What is a BDSM Starter Kit and How Can It Help You Explore Kink?

“I’d love to start exploring BDSM, but all the gear is so expensive!” is a complaint I hear from new and curious kinksters all the time. “I don’t even know what I like yet, how can I get started without dropping hundreds of pounds on things I might not enjoy?”

And I hear you, budget-conscious newbie. Perhaps you’ve perused your local fetish market and picked up artisan floggers, hand-dyed natural fiber ropes, or vintage violet wands, then shuddered at the price tags.

I absolutely love beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind kink items and I believe we should all be supporting our favourite indie creators within the community. Once you know you enjoy impact play, for example, that buttery soft leather flogger with a hand-turned handle might be a worthwhile investment that will serve you well for many years. But when you’re just starting out, that can be a prohibitive amount of money to drop on a “well, that might be fun…”

Budget constraints and curiosity sometimes lead new kinksters to improvise. Some pervertables are fine, of course, but in other cases using household items for kink can be dangerous.

This is where a BDSM starter kit can help you.

What is a BDSM Starter Kit or Bondage Kit for Beginners?

A BDSM starter kit might also be called a “bondage kit.” In short, it’s a collection of kink items bundled together in a package designed to help you explore.

Some of the items you might find in a beginners’ BDSM or bondage kit include:

  • Impact toys such as floggers, crops, or paddles
  • Restraints such as handcuffs, wrist ties, or bondage tape
  • Rope
  • Gags
  • Blindfolds
  • Collars and/or leashes
  • Clamps and clips (e.g. for nipples)
  • Sensation play items such as strokers or ticklers
  • Sex toys such as vibrators, cock rings, dildos, or strap-ons
  • Wax play candles
  • …and more!

Every BDSM starter kit is slightly different. You’ll need to choose the best one for you depending on your needs, budget, and interests.

How Can a Beginners’ Bondage Kit Help You to Explore?

What is it that interests you about bondage, kink, or BDSM?

If I asked this question to ten different newcomers to the world of kink, I would probably get ten very different answers. That’s because BDSM is a vast and varied world, encompassing all kinds of activities from impact play to power exchange, shibari to sensation play, and so much more.

This vastness is exciting, but can also be overwhelming and confusing. Investing in a BDSM starter kit can be a great place to start for several reasons.

Variety Without the Price-Tag

A kit allows you to try several different things at an affordable price. Perhaps you think you might be into pain, but you also fancy the idea of getting tied up… ooh, and that “wax play” thing sounds exciting, too! A good BDSM starter kit gives you an entry point for several different kinks.

This way, when you find something you like, you can explore it further. And if you find something isn’t for you, then you’ve learned something valuable about your desires without having spent a lot of money on a toy that will languish in the back of the bedroom closet.

Easy and Convenient

A beginners’ bondage kit or BDSM kit takes the guesswork out of kinky shopping. When you’re new, you don’t always know what you don’t know, and trying to buy toys can be confusing at best. A kit gives you an easy, one-stop place to get started.

Staying Safe

As I touched on above, improvising your kinky toys can be dangerous. Spanking your partner with a wooden spoon is likely fine, but did you know that tying someone up with a silk scarf is actually much less safe than using proper bondage rope?

Bondage kits sold by reputable retailers include products specially designed for kinky play that will help you to stay safe as long as you observe basic precautions and practice RACK (that’s Risk Aware Consensual Kink, FYI.)

Get Inspired

It’s a cliché, but a truism, that the brain is the body’s biggest and most important sexual organ. The real magic of BDSM isn’t just the feel of a flogger across your back or cuffs tightening around your wrists, but what’s happening in your mind – and in your dynamic with your partner(s) – as those things happen.

Your BDSM kit might contain items you’ve never thought to use before, and this can spark all kinds of ideas, fantasies, and inspiration.

Choose the Best Bondage Kit for You

Ready to dive in? Here are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration in choosing the best bondage kit for you.


A BDSM starter kit can cost you under £20 for the most basic kit, up to £150 or more for a comprehensive kit with all the bells and whistles.


Think about the aspects of kink that interest you the most, and prioritise. If your primary interest is in restraint, you’ll want a kit that includes ropes and/or cuffs. If you’re more interested in pain, choose a kit that comes with paddles, floggers, or crops.


Yes, it matters! BDSM is a very personal thing, and different aesthetics resonate with different people. If you’re after a darker, more atmospheric mood, an all-black set might suit you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more colourful and playful feel, you might like reds, pinks or purples. Then there are completely offbeat options, like this denim set!

This post was kindly sponsored by Whipple Tickle. You can shop bondage kits as well as sex toys, lingerie, kink gear, and more at their site. All views and writing are, as always, mine.

[Toy Review] Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo with Suction Cup Type II

I’m going to be frank and say that I don’t really “get” fantasy sex toys – things that look like monsters, aliens, tentacles, and so on. No judgement if you’re into such things, obviously. Your kink is okay! But, cards on the table, they’re not my kink.

Even so, I get asked about fantasy toys more than just about any other category. And I’ve always been a bit stumped for what to recommend because they’re just not things I buy or use. Even so, I like to think that I’m educated and experieced enough in this industry, after close to seven years, to give an objective assessment of a toy’s quality even if it’s not really “my thing.” So with that in mind, I thought it was time I reviewed a few fantasy sex toys for you all.

Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo Type II

Whipple Tickle kindly sent me their Alien Dildo Type II with Suction Cup. This medium-large toy measures 8.3″ in total length, of which around 6″ are insertable (perhaps a little more if you’re feeling ambitious) and 1.7″ in diameter at the widest point of the shaft. It features a suction cup base which you can stick to any firm, flat surface.

Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo Type II

The Alien Dildo Type II is made of matte silicone, which is body-safe and non-porous. It’s very grabby in texture, so plenty of water-based lube will be essential. It also features a number of ridges and grooves in the silicone, so take extra care when you clean it after use if you haven’t used a condom. It’s easy for bacteria to get trapped in those spaces and cause infection if you’re not thorough.

The Alien Dildo Type II’s main colour is blue, with flecks of gold and pink. It’s genuinely a very aesthetically pleasing toy. Even if you’re not into the fantasy alien look, the swirled together colours and slight shimmery effect are beautiful. Its elaborate design is fun and unusual. I particularly like the ornate swirls around the outside of the suction cup base.

In Use

The Alien Dildo Type II starts narrow at the top and then widens towards the base with a series of bulges along the shaft. The silicone doesn’t have much “squish”, but the shaft as a whole is fairly flexible. This allows for easy and comfortable insertion, as well as more precise positioning.

This toy’s shape isn’t a brilliant fit for my body. I much prefer curved toys, and the Alien Dildo Type II is pretty much straight (<insert “unlike me, lol” joke here!>) I’m also not super into a lot of texture, which I tend to find uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Simple, smooth and gently curved dildos are my go-tos. I can sort of get the Alien Dildo Type II to hit my G-spot if I angle it carefully enough, but overall the shape isn’t quite right for me.

Whipple Tickle Alien Dildo Type II

However, bodies and preferences are different! If you enjoy straighter toys or those with more texture, you’ll probably like this one. It’s all a matter of individual tastes.

The Alien Dildo Type II’s suction cup is ultra strong and secure. (Seriously, you should have seen me trying to peel the damn thing off the side of my shower during testing!) So if you enjoy using dildos hands-free, that’s a big advantage. The suction cup also makes it harness-compatible for strap-on play, as well as anal-safe.


I’m sticking with my basic assessment from the beginning of this post: alien dildos aren’t really my thing. It’s just not a kink I have. Even so, it is a very common kink and if it’s your thing, I’m happy to recommend this toy. In addition, the shape of this toy doesn’t really work for me but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work brilliantly for you.

The Alien Dildo Type II is body-safe, well-designed, visually pleasing, and – here’s the real kicker for me – retails for an astonishingly affordable £29.99.

Thanks to Whipple Tickle for sending me this product to review. All views and experiences are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post and using them sends me a small commission at no additional cost to you.