Why Do People Like Tentacle Dildos?

When my blog took off and I started getting comments and questions from readers regularly, common queries and “FAQs” began popping up. Some of them I expected, others surprised me. Over the last seven and a half years, a request I’ve received again and again is for recommendations for fantasy toys. Monster toys, alien toys, tentacle dildos, and so on.

I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t really my kink. I don’t have any issue with it, of course – all consensual and risk-aware expressions of adult sexuality are good with me! – but I can’t say I ever entirely got it.

Nevertheless, clearly this kink strikes a chord with a lot of my readers and a lot of people generally. So, when the good folks at Nothosaur approached me and asked if they could sponsor a post, I thought I’d do a delve into this popular fetish.

So what is it exactly about tentacle dildos that makes them so popular?

How Common Are Tentacle Fantasies?

Tentacles for a post on why people like tentacle dildos
Image: Nothosaur

Justin Lehmiller, PhD, writing for Psychology Today, says “it’s rare, but some people fantasize about being sexually dominated by creatures with tentacles.”

Far be it for me to question the fantastic Dr Lehmiller, but I want to ask… is it rare? Okay, tentacle fantasies are probably less common than (say) fantasies of being spanked or tied up, but the fact that there’s an enormous and booming industry around tentacle-themed erotic content and toys tells me it’s actually at least somewhat common.

As with most sex-related things, reliable statistics are notoriously hard to find. So in terms of how common this fetish is, I don’t really know. But I feel safe in saying that if you do have this kink, you’re in very good company… and probably more company than you think.

By the way: just to bust a common misconception, having tentacle fantasies or enjoying tentacle dildos does not imply that a person is in any way interested in bestiality or sexually abusing animals.

So Why Do People Like Tentacle Dildos?

Nothosaur tentacle dildos
Image: Nothosaur

Whenever people ask, “why are people into that?” about a particular kink. I want to turn the question around. To me, the most interesting question isn’t “why do people like that?” The most interesting question is why do you, specifically, like that?

You might not know why a particular kink or fetish appeals to you, of course. And that’s okay. We don’t have to analyse where our fetishes come from to enjoy them.

With that said, let’s look at a few of the reasons that people might enjoy tentacle dildos.

Enacting a Fantasy

As we’ve already mentioned, fantasies involving tentacles are pretty common.

Some fantasies are easier to bring to life – for example, through roleplay scenes – than others. For those that are more based in the fantastical, toys can be an amazing way to help them feel more real.

The Allure of the Taboo

Sexual fantasies are often based in the taboo – things that feel edgy, transgressive, or even wrong, things that push up against social norms and ideas of what types of sex are “okay” to have, to want, to fantasise about.

Dr Lehmiller writes, “The entire concept of a sexual “taboo” is inherently arbitrary because what is considered taboo in one time, context, or culture may be considered perfectly normal in another.” In most places and contexts, despite how common they are, I think it’s fair to say that tentacle fantasies would be considered taboo. This, in itself, could explain part of their allure.

Shape and Texture

Tentacle toys tend to be wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. They are usually at least somewhat flexible, and often feature a lot of intense texturing. Designs with lots of little “suckers”, for example, are common. There are variations, of course, but this is the general theme.

And what do these features have in common? They can all make a toy feel really, really good.

Tapered toys with at least some flex are great for targeted stimulation of the G-spot or prostate. Toys that are narrower at the tip are often easier and more comfortable to insert. And texturing offers additional stimulation possibilities both internally and externally.


One of the most fun things about fantasy sex toys is that there are virtually no hard and fast rules. If it can be molded out of silicone or another appropriate material, it can probably be made. So no matter the shape, size, colour, or texture you’re looking for, you’re likely to be able to find a toy that fits the bill.

And if the toy you envision isn’t available? Many fantasy toy makers will be happy to work with you to create it for you.

Size and Length Preferences

For some reason, the crossover between the “fantasy toys” market and the “very large toys” market seems to be significant. The shape and design of tentacle dildos lends itself very well to large toys, particularly those that prioritise length.

On the flip side, the slimline design of many tentacle toys is great for those who prefer narrower toys over girthier ones.

Non-Phallic Appearance

Many people of all genders and sexual orientations enjoy penetration (vaginal, anal, or both.) But for all sorts of reasons, not everyone enjoys or feels comfortable being penetrated by something that looks like a penis.

This is one of the reasons that abstract sex toys are so popular, from beautiful glass and metal designs to silicone in a dizzying array of textures and colours. It’s also one of the appeals of fantasy toys. Want to fuck yourself with something that looks like a unicorn horn, a plant, an ice-cream cone, or – yes – a tentacle? Fantasy toys have got you covered.

Choosing the Right Tentacle Toy for You

With so many tentacle toys out there, how can you decide which one to choose? You might find that a particular toy calls to you when you see it. If not, here are a few factors you can use to help you decide:

  • Colours and aesthetics. Yes, this matters! Choose a toy that will be a joy to look at and use.
  • Size. Do you want a large toy or a smaller one? Does girth or length matter more to you?
  • Texture. Would you prefer a smoother toy, or one with a lot of texture? Heavily textured toys tend to feel more intense.
  • Flexibility and firmness. Do you want a firm and rigid toy, or a softer and more flexible one? Firmer toys are more intense, while more flexible ones are gentler and can be more comfortable for beginners.
  • Vaginal or anal use (or both?) If you’re going to use your toy anally, it must have a large flared base.

Nothosaur: One Stop Shop for Tentacle Dildos and Other Fantasy Sex Toys

Nothosaur carries a large range of tentacle dildos and other fantasy dildos as well as plugs, grinders, eggs, and more. I’m currently completely obsessed with the gorgeous rainbow range for Pride Month! Whether you’re a fantasy toys aficionado or just exploring tentacle toys for the first time, check them out.

And look out for my review of one of their products, also coming soon!

This post was sponsored. All views and writing are, as always, my own.

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