6 Tips for Amazing Sexting

I’ve been doing a lot of sexting recently, and it’s pretty awesome. Being one of those ridiculous “surgically attached to my phone” millennials and also having a tendency to crush on attractive humans who live far away from me, it’s a pretty ideal way to keep sexual connections going – and spark new ones – amidst my busy life.

I think – based on feedback and the high rate of return customers (as it were) – that I am a pretty good sexter. This was not always the case. My second long-term boyfriend was the first person I sexted with, and back then I couldn’t muster much more than “*moan*” or “mmm”. Which, you know, are fine… but they’re not really enough.

So, based on a good amount of experience, trial and error, here are my top tips for good sexting.

1. Pay attention

This is actually probably the single biggest tip for sex in general, but it’s particularly important when someone’s words are all you have to go on. With sexting, there are no body-language or tone or breathing cues. So watch what they’re saying and now they’re responding.

Are you getting a lot of positive feedback? Are they virtual-moaning in response, telling you it’s making them wet/hard/distracted, adding their own bits to the sexy narrative you’re building together? If you’re getting one-word, vague or noncommittal responses, it’s probably a good time to pause and check in if this is working for them. They might need a change of direction for the chat, or it might be a bad time to sext entirely.

Pay. Attention.

2. Mirror their words back to them

What terms do they use? Are there particular phrases that come up again and again?

This is particularly relevant when it comes to things like what to call body parts. I mostly refer to my genitals as my cunt or my vulva. If I repeatedly use the words I like, and you keep coming back at me with the ones I hate, I’ll assume you’re either not paying attention (see point 1) or deliberately disregarding my preferences. Either way, it’s not a good look and won’t lead to happy sexty times.

This is also particularly relevant when it comes to kink dynamics. Many people have very strong associations with certain words, good or bad. If they describe themselves as a “filthy little slut,” that’s probably something they’d be into it if you said to them. Listen, and mirror their language and style of speech back to them… as well as demonstrating your own preferences and interests for them to mirror back to you!

3. Keep it simple

Sexting is not a good time for flowery prose. (For real, there is no good time for flowery prose in my opinion). Others’ mileage may vary, but if you’re sexting with me at least, don’t use 50 words where 5 will do.

“I’m gonna eat your cunt then fuck you until I’m satisfied” is much better than “I will stick my tongue into your sweet honeypot and devour your delicious nectar until your orgasms burst forth like flowers in bloom, and then I will probe the depths of your mysterious caverns with my semi-moist treat stick…”

(Unless you want your sexts to become an entry in #EuphOff, that is).

4. Don’t be afraid to explore new territory…

Text is a great and low-pressure, relatively low-risk way to test out new kinks and fantasies that you might not be sure about. This could be anything from mentioning an interest to a partner for the first time if you’d be too nervous to say it in person, to trying out a new honorific or a new form of humiliation play that you’re not 100% sure about.

5. …But move carefully and with consent. 

Don’t pull a sudden extreme turn in the conversation without your partner’s input and consent! If you want to try something new, introduce it gently. Try a phrase like one of these:

“I wonder how you’d react if I…”

“I kinda want to call you…”

“How do you feel about…?”

“I’ve been fantasising a lot about…”

Judge their reaction. Proceed accordingly. I’ve had loads of sexting conversations where someone has suggested something the other person isn’t into, and as long as you’re receptive to that, things can recover and carry on just fine.

I’d really like to tie you up.
“I’m not okay with full restraint, but you could pin me down.”
Ooh! My hands on your wrists…

6. Approach it as a collaboration, not a performance.

Actually, again, this is good “sex in general” advice. Sexting is all about building a hot, steamy scenario together with your partner(s). It’s not a monologue or a one-man show. It’s best to go in without a super specific idea of where you want the chat to go, and allow it to grow organically as you both have your input and follow the energy wherever it leads.

And those are my tips. What are your top guidelines for sexy sexting?

One thought on “6 Tips for Amazing Sexting

  1. This is brilliant – an article on sexting that doesn’t automatically equate “sexting” to sending dirty pictures. (That’s not what it is, anyway – that’s photo sharing. Sexting is about text!)

    I’ve never sexted, but the principles are the same, in essence, to cybersex – something at which I am scarily adept (and which I keep meaning to write a guide to… alas, I am lazy). But you’ve covered most of the points here. Some things I might add, for what it’s worth, are:

    – Don’t interrupt the flow of play, especially if either you or they are nearing climax. There’s time at the beginning to discuss words that you prefer (ref: your point 1; sub ref: your point 2) or hard limits. Even if there wasn’t a lot of preliminary banter, you should have managed to divine this anyway; stopping just to discuss something irrelevant is an instant mood-killer.

    – Don’t be too pushy. It’s a dance, not a war. If you’re rĂ´leplaying penetrative sex, then just sticking your cock in before making sure the recipient is sufficiently wet – which isn’t something you should be doing in real life! – is pretty much going to be uncomfortable.

    – Do remember that this isn’t real life, so you can explore, but this is an exploration, not a transformation. If you’re not sure what your partner would be comfortable with – ask; don’t just try. I’ve outright closed mIRC due to uncomfortable cybering. If you’re worried about this killing the mood, establish what you’re wanting to do first.

    – Equally, be okay with saying no. It’s difficult to really work out how someone is feeling without facial expression or adequate vocalisations, no matter how communicative you are. Sometimes, going silent is just interpreted as “I’m waiitng for more”. If you don’t like what they are doing, say so – don’t just ghost them.

    – Finally, a good rule that’s helped me is: one line at a time. Establish it like dialogue: you say something, then them, than you again. Even if it’s just “oh!…”, it shows you’re still responsive, and keeps the action going. I realise that, when you’re using a ‘phone (as opposed to a chatroom) sometimes it can be a little slow, but when it’s your turn, and you have time, keep it up!

    – Oh, and keep some tissues handy!

    Those are my tips, but as with everything else, sexting is different for everyone. Like the rest of sex, really, you won’t know what you like until you work it out yourself!

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