Masturbation Monday: “Blue Dress”

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A girl in a blue dress from the back, for a Masturbation Monday post about fucking after a wedding“No, keep your dress on.”

The order is sharp. His voice is low – our hosts are asleep in just the next room, after all – but there’s no mistaking the do-as-you’re-told, no-arguments tone. I pause from unzipping the side of my blue silk dress.

“Bend over the bed and keep quiet.”

I lean over the bed, my face buried in the duvet, the wooden frame digging in to the front of my thighs. He lifts the hem of my dress, flipping it up over my back, and runs a hand over my ass. He saw me put on the red knickers I know he likes this morning, and I’m sure he’s been thinking about them ever since as we’ve been terribly well behaved at the family wedding. He’s pulling them down until they sit around my ankles. I’m still wearing my sparkly dancing shoes, and my hair is still somehow, unbelievably, tamed into the impossible style that took the miracle-worker at the salon an hour and a half this morning.

I’m not really completely ready for him when he starts to push his hard cock into me. I wasn’t expecting this and we didn’t bring lube with us. But the humiliating position and the feeling of him fucking me with my dress still on are getting to me. It hurts just a little bit, but I like that. My gasp spurs him on and he buries the full length of his cock in me.

“Keep quiet,” he tells me. I bite my lip and bury my face further into the bed. The sensation of being used is unbearably erotic and I can already feel myself edging closer to orgasm. Perhaps he can feel my telltale spasms, because he says, “come for me. Just do it quietly.” The order is enough to push me over the edge and I come hard around his cock. In response, he thrusts harder.

When I come a second time, it pushes him over the edge too. He releases into me with a low groan.

My beautiful hairstyle is ruined, my makeup smudged and my best knickers stained with his come. The perfect end to the night.

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Masturbation Monday: “Vanilla”

I don’t often write about vanilla sex. Let’s see how this goes…

A women wearing black knickers straddling a nude man, for a Masturbation Monday post about vanilla sexSometimes I don’t need pain. Sometimes I don’t need a hand on my throat, threats whispered in my ear, or to be called the kinds of horrible names that make me drip. I love all those things, of course. But sometimes, I don’t need an imbalance of power between us.

Sometimes all I want is your lips on mine. In these moments, all it takes to make me gasp and tremble is the softest stroke of a hand across the small of my back. All it takes to send me soaring is the grounding, anchoring reality of the feel of your skin, the smell of your body spray, the desire blossoming out from the point where our tongues meet and entwine.

I grind my cunt against your thigh, a gesture that says, I am yours. My hands circle your hips and pull you closer, a gesture that says, you are mine. When you push your cock inside of me, it’s because we have reached the silent understanding that we can no longer bear to have a breath of space between us. My body takes you in, warm, inviting, holding you tightly at the point where we meet. You swallow my gasp, which escapes unbidden as you touch that place deep inside me that needs you so much. I am undone. Lost. When I pull back from your lips long enough to look into your face, your eyes wear that expression, the one where you communicate your love without saying a word.

I kiss you as though I will drown. I kiss you as though we are the only two people in the world. Because for right now, we are. Here and now, you are everything. You fuck me as though making me come is the only thing that matters.

Sometimes, afterwards, I cry. Not because I am unhappy; no. But because this intimacy cracks me open, exposing every vulnerability and every place that is scared and small and hurts. Making love to you pulls me apart and puts me back together, a little more whole than before.

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Masturbation Monday: “Rope Space”

A black and white shot of a person's hands bound with rope behind their back.He pulls your hands behind your back.

I laze on the bed while he slowly ties you up. To start with, I ask you questions. Does this pinch? Does that hurt? How do your hands feel? Any numbness or tingling? It is my job – well, ours – to take care of you as you willingly make yourself helpless.

He wraps the rope under and then over your bust, framing your gorgeous breasts. I want to bite your cute little nipples, but I mustn’t get in the way as he turns you into a piece of human art.

“The thing I love the most about rope,” I tell you, “is the smell“. I grab a fresh coil of jute from the pile on the bed and hold it out for you to sniff. The sigh that escapes your lips tells me that you get it, too.

He pulls the wraps tighter, cinches them in place with a twist just under your arm.

Your breathing is a little faster. You’re no longer forming sentences. Your eyes have changed. I recognise this – this slipping away of coherent thought as you let yourself surrender. It’s happened to me, too. Hundreds of times, his hands and his ropes have reduced me to putty. And now it’s happening to you in front of me. But I’m not jealous, nor even envious. No. It is a profound privilege to watch my lover introduce you to this bliss I know so well.

He instructs you to kneel on the bed and pushes you down onto your front.

Rope circles your left ankle. I stroke your hair. Grasp a handful of it and tug. Tell you you’re a good girl and breathe in the scent of your arousal, which surely must be dripping onto the sheet beneath you by now.

He binds your leg in on itself. The right leg follows. I go to ask you if you’re still okay, but the little smile and half-closed eyes tells me all I need to know.

He pulls your legs up and fastens them together, then to the back of your chest harness. You whimper softly. I squeeze your hand, tell you again how good you are.

He moves back to admire his handiwork. You, transformed into art on our bed. You are beautifully helpless and helplessly beautiful. Our willing toy. And I know we have only just begun all the ways in which we will play with you before the night is over.

Today’s Masturbation Monday is a true story! All thanks go to Mr CK and the gorgeous girl who lived this with me and gave me all the rope-feelz I’ve been experiencing this week. Masturbation Monday is created and run by Kayla Lords. Click the logo to see what others are getting off to this week. If you enjoyed this piece, please consider supporting me on Patreon (where you’ll get #BonusSmut every Tuesday!) or buying me a coffee. 


A clearning in a wood with a tree and carpeted with bluebells

When I kiss him in just that way, he knows what I want.

He manoeuvres me, lips still locked to mine, until my back is against the tree. The woods, carpeted in early May bluebells, are quiet; we haven’t seen another soul all afternoon. Pressing his body close to mine, he kisses me harder as his hands go to my breasts, fingers manipulating my hard nipples.

He unbuttons my jeans, fingers slipping inside and into my knickers. When they reach my pubic hair, I gasp and part my legs further. When they touch my cunt, I am already dripping. He pushes a finger inside, then two.

“Take your jeans down.”
“I said take them down.”

I glace around me, paranoid suddenly that we could be being watched, and do as he says. Jeans and knickers around my ankles, he pushes another finger into my willing cunt and fucks me hard with his three digits. I try to keep my noise to a minimum, but I cannot suppress my cry of pleasure as I feel the first orgasm building, building…

‘I’m coming…’ I gasp as I explode on his hand. He responds by pounding my cunt harder and harder with his fingers, forcing a second and third orgasm from me so quickly that my legs buckle. I grab a branch to help keep me on my feet.

He withdraws his hand. ‘Turn around and bend over,’ he says.
‘But someone could see…’
‘There’s no-one here. Turn around. Bend over.’

I obey, bracing myself against the tree as I offer my ass and cunt to him. He adjusts me until I’m at the right angle, and his cock slips easily inside. Fingering me, watching me come, always gets him so hard.

‘You’d like it if someone was watching, wouldn’t you?’ he asks. In response, my cunt clenches, tightening around his cock as I start to come again. ‘Did I just feel you come? Are you such a slut that the thought of someone watching you get pounded in the woods makes you come?’

He knows damn well I am exactly that much of a slut. I respond by pushing back onto his cock, asking him to fuck me harder. God, I love his cock. The thought pushes me over into another orgasm.

He pulls out of me. ‘Turn around and get on your knees,’ he says. ‘Clean your mess off my cock.’

I kneel, feeling the soft forest floor on my bare legs, and take his full length into my mouth at once. He’s still hard as I lick and suck my juices from his cock, tasting my own excitement and the several orgasms he’s given me in the last few minutes.

‘You know,’ he murmurs as I stand to kiss him, ‘I think there is someone watching us over there…’

Note: There was emphatically NOT anyone watching. We were completely alone in a secluded area. Imposing displays of sexuality on people who haven’t consented isn’t cool.

The image in this post was taken by me and I own the copyright. It must not be reproduced or copied without express permission.

Not Taking It Up the Ass Ruined My Marriage, and Five Other Stories About Anal Sex

Note the first: CN for true stories of dubious consent, sexual pressure, cheating, unpleasant early sexual experiences.

Note the second: For outside-of-UK readers: 16 is the legal age of consent in my country.

Note the third: If you want the hot ones, skip to #5 and #6.

Forgive the clickbaity title – inspiration for this piece came from a conversation with Exhibit A in which I said that sentence and I decided it was the perfect intro to the post about anal that I’ve been wanting to write for quite a while.

Three butt plugs, one black silicone, one glass and one gold-coloured metal, sitting on a hardwood floor. For post about anal sex.


I am fifteen and a virgin. My first boyfriend doesn’t want to take my Technical Virginity and comes up with the Amazing Idea that we should do anal – that way, he gets his end away while my “purity” (that’s a rant for another post) remains intact. Exactly what I am supposed to get out of this arrangement remains unclear. I refuse, but his obsession with my butt doesn’t cease until…


…I am sixteen and the same boyfriend has taken my Technical Virginity but is still heavily into the idea of doing anal, which does not appeal to me At All. One night, I realise I forgot my birth control pill – my boyfriend hates condoms, so this means we can’t have P-in-V sex. To make it up to him, I agree to try anal. We make it to two fingers. It hurts. We try the head of a cock. It REALLY hurts. I cry and we stop and I let him have unprotected vaginal sex with me. The next morning I realise I’m a fucking idiot, and I panic inside until my period arrives. We don’t do anal again until…


…I am nineteen. I’m now engaged to Mr Virgin Fetish, and we’ve opened up our relationship. I am occasionally playing with a much older Dom guy. MODG wants me to try an anal plug. So, somewhat nervously, I agree. He goes slowly and uses a lot of lube and does all the right things but the damn thing is Just Too Big. Determined to please, I push myself to take it all. I don’t like it and say I’m not going to do it again. BS&VO Boy is delighted – if I can take one little plug I can take his dick now, right!? My fear of having to do anal sex I don’t want is a major contributing factor, among others, to the time we don’t have sex for six months. Until…


…I am twenty and I catch him cheating, which makes No Fucking Sense in a polyamorous relationship. It has been going on for six months. A day after he lets it slip, he’s telling me that his new girlfriend is better than me. When I ask why, he rattles off a list. Amongs the reasons: she’s thinner, she needs him more than I do, and she’ll do sex acts I won’t do, anal chief amongst them. I’ve been replaced. I hang up the phone, sell my engagement ring, remove every trace of myself from his house, and try to pick up the pieces of my life. For a long time, I tell myself that my not taking it up the ass might have ruined my marriage before it started. I write anal off as a hard limit, until…


…I am twenty four. We’ve been in love for quite a while but, for the first time, the man who will become Mr CK is in my bed. Our cyber-and-phone-sex explorations over the preceding weeks have awakened thoughts I never thought I’d have again. I want his fingers, his toys, his cock in my ass. I tell him I want to try it. This first time, all he does is lube up one finger and slowly, slowly, slowly slide it in. He holds my hand, reminds me to breathe through the initial pain, tells me I’m amazing. With his finger in my ass, I rub my clit and am quickly brought to an incredible orgasm. We experiment with fingers and small toys a few times, but I am nervous to try anything bigger (like his definitely above-average cock.) Until…


…Last year. We are at one of our favourite kink clubs, locked away upstairs in one of the private play rooms. He throws me down on the massage-table-cum-bed. He tells me he’s going to fuck my ass. There’s no softness this time. He wants me and he is going to take me, but only because he knows – because I have told him – that this is what I really want. I want to be ravished, to be used, to be his anal slut. His cock slides into my ass, an inch at a time, until he’s buried deep in me. And then he’s fucking me hard. I’m not getting any stimulation to my cunt or clit, but I can feel something building within me. I realise a moment before it happens that I am going to come. My ass clenches around him as my muscles spasm in my first anal-only orgasm. Watching me get off this way tips him over the edge too and he tenses, moans, and I feel him come in my ass.

Afterwards, we cuddle. I say, ‘hey, remember when I thought I didn’t like anal sex?’ Turns out all it takes is love, trust, patience, lots of lube and no pressure.

The picture featured in this post was taken by me. I own the copyright and it must not be copied or reproduced without express permission.