[Kink Product Review] Liebe Seele Dark Candy Vegan Leather Pink Collar and Leash Set

When you think of BDSM and kink, what colour palette do you think of? Chances are you’re imagining black, right? Maybe touches of red or purple? But that aesthetic isn’t for everyone. What if you want your kink to be pretty and pastel, to have a look that’s light and playful or just plain fun? Fortunately there are now more options than ever for kinksters of all tastes, from custom BDSM collars and impact toys to beautiful basics in an array of colours and styles, like this pink collar and leash set in vegan leather from Liebe Seele.

Dark Candy Pink Collar & Leash Set

Liebe Seele Dark Candy Pink Collar and Leash Set
Image: Liebe Seele

Dark Candy is a new range from Japanese brand Liebe Seele (which means “dear soul” in German, by the way.) The Dark Candy range consists of various pieces of BDSM gear including cuffs, blindfolds, collars, gags, and impact toys, all in black or pink faux leather. I received the pink collar and leash set.

This set consists of two pieces, both made from organosilicon faux leather (more on that in a minute) with nickel-free metal hardware. The collar is fully adjustable to fit all neck sizes from 30.5 up to 44.5cm. The leash can be attached or detached from the collar using the clip and the central O-ring.

Vegan Faux Leather

The Dark Candy collar and leash set, like everything else in this range, is made from Organosilicon PU, a vegan-friendly alternative to leather that mimics the look and feel of the real thing.

Many vegan leather alternatives, including traditional polyurethane, are controversial due to their negative environmental impacts. Organosilicon is an alternative that, according to some sources, is far more environmentally friendly. I’m not quite prepared to declare it totally eco-friendly because few of the sources I could find for this claim could be called unbiased. But, if you’re looking for an animal-free alternative to leather that is less problematic than traditional PU or plastic leathers, organosilicon may be worthy of consideration.

Organosilicon leather is also able to withstand both hot and damp conditions better than animal or plastic leathers. This makes it a practical choice if you’re looking for a hardwearing regular-use collar.

Look, Feel & Function

I really like both the look and feel of this collar.

The light dusky pink is pretty and femme. I’d wear it as a finishing touch to a cute and pastel fetish look or to add a fun and unexpected pop of colour to an all-black outfit.

It appears well-made, with neat and sturdy stitching and robust-feeling hardware. It feels like you could comfortably give it a good tug without doing any damage (carefully. Necks are delicate.)

Most importantly, this collar is so, so soft! This is really important to me from a comfort perspective; my particular flavour of neurospiciness makes me highly sensitive to sensations and textures, and uncomfortable fabrics and sensations against my skin can be utterly unbearable.

The downside of vegan leathers is that they do not “breathe” in the same way as animal leathers. This means that my neck does get quite sweaty when I wear this collar for a while. If you’re wearing a collar made of a fabric like this, I’d recommend taking it off every few hours to give your skin chance to breathe.

The Dark Candy pink collar and leash set retails for a budget-friendly £33. You can also enjoy 15% off sitewide using my links and entering code Amy15 at checkout.

Thanks to Liebe Seele for sending me the Dark Candy Pink Collar and Leash Set to review. All views, as always, are mine. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Better Sex Products Review] For Play Couples’ Chocolate

Whenever I encounter a sex-related thing I haven’t tried before, I immediately want to try it (and tell my readers all about it, obviously.) That’s why, when For Play Couples’ Chocolate came across my social feed recently, I immediately fired off an email to founder Victoria to enquire about featuring them on my blog.

She was kind enough to send me some samples of her company’s products to try. We decided to publish this review today in celebration of World Chocolate Day.

Sex and chocolate are, after all, two of life’s greatest pleasures.

So What is For Play Chocolate?

For Play Couples' Chocolate

For Play Chocolate came about when Victoria – a former CMO with an MBA – began to research the issue of sustaining intimacy in a long-term relationship. Drawing on research from an array of experts including Dr Karen Gurney and Emily Nagoski, PhD, she decided to create a product to “remind couples to make time for intimacy and play.”

Known variously as couples’ chocolate, sex chocolate, horny chocolate, and aphrodisiac chocolate, For Play Chocolate kits are designed to help couples to connect, get in the mood for romance, and enjoy greater levels of intimacy.

Each box of For Play Chocolates comes with six chocolates (three for each partner) and six “Play Cards”. The cards offer suggestions for erotic experiences to try, from taking a sexy shower together to experimenting with food play. There are also question prompts you can use to help you connect, reflect, and learn more about each other and your relationship.

The chocolates are labelled “His” and “Hers”, and there are boxes available for same-gender or different-gender couples. I’d love to see a non-binary or genderless version added to the range in the future, if possible.

They come beautifully packaged in sleek and stylish boxes in either pink, purple, or green. The chocolates themselves are beautiful, too, decorated with pink and bronze edible shimmer. The overall first impression is of luxury and high quality.

For Play’s products are vegan and made using ethically sourced 62% Ecuadorian dark chocolate. Their supplier is Original Beans chocolate, rated as a leading company by Chocolate Scorecard for environmental, sustainability, and labour practices.

How Does It Work?

For Play’s chocolate is super delicious, combining the sweet-bitter combo of quality dark chocolate with the infusion of subtle, natural botanical flavours. It melts smoothly in the mouth and the popping candy leaves a fun tingling sensation in its wake.

But how does it work?

Mr C&K had a long chat about this when we sampled our chocolates, and we came to the conclusion that this product works in two main ways. I’m going to call them “direct” and “indirect.”

The Direct Effects: The Science Bit

The direct way that For Play Chocolate works is through its botanical and adaptogenic ingredients. To understand this better, we need to delve into the science a little bit.

An aphrodisiac, in the most basic sense, is “a food or drug that arouses sexual instinct, brings on desire, or increases sexual pleasure or performance” (Healthline.) Numerous foods, from oysters to strawberries and even hot chilli peppers, have been alleged to be aphrodisiacs throughout history.

Another common food thought to have aphrodisiac properties? Dark chocolate.

Little to no concrete scientific evidence directly links most common aphrodisiac foods to an increase in sexual desire. However, this doesn’t mean there is nothing to the concept at all. Experts have attempted to explain aphrodisiacs’ apparent benefits through various means, from simple placebo to the sensual pleasure of consuming delicious things, the “luxury” status that society affords some of these foods, and the impact on bodily functions that play a role in sexual activity and desire (such as blood flow and dopamine release.)

Some foods and edible compounds, therefore, may play a role in sexual functioning in various ways. Let’s look at the active ingredients in For Play’s couples’ chocolate and what the research has to say about them.

Dark Chocolate

Cacao pods

Dark chocolate is rich in both antioxidants and caffeine, both of which can improve blood flow. It also contains L-arginine, which may enhance sexual responsiveness. A 2021 systematic review suggested that “l-arginine, as part of a combination product, may be considered for the treatment of women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, regardless of age.” (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD is, broadly, a lack of sexual desire or very low desire that causes distress or negatively impacts your life.) Consuming chocolate also triggers the release of chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine, which are associated with feelings of happiness and wellbeing.


Maca powder

Maca, which comes from the Peruvian maca root plant, has long been thought to boost fertility and sex drive. One 2002 study indicated an improvement in self-perception of sexual desire in men after 8 weeks of maca use. Another pilot investigation also indicated that treatment with maca extract increased sexual desire amongst male athletes. Maca is only in For Play’s “For Him” chocolates, as there is currently more evidence for its effectiveness in (cis) men.



Ashwagandha is a herb that originated in India and has been utilised in various ways for centuries. A 2015 pilot study showed that ashwagandha root extract could improve sexual functioning in otherwise healthy cis women. Another 2022 study indicated that treatment with ashwagandha provided a “statistically significant improvement” in sexual functioning amongst women with HSDD. Ashwagandha is in For Play’s “For Her” chocolates.


Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek, a clover-like herb that belongs to the pea family, finds use in both cooking and herbal medicines. One study found that “Sexual function analysis for all women… found that treatment with fenugreek resulted in reported increases in sexual arousal and desire in women” (Tester, 2015.) Another double-blinded and placebo-controlled 2021 study found that fenugreek “offered significant beneficial effects to sexual problems” amongst its female participants.

Korean ginseng


Ginseng is a vasodilator, or something that opens the blood vessels. By increasing blood flow in this way, it can have sexual benefits such as helping with erectile dysfunction. A small 2002 study and a 2008 systematic review found “suggestive evidence for the effectiveness of red ginseng in treating ED.” Likewise, a placebo-controlled double blind 2010 study found that “Oral administration of KRG extracts improved sexual arousal in menopausal women.”

In a Nutshell…

A product like For Play Chocolate is a helping hand, not a magic bullet. If you’re stressed out, angry at your partner, or suffering from the sexual side effects of health problems or medication, it isn’t going to magically override all that and make you horny. No food or substance can, because human sexuality is way more complicated than that.

What its ingredients can do, though, is give your body a natural nudge in the right direction. Combined with creating the right conditions for pleasure and intimacy – which we’ll discuss more in the next section – these adaptogenic ingredients can work with your body to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

For Play notes that you should seek medical advice before using their products if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any medications. And, of course, you should avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.

The Indirect Effects: Finding New Ways to Stay Connected

For Play Couples' Chocolate

The indirect way that For Play Chocolate works is all about creating the time, space, and physical and emotional context for greater intimacy in your relationship.

Sex, after all, is mental at least as much as physical. In her life-changing book Come As You Are, Emily Nagoski writes extensively about the devastating impact that life stress, mental health challenges, lack of trust, lack of emotional safety, and feelings of pressure can have on sexual desire. To connect better with our partners and ourselves, we need to reduce stress, feel safe and seen, and make space for desire and pleasure.

Staying connected and keeping intimacy, passion, and sex going in a long-term relationship can be challenging. New relationship energy (NRE) naturally fades over time into the more comfortable, cosy warmth of long-term love. This is particularly true when you’re married or nested, your lives are very entangled, or you’re raising children together.

It is important for couples to set time aside to focus on each other and their relationship. Exploration, adventure, and trying new things can all help to keep the spark of novelty alive. With those things and a little effort, the long haul can be where the really good stuff is. There’s nothing like completely knowing someone and them knowing you inside and out, and choosing each other every day.

Using a product like For Play Couples’ Chocolate can help you to create that all-important time together. It can facilitate the conditions needed for intimacy of all kinds – including sexual, physical, and emotional – to flourish.

For Play Couples’ Chocolate is really a date night in a box. You get to set aside dedicated time for your relationship, enjoy some tasty treats together, and explore new ways of connecting. There are even some suggested Spotify playlists to help set the mood.

I found the question cards particularly great for this aspect of the experience. The question prompts sparked some interesting discussions and also plenty of laughter. Even seemingly simple questions (“What does intimacy mean to you?” was my favourite) can get you thinking and talking about things in a different way.


For Play Couples' Chocolate

I really enjoyed this product, which is far more than just a gimmick. A lot of thought and care has gone into the formulation and creation of For Play’s kits. The quality of the chocolate, ethical credentials, and beautiful presentation really elevates them, too.

For Play Chocolates retail for £28 per kit. That’s less than you’d pay for a meal in a mid-range restaurant or about what you’d pay for a couple of drinks in a nice bar. Since you only need one chocolate each time, you’ll get three experiences out of one box. And, of course, you can continue to use the cards for as long as you like.

A thoughtful (and tasty) romantic gift or a cute way to set aside a little “us time” with your partner. There’s also a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with your purchase.

Shop For Play Couples’ Chocolate here.

Thanks to For Play Chocolate for sending me this product to test and sponsoring this review. All views are, as always, mine. Professional product images by For Play and reproduced here with permission.

[Lube Review] Simply Aqua Water-Based Lubricant

Choosing lube should not be as much of a minefield as it is. Many lubricants still contain numerous toxic or otherwise harmful ingredients such as parabens, propylene glycol, glycerine, benzocaine, and petroleum-derived ingredients. And, of course, sex toy and lube safety do not feature in any sex ed curriculum that I know of.

I’m very choosy about lube, mostly to protect my vaginal health. I’ve had too many experiences of reaching for some random bottle of lube at a sex party or on a lover’s bedside table only to have to go and rapidly wash it off due to an adverse reaction to some ingredient or other.

At the current time, there are three brands of water-based lube I reach for on a regular basis: Sliquid, Wylde One, and Bloomi. I rotate others in occasionally (such as my fave CBD-infused lube and a silicone-based one I like when I’m not using silicone toys), but those three are my staples. When I go to play parties or on sex dates, I bring my own. As I said, I’m picky.

So did Simply Aqua water-based lube by Wicked Sensual Care meet my admittedly exacting lube standards?

Simply Aqua Water-Based Lube: What’s In It?

Woman's hand holding a bottle of Simply Aqua water-based lube

When I’m considering trying a new lube, the first place I go is to the ingredients list. The second place I go is to the internet to research any ingredients I’m not familiar with.

So what’s in Simply Aqua water-based lube?

  • Water
  • Propanediol (corn): the various sources I read tell me that this is an alternative to propylene glycol that is functionally virtually the same, with the key difference that it is derived from corn and its production is less environmentally damaging. However, it still seems to have basically the same effects in the body. These ingredients raise osmolality, which can cause dryness, irritation, and may increase the risk of yeast infections in people with vaginas. According to a fantastic in-depth post by fellow blogger Phallophile Reviews, many lubes – including this one – have an osmolality over the safe limit recommended by the World Health Organisation.
  • Cellulose gum (cotton seed): a safe plant-derived thickening agent.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose (tree bark): a plant-derived gelling and thickening agent. Lubes with this ingredient can be a good choice for people trying to conceive as it does not hinder sperm motility.
  • Disodium EDTA: a stabilising agent that numerous sources sources mark as an ingredient of concern. It is a penetration enhancer, which means it facilitates the absorption of various compounds through mucus membrances (such as the vagina or anus.) It can also cause irritation.
  • Olea Europaea (olive) leaf extract: a safe ingredient that is rich in antioxidants and may have positive benefits for the skin.
  • Stevia Rebaudiana leaf/stem extract: a common plant-derived sweetener that is not a sugar and will not have the negative effects of sugars on the genitals. It may also have some skincare benefits when used topically.
  • Citric acid: this is commonly used in lube to balance the pH to more accurately mimic the body’s. It is also a preservative. Some sources say to be wary of this ingredient, while others say it is likely harmless in the tiny quantities that appear in lubricants.
  • Sodium benzoate: a food-grade preservative that is likely harmless in the small quantities used in lube.
  • Potassium sorbate: Another food-safe preservative which can be an irritant in higher concentrations but is likely used in such trace amounts here as to be harmless.

Yeah, it’s not looking too good for this lube. The natural ingredients with beneficial properties, such as the stevia and olive extracts, are positives. However, the use of propanediol and disodium EDTA give me serious pause.

Wicked Simply Aqua is suitable for vegans and certified cruelty-free. It is also pH balanced for vaginal use.

Sensory Properties & Performance In Use

It’s a real shame about Simply Aqua’s couple of questionable ingredients, because I actually really liked its sensory profile and performance. It has a nice medium-thin consistency, flows well, and a little goes a long way. It is also non-sticky, doesn’t leave a tacky residue behind, and won’t stain your sheets.

Its scent is mild and only really noticeable if I have my nose very close to the product. What scent there is, I can best describe as tangy and mildly citrussy. Its taste is surprisingly sweet, which I imagine is due to the stevia.

It feels nice, lasts well (for a water-based product, which will always need reapplying eventually), and works well with my body’s natural lubrication.


Sadly I cannot recommend this one.

Despite its nice sensory properties and solid performance, the ingredients are too problematic. Of course, your acceptable risk profile may be different from mine. As always, I’m only giving you my personal opinion and experience. And this time, my opinion is that there are plenty of better, body-friendlier lubes out there that you should buy instead. Try:

Wicked Simply Aqua retails for $14.99 for a 4oz (120ml) bottle.

Thanks to Babeland for sending me this product to review. All views are, as always, mine! Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Cosmetics Review] Eye of Love After Dark & One Love Pheromone Perfumes

A year ago, I’d never heard of pheromone perfumes. Now, suddenly, they seem to be absolutely everywhere. The hashtag #pheromoneperfume has been used over 33,000 times on TikTok and 57,000 times on Instagram at the time of writing this post. In my last Eye of Love review, I tried out the Red Diamond and Black Diamond scents. This week, I also received the Eye of Love After Dark and One Love pheromone perfumes to try out.

What is Pheromone Perfume?

Pheromones are chemical substances that some animals secrete in bodily fluids (such as sweat and urine) and which play a role in attracting a mate. Some believe that much the same is true for humans though, as we’ll cover in the next section, this is far from conclusive.

The thinking behind pheromone perfume, then, is that by applying synthetic pheromones to our bodies we can become more attractive to members of the gender(s) we’re attracted to. Eye of Love has created a range of scents based on this premise, including these two from the company’s Classic Collection.

All Eye of Love pheromone perfumes are certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Does Pheromone Perfume Actually Work?

Anecdotally, a lot of fans seem to believe that pheromone perfumes work. Service staff report getting better tips, single people say they’ve been hit on more often while wearing the perfume, and some users simply describe a sense of people being unusually nice to them.

But why is that?

The science for pheromone perfumes having a direct impact on attraction just isn’t there. But even more than that, there’s actually still uncertainty about whether or not humans even have pheromones (or, if we do, if they have any impact on attracting a partner in the same way they do for some animals.)

In my last Eye of Love review, I delved into some of the relevant science relating to pheromone perfumes. I recommend having a read, because it’s interesting stuff – I certainly learned a lot in writing it!

In short, spraying some perfume on isn’t going to make you irresistible to members of your preferred gender(s.) But that doesn’t mean the perfume is useless. Here are a few things that might happen:

  • If you believe in the effects of the perfume, you might carry yourself with more confidence. This means you’ll project the open, flirtatious vibe of a person who knows they’re desirable and wants to be approached. In other words, it’s a simple placebo effect in action.
  • Wearing a scent that makes you feel sexy can, likewise, help you project sexiness outwardly.
  • Scent can be incredibly erotic, so wearing a nice perfume can itself increase people’s attraction to you.
  • Other ingredients in the perfumes might be having a positive impact on your mood. For example, some plant compounds and essential oils are associated with calmness and relaxation. This can make you come across as more open, welcoming, and approachable.
  • Confirmation bias. In other words, you expect to be more attractive wearing the perfume, so you notice attention from others more than you normally would (even if the actual type or amount of attention you’re receiving hasn’t changed.)

In other words, go in with realistic expectations.

Did Pheromone Perfumes Work for Me?

Personally, I don’t believe pheromone perfumes are going to help me meet the woman of my dreams (which is probably good because right now I’m so not ready that I wouldn’t know what to do even if she fell right in my lap, but that’s neither here nor there.)

What I do believe in, though, is using cosmetics – including perfumes – to feel more like myself, evoke the kind of mood I want to project, and boost my confidence. I find scent powerful, and I do feel myself walking a little taller and smiling a little more when I know my makeup looks good and I smell nice.

There’s even something a little bit magical in spraying on something from a bottle labelled “attract her.” The perfume probably won’t, in itself, attract her (whoever she is)… but maybe, when the time is right, I can?

Eye of Love “After Dark”

Eye of Love After Dark and One Love pheromone perfumes in boxes

With all of that said, let’s look at the two fragrances Eye of Love sent me. Eye of Love After Dark is described by the company as:

Sharp. Sexy. Bold. Want your evening to end with more than just a kiss? After Dark is the perfect scent to accompany you on a nighttime tryst or bring the passion back to life with your partner.

Eye of Love

After Dark is definitely the sexier of these two fragrances. It contains top notes of galbanum oil, lily and grapefruit, middle notes of white chocolate and jasmine, and base notes of costus root, ambergris, and vanilla. The florals don’t come out as strongly as they do in some fragrances, and the overall effect is quite sultry. It calls to mind the kind of kiss you share at the end of an amazing date, the kind of kiss that you just know is leading to a lot more.

This perfume feels quite androgynous to me, which isn’t always my personal vibe. However, I actually like this one more the longer I wear it. The initial sharpness wears down, leaving a warm fragrance with just a hint of underlying sweetness.

Eye of Love “One Love”

Eye of Love After Dark and One Love pheromone perfumes

Eye of Love describes One Love as “refined femininity at its peak”. It contains top notes of orange, middle notes of jasmine, rose and lily, and base notes of musk, ambergris and vanilla. For me, the vanilla comes through the most strongly when I first apply the perfume. Over the next few hours as it settles onto my skin, it mellows and the rose and lily take centre stage.

One Love is a light, floral, and summery scent. It’s a fragrance I’d spritz on for a picnic date with a cutie in the park or to sit outside and drink cocktails on a sunny patio (the latter being exactly what I did with a friend the first time I wore this fragrance!) It evokes long warm evenings, long fruity drinks, and smelling the flowers on the nighttime breeze as we walk home.

This one is ultra femme and pleasingly easy to wear. It also lasts well, with a distinctive scent still detectable on my skin many hours after applying it.

Where to Buy

You can buy Eye of Love After Dark and One Love pheromone perfumes directly from the company. They each retail at £20 for a 10ml travel size tube and £44 for a full size (50ml) glass bottle.

Thanks to Eye of Love for sending me these products to try. All views and experiences are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Accessories Review] Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Cross Cleavage Faux Leather Chest Harness

This is the last (for now) in my series of reviews of Bijoux Indiscrets’ MAZE line, which includes not just the harnesses I’ve written about this week but also the cat ears and collar I covered years ago. I don’t think it’s any secret by now that I absolutely love this range! Today we’re looking at the Cross Cleavage Faux Leather Chest Harness.

MAZE Cross Cleavage Faux Leather Harness

Like everything in the MAZE range, the Cross Cleavage Harness is made from a faux polyurethane (PU) leather from recycled materials. This means it is both eco-conscious (PU is highly environmentally problematic, so reusing it and keeping it out of landfill is good news for the planet) and certified vegan. I wrote a little more about the question of PU leather in this review.

The PU leather Bijoux uses is both comfortable to wear and, minus the distinctive scent, a convincing approximation of animal leather. It wears well, gaining just a little softness and suppleness over time, and is easy to maintain. If it needs cleaning, some gentle soap and a damp cloth will do the job. Otherwise, just store it in the box it comes in and you’re all set.

Bijoux Indiscrets Faux Leather Chest Harness official product picture featuring a model wearing the harness under a blazer
Image: Bijoux Indiscrets

The Cross Cleavage Harness sits around the waist with straps over the shoulders and a criss-cross design across the chest. Though it’s described as a “cleavage harness”, it’s totally wearable by people both with and without breasts.

Like the rest of the range, the MAZE Cross Cleavage Harness is available in both black and a light tan brown called “camel.”


The MAZE Cross Cleavage Harness is adjustable around the waist as well as over the shoulders, so you can get a comfortable fit for your body. The criss-cross section sits close enough to the centre of the chest that it should be comfortable even for people with larger breasts to wear.

In terms of sizing, I’m coming back to my consistent complaint about size inclusiveness. The MAZE Cross Cleavage Harness fits waist sizes from 60cm (23.62″) up to 94cm (37″.) With the black harness only, you’ll get an extra extender that can add up to 25cm (9.84″) extra. I’d love to see these pieces made available in a wider range of sizes. I’d also love to see the brown styles come with extenders, too!

Woman wearing the Bijoux Indiscrets Faux Leather Chest Harness over a grey shirt

Since the models shown on Bijoux’s page are very thin, I’ve included the above picture of me in the harness so you can see what it looks like on a curvier frame.

How to Style the MAZE Cross Cleavage Harness

Like some of the other MAZE pieces I’ve tried, the Cross Cleavage Faux Leather Harness is pretty androgynous in its style. This means you can pair it with an array of outfits to create the aesthetic you want – femme, masc, or anywhere in between.

The bondage-inspired style means it’d work well in a kink club or sexy party setting, but you can just as easily style it for a vanilla nightclub or party if that’s more your jam. It works well with other fetishwear items such as latex, lingerie or corsetry (I think it would look spectacular over an underbust corset) or as a standout piece on its own.

Thanks to the detailed design of this harness, it also pairs well with simple garments such as a plain t-shirt, dress, or blazer. It’s a real statement accessory that can elevate a basic outfit to a bold and memorable look.

I wear a lot of v-neck and plunge neck tops for sensory reasons (I can’t stand having anything around my neck for extended periods of time.) This harness works beautifully with those, drawing attention to the chest and adding some super-sexy decoration.

The MAZE Cross Cleavage Harness retails for €60 (£53/$64.)

Thanks to Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me the MAZE Cross Cleavage Faux Leather Chest Harness to try. All views are, as always, mine. This post contains affiliate links.

[Accessories Review] Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Multiway Faux Leather Body Harness

I’m back again with another review from Bijoux Indiscrets’ MAZE line, following on from the hand harness and leg garters, cat ears, and collar. Today we’re looking at the MAZE Multiway Faux Leather Body Harness, which is available in both black and tan.

MAZE Faux Leather Body Harness

The MAZE Multiway Harness is a faux leather body harness made of polyurethane (PU) leather. It is certified vegan and, though PU itself is a highly problematic material from an environmental perspective, the MAZE range is made from recycled materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. (I talk about that a little more in my last MAZE review.)

Model wearing the Bijoux Indiscrets Multiway Harness
Image: Bijoux Indiscrets

This multiway body harness has four straps that connect to an O-ring in the centre. Two of the straps go over the shoulders and cross at the back before wrapping around the waist, the other sits across the ribcage just below the chest. Bijoux shows a couple of variations for ways to wear the harness on their website, but honestly there aren’t really any wrong ways! Wear it however feels good to you.

Bijoux’s recycled PU faux leather looks and feels lovely, and very convincing. It does “wear in” to an extent, becoming softer and more supple with wear, but not to the same degree that real leather does. It also doesn’t have that lovely leather smell. Otherwise, it’s a very good approximation of the real thing and a great choice if you’re looking for something animal-free. It is comfortable to wear and feels good against the skin.

Upkeep of your MAZE harness is also easy – just clean it with a little gentle soap and a damp cloth, dry it thoroughly, and store it in the box it comes in.


The MAZE Multiway Harness is adjustable and, depending on your body shape and how you wear it, can either hug the contours of your body or hang more loosely.

Woman wearing the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Multiway Faux Leather Body Harness over a grey top

The neck straps are adjustable from 23cm (9.05″) up to 44cm (17.32″), and the waist is adjustable from 130cm (51″) up to 151cm (59.44″). Considering it wraps around twice, the standard harness will work for anyone with up to around a 30″ waist. If you order the black, you’ll also get two 20cm (7.87″) extenders.

Back view of the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Multiway Faux Leather Body Harness worn on a woman over a grey top

Though I like the inclusion of the extenders, I would really like to see this harness made available in a wider range of sizes. I’d also like to see Bijoux using models with more diverse body sizes. That’s why I’ve included the pictures of me wearing the harness above, so you can see how it looks on a different body type.

Ways to Style the MAZE Multiway Harness

Everything in the MAZE line is inspired by a BDSM/bondage aesthetic. As such, this incredibly sexy piece would be totally at home in a fetish club or at a sex party. Honesty, if you were feeling daring you could construct an entire outfit from nothing but MAZE harnesses and accessories.

Of course, there are also plenty of other ways you could style it! It could dress up a casual, jeans-and-t-shirt look or a simple dress, add a kinky twist to lingerie, or take your fetishwear to the next level. I’m currently planning an outfit involving this harness over a corset, paired with leather trousers and my gayest stompy boots.

The MAZE Multiway Harness is also pretty genderless. Thanks to the adjustability and the different ways it can sit on the body, plus all the different outfit permutations you can pair it with, it’s entirely possible to easily construct a femme, masc, or androgynous look with it.

I love this piece and its versatility. I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it!

The MAZE Multiway Harness retails for €60 (£53/$64.)

Thanks to Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me the MAZE Multiway Faux Leather Body Harness to try. All views are, as always, mine. This post contains affiliate links.

[Accessories Review] Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Hand Harness & Leg Garter

Years ago, I got to try out the cat ears and collar from Bijoux Indiscrets’ MAZE range and loved them both. This month, Bijoux was kind enough to send me another shipment of MAZE products to try out!

What is MAZE?

MAZE is Bijoux Indiscrets’ line of BDSM-themed vegan leather accessories including harnesses, headpieces, and kink gear such as cuffs, collars and leashes.

Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE box and interior packaging

Vegan Leather: Yay or Nay?

Every MAZE product is made of certified vegan polyurethane (PU) faux leather. PU leather is controversial because, though it is not made from animals, it is a type of plastic made from petrochemicals which have a terrible impact on the environment.

However, Bijoux strives to be a socially and environmentally conscious company and use recycled materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. For ethical and environmental reasons I have adopted a personal policy against buying any items made from new PU leather. But, since this material was already out there in the world and would otherwise have gone to waste, I feel comfortable wearing the MAZE range.

Ultimately, like real leather, you’ll have to consider your personal values and make your own decisions when it comes to PU leather.

Bijoux’s faux leather is soft and supple, looking and feeling remarkably like the real thing. The only thing missing is that unmistakeable leather smell (if someone finds a way to realistically synthesise that, please let me know!) Based on my experience with the MAZE pieces I’ve had for a few years, it wears well – softening up just a little over time – and requires minimal maintenance to stay looking good as new. If you need to clean your MAZE accessories, a damp cloth and a little gentle soap is all you need.

With all that said, let’s look at the first two items I received from the Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE range.

Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Hand Harness

Woman's hand wearing Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE hand harness
(Please ignore my horrible nails. I’ve been too unwell to go for a manicure lately!)

The MAZE Hand Harness is a bracelet that’s worn around the wrist with an additional strap extending to a finger loop.

I really love these harnesses. They’re incredibly sexy in an unexpected way, just vanilla enough to wear in public but just kinky enough to draw some looks when you do. I like them as an easy way to enhance a simple all-black outfit with a little bondage-inspired twist. As someone who uses my hands a lot in an expressive way when I talk, I love having them accessorised like this.

If you like, you can also use the Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Hand Harness as a kink tool. Why not clip them together to hold your partner’s hands behind their back, or attach a leash to one of them through the centre ring?

They’re comfy to wear, too, and do not impede my ability to use my hands normally.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the MAZE Hand Harness is not particularly size-inclusive. Although the wristband is adjustable from 6.3″ up to 7.87″, the finger loop is not adjustable and is pretty small. I have fairly small hands even for a cis woman, and the finger loop was slightly too snug to be truly comfortable. It did loosen a bit with wear, but it is right on the limit of what I could wear comfortably. Anyone with hands larger than mine – which includes a lot of AFAB people and the vast majority of AMAB people – would not be able to wear it comfortably.

I love the look and design of these products, but they’re made for thin people. This is very disappointing from an otherwise inclusive and forward-thinking brand.

A set of two hand harnesses retails for €35.

Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Leg Garter

Woman's leg in Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Leg Garter

The MAZE Leg Garter consists of two bands that sit just below the knee and around the ankle. A central strap runs up the back of the calf and connects them.

Again, I find them sexy in a unique way. The calves and lower legs are not areas we often think to accessorise, which I think is a shame. An accessory that draws the eye to that part of the body adds an unexpected focal point to a look.

The MAZE Leg Garters are versatile, too. They look great with stompy boots and fishnet tights, or equally good with a short skirt and killer heels. In fact, they’ll draw attention to your legs in just about any outfit and you can style them in tonnes of different and fun ways.

Again, though, size inclusion is a major problem. The band that goes around the knee is adjustable from 11.42″ to 13.78″. The ankle band is adjustable from 6.69″ to 9.84″. I can wear the leg garters on the loosest setting at the top and second loosest at the bottom. But again, a large majority of people with bigger bodies will simply not be able to wear them. Some MAZE products come with extenders, but these do not.

A set of two leg garters retails for €45.

Thanks to Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me these items to review! All views, as always, mine. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Cosmetics Review] Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Body Mist

I recently reviewed the Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer and loved it. So today I’m looking at another product from this range: the Aphrodisia Body Mist.

Aphrodisia Body Mist

Aphrodisia is Bijoux Indiscrets’ new range of scented products which includes the orgasm enhancer and this body mist as well as a massage oil, a 2-in-1 massage and intimate gel, and a massage candle.

My Body Mist arrived beautifully presented in black and gold packaging decorated with flower motifs, matching the floral notes in the fragrange. The Body Mist comes in a gorgeous black spherical glass bottle with an old-fashioned fabric bulb to spray it on. The presentation is top-notch and luxurious, especially considering the very reasonable price-point.

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Body Mist - black spherical perfume bottle with old fashioned bulb squeezer

Like all Bijoux Indiscrets products, Aphrodisia Body Mist is vegan and cruelty-free. The formula is also alcohol-free.

Scent & Mood

Aphrodisia is a floral scent consisting of rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine as the primary notes. It’s very floral and feminine, elegant yet still light and wearable.

The thing I like the most about fragrances is the stories, moods, and images they can invoke. When I spritz on a new scent, I like to close my eyes for a second and ask myself, who am I when I’m wearing this perfume? Where does it transport me to in my mind?

The story that the Aphrodisia scent tells me is one of fanciness imbued with sensuality. It makes me think of attending a black tie event wearing a ballgown, but with a little something extra… perhaps I’m wearing the tiniest, laciest underwear imaginable. Perhaps I’ve snuck on a body harness under my dress. Or perhaps I’m simply subtly making eyes at my lover across the room to let her know I’m already thinking about her ripping the dress off me when we get home.

The scent of the Aphrodisia Body Mist is strong and distinctive when you first apply it – you really only need a spray or two. It mellows out over the hours as you wear it, but I’ve never found that I needed to reapply it. This means the 100ml bottle will last you ages.


Aphrodisia Body Mist retails for €35 ($40 or £31.) I love this perfume, and I can’t believe how well-priced it is! No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going (or not going), it’s a lovely scent I can spray on when I want just a little extra fanciness in my day.

Thanks to Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me the Aphrodisia Body Mist to try. All views are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Cosmetics Review] Eye of Love Pheromone Perfume

Scent is powerful. It can evoke feelings, stir memories, and play a major role in the sensory experience of arousal and sex. That’s probably why pheromone perfume is having a big moment right now. There are 33.5k posts carrying the #pheromoneperfume tag on TikTok and 57.5k posts on Instagram at the time of writing. So when I got offered some Eye of Love pheromone perfume products to try out, I couldn’t wait to delve into what this viral craze is all about.

What Are Eye of Love Pheromone Perfumes?

Eye of Love Pheromone Perfume in Black Diamond (left) and Red Diamond

To understand what pheromone perfumes are, we first have to understand what pheromones are.

In short:

Officially named in 1959, pheromones are chemical substances that are secreted outside of the body in fluids like urine and sweat. Essentially, pheromones are a hidden form of communication. They send signals from one individual to another of the same species. This triggers a response in the individual receiving those signals, such as a hormonal change or specific behavior.

– Healthline

Interestingly, there is still a gap in scientific understanding when it comes to exactly how, or even if, pheromones work in humans. According to one paper from 2013 published in Facts, Views and Vision in ObGyn, “Many examples exist in animals but their role in humans remains uncertain since adults have no functioning vomeronasal organ, which processes pheromone signals in animals.” Deb Levine, MA and Stephanie Watson, writing for WebMD, say, “It’s not clear how the [pheromone] process works in humans. We do have VNO organs, but they’re small and may be too poorly developed to process pheromones like the VNO organs in animals can. More likely, we process these signals through our olfactory system.”

Pheromone perfumes, then, operate on the assumption that – like animals – humans use pheromones to increase their sexual attractiveness to potential mates. These fragrances contain synthetic versions of the substances that are commonly called human pheromones. The idea, then, is simple. Wear them and people will be more attracted to you.

Eye of Love pheromone perfumes utilise two key compounds that have been deemed to be human pheromones or to have a pheromone-like effect in humans: estratetraenol and androstenol.

All Eye of Love pheromone perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free. They smell yummy, as we’ll discuss more a bit later. But do they actually work?

Do Pheromone Perfumes Really Work?

Eye of Love’s pheromone perfume can supposedly help you “be more attractive. Be more social. Be more successful.” It’s a lofty claim.

There’s a lot we don’t understand about how attraction works. And, as we established in the section above, there’s also a lot we also don’t understand about how (or if) pheromones work in humans. So whether or not these perfumes “work” in any scientific sense isn’t really provable right now.

And look, I’m inherently somewhat cynical. As a general rule, I don’t believe in things for which I cannot see meaningful evidence.

Anecdotally, pheromone perfumes do seem to have a positive impact for many people. You’ll hear stories about service staff doubling their tips when they wear pheromone perfume, people getting asked out at the shops, and people suddenly having way more sex with their long term partners when they start using these products.

Is that down to the perfume, though? Honestly, until there’s more robust scientific backing behind the pheromone phenomenon, I’m going to assume it’s a placebo affect. If you believe something is going to make you more attractive, you’ll act like a person who believes themselves to be attractive. This, in itself, can be highly desirable and can draw people to you in a way that might make you think “wow, it’s the pheromones!”

Let’s not forget the fact that simply smelling nice can be a turn-on to many people, too. When I see a woman I find attractive, smelling a nice perfume on her as she walks by can make her even sexier.

Shawn Talbott, PhD, quoted in a piece by Charlotte Hilton Anderson, MS, for The Healthy, also points out that “We know that plant compounds, like lavender and chamomile, can be used to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. So if stress is interfering with mood and suppressing libido, then we can use ‘plant pheromones’ to reduce stress. And if you’re less stressed then maybe your sex drive increases a bit.” In other words, the perfume might be having an impact but possibly not in the way you think.

What I’m really saying is, if you’re going to try pheromone perfumes, go in with realistic expectations. You’re not going to just spritz this stuff on and instantly become irresistible to everyone of your preferred gender(s) who lays eyes on you. (That’s fairytale love potion silliness and even if it was real, it would be highly ethically questionable!)

What you might find, though, is that you find a little more confidence. A little more of your own, internal and unique brand of sexiness. And that can be just as magical, if not more so.

Eye of Love Matchmaker Collection

The Eye of Love pheromone perfume Matchmaker Collection consists of two scents: Black Diamond and Red Diamond. Red Diamond is marketed more towards straight women and other people looking to attract men, while Black Diamond is marketed towards straight men and other people looking to attract women. (There are LGBTQ+ versions of each also available – mine both say “Attract Her” – though I’m unclear on whether there’s any actual difference in the product! I assume they contain different pheromones according to the genders of the people you’re trying to attract.)

Ultimately, though, both scents (like all scents!) are gender-neutral and for whoever feels good wearing them.

Eye of Love “Black Diamond”

Eye of Love Pheromone Perfume in Black Diamond

Eye of Love describes Black Diamond as “a bold blend of cedar, blackcurrant, and lemon. Undertones of oak, white amber, and musk.” I’m kinda wary of describing scents using gendered language, but this one feels decidedly masculine to me.

When I first put it on, the cedar is the main thing I can smell. I actually like this one more when I’ve been wearing it for a couple of hours and it’s had time to mellow out on my skin. At that point, the fruity scents start to come out a little more.

Black Diamond is definitely sexy. This one calls to mind dark corners in atmospheric cocktail bars, leaning over to kiss a soft butch girl whose lips taste of whiskey. It calls to mind the black leather and dark wood of the swankiest BDSM dungeons I’ve been to, of the tug of restraints around my wrists and the slap – slap – slap of a flogger across my back.

Ultimately, I think I enjoy this perfume best on someone else rather than on myself. Black Diamond is a lovely scent, I just don’t think it’s my scent.

Eye of Love “Red Diamond”

Eye of Love Pheromone Perfume in Red Diamond

Eye of Love describes Red Diamond as “a sensual blend of jasmine, grapefruit, and amber with a touch of citrus.” There are also middle notes of lily and blackcurrent and base notes of musk and vanilla. It feels femme and flirty, and calls to mind the way that summer sunshine always makes me want to fuck.

This one feels far more at home on my skin. I like the way it softens over the hours I’m wearing it, leaving me feeling like I’m wearing a bouquet of fruit and flowers.

Red Diamond is sexy, too, but in a very different way to its counterpart. If Black Diamond is kissing in a dark corner of a cocktail bar, then Red Diamond is flirting at a wholesome coffee shop while thinking about alllllll the terribly non-wholesome things I would like to consensually do to the pretty femme across the table.

This one smells good enough that I’ll seriously consider buying more when my sample bottle runs out.

How Did I Feel Wearing Them?

I tried Eye of Love pheromone perfume at an… interesting time. I’m not dating at the moment, mostly because I’m still recovering from the most brutal breakup of my entire life. So opportunities for trying them out in traditionally “sexy” contexts were few.

However, I did manage to find a few chances to try them out. For example, I wore Black Diamond to a kink play party with Mr C&K and Red Diamond to a munch. I’ve also been wearing them around the house to see if they can help to lift my mood amidst my endless fog of post-breakup depression, even if just for a moment.

Who doesn’t feel more confident with a sprizt of a scent that makes them feel most like themselves? Confidence is the sexiest thing of all to many people, and it’s something I have been sorely lacking in the last couple of months.

This perfume didn’t help me find the next great love of my life. But it did help me to briefly remember what it feels like to see myself as sexy, attractive, and desirable. And right now that’s something.

Where to Buy

You can get each Eye of Love Pheromone Perfume from the Matchmaker range individually (£24 for 10ml in a tube or £44 for 30ml in a gorgeous glass diamond-shaped bottle), or a set of both (£41 for two 10ml tubes) directly from the company’s shop.

Thanks to Eye of Love for sending me these products to try. All views are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear within these posts.

[Better Sex Products Review] Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer

I love reviewing sex toys, of course, but sometimes I find I want to do something a bit different. To that end, you’ll be seeing a few more wide-ranging reviews coming out over the next few weeks and months, starting with today’s.

I recently received a shipment from products from Aphrodisia, Bijoux Indiscrets‘ new range of scented products that includes (amongst others) a massage candle, a body mist, massage gels, and this “clitoral arousal balm” or orgasm enhancer.

What is Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer?

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia orgasm enhancer

An orgasm enhancer is a balm or gel that you apply to your genitals – in this case, the clitoris – to increase sensitivity. At least in theory and for some people, they can improve the likelihood, speed, frequency, and intensity of orgasms.

The Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer is a water-based product that contains a long list of primarily plant-based ingredients. I Googled the ones I’m not familiar with, and they are all generally regarded as safe for cosmetic use. (Though I don’t love the use of “parfum”, which is non-specific and can refer to any combination of over 3000 ingredients. This is standard practice for cosmetics and personal care products, unfortunately.) If you have allergies or sensitivities, always check the ingredients list carefully.

In terms of active ingredients, I suspect the menthyl lactate is doing a lot of the work in this product. Derived from menthol, this ingredient is commonly used as a cooling agent in cosmetics and provides a tingly sensation when applied to the skin. This effect is particularly strong on sensitive areas much as the genitals, and the clitoris in particular.

All the products in this range are so beautifully packaged, with a black and gold colour scheme and floral motifs. Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer comes in a small tube that resembles a lipgloss or mascara and has a pump top applicator.

Like all of Bijoux’s products, the Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer is vegan.

A Word About Expectations

It’s worth pointing out that an orgasm enhancer is not a magic bullet. The right one can boost sensitivity and responsiveness and can help you to experience more intense sensations. There might even be a little bit of a placebo effect going on: you think the balm is going to help, so it does.

However, an orgasm enhancer (no matter how good) cannot overcome many of the issues that can get in the way of pleasure and orgasm – stress, anxiety, depression, body image struggles, physical pain or discomfort, lack of trust or safety in a relationship, poor communication, or sexual acts that simply don’t work for you.

All this to say, go in with realistic expectations. An orgasm enhancer isn’t going to cure all your sexual woes. What it might be able to do is help you to experience more pleasure, transform a good experience into a great one, or give you that little extra push to get over the edge of climax.

Smell, Taste and Feel

Bijoux Indiscrets’ Aphrodisia range has a distinctive scent that all the products share. I’ll be delving into this in more detail next week when I review the Body Mist from the same range. It’s a pleasant, floral-yet-sexy scent made up primarily of rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine.

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia orgasm enhancer

I have mixed views about using something perfumed on my genitals. I’m generally averse to doing so because a lot of the ingredients that go into scents aren’t necessarily the healthiest for a vulva. You only need a tiny amount of Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer to get the effects though, and it’s only used externally, so it is probably fine. I have used it several times now and haven’t experienced any irritation or other issues.

The scent lingers long after application, so you might want to have a bath or a wash afterwards (or, honestly, just go around smelling of flowers all day – the scent is lovely enough that you absolutely can, and no-one who caught a whiff of it would know it was a sex product.)

The Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer is white in colour and has a thin texture that reminds me of water-based lube. It’s not oily or sticky, and once it is massaged in it doesn’t leave any unpleasant tacky feeling or residue.

I will say that you probably don’t want to use this stuff for oral sex. You know when you spritz on perfume and then breathe in at the wrong moment or realise your mouth was open a bit and you can sort of taste it? Yeah, it tastes like that.

So… Does It Work?

I tried the Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer at a time when I was kind of desiring pleasure and orgasm, but really struggling to actually access these things (trying to have sex or masturbate while getting through the worst heartbreak of your life is a fucking ride, y’all.)

When I applied Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer to my clit, I started noticing its effects almost immediately. Within 30 seconds there was a noticeable warming, tingling sensation. The sensation was enjoyable and pulled my attention straight to my clit. It’s not exactly a magical “instant horny” contoction, but it took my arousal level from “I feel like an orgasm might be nice in theory but I’m not sure I can be bothered” to “yes I would like to cum now please.”

The effect lasted well, meaning I did not need to reapply it. If you were having a lengthy sex or masturbation session, you might want to top it up occasionally, but you only need a little bit to get the effect.

In terms of the effect it had on my orgasm, the Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer definitely worked! It boosted my sensitivity and made me even more eager to be touched. I also found it helped me to get wet, which has been a challenge recently.

Was it a miracle cure for the intrusive thoughts that keep popping into my head when I’m trying to get off? No, of course not. But did it help me to push through and get out of my head and into my body at least a little bit. It also helped me to reach orgasm more quickly than I’ve been able to recently.

Pro tip: I find that Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer pairs particularly well with clitoral suction toys!


If you don’t mind the noticeable floral scent, this stuff is excellent! Clitoral balms have a pretty much permanent place in my easy grab-basket of sex supplies, and this is a worthy addition to the collection.

Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer retails for €16 (£14 or $17.95.) You only get 13ml but since you need such a small amount each time, that should last you a while.

Thanks to Bijoux Indiscrets for sending me the Aphrodisia Orgasm Enhancer to try. All views are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.