[Toy Review] YoYoLemon Thrusting and Rotating Masturbator

Reviewing penis toys can be a challenge for me, not being in possession of a penis. My nesting partner, Mr C&K, is often willing to assist but was unable to on this occasion. I’d like to extend my thanks to my dear friend SilverDom for lending his penis and opinions to the cause of sex toy reviews.

Now let’s take a look at the Thrusting and Rotating Masturbator from YoYoLemon.

YoYoLemon Thrusting and Rotating Masturbator

The YoYoLemon Male Masturbator with Rotating and Thrusting and Female Moans, Realistic Textured Vagina Pocket Pussy (to give it its full and exhausting title!) is a penis masturbator in the typical “hard outer cup, soft inner sleeve” style. Like many other toys of its kind, it wouldn’t look out of place amidst a lineup of high-end kitchen gadgets. It measures a hefty 10.5″ in length and 3.5″ in diameter. The maximum penetration depth is 5.2″.

YoYoLemon thrusting and rotating masturbator

This toy offers both thrusting and rotating functions, as well as audio playing female voices making moaning sounds. I’m equally amused and a little unsettled by the idea of a toy that moans at you as you use it, but I can see how this might be some people’s thing.

The YoYoLemon Thrusting and Rotating Masturbator is rechargeable. A full charge takes 2.5 hours and gives you anything from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of runtime, depending on the settings you’re using. Confusingly, the packaging states that the toy is “waterproof” but the instructions then warn you not to keep it in the water for long. I have not tested it in water for fear of killing it, but this suggests to me that it’s somewhat water-resistant for cleaning but it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea to use it in the bath or shower.

SilverDom notes that the text on the packaging “reads like it has been run through Google Translate 17 times.” An actual quote: “Do not let go the start of moanin and return to the moanin forward.” The instructions, such that they are, are written in much the same way. Hire an actual translator for your product info, please and thank you.

Materials and Care

The exterior case is made of hard ABS plastic, while the interior is TPE. This internal part is removeable for cleaning. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is usually non-toxic, but it is porous. This means that you can never get it truly sterile. The material will harbour bacteria and begin to degrade after a while.

It’s generally fine to use TPE toys for external use, and the vast majority of penis masturbators are made of this material. However, you should throw it away as soon as it starts to split, smell bad, or show any other signs of material degredation. You shouldn’t share a TPE toy, as this can be an STI transmission risk. Wash it with soap and water after each use, and then dust it with a little bit of cornstarch to encourage it to dry out completely.

In Use

The YoYoLemon Thrusting and Rotating Masturbator looks and feels well-built and is heavy in the hand. Most people will likely need two hands to operate it.

YoYoLemon thrusting and rotating masturbator

The inner sleeve is lined with dozens of little nubs to provide additional stimulation, and the opening is “vaguely vulva-shaped.” At first, the opening appears quite small, meaning that if your penis is above average in either length or girth you might worry about whether it’ll fit. Don’t worry, though – this toy is stretchy and with a little water-based lube, will accommodate the majority of penis sizes easily. If you have a slimmer penis, you might find it frustrating as the inner tube is quite wide and doesn’t have the tightest grip. SilverDom reported finding the inner nubs quite rough and not particularly pleasurable.

The toy offers 10 patterns of twisting and thrusting and a single button that cycles through them all. What is lacking, though, is speed control. A scroll wheel or separate buttons would fix this problem. “I found all of the patterns entirely useless to me, largely because I had no control over them. I came frustratingly close to orgasm at least 4 times,” SilverDom says.

There are three buttons on the toy in total. The other two switch it on and off, and control the moaning sounds.

Oh, and those moans? They’re basically low-quality mainstream porn sounds. If this is something you find sexy, fair enough. SilverDom and I both agreed it was mostly weird and distracting. There is a headphone jack if you want to make use of this feature discreetly. The toy’s actual sounds in use are – despite claims to the contrary – also rather loud and distracting.

The YoYoLemon Thrusting and Rotating Masturbator features a suction cup to attach it to a wall or other surface for hands-free use. The suction cup is reasonably sturdy and holds it in place well.

Cleaning is ostensibly easy thanks to the removeable inner part. However, it’s actually quite hard to take apart and put back together. This is made worse by the fact that the tube and entrance are two separate pieces.


This one’s more miss than hit, unfortunately. There are just too many problems and design-and-execution flaws for me to really recommend it. Speed controls, a non-porous material, a better designed internal sleeve, and removing or improving the weird moaning function would all vastly improve the quality of this product.

This toy retails for $79.99/£65.99. It might be cheaper than other comparable products on the market, but it’s not really worth the cost saving when there’s such a dip in quality. You can spend just a little more and get something much better.

I’m gonna conclude with SilverDom’s TL/DR: “I don’t think a toy has ever made me feel so sexually frustrated… or with such temporary hearing loss!” Unfortunately, the promised “earth-shaking orgasms” were not forthcoming.

This review was sponsored, which means I was paid to write an honest and unbiased review. All views are mine and the toy tester’s. Pics are by YoYoLemon.

[Toy Review] Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator

I’ve long had a mixed relationship with rabbit vibrators. Over the years I’ve tried some absolute gems, a lot of middle-of-the-road and fine-but-ultimately-forgottable toys, and some total trash. I’ll be honest: I rarely reach for them when I’m masturbating or having sex with a partner.

This is partly because I have an on-again, off-again relationship with vaginal penetration (it’s fine and I enjoy it sometimes, but my clit will always be the key to my heart.) But it’s also because rabbit vibes tend to be so goddamn fiddly to use. By the time I’ve positioned a rabbit exactly right so that it’s stimulating my clit without poking me in the vaginal wall, and then messed around with different settings to get the “gentle on the vag, intense on the clit” combo I need to get off, I’m more likely to be annoyed and bored than turned on.

So while the mood for them strikes occasionally, rabbit vibes are rarely likely to be my first choice.

YoYoLemon Rabbit Vibrator

So Why Are Rabbits So Popular?

Even so, the legend of the rabbit vibrator persists and they’re arguably one of the most enduringly sought-after types of sex toys out there. I think that’s partly because of the ways they’ve been portrayed in popular culture (that Sex and the City scene, anyone?)

I think it’s also partly because they connect to the idea of the “blended orgasm” – an orgasm that’s reached through clitoral and G-spot stimulation simultaneously. Many consider this to be a better type of orgasm than other kinds. I’m cynical about this, to say the least. Firstly, because the experience of sexual pleasure is so intensely personal and unique, I’m not sure we can (or should) meaningfully break orgasms down into discrete “types.” Secondly, even if we can, I’m extremely wary about elevating some types of orgasms over others. Some people climax in that way, and other people don’t.

With All That Said, Let’s Look at the Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator

Yoyolemon were kind enough to send me their rabbit vibrator (full title: YoYoLemon Rabbit Vibrator for Women with 9 Thrusting and 9 Vibration Modes for Vagina G Spot and Clitoral Adult Sex Toys. Try saying that five times fast!)

The Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator measures 8.4″ in total length and 4.7″ in inserable length. The shaft is a slimline 0.95″ in diameter at the widest point.

YoYoLemon Rabbit Vibrator

This toy is made of body-safe matte silicone in a dark pink shade. The shaft and the underside of the clitoral stimulator both have a ribbed texture. It is IPX7 waterproof, meaning you can immerse it in water safely – ideal for using in the bath or shower. It’s also USB rechargeable and comes with the necessary cable. A full charge takes about 2 hours and gives you around 90 minutes of continuous use.

Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator: The Good

First of all, let’s look at what I did like about the Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator.

  • The silicone is lovely to the touch – soft and smooth.
  • The shaft is a good shape, with a very gentle curve that’s good for targeted G-spot stimulation without being too pokey or pointy.
  • The texturing on the underside of the clitoral stimulator was nice, providing an additional and different sensation alongside the vibrations.
  • One of the big problems with many rabbit vibrators lies with positioning. Since all bodies are different and there’s a wide variation between vulvas, rabbit toys with both arms in fixed positions are only ever going to work for a small number of users. The Yoyolemon’s rabbit has a super flexible clitoral stimulator, making it easy to position the toy correctly for your body.
  • There are 3 constant vibration speeds and 6 patterns, making 9 settings in all. No matter what you like, there’s probably something in there that will suit you.
  • The user interface is simple, with an on/off button and a settings button. These two buttons are well-placed and easy top press.
  • It is discreetly packaged in a sturdy black box and comes with a drawstring storage bag.
YoYoLemon Rabbit Vibrator

Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator: The Not So Good

There were also a few notable downsides to this product, including:

  • Supposedly, the Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator has an automatic warming function, heating up the shaft of the toy to 107F (42C, or just above body temperature) for “very realistic satisfaction.” It is supposed to get up to temperature in 3 minutes. Unfortunately, my toy’s heating function did not work at all even when I left it running for a good 15 minutes.
  • That flexible clitoral stimulator? While it’s great for positioning, it’s really a bit too flexible. No sooner have I got it on my clit than it flops away again if I change angles even slightly.
  • The vibrations are not particularly strong and buzzy as fuck. Even on the highest setting and with plenty of warm-up, there’s zero chance this toy will ever make me cum. After ten minutes or so, my clit was so numb I could barely feel anything at all.
  • The toy isn’t particularly loud, but the sound it does make is high-pitched and whiny with an occasional concerning rattling.
YoYoLemon Rabbit Vibrator buttons close-up

  • You can’t control the two motors (clitoral and G-spot) separately. For people like me, who want the aforementioned intense clitoral stimulation alongside gentle (or no) internal vibrations, this is a huge downside and renders the toy pretty much unusable.
  • You can only scroll through the settings one way, meaning a lot of button-pressing if you want to go back to the previous one.


The Yoyolemon Rabbit Vibrator retails for £57.99 (or $69.99 US) which I think is really too expensive for what it is: a fairly basic rabbit vibrator. I’m sorry to say that I’d be feeling pretty disappointed if I’d paid that much for this product considering that it’s never going to get me off.

As with all things sex, this is a personal opinion. It might work brilliantly for you and if so, that’s great! Unfortunately it did not do it for me.

Thanks to Yoyolemon for sponsoring this review. This means they paid me to give my unbiased opinion on the toy. All views, as ever, are mine.