[Lingerie Review] Lovehoney Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress

Before I dive into today’s review, I wanted to give you folks a heads-up that I’m shortly going to be taking a hiatus from blogging. I’ve got a few pieces to finish that I have already promised to clients, and then I’ll be taking a long break. I’m not sure how long this will last but I expect it to be a few months at least. My reasons are complex and personal, but I’ve been doing this for over five years now without a lengthy break and I’m experiencing severe burnout. I need to stop for a decent length of time.

The site will obviously remain live so you can continue enjoying all my older content.

With that said, let’s get started on the review.

Lovehoney Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress

Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress on Lovehoney model
Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress on Lovehoney model

I’ve reviewed quite a few pieces from Lovehoney’s Fierce range at this point and loved the majority of them. The new Fierce Siren pieces combine the signature wet-look fabric and bondage-inspired aesthetics with fishnet for a whole new look.

I received the Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress. It’s a black fishnet dress that reaches down to just below the butt and is adorned with strappy detailing including suspender-style thigh harnesses.

It comes with a fishnet thong and a pair of wet look wrist cuffs linked with a delicate black chain (these are hilariously described as “wrist restraints for exploring bondage play”, which… no. You will not restrain anyone with these things, they are purely for decoration.)

I do love the aesthetic of this one. Fishnet is always a winner and the straps add structure and sex appeal. Since it’s completely open cup, you can use it to show off your breasts… or team it with a non-wired bra or some nipple pasties for a little more coverage, if you prefer.

Fit and Comfort

The Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress comes in three sizes: One Size (UK 8-16), Queen (UK 18-24), and Curve (UK 26-30). I currently wear a size 12 in most items and I received the One Size.

I really love the look of this dress, but I just can’t get on with its fit at all. The cups are, as is so often the case, designed with people with far smaller busts than me in mind. The result is that the dress isn’t just uncomfortable to wear, it’s actually painful because the wires are digging into my ribs so hard. But if I sized up, the rest of the piece would be far too big.

Apart from the cups, this piece is pretty forgiving sizing-wise. The fishnet mesh, waistband and lower band are all very stretchy, and all the various straps are adjustable with bra-style sliders. The collar also has three size options. If you’re small to average in the chest department, you’ll probably get a good fit from this dress with a little perseverence. If your boobs are bigger, though, I’d suggest skipping this one. You’re likely to end up feeling like your ribcage is being crushed by wires.

Comfort-wise, I have no other significant complaints. The mesh isn’t too rough and the straps are soft and wide enough to sit comfortably without digging in.


Another one that looked really promising but just didn’t work in reality. Great style, great design, but let down by disappointing sizing and fit.

I’ll keep the cuffs, which are pretty cute and can be paired with many other outfits, but I’ll be passing the dress on.

The Fierce Siren Open Cup Dress retails for £39.99 ($49.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece to review. Affiliate links appear in this post. All views, as always, are my own.

[Nightwear Review] Lovehoney Dark Orchid Robe

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means it’s the time of year when I start receiving shipments of lovely seasonal products to try for you all. This year I thought I’d throw a little sexy loungewear/nightwear into the mix along with my traditional lingerie reviews. So today we’re looking at the rather lovely Dark Orchid Robe, a navy satin and lace robe from Lovehoney’s Valentine’s Day collection.

Dark Orchid Robe: Style and Aesthetics

Dark Orchid is one of Lovehoney’s 2022 seasonal lingerie lines and includes a robe, a chemise, and a teddy. I’m also going to be reviewing the teddy (WHY are they called that!?) next week.

The Dark Orchid Robe is made of midnight blue satin (polyester/elastane) with black eyelash lace (polyamide/polyester) sleeves and trim. The colour is gorgeous, really rich and deep, and close-up you can see that there’s matching blue edging around the flowers in the lace parts. I didn’t notice this on the product photos, and it’s a really pretty touch that helps tie the whole piece’s look together.

Due to the nature of the fabric, it looks pretty crumpled when it first arrives. Just hang it for a day or two and the creases will drop out naturally.

Woman in Dark Orchid Robe blue silky bathrobe from Lovehoney

It’s something I’d wear after sex to keep the chill off when I’m not ready to get dressed, or as I run down to the kitchen to make post-sex coffee. I can also see myself wearing it towards the end of a night out at a sex party or club, when I’ve shed my corset but I still want to look hot while being comfy and cosy.

It’s pretty enough to wear on its own but also works well paired with other lingerie styles in complementing colours.

My one design complaint? I wish it had pockets!

Fit and Comfort

The Dark Orchid Robe comes in 3 sizes, to fit anyone from a UK6 up to a UK30. Honestly, though, given the nature of this item and how it’s worn, I suspect it’d also work for a size or two either side of this range at least. I received the size 8-16 and it fit my size 12 frame comfortably and with tonnes of room to spare.

Length-wise, it reaches to mid thigh on me. I’m average height but if you’re tall, this robe might look very short on you! (Not necessarily a problem. Just something to be aware of).

The Dark Orchid Robe fastens with a belt around the middle, making it easy to customise how tightly or loosely you want to wear it. There’s also a hidden inner tie that you can use to help make sure it stays closed. The fabric is ultra soft and silky, which feels luxurious against my skin. Even the lace is pretty soft (which is vital for me as someone with fabric sensory issues). The whole garment is also very lightweight and easy to wear.

Woman in Lovehoney sexy robe, Dark Orchid Robe

The Dark Orchid Robe isn’t particularly warm, given that it’s short and made of such light fabrics. So it’s not going to be replacing my thick, fuzzy winter robe any time soon! With that said, it’s ideal for summer when I want something to throw on over my PJs that isn’t going to make me feel too hot. I can certainly see myself lounging around in it on summer evenings at home.


The Dark Orchid Robe is hanging on the back of my bedroom door (I wish it came with a hanging loop to make it easier to keep on the door peg) because I just know it’s going to be something I wear regularly.

This one is a resounding yes from me. Beautiful and comfortable too – just gorgeous!

The Dark Orchid Robe retails for £39.99 ($49.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Dark Orchid Robe and several other lovely Valentine’s Day products to review. All thoughts and images are, as always, my own.

[Lingerie Review] Lovehoney Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie

Content note: this post makes a brief mention of intentional weight loss. Please skip this one if that’s likely to be triggering for you!

I’m extremely into corsetry, basques, and everything else in that general category of products. I love how they make my body – my waist, my boobs, my hips – look and how sexy I feel in them. Lovehoney kindly sent me the Black Lace Waspie from their new Twilight Rose Christmas lingerie collection.

In case you don’t know, a waspie is essentially a shorter under-bust corset. Obviously it varies slightly depending on your body, but on me, the top of the waspie hits an inch or so under my breasts.

Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie: First Impressions

I took this one out of the packaging during a lingerie try-on session with Mr CK, the purpose of which was to choose an outfit for a party we were attending. When I saw the Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie, the first thing I said was “this is something that 18-year-old goth Amy would have gone mad over!”

Lovehoney black lace waspie from Christmas lingerie range

The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie is made of “microfibre”, in this case a synthetic blend of polyester and elastane, as well as mesh and lace, with ribbon trims. The microfibre parts feel soft to the touch, while the lace is a little coarser (though not problematically so, at least for my skin). Its structure is supported by six plastic bones. It is adorned with a wide band around the waist, red and black lace panels, and red ribbon detailing as well as a little gold Lovehoney heart. It comes with four removeable suspenders so you can wear stockings with it if you wish.

The Waspie closes with a row of hook-and-eye clasps down the back. Pro tip: put it on backwards and then spin it around once you’ve fastened all the hooks (or ask someone else to do it up for you).


The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie is available for UK sizes 6-24. I received the medium (UK 10-12) which is usually a good fit for me. However, the Waspie was actually just a little small when fastened on the loosest setting. It closed, but it looked and felt slightly too tight.

Lovehoney red and black underbust corset Twilight Rose waspie from Christmas lingerie range
Worn with the Serpentine Lace Body.

I’m trying to lose a few pounds at the moment and I think when I’m done, the Waspie will fit beautifully. But if you’re thinking of getting one of these and you’re between sizes or unsure, I’d suggest sizing up for this one.

The plastic boning gives the piece structure and holds it in place, while being less rigid and constricting than the steel bones found in true corsetry. Plastic boned pieces are a good in-between if you want a garment that offers gentle support and shaping, but also enjoy being able to breathe and sit down!

The main thing I’m not sure about is the lace trim at the top, which is 1.5″ wide. On the model pictures, this sits neatly against the skin. On me, though, it tended to bunch up and roll down in a way that I found distracting. If I’m going to wear something, I don’t want to be adjusting it all night.

Aesthetic and Sex Appeal

I do like this piece, overall, despite the slight issue with how it sits on me. The black and red colour combination is a winner, the lace and ribbon detailing is pretty in a goth-femme sort of way, and I like the way the wide band nips in my waist.

Interestingly, wearing the Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie feels a little like stepping back into an earlier version of myself. I’ve moved away from goth style in recent years, not because I no longer love it but simply because I am older and tireder and have more sensory issues that tend to nudge me towards greater comfort. Wearing something I’d have swooned over 10 or 15 years ago is bringing back some memories and reminding me what I loved about those fashions in the first place.

I doubt I’d wear the Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie by itself, because I don’t like how my naked breasts look over underbust corsets. I’d likely pair it with a floaty shirt, a suitable bra, or even an unwired bodysuit to give the whole ensemble more shape and structure. It’s quite a versatile piece and works just as well as the centrepiece of an outfit as it does as lingerie.

I think I might be wearing it when I go to The Rocky Horror Show with part of my polycule in a few months’ time…

Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie: Verdict

The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie is a pretty and well-made basque that can function as underwear or outerwear. While the slight issue with the fit and lace trim means I doubt I’ll be wearing it frequently, it’s fun for when I want to let Goth Amy Circa 2008 out to play.

The Twilight Rose Black Lace Waspie retails for a great-value £29.99 ($36.99).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece to review. All views and pictures are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post.

[Clothing Review] Lovehoney Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier Set

Sometimes, I know that an item is going to be a YES for me the moment I take it out of the packaging. The Diva Faux Leather Bustier Set from the Lovehoney Fierce range was one such piece.

Details and First Impressions

The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier Set comes with two pieces: the bustier and a pair of crotchless thong knickers. As with the other Fierce pieces I’ve tried recently, I was immediately impressed by the shiny wet-look material. These pieces are a great alternative if you don’t like the animal origins (or price tag) of leather, or the care and complexity (or sometimes price tag) of latex!

The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier is plastic-boned for light structuring, and has a plunging neckline with lace-up detail. It’s adorned with a floaty lace “skirt” and matching floral lace detail on the bodice. It comes with removable suspenders, so you can wear it by itself or pair it with some sexy stockings. The back piece is semi-transparent mesh, designed to show just a hint of the skin underneath.

Sexy woman in black leather bustier

The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier is just really, really my style. The soft fetish aesthetic of the black faux leather and structured shape, combined with the flirty and femme lace detailing, is exactly my jam. I think it looks sexy as hell, don’t you?

Fit and Comfort

The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier fastens with a row of hooks and eyes up the back. The easiest way to get it on is to put it on backwards and fasten these at the front, then twist it around and pull the shoulder straps up last. (You could also theoretically pull it on over your head, but be careful not to snag the soft mesh or lace if you do that!)

It’s fairly comfortable to wear, as the fabric is soft and the mesh at the back increases the breathability. Definitely a less hot and sweaty option than actual leather!

This bustier set is available in sizes small (UK 6-8) up to 5x (UK 26-28). I wear a size 10/12, and the medium fits me well. The hook and eye fastenings offer three different size options, and the material is quite stretchy, so it will accommodate different bodies within that size range well. The shoulder straps are also adjustable.

Fierce is probably the most big-boob-friendly range Lovehoney have done yet. The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier contains my G-cup chest easily, and enhances my cleavage without making me feel as though I’m about to fall out of it. With no wires and adjustable lacing, this bustier will accommodate a wide range of breast sizes.

The accompanying knickers? Honestly, I just don’t think I like either thongs or crotchless underwear very much. They’re not made for people with pubic hair or for people who don’t like fishing a string out of their butt crack all night long. I’ll probably never wear them again, if I’m honest. Instead, I’ll team the bustier with either some lacy knickers for a night in, or a pair of faux leather trousers and some high boots for a night out.

Versatile and Sexy

The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier sits in that middle ground between clothing and lingerie where it could feasibly be either. I’d wear this in the bedroom with my partner or to a play party, but I’d also wear it for an alternative club night or even as a more risqué Halloween costume.

Just absolutely beautiful. I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this one.

The Fierce Diva Faux Leather Bustier Set retails for £59.99 ($74.99 US).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece to review. Pictures and opinions are mine! Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Clothing Review] Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit

I got my first catsuit not long after I started this blog, and it soon became a bit of a statement piece (alongside, of course, the signature ears). Wearing it to the Eroticon 2018 after-party and enjoying the looks and reactions it got was a particular highlight. So of course, when Lovehoney offered me the Wet Look Catsuit from their Fierce range, part of the Halloween “Come Alive at Night” collection, I simply had to say yes.

Feline Fierce: Wet Look Catsuit

The Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit is made of a super-shiny, stretchy wet-look fabric that catches the light beautifully. It features a collar neck, fastening with bra-style clasps, and a cleavage-displaying cut out section at the front. It is adorned with mesh panels at the hips, which show a glimpse of skin.

The material is soft and comfortable to wear. Though the product page describes the fabric as “breathable”, it’s still skin-tight black fabric and does get very very hot after a while. Bear that in mind if you’re going to be in a very warm environment.

Woman in black shiny wet look catsuit

The Fierce Wet Look Catsuit fastens with a single, long zip that runs from the centre of the chest all the way to the top of the butt. It’s quick and easy to get into – just step into the legs, pull the arms on, and zip up. I found the collar a little difficult to fasten. If you do too, you might want to use a mirror or ask your partner for help.

With a zip pull at each end, you can choose how open or closed you want the front. You can also unzip the back for easier sex access without needing to take the whole thing off.

Black faux leather catsuit wet look

Skin-tight black clothing is typically associated with a dominatrix look. However, I’m much more inclined towards the subby end of the spectrum. Fortunately, clothing can be whatever you make it, and I feel like I can definitely use this piece to tap into aspects of my submissive self.

The playful kitten is one of the submissive archetypes I enjoying embodying. It’s something I’ve felt quite alienated from recently, after a pretty traumatic break-up with the partner who used to call me “Kitten”. But it’s a part of myself that I’m trying to get back in touch with. Slipping into the Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Catsuit, I remembered why I love that role so much. I didn’t know that a catsuit could be one of the tools in the “healing my broken heart” toolkit, but here we are!


I requested a size M, and it fits my size 10/12 body well. If you’re between sizes, I’d recommend going a size down since the Fierce wet look garments are pretty generously stretchy and meant to fit snugly like a second skin.

Sexy woman in black wet look catsuit

Otherwise, the fit was good, and even contained my G-cup boobs without me falling out every time I moved! The only slight fit issue was that the legs were a little long for me. (I’m not that tall, and I have disproportionately short legs and a long torso for my height). Just something to be aware of if you’re on the shorter side.

Perfect for Halloween… or Any Night!

If you’re looking for a sexy Halloween costume, pair the Wet Look Catsuit with a pair of kitty ears or a mask and perhaps a pair of black boots, and you’re good to go. It’s also perfect for pet-play enthusiasts, those looking to add a sex kitten twist to their bedroom or club look, or anyone who loves skintight shiny things but can’t be bothered with the faff of latex (hi, that’s me!)

The Fierce Wet Look Catsuit retails for £44.99 ($54.99 US). UK readers can get 10% off this or any other purchase by using my Lovehoney discount code “coffkink10” at checkout.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece to review. All views and photos, as always, are mine. This post contains affiliate links. Buying through them or using my coupon code helps to keep the blog going.

[Clothing Review] Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Cut-Out Mini Dress

Halloween is coming, which can mean only one thing: spooky kinky parties! (Okay, it also means I can stock up my cat ear collection from the fancy dress aisle in Sainsbury’s…) So naturally, I’m already planning my outfits for some spooktastic adventures at the end of the month. That’s why I was excited to receive a few pieces from Lovehoney’s Come Alive at Night Halloween campaign.

I’ve tried a few pieces from the Fierce wet-look range before, and always found them sexy as hell. This time, it was the turn of the Fierce Wet Look Cut-Out Mini Dress.

First Impressions

I debated whether to categorise this piece as clothing or as lingerie. It’s definitely a dress, but it’s also extremely short – unless you’re maybe 5’2″ or under, this is not going to be something you can wear to an ordinary club or bar unless you want to show everyone your underwear.

Woman with big boobs wearing Lovehoney Fierce wet look cut out mini dress

I was immediately impressed with the shine of the fabric. It’s a stretchy polyester/elastane blend in a luscious deep black that catches the light when you move.

Fit & Comfort

The Fierce Wet Look Cut-Out Mini Dress opens completely at the front and then closes with a zipper up the middle. This makes it easy to get into. Just slip your arms into the sleeves and then zip up. You can choose how far you want to close the zipper, depending on how much skin you want to show off.

The collar closes with bra style clasps with three different settings to choose from, depending on how tight you want it. I found this a little difficult to fasten by myself when I couldn’t see what I was doing. Use a mirror or ask your partner to fasten it for you. Once the neck is fastened, you get a cut-out peephole neckline which is super sexy.

Woman wearing Lovehoney Fierce cut-out mini dress wet look black dress

I got the medium, which fits my current size 10/12 body very well. With these pieces, I’d recommend sizing down rather than up if you’re between sizes, as they’re meant to cling like a second skin. This dress is surprisingly comfortable, since it has no wires and does not pinch or dig in anywhere. The fabric does make you very, very hot after a while, so be aware of that if you’re wearing it in a warm venue like a club.


The Fierce Wet Look Cut-Out Mini Dress is a rare gem for me: a garment that works with my G-cup boobs, rather than fighting against them. It gives me cleavage for days, and I am, here for it!

Woman wearing keyhole neckline dress wet look black PVC cut out mini dress

I feel sexy in a vampy sort of way in this dress. I love the way it enhances the curve of my waist and hips and shows off my shape at its best. I’ll likely pair it with some killer heels, sexy stockings, and the signature ears for a full Halloween look. This range is well-named – it really does make me feel fiercely fabulous!


This range is well-named – it really does make me feel fiercely fabulous! This dress is well-fitting, confidence-boosting, and just sexy as fuck. It’s an absolute yes from me.

The Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Cut-Out Mini Dress retails for £34.99 ($42.99 US), and you can get 10% off your entire order with my code “coffkink10” (enter it at checkout).

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this piece in exchange for an honest review. All views and images are mine. This post contains affiliate links, which help me to keep funding the site!

[Wearable Review] Lovehoney Brand X A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set

[Update 11/03/24: this set and range have been discontinued but I have left the post up for reference.]

It’s rare I find a piece of sexy lingerie I could describe as “reasonably comfy, actually.” It’s also rare I find a piece of sexy lingerie that actually contains my boobs. Finding both of these things in one item? Well, that’s a rarely-seen miracle! The A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set, from Lovehoney’s new Brand X collection, is one such piece.

X Marks the Spot

Brand X is a new line of lingerie and fetishwear from Lovehoney, designed by a team of professional Dominatrixes. The range features 24 lines in a mixture of standard and plus sizes, from harnesses to dresses to body-stockings and more. Everything in the range is black, and made from a combination of wet-look PVC and fishnet.

The A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set from Lovehoneys Brand X range

I received the A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set. This two-piece set contains a longline bra which zips up at the front, and a hair of high-waisted knickers with zip running all the way around.

First Impressions

I loved this set from the moment I took it out of the packaging. The fetish-inspired design and fishnet decoration is just so my style. I’m actually completely in love with this whole range and might need to see if I can get my hands on some more pieces to review for you guys.

The other thing I thought when I opened up this set was “holy shit, my boobs might actually fit in that!”

Read on to find out what I thought when I actually put it on…

Comfort and Fit

Fetishwear is not often associated with comfort, and for good reason. Sky-high heels, stomach-sucking corsets and boob-sculpting underwires are hardly the epitome of cosy.

So I was delightfully surprised by how comtortable the A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set is. The wide elasticated bands and stretchy fabric means it sits comfortably and clings to your body like a glove. As there are no wires or boning, there’s nothing digging in painfully or contorting your body into uncomfortable shapes.

I also really love the easy-on nature of this set. I didn’t even have to unzip anything – I could just pull it on, adjust it into place, and go. This means I’d be likely to wear this set to a date or event where I was planning to play. It’s super easy to take off if necessary for playtime, and then put back on afterwards.

Similarly, the fact that the bra closes at the front is likely to make it more accessible and friendly to those who cannot manage back-fastening garments by themselves. No fiddling with clasps – just zip and go!

The fit, in my experience, is true to size. I wear a size 14 and received the L/XL set, which is recommended for sizes 14-16. It fits pretty much perfectly and, because it has some stretch, accommodates for a range of the bodies that sit within those clothing sizes. The S/M will fit a size 10-12, while the plus size versions cover sizes 18-24.

Finally, joy of joys, my boobs actually fit! I so often find I’m falling out of lingerie that is ostensibly my size, that finding something I don’t have to adjust every 15 seconds is a small miracle.


I feel sexy as fuck when I wear my A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set! I think the idea is that the style is meant to say “Dominatrix,” but you all know that’s a thing I am definitely not. I’m pretty close to exclusively submissive these days. And actually, wearing kinktastic lingerie that makes me feel really sexy helps me tap into that headspace. (See also: the Catsuit of Joy.)

I feel like this set really flatters my curves – by which I do not mean minimises them, but flaunts them unapologetically. The band of the longline bra hits in just the right place to show off the curve of my waist, and the high waisted knickers show off my full hips and my finest feature of all – my fabulous butt.

I especially love the cut out section between the top of the main bra cups and the decorative fishnet panels and straps. Something about this hint of skin, when the rest of the breasts are thoroughly covered, is just unspeakably sexy to me.

The zips also add an extra sizzle of sexiness and potential. You can unzip just a little bit to tease your lover, or they can tie you up and then unzip you…

So do I recommend it?

Oh my goodness, Lovehoney have knocked it out of the park with Brand X! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a team of kinksters would know how to design wonderful fetishwear.

Brand X is sexy as fuck, comfortable enough to actually play in, and will look fabulous on a wide range of bodies.

The A Rider Zip-Up Bra Set retails for a very reasonable £34.99/$42.99. Other pieces in the Brand X range retail from £19.99 up to £39.99.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this set in exchange for an honest review. I’m partnering with them throughout Masturbation Month to bring you sexy content and product reviews! This post features affiliate links. All views, as always, are mine.

Plus-Size Lingerie and Body Love [A Review, of Sorts]

Update 02/03/22: Belle Amour and Rendezvous now been discontinued but you can check out Lovehoney’s extensive and growing plus-size lingerie lines here.

This post contains frank descriptions of body image issues and weight loss (no numbers) and discusses external and internalised fatphobia. Please look after yourselves and skip this one if this is likely to be difficult for you. This one is quite vulnerable for me – please be kind. Thank you.

A pretty curvy woman in the Rendezvous plus-size lingerie set from Lovehoney

I am currently fatter than I have ever been in my life. And I am not, truth be told, okay with this.

To be honest, I feel bad even writing that. I don’t know if I am allowed to complain that I experience fatphobia at this size – where I never have before. Plenty of people who are bigger than me experience far worse. But there we are. These things exist on a spectrum. And many people, from men who might want to fuck me to service staff, treat me noticeably worse now than they did 50lb ago.

A pretty curvy woman in the Belle Amour plus-size lingerie bra set from Lovehoney

Even though I’m frequently attracted to gorgeous babes of all sizes, fat and thin and everywhere in between, I really struggle with seeing my body like this. I have to be in a lot of photos at my day job, and I’ve often ended up going to the loos to have a sneaky cry after seeing a photo of myself. It’s probably fair to say I currently hate my body most of the time.

I’m on a long journey right now of getting back to the weight where I felt good about my body, while also trying to love it as it is on the way. Part of the problem is that a lot of my clothes, and especially a lot of the clothes I used to feel good in, don’t fit me at the moment. This includes all the gorgeous lingerie I’ve accrued in two years of sex blogging. (Small mercies, I can still get into the catsuit of joy, but just barely.)

So when my pals at Lovehoney announced they were launching two new lines of plus-size lingerie, I agreed to try it out. Still at a place of being reluctant to call myself “plus-size,” I nervously selected a couple of pieces and waited for them to arrive. They then sat on the sofa for several days, staring at me. Making me feel guilty for not trying them and scared to try them in equal measure. What if they looked awful? If they didn’t fit? If I ended up just hating my body even more?

Eventually I did try them, when I was alone in the house and there was no-one but me and the mirror to judge me. (Not that my sweethearts would ever negatively judge me, but internalised fatphobia is strong, y’all).

Meet Belle Amour & Rendezvous

Belle Amour and Rendezvous are Lovehoney’s two new lines of plus-size lingerie. Unlike their other offerings, these ranges are exclusive to Plus and cover sizes 18-28 (that’s UK sizes).

“Belle Amour” is a red-themed range (two of the sets also have black accents) which is bright, bold and sexy as hell. The two “Rendezvous” pieces are inspired by fetishwear and characterised by black fabrics, gold studded collar and belt, and fishnet lace. Woof.

The pieces I chose & my experience

I decided to go for one basque and one bra set, to get the best overall sense of the range. I chose the Rendezvous Studded Fishnet Basque and the Belle Amour Longline Bra Set.

When I first got lingerie from Lovehoney, I was really pleasantly surprised at the quality. Unlike what you get from a lot of sex shops and online retailers, this stuff is fantastically made and uses real high-quality materials. These pieces were no exception. The satin looks anything but cheap, and the lace is unbelievably soft.

I tried on the Rendezvous set first. I’m a big fan of fishnet and I love the floral pattern interspersed with the netting – it gives the set a gorgeous kinky/femme edge. The studded belt is my favourite part, though. I love how it accentuates the curve of my waist.

Sexy lingerie, including plus-size lingerie, is not designed for comfort, so I won’t pretend it was the most comfy thing in the world. But the material is soft and non-scratchy enough that I could wear it for a few hours at an event without too much trouble.

I think this one is coming out at the next kink event we go to…

Next up was the Belle Amour set. I was initially less sure about this one. For starters, it shows off my stomach which isn’t a part of my body I am particularly fond of.

But the longer I wore it, the more I loved the shape it gives to my breasts and the way the garter belt hugs the curve of my hips. I also think the long line bra style, which hits just at the top of my waist, is a super flattering cut for me. The whole aesthetic is delightfully femme.

This is definitely the more comfortable of the two – again, I cannot overestimate how soft this lace is!

Now I just need to get me some wonderful stockings to complete the look…!

Some reactions:

I think it’s safe to say the reactions from my partners and sexy friends were overwhelmingly positive.

“Woof!” – anonymous friend

“*heart eyes emoji*” – other anonymous friend

“So ridiculously hot.” – the Artist

*Drags me into the bedroom for immediate sex* – Mr CK

A note on sizing

As ever, femme clothing sizing continues to be a mystery. Lovehoney’s plus-size lingerie comes in three sizes: 18/20, 22/24, and 26/28. However, each basque and bra has three rows of hooks-and-eyes and some stretch, making them adjustable to a reasonable degree.

Regardless of what size I’ve been at, I have always had disproportionately large boobs compared to the rest of my body. I don’t normally do bras so I haven’t had a measurement done in years. But at a guess I’m probably an E or F cup right now. This means I often have to go a size up in tops and anything with a built-in bra.

I requested these pieces in size 18/20. I’m wearing a 16 in most things at the moment, occasionally an 18 on top thanks to the aforementioned tits. However, on the tightest hook setting these pieces fitted like a dream. Even the cups were a perfect size and actually covered my nipples properly! All the straps are adjustable, from the bra straps to the pieces that attach the collar to the basque. The collar, though not adjustable, is stretchy enough that I can pull it over my head so it will fit the vast majority of neck sizes.

The knickers on both pieces were very, very slightly big on me but really nowhere near enough as to be problematic.

Care and Cleaning

Unfortunately, these pieces – as with most sexy lingerie – are hand-wash only. We actually do put them through the washing machine, in a net bag on the most gentle cycle and they’ve been absolutely fine, but your mileage may vary.

The Verdict

I love both of these sets, and these whole ranges! Interestingly, both my partners agreed that the red set was their favourite, but the black feels like more “me” when I wear them. Perhaps I’m just not very used to bright colours! Black feels much more comfortable, much more… safe?

More than anything, I want to emphasise how goddamn sexy I feel in these pieces. I cried when I’d finished trying them. The whole experience reminded me how it feels to love what I see in the mirror. That’s been… a while.

So what now?

Whatever size you are, if you’re struggling with how you see your body, I recommend getting something to wear that you feel absolutely gorgeous in. This might be lingerie or it might not – what makes us feel good is very personal.

This experience has not cured my body-image issues by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not sure that’s entirely possible. Body image is more complex than the availability of plus-size lingerie. We live in a society that hates fat bodies, that encourages women to hate themselves, and that profits off insecurities and imperfections the media has convinced us we have.

But putting on this this gorgeous plus-size lingerie, taking photos and letting my lovers tell me how sexy I am, has reminded me that my body can still be hot and desirable and perfect, exactly as it is right now. And that has to be worth something.

Thanks to Lovehoney for providing me with these pieces to try. As ever, all opinions are my own. If you purchase through my affiliate links, you send a small commission my way at no extra cost to you. Professional product photos are property of Lovehoney and used with permission.

Five Quick Steps to Choosing Your Perfect Lingerie

[Update 01/11/23: this company has closed down. I have removed dead links but left the post up for information.]

Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous, sexy and desirable. And one way to achieve this is through wearing beautiful lingerie. Long-time fans of the blog will know that, until a few months ago, I didn’t think lingerie – in the traditional sense – was for me. I’m a curvy girl with an hourglass shape, currently a bit on the chubby side, with large boobs. My go-to knickers were less “sex kitten” and more “shapeless”. But after being sent some beautiful pieces to review, I realised that lingerie is just as much for me as for anyone. I’ve learned to love wearing it, and feel amazing when I do.

So here’s some top tips I’ve internalised that always help me to choose the perfect piece.

Know your measurements and aim for a perfect fit

If you wear bras, it’s really important to get properly fitted! Wearing something that fits you perfectly will make it look and feel so much better. For corsetry, you’ll need your waist measurement. Sizes vary between brands, of course, so don’t be afraid to go up or down from your usual size if you need to.

Also, all good stores will have a size chart. Pay attention to this, and if in doubt you can always email or phone customer services for help. They want to help you get the perfect piece!

Shop for the occasion

That babydoll might be perfect for wowing your lover in the bedroom, but it won’t work so well under your business suit for secret everyday glamour. Consider where and when you’re going to wear the pieces you’re buying, and shop accordingly. You’ll shop differently if you’re looking for the perfect wedding lingerie than if you’re after a showstopper for a night out at the BDSM club.

And don’t be afraid to ask for advice! Whether online or in person, store staff will be delighted to assist.

Shop smart online

Shopping in person is great if possible, but brick-and-mortar stores aren’t available in all areas and may not carry all lines. I buy the vast majority of my lingerie online and have never had an issue.

Begin by simply browsing catalogues for inspiration. Of course, looking at a picture doesn’t tell you how something will look or feel on you, but knowing what you’re drawn to is a great start. Bookmark the pieces you like and come back to them later with fresh eyes before you make your choice. Reputable shops will also have a solid and transparent returns policy so if something doesn’t fit right or doesn’t quite work for you, you can swap it for something that will.

But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

Don’t discount trying something that you would never normally choose! Pick up something risque, daring or different, or even just try a colour that you wouldn’t usually go for. You might surprise yourself!

Try this fun game: ask your partner, friend or personal shopper to pick something out for you, and try it on – whatever it is. You never know what you might discover.

Seek a second opinion

Taking a partner or lover with you to a store, or browsing online catalogues together, can make for a wonderfully sexy shopping experience! I love trying on pieces that make me feel a million dollars and then showing them to my partner and watching his expression change. If you’re single, shopping with a trusted friend is also a fun option.

You could even consider a private shopping experience. Baby Jane Lingerie offer a personal shopping VIP experience where you have a staff member’s undivided attention as they help you find the perfect look for you in a no-pressure, body-positive environment.

This week: tweet or comment and tell me about your favourite lingerie!

The Baby Jane Lingerie logo for a sponsored post

This post was kindly sponsored by Baby Jane Lingerie, a women-owned store who are committed to helping you find the perfect lingerie. Check out their extensive lines for all bodies and all occasions. All opinions, as ever, my own.

[Wearable Review] Oscuro Black Stretch PVC Catsuit

[Update 01/11/23: this product has been discontinued. I have removed dead links and left this post up for information.]

I have very little body confidence, and I am also a #LazyFemme. Hardly the target demographic for a skin-tight, everything-on-display catsuit! Even so, for some reason, when I saw this baby at the Latex, Leather and Lace opening I just went “oooh, yes, want!” Because they are supremely lovely, and I know how to flutter my eyelashes, the lovely

I slipped out of my jeans and into the catsuit in the swanky new changing room, and I don’t think I have ever gone from “casual, slightly scruffy” to “holy shit I am hot” so quickly in my entire life. It did help, of course, that when I emerged from the changing room, at least three women had to pick their jaws up off the floor at how fabulous this thing makes my tits look. (My boobs are already like a 12/10, not gonna lie, but they get at least 50% more fabulous when encased in skintight PVC.)

With a high collared neck and long sleeves, this suit is made from 4-way stretch PVC, and therefore is super comfy to wear. Zips in strategic places make it easy to loosen or tighten where you like, as well as allowing for essential things like peeing or getting fucked without taking the whole suit off! It comes in sizes from Small (UK 10) to 2XL (UK 18.)

My Ratings (all scores out of 5★)

Price: ★★★★
The Oscuro catsuit retails at £64.99 from Latex, Leather and Lace. It’s definitely not a cheap item, but is a good reasonable option for someone who wants a catsuit but doesn’t want to pay the much higher pricetag for latex or leather.

Appearance: ★★★★★
Mmmmffff. Yessssss. I love how this thing looks, and how I look in it. It’s sexy as hell. I like pairing it with some killer black heeled boots for instant Dominatrix vibes, or with my kitty ears and a tail or more of a submissive kitten look.

Materials: ★★★★
It’s made of 4 way stretch PVC with a lycra backing. This makes it super comfy – it hugs your curves but also allows for relatively free and unrestricted movement. A great option for wearing all night. Though if you’re intending to dance or play or fuck the night away, be warned that it does get Extremely Hot after a while.

Fit: ★★★★
The sizes seem to run fairly true to whatever semblance of “standard sizing” we have for women’s clothing. I wear a 12 and the medium fits me really nicely. It’s a little tight over my 36DD boobs, but just on the edge between “epic cleavage” and “actually so tight it’s uncomfortable”- however, if you have a large bust you might want to try before buying or even consider going a size up. I’m about 5’5″ and have short legs relative to my torso, and the legs on this run quite long. Shorter folks or those with short legs: you’ll probably want to wear heels with this or you’ll be tripping over the ends.

Overall Score: ★★★★
A real winner. I love it! Can’t wait to wear it to the club. (And I’ve promised my friends Jo and Jess that it’ll make an appearance at Eroticon, too!)

Thanks to the lovely folks at Latex, Leather and Lace for giving me this product to review! All views are my own.