All About Amy

Who am I?

Hello! I’m Amy Norton. I am, in no particular order, a sex blogger, a digital sexuality journalist, an erotica author, an adult product reviewer, and a kink educator and community organiser.

The person you’ll meet here is a facet of the person I am in the real world, of course – but it’s a profoundly honest, vulnerable and important facet.

I’m a late-twenties, queer, cis woman living in the UK. Some words I use to describe myself include #Sparklefemme, polyamorous, a crap swinger, an intersectional feminist, and a very-occasionally-switchy submissive. I’m also a Gemini, an INFP and a Ravenclaw if you care about any of those things, I live with a mental illness, and a writer above all.

I like my sex like I like my coffee: hot and several times a day.

Why a sex blog?

Because I find sexuality endlessly fascinating and I am firmly convinced that sex has the power to change the world. The sex education most of us receive is woefully lacking – if we get any at all – which means we have millions of adults who don’t understand their bodies and live under the weight of massive sexual shame.

I want people to talk openly about sex. I want accurate, pleasure-focused information for everyone, and I want informed, enthusiastic consent to become a minimum standard. Coffee & Kink is my small attempt at being the change I wish to see in the world.

Sex is the only topic I never run out of things to say about. For every article, review, rant or story I post, there are at least five more dancing around in my head. Back in late 2016, my writing was getting some attention over on Fetlife, so I thought, hey, some people actually care what I have to say! I opened up a free WordPress account, and Coffee & Kink was born.

What I did not expect was that it would explode in popularity, that people would give me money to write about sex, or that I’d be seriously considering quitting my day job to write about dildos full time. This whole experience is still kind of nuts to me.

What to expect here.

You’ll find reviews of sex toys, books, BDSM gear and more. You’ll find articles, personal essays and opinion pieces on all aspects of sexuality and relationships, with somewhat of a focus on BDSM and consensual non-monogamy. There will be occasional personal story from my own sex and love life, as well as erotic fiction.

Coffee & Kink is set up to be an accessible and inclusive space for people to read, learn, expand their horizons and start having conversations.  I run this space on an explicitly intersectional feminist ethos with consent, pleasure, equality, education and safety as my guiding values.

Respectful debate and discussion is encouraged, but sexism, racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, kink shaming, body shaming and any other bigotry will not be tolerated here. I moderate all comments and will not allow hateful ones through, and I will block repeat offenders. Basically, don’t be a dick.

Again, this is an 18+ space. If you are under legal age to access adult materials where you live, then please leave immediately. You can find accurate information about sex and relationships at Scarleteen or Bish.

Cast of Recurring Characters

  • Amy Norton – Yours Truly. (She/her.)
  • Mr CK – My primary partner since 2015 and the love of my life.  (He/him.)
  • The Artist – My secondary partner since late 2016. (They/them or he/him.)
  • The Minstrel – The Artist’s primary partner, my metamour and dear friend. (They/them or he/him.)
  • Evil Genius – On-and-off FWB since 2015, dear friend for much longer. (He/him.)
  • Fondlebeast and Twistergirl – Primary partners with each other. Dating and sexfriends of mine for well over a decade. (He/him and she/her)

Where to start?

If you’re new to all this and just doing your research, try the Good for Beginners category.

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I invite you to brew yourself a hot cup of coffee (or whatever your poison is,) open your mind, read around, explore, and enjoy.

Amy x

All the illustrations on Coffee & Kink are by Charlotte Willcox, an amazing feminist illustrator who you should hire for all your graphic design needs!