Work With Me

If you want to work with me, it’s always best to reach out and we can discuss your requirements and how I might be able to help. Below I’ve included answers to the most common queries.


Can I advertise on your site?

Sure! Email me at coffeeandkink69 (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll talk. I can tailor placement and level of exposure to suit your product and budget.

Do you want to join my affiliate programme?

Maybe! If you have interesting products, good ethics, and a generous commission rate and payout schedule, we can talk.

Can we sponsor a post?

Yes! I offer bespoke sponsored posts written by me (examples here) including organic links to your store, site, or product. Please note that I have strict ethical standards for what I will promote and how sponsorship will be disclosed. Contact me for more info and pricing.

Can we write a promotional guest post for you?

Maybe! I get asked for this a lot, but it has never yet resulted in a publishable piece of content! Still, if you think you can be the exception, email me and we can discuss the specifics.

Will you review our toy/book/website/podcast/product?

Absolutely! However, please note I charge a fee for reviews (I can’t pay my rent in sex toys, alas!) I also have strict rules around what I will and won’t review. Drop me an email with more information.

Writing Services

Can I commission you to write something for me?

Absolutely! Email me with your requirements for a no-obligation quote. I’m also pretty well connected in the sex writing community so, if you want something that’s out of my area of expertise, I can probably recommend you someone suitable.

Will you write something for me for free?

Nope! This is my job and I don’t work for exposure, free products, nebulous promises of possible future work, or anything else that isn’t money.

Will you write a bespoke smutty story for me/my partner?

Sure! Email me for a quote.


Can I reprint your post on [X] on my blog/website/magazine?

Maybe! Depends on the site. Obviously you’ll need to pay me for use of my work, too. Email me with details for a quote.

Can I quote something you wrote/said/tweeted?

Yes! With credit and a link back to the relevant page or post, quoting a few lines is fine. Using more than a paragraph or so will require express permission and, if it’s for commercial purposes, payment.

Real Life

Will you speak at my club/store/event?

Maybe! My bar for this is very high, though, so send me details and I’ll consider it.

Will you have sex with me/scene with me/cam with me/send me pictures?

No. That’s not what I do.