Work With Me

If you want to work with me, it’s always best to reach out and we can discuss your requirements and how I might be able to help. Below I’ve included answers to the most common queries.


Can I advertise on your site?

Sure! Email me at coffeeandkink69 (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll talk. I can tailor placement and level of exposure to suit your product and budget.

Do you want to join my affiliate programme?

Maybe, but probably not. I work with a small number of affiliate companies whose products and services I love, and I’m pretty much at my limit. That said, if you’re doing something different and exciting within the adult industry, hit me up and I’ll check it out.

Can we sponsor a post?

Yes! All sponsored content is written by me. I do not take pre-written content and host it on my site. Please note all links will be no-follow and sponsorship always disclosed as per advertising standards regulations.

Will you review my toy/book/product?

Absolutely! Email me and I’ll tell you where to send the product to. I do charge a small fee for reviews because, much as I love free stuff, I can’t pay my mortgage in sex toys.  Commissioning a review doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to be gushing or even positive, and I won’t remove negative reviews from the site or offer refunds. Please note I do not test or review unsafe toys, lube or other products, and my say on what counts as safe is final. My vulva, my rules.

Writing Services

Can I commission you to write something for me?

Absolutely! Email me a brief outline, required word count and deadline and I’ll see what I can do and get back to you as soon as possible. And if you want something that’s out of my area of knowledge, I can probably recommend you someone else.

Will you write something for me for free?

Nope! This is my job and I don’t work for exposure, free products, nebulous promises of possible future work, or anything else that isn’t money.

Will you write a bespoke smutty story for me/my partner?

Sure! Email me for a no-obligation quote.


Can I reprint your post on [X] on my blog/website/magazine?

Yes, as long as your platform is one I’m happy with, but you’ll need to pay me for it. Email for rates.

Can I quote something you wrote/said/tweeted?

Yes, with name credit (“Amy Norton”) and a link back to my site, quoting a few lines is fine. Using more than a paragraph or so will require express permission and, if it’s for commercial purposes, payment.

Real Life

Will you speak at my club/store/event?

Maybe! Send me the details and I’ll see what I can do. My bar for what I will support is quite high and my privacy is important to me so I will need to be sure your event is inclusive, sex-positive and has a sound photography (or lack thereof) policy. I’ll also expect travel expenses, accommodation, and free entry for me and my partner as a minimum.

Will you fuck me/scene with me/cam with me/send me pictures?

No. Sex workers are awesome, but that’s not what I do.