Can I guest blog for you?

Possibly! I’m afraid I don’t currently have the means to pay very much, though, so I’m mainly only interested in commissioning very specialised knowledge and/or subject areas I can’t cover myself. Do reach out if you have a pitch, though, and I’ll see what I can do. I am, however, very interested in reciprocal guest-blogging with other up-and-coming sex writers, so if this is you please reach out via my contact page.

Will you answer my sex/relationship question for me?

I’ll try! Email me questions to coffeeandkink69 (at) gmail (dot) com. I reserve the right to answer any questions submitted on the blog, with any identifying information stripped out. If you do not want this, please say so but understand that may mean you need to wait a little longer for a response. I’m also available for a small amount of private coaching on sex/relationship issues, if you want more in-depth advice and more of my time. If I can’t help with your particular issue, I probably know someone who can.

How can I support you?

– Support me on Patreon.
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– Shop with my affiliates via links in posts or the banner ads in the right hand sidebar.
– Advertise on my site.
– Share your favourite posts from the blog with your friends on social media.
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Will you write about [my specific kink?]

Maybe if it’s also of interest to me. Otherwise, probably not. Unless you’re paying me for an article or a bespoke story, in which case – absolutely. (See Work With Me for more details.)

Can I meet you?

Unless you’re coming to one of the events I go to, no, sorry.

Is Amy your real name?

It’s the name I’ve told you to call me, so yes – as far as it’s any of your business, it is my real name.

Can I send you a dick pic?

Please don’t. It will be deleted and ignored.