This page is a full catalogue of all the many, many sex toys I own. Those I’ve reviewed are linked and will take you straight to the review! Any that I’ve reviewed but since given away/sold/worn out and not replaced will have a strikethrough. Items that I love are marked with a ?, and any I really disliked are marked with a ❌. Everything else you can reasonably assume fell somewhere in between.

Where applicable, lists are sorted alphabetically by brand/range and then by product name.

And if for any reason you have a desire to get me a present, my Wishlist contains a small selection of the sex toys and kinky shit I’d love to own!

Absolute Faves

Vibrators: Clitoral

Vibrators: Internal

Suction Toys

Dual Stimulation Toys


Toys for Penises

Toys for the Butt