[Toy Review] Valm 8″ Silicone Triple Density Dildo

Valm is a US-based company, founded by long-time adult industry professionals, that has been designing and manufacturing body-safe sex toys since 2015. The company’s product line is currently small, focusing on dual density and triple density sex toys made of body-safe platinum cure silicone. I received the 8″ triple density dildo to try out.

Valm Toys: A Range of Options

Valm produces realistic silicone dildos in a range of sizes and colours, as well as two different density options. You can choose 6″, 8″, 10″, or 12″ for your toy’s length, with corresponding girth sizes of 1.49″, 1.65″, 2″, or 2.4″ in diameter respectively. I received the 8″ version at my request.

The Valm Triple Density Dildo, a bright orange and pink silicone realistic dildo

The standard colour options are tan, brown, or black. However, you can also order a custom toy in a two-colour fade, with a range of colours to choose from. I picked the bright orange to pink fade for mine, partly because it’s an unusual look for a sex toy and partly because it reminds me of a particularly vibrant sunset. (The colours are so bright. I have never seen a sex toy quite this orange. Seriously, it practically glows in the dark!)

Look and Feel

My Valm Triple Density Dildo has an impressively lifelike aesthetic including a veined shaft, pronounced head, wrinkled skin-like texturing around the base of the head to represent the foreskin, and textured balls. If you want a dildo that really looks like an actual penis, you could do much worse than a Valm toy in one of the available skin colour shades.

The Valm Triple Density Dildo’s outer layer silicone is very matte, which can make it feel quite grabby against the skin. This means that sufficient lubrication is particularly important. It also means it hangs on to lint and dust, so you’ll want to give it a quick wipe down before use if it’s been sitting in storage for a while.

What Does “Triple Density” Mean Anyway?

In a nutshell, a triple density dildo is made up of three layers of silicone. Valm says that their triple density toys feature “a hard inner core, gel-like middle layer, and soft outer layer.”

The main draw of a dual density or triple density dildo is that it feels more like a real penis. The Valm Triple Density Dildo has a firm core, slightly squishy middle layer, and a soft outer “skin” – just like an erect cock. Valm uses a silicone gel for the middle layer.

What’s the Difference Between a Triple Density and Dual Density Dildo?

The Valm Triple Density Dildo, a bright orange and pink silicone realistic dildo

Dual density sex toys have been on the market for some time, but triple density toys such as this one are much less common. If you’re new to this type of toy, you might be wondering which to go for.

Both dual density and triple density toys feel great, and offer a more lifelike experience compared to an ordinary single density silicone dildo. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider in making your choice:

  • A triple density dildo will cost more than a dual density one, simply because it uses more materials and requires more complex construction. For reference, the Valm 8″ retails for $109 in dual density and $129 in triple density.
  • All things being equal, triple density will provide a slightly more “realistic” feel. That is, if you want a toy that feels as much like a human penis as possible, choose triple density. If you’re happy to compromise somewhat on realism for the sake of cost, go for dual.
  • A triple density toy’s “layers” will be easier to move, whereas they’re likely to be less malleable and require more force to move in a dual density toy.

Both dual density and triple density dildos are easy to clean (toss it in the dishwasher or a pan of boiling water,) compatible with water-based and oil-based lubes, and body-safe.

Valm Silicone Triple Density Dildo In Use

The Valm Triple Density Dildo is more flexible than I expected, and definitely more flexible than your average erect human cock! I love this about it, though. Its shaft is basically straight, but the flexibility allows me to get the curve I need to target my G-spot effectively.

I also really love the squish and softness of this toy. When it’s properly lubricated, the skin-like texture of the outer silicone makes it a joy to use. I was a little surprised by how squishy the head is. This was a plus point for me in this case, but if you prefer very firm toys it might not provide enough pressure for you.

I’m not a big fan of a lot of texture on insertable toys, as I tend to find it painful or uncomfortable rather than pleasurable. The Valm dildo’s texturing on the shaft is subtle enough that I really can’t feel it, though, and the pronounced head is ideal for G-spotting without being so pronounced as to make insertion painful.

Other Uses and Considerations

Being a large hunk of triple density silicone, the Valm realistic dildo isn’t the lightest thing in the world. I don’t have an issue with heavy toys, but it’s something to be aware of if they are tricky for you. It’s easy to hold, with the suction cup and balls providing a convenient handle for thrusting even for my small hands.

Valm dildos are harness-compatible thanks to the balls and suction cup. However, I find mine is slightly too flexible to be ideal for strap-on sex. It’s certainly useable, but I tend to prefer slightly firmer dildos for this purpose as they make it easier to consistently get the right angle (and to avoid unintentionally slipping out of my partner.)

The Valm Triple Density Dildo, a bright orange and pink silicone realistic dildo, stuck to black shower tiles

The suction cup is strong and firm, allowing you to attach the dildo to a surface for hands-free fucking, if you like. It doesn’t detach until you want it to. And, since the balls and suction cup form a kind of base, it’s anal safe if that’s your thing.


This is my first triple density dildo, and I’m a big fan. Valm’s design is realistic in both look and feel, and – for me at least – offers the ideal blend of firmness, flex, and squish.

A winner.

Thanks to Valm Toys for sending me this product to review. This review was sponsored, meaning I received a fee in exchange for this honest and unbiased review. All views are, as always, mine.