go, with free shipping to mainland US addresses in 2-5 business days.

You can even customise your own doll to your exact specifications.

This post was sponsored by BestRealDoll and you can enjoy 15% off in their online store by using the code CK15. All writing and views are my own.

5 Great Reasons to Buy a Sex Doll

We’ve been hearing a lot about sex dolls over the last few years. These anthropomorphic sex toys are designed to look and feel like a human body, or part of one. Some sex dolls encompass the entire body. Many more are torso-only or even just a specific body part such as a butt, pelvis and genitals, or pair of breasts. They may be made of silicone, or of another soft and flexible material such as TPE.

(Sex dolls are distinguishable from sex robots. The latter refers to technology incorporating artificial intelligence that can mimic human-like behaviour in a more realistic way. True AI sex robots are still largely theoretical.)

First, let me tell you a couple of things I do NOT believe. First, I do not believe there is an inherent ethical issue in the use of a sex doll, any more than I believe there is one with using a dildo, vibrator, or stroker. However realistic it may look, a sex doll is an inanimate object. It is not a person, it is not sentient, and I have not seen any compelling evidence to suggest that use of these toys leads to the mistreatment or dehumanisation of actual human partners.

I also do not believe a doll can “replace” a human partner, any more than any other sex toy can. A toy or sex doll can give you sexual pleasure. That is its entire purpose! But it cannot hold you after sex, snuggle with you on the couch and watch movies, support your dreams, bring you soup when you’re sick, or take you out on cute dates. The differences between a sex doll and a human partner are so vast and obvious that to me, the idea of the former replacing the latter is just utterly absurd.

Though they’re most commonly marketed to straight, cisgender men, people of all genders and sexualities can (and do) buy and enjoy sex dolls. Here are a few great reasons you might want to consider trying one.

They’re Fun

Duh, right? But ultimately, the purpose of any sex toy is to provide fun and sexual pleasure. Sex dolls are no different. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, keeping up a regular solo sex life is still really important to many people.

Masturbation is healthy and normal. The overwhelming majority of people do it. As long as you follow a few basic safety precautions, it’s a pretty much risk-free way to get your sexual needs met. Using sex toys, including sex dolls, can absolutely be a part of that.

Maintain an Active Fantasy Life

Most people have sexual fantasies of one form or another. These can range from the very simple (thinking about having sex with your crush or going down on your partner) to incredibly elaborate fantasies with a plot and a whole cast of characters. It’s all normal and, as long as you can maintain a clear distinction between fantasy and reality, completely healthy.

Using toys such as sex dolls can help to make your fantasy feel more realistic, allowing you to act out or simulate aspects of it. And if you fantasise about playing with someone with specific physical attributes, you can often find a sex doll that caters to exactly those preferences.

Try Out New Techniques

No matter how long we’ve been sexually active, all of us have so much more we could learn about sex. This is because human sexuality is infinitely varied and often changes throughout people’s lifetimes.

Perhaps you want to try a new sexual position, learn some new oral sex tricks, or perfect your hand sex game. Or perhaps you’ve seen something interesting in a porn clip, read about it, or learned about it during a class and now want to give it a go. Using a sex doll can be a fun way to try out and practice new things which you might want to bring into the bedroom with your current or future partners.

Remember that a sex doll cannot respond or give feedback, but your human partners absolutely can. So get consent and pay attention to their responses at every stage.

Experiment with Threesome Fantasies Risk-Free

Threesomes are one of the most common sexual fantasties, and seem to strike a chord across genders and sexual orientations. However, bringing them to life is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Finding two people who are both into you and also into each other is just the first hurdle. After that, you’ve also got to navigate three people’s sexual needs as well as handle any unexpected emotional reactions that might come up. Many people who do manage to pull it off find that the reality does not match up to the fantasy.

While it’s definitely not exactly the same thing as bringing in an additional human partner, using a sex doll can allow a couple to simulate a group sex fantasy without the emotional and relational risk that can accompany doing it for real.

They’re More Affordable Than Ever

Historically, quality sex dolls were tremendously expensive. However, they are becoming more and more affordable and options are now available for a range of budgets. A basic doll can start from around $100.

Do you own a sex doll, or do you fantasise about using one? Let us know in the comments what you love about them!

This post was sponsored by Tantaly, purveyors of high-quality torso sex dolls. All writing and views are my own.