[Toy Review] We-Vibe Rave 2

If you’re a regular reader of my toy reviews, you’ll know that I am not always the biggest fan of internal vibrators. In general, vibrations against my G-spot just don’t feel that good to me. Sometimes they can even be uncomfortable.

This means that, when I am asked to review G-spot vibrators, I often end up using them in ways beyond their intended purpose. The We-Vibe Rave 2, which landed on my desk this week (my job is weird, y’all) is no exception to this rule.

We-Vibe Rave 2 G-spot vibrator

So how did I get along with this new toy from a company that has created so many enduring faves over the years?

We-Vibe Rave 2

The We-Vibe Rave 2 is a new iteration of We-Vibe’s Rave G-spot vibrator. It’s an app-controlled G-spot toy that measures 8.5″ in length (5″ insertable) and 1.5″ in diameter. Made of body-safe silicone, it is available in either hot pink or dusky blue.

We-Vibe Rave 2 app controlled vibrator

There are several upgrades to this edition of the We-Vibe Rave from the original, including:

  • It now has two motors instead of one
  • It has a hinge in the centre of the shaft
  • The shaft has been slightly redesigned

The Rave 2 is rechargeable, with 2 hours of charging giving around 2 hours of runtime. A storage pouch is also included.

What I Like About the We-Vibe Rave 2

Having been big players in the app-controlled toys space for a long time, We-Vibe typically produce reliable and good quality products. As such, there are a lot of things to like about the We-Vibe Rave 2.

  • The twisted shaft design and pronounced curve is excellent for targeted and precision G-spot stimulation.
  • The hinge! Oh my god the hinge. It’s an absolutely brilliant addition and I love how much it can alter the feel of the toy as well as how easy it is to hold and manipulate.
We-Vibe Rave 2 app-controlled G spot vibrator

  • The app functionality for solo/close-range play (we’ll dive into the app in more detail below.)
  • The second motor which offers stimulation of the sensitive area around the vaginal entrance.
  • The ability to control the two motors independently.
  • The vibrations are strong, rumbly… but also quiet.

What I DON’T Like About the We-Vibe Rave 2

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: this product’s bizarre marketing claims. On the We-Vibe website, the company claims that the Rave 2 offers “dual stimulation target[ing] both G-spot & clitoris.” There is no universe in which that’s true, sorry. Even with the hinge bent as far as it will go, there is no way this toy is reaching both the clit and the G-spot at the same time on the vast majority of bodies.

It also claims that it can be “worn during sex,” which… maybe sort of, I suppose, depending on what kind of sex we’re talking about. However, that terminology in the sex toy industry mostly refers to toys that can be worn during penis-in-vagina intercourse. This toy is definitely not that. It’s also just not something I would ever consider to be a “wearable” toy in any meaningful way.

Seriously, did We-Vibe just copy the wording from another of their products wholesale and not edit it at all? Because that’s how it looks.

Okay, so what else didn’t I like?

  • I would have preferred the insertable part to be a little more flexy and less rigid.
  • The manual controls are really fiddly and annoying. It can be hard to tell which motors you’re turning on and off and the responsiveness to speed changes isn’t always reliable.
  • A lot of the vibration patterns are quite samey so though there are nominally 10 patterns, it’s really more like five or six.
  • “Touch mode” on the app does not work at all. No matter how I move my finger, the toy responds exactly the same.
  • The long-distance app functionality made me want to scream. This deserves an entire section to itself, so we’ll get into that below.
We-Vibe Rave 2 G-spot vibrator buttons

Okay, Let’s Talk About the App

The reason most people will buy a toy like the We-Vibe Rave 2 is because it’s app-controllable. App-controlled vibrators have taken off enormously and are great for people in long-distance relationships, those who enjoy discreet public play, and cam performers and other online sex workers, among others.

Solo Mode

The We-Vibe app seems to be slightly different every time I use it, with new additions and improvements. Overall, I really liked this latest iteration when I was using the toy in solo mode. You have a few options including:

  • “Single Vibe”, which allows you to adjust the speed of the two motors (separately or together) on a single pattern.
  • “Multi vibe”, which allows you to use a different pattern for each motor simultaneously and switch between patterns quickly.
  • “Touch mode”, which is supposed to change the vibrations based on your finger movements on the screen but actually does absolutely nothing.
  • “Beat”, which syncs your toy to music.
  • “Playlist”, in which you can create your own personalised collection of settings in a particular order.
  • “Ambient”, in which the toy responds to ambient noise around you.

The connectivity was fast and the responsiveness was good. So far so promising.

Long-Distance Mode

But then I tried to use the long-distance feature to hand control of the toy over to my girlfriend, and that’s when my experience with this toy really started to go sideways.

Bearing in mind that the long-distance capabilities are one of We-Vibe’s main selling points for many of their toys: it simply does not work at all. We spent the best part of an hour trying to get the damn thing to connect and got nowhere.

No matter what we did – up to and including deleting and reinstalling the app – we could not get it to connect. We were met with either blank screens or notifications that the other was “offline” when we were very definitely online.

Having read lots of reviews this seems to be a common issue with this iteration of the We-Vibe app. I do expect some occasional issues with app-controlled toys as the technology is still relatively new and the kinks are being ironed out, so to speak. But there’s really no excuse for it to be this useless, particularly when it’s marketed so heavily as a benefit of these toys.

So instead of a hot remote sex date, we ended up spending a frustrating hour battling with technology. In the words of my girlfriend when we finally gave up: “I’m just horny and angry now!”

Verdict: Do I Recommend It?

The We-Vibe Rave 2 itself is fine as a toy, though not spectacular. It offers great power and good app functionality in solo play mode, as well as some excellent design features. But its manual controls are a massive pain, it makes some outlandishly inaccurate marketing claims… and the feature that is arguably its most important selling point doesn’t fucking work.

Therefore I cannot currently recommend this toy if you want to use it remotely. If you want to use it with the app at close range or just as a regular G-spot vibrator then sure, it’s fine, though I think you can probably get an equally serviceable G-spot vibrator at a lower price if you don’t need all the additional fancy features.

The We-Vibe Rave 2 retails for £129.99 ($139.00) and is available from Lovehoney UK, Lovehoney US, We-Vibe Europe and We-Vibe North America.

Thanks to We-Vibe for sending me this product to review. All views are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Toy Review] Honey Play Box Oly

I’ve written for Honey Play Box a few times before, but it’s been a while! So when they reached out to ask me to review for them once again, I was intrigued to see what’s been added to the range since we last met. I received the “Oly” vibrator to try out.

Honey Play Box “Oly” Vibrator

Honey Play Box Oly app-controlled vibrator

Upon first glance at the Honey Play Box Oly vibrator, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a butt plug. It certainly looks like one! However, it’s actually a two-in-one clitoral and G-spot vibrator that comes with added app-control functionality.

The Oly measures 4.4″ in total length, of which just over 3″ is insertable, and 1.6″ in diameter at the widest point. It is IPX7 waterproof (i.e. submersible) and USB rechargeable via the included magnetic cable. Made of high quality silicone, it’s available in two colours, pink or turquoise.

Firstly, What Did I Like About the Oly?

There are quite a few things about this product that I like!

Honey Play Box Oly remote control vibrator

  • The silicone is soft and smooth to the touch, and the turquoise colour is lovely.
  • The vibrations, particularly in the clitoral stimulator, are pretty powerful! I’m not sure if the motor in this part is actually more powerful, or if it’s just less dampened because the silicone here is thinner. Either way, stronger external vibrations and weaker internal ones is the correct combination for me.
  • That curve! The internal portion of the Oly is the perfect length and shape for targeted G-spot pressure, at least on my body.
  • The two raised ridges on the top side of the clitoral stimulator. They’re ideally positioned and awesome for sort of grinding against.
  • The flexibility of the neck makes insertion comfortable and positioning easy.
  • The curve of the base sits comfortably flush against the curve of my vulva.
  • It’s not silent, but it’s not particularly loud either so it’s relatively discreet.
  • Despite me saying “It’s not a butt plug”, you actually could totally use it as one. The flared base makes it anal-safe and the curve is likely to work particularly well for you if you have a prostate and enjoy having it stimulated.
  • A pretty and practical green and gold storage bag is included.
  • The Oly retails for a bargain $65, which is at the very affordable end of the app-controlled sex toy market.

Anything I Didn’t Like?

There were, however, also a few things about the Oly that didn’t work so well for me.

Honey Play Box Oly app-controlled sex toy

  • Though powerful, it’s also pretty buzzy. This results in my clit going numb and feeling overstimulated but without any significant pleasure after a few minutes.
  • It doesn’t stay in place all that well. I have to use my hands to hold it if I want to keep the internal part inside and the external part against my clit at the same time.
  • The distance between the internal part and the clitoral stimulator won’t work for all bodies. It just about fits on mine, but if you have a larger distance between your vaginal opening and your clitoris then it just won’t fit right.
  • I don’t love that it’s a one-button interface (super annoying when there’s 9 settings to scroll through) or that you can’t control the two motors separately.

How is the App Functionality?

One of the Honey Play Box Oly’s big selling points is its app functionality. App-controlled sex toys are all the rage in this era of smartphones, sexting, and long-distance relationships, for obvious reasons. They allow you to connect with a partner and have sex, via a toy, from anywhere in the world as long as you have Bluetooth and an internet connection.

The HoneyPlayBox app is available free on both Android and iOS. You’ll need to set up an account with your email address and then choose a username. (You’ll also have to select if you’re a “girl” or a “boy”, which is entirely unnecessary as well as annoyingly binary.)

This is where the problems began, though. No matter what I tried, the app simply would not connect to my toy. I reconfigured the permissions, restarted the app, restarted my entire phone, turned various things on and off and on again, and… nothing.

It looks like the app has some fun and interesting options. It’s just a shame I couldn’t try any of them because it will not connect no matter what I do. In theory, once you’re in, you can control the toy from your phone or give control to your partner from anywhere.

Update! Got a New Oly

When I told HoneyPlayBox about my issues with the Oly and the app, they kindly sent me a new toy as it seems the first one was faulty for some reason. This new one connected to the app instantly, so I was able to actually try the features.

On the main screen, there are two wheels that allow you to control the toy’s two motors and switch between settings with a swipe of your finger. The responsiveness is excellent and it’s nice to have an easy way to control the two motors independently.

Tapping the rocket button on the left gives you “enhanced mode”, which is just more powerful vibrations, while the pause button on the right allows you to momentarily switch off the vibrations without losing your chosen settings.

“Free touch” allows you to create your own vibration patterns for each motor, changing them as you go along by swiping the bee icons up or down. “Music mode” makes the toy vibe along with either ambient noise or audio files on your phone. And “remote play” allows you to connect with a partner from a distance and hand control to them.

Overall I’m impressed with the HoneyPlayBox app – it has a good array of features, and excellent reliability and responsiveness.

Let’s Talk About “Blended Orgasm, Guaranteed”

Honey Play Box Oly dual stimulation vibrator

First, I’m once again begging toy companies to stop making orgasm guarantees. There is literally no such thing. People are different, bodies are different, and there is not a single thing in the entire world that “guarantees” an orgasm to everyone who uses it.

Case in point: the Oly did not give me an orgasm.

I will also admit I’m quite cynical about the concept of the “blended orgasm.” This relies on the notion that there are two distinct types of orgasm for people with vulvas: clitoral and G-spot. This is true for some people. It’s also not true for huge numbers of people (including, you know, the 70-90% of us who only orgasm with clitoral stimulation.) We have got to stop holding the “vaginal orgasm” (and by extension, the “blended orgasm”) up on a pedestal. If clitoral stimulation gets you there, amazing. If penetration gets you there, also amazing. And if you love the combination of both, have at it. But I’m kinda done with the notion that there’s a special and better type of orgasm that only comes from the latter.

So while the Oly feels quite good and I can see myself using it in a limited set of circumstances, it didn’t get me off and I think it’s highly unlikely that it would. So no, as always, that “orgasm guarantee” is nothing but marketing fluff.


HoneyPlayBox has taken this feedback on board and removed that messaging from the marketing copy. Good work.



There are a lot of good points to the Oly, and most of its downsides are annoying rather than egregious (particularly considering the affordable price point.)

You can use code KINK15 to get 15% off almost all products at Honey Play Box.

Thanks to Honey Play Box for sponsoring this review. I was paid to write this piece but all experiences and views are my own.

[Toy Review] We-Vibe Ditto+ App Controlled Butt Plug

We-Vibe has been one of the biggest players in the app-controlled sex toys space for a long time now, and for good reason. From their early days of pioneering wearable clitoral vibrators to the extensive product range they have today, We-Vibe has consistently produced quality toys that live up to their high price tag.

I recently received the We-Vibe Ditto+ from Lovehoney. I’ll be candid and say I don’t use anal toys all that often and when I do, I tend to be very choosy. So let’s see how this one measured up.

We-Vibe Ditto+ Details

We-Vibe Ditto+ vibrating butt plug

The We-Vibe Ditto+ is a vibrating butt plug measuring 3.5″ in total length, 3″ in insertable length, and a petite 1.2″ in diameter at the widest point. It is rechargeable via the included USB cable, with a single charge giving you around 120 minutes of runtime. It’s also fully waterproof and submersible, and comes with a cotton storage bag.

The We-Vibe Ditto+ is made of lovely, body-safe matte silicone and is available in two colourways: pink or black. I received the pink, which has a gorgeous subtle shimmer when it catches the light. I don’t love that it has a visible seam all the way around and little spot marks, presumably from the molding process. They’re small aesthetic details but when you’re paying over £100 for a toy, those things do matter.

How Does It Feel? Insertion and Comfort

I appreciate the We-Vibe Ditto+’s small size. On the relatively rare occasions that I use anal toys, I tend to opt for smaller ones. Large anal insertables just aren’t really my thing. That said, if you prefer a larger toy, this one probably isn’t for you.

We-Vibe Ditto+ vibrating anal plug

Like all anal toys, the Ditto+ is suitable for folks of all genders and genital configurations. However, it’s not large enough to reach the prostate on most people who have one, so look elsewhere if you’re looking for a prostate stimulator. (Might I recommend the Aneros range?)

If you have a vagina, the shape of the Ditto+ is ideal for wearing during penetrative sex. Just remember to angle the flat side of the Ditto+ towards the front of your body for comfort. Your partner will feel the vibrations when they’re inside you. Vaginal/anal double penetration isn’t really my jam but, if I was going to do it, the Ditto+ is an ideal plug for the purpose.

I really like the base design of the Ditto+, too. As you may know, it’s vital for anal toys to have a flared base. This is because, without one, there’s a risk of them getting sucked up into your butt and getting stuck. (Cue an embarrassing trip to A&E or, at worst, a real medical emergency.)

We-Vibe Ditto+ app controlled butt plug base and buttons

However, many anal toys have rounded bases that can be super uncomfortable to wear after a while. The Ditto+’s L-shaped base sits flush with the curve of the butt cheeks comfortably and without digging in.

Don’t forget that adequate lubrication is absolutely essential for safe and pleasurable anal play.

How Does It Feel? Vibrations, Controls, and Sound

The We-Vibe Ditto+ has ten vibration modes: 4 steady speeds and 6 patterns. The toy itself has only a one-button interface, but the remote control makes it easy to switch between settings and to turn the intensity up or down.

The button on the base of the toy is a little too firm and difficult to press. However, you’re unlikely to use it all that much. Once the toy is inside you, it’s just too awkwardly placed and you’re much better off using the remote control. The remote has a simple interface, easy to press buttons, and great responsiveness. Be aware that the remote isn’t waterproof, though.

Like most We-Vibe toys, this one has an excellent motor. It’s strong and rumbly, and ideally situated within the toy to transmit the most vibrations to the right spots. When I use vibrating clitoral vibrators, I tend to turn them straight to the highest setting and leave them there. It’s different with butt toys, though, where I tend to prefer slightly gentler stimulation. The top setting on the Ditto+ is actually a bit too much for me! Butts are sensitive and easily overstimulated, as it turns out. (At least mine is.)

Sometimes it feels as though every sex toy ever to exist claims to be “whisper quiet.” This is usually laughably and demonstrably untrue (with the companies that proclaim it the most often producing the most obnoxiously loud, rattly, whiny toys!) However, We-Vibe toys are consistently impressively quiet, especially when you balance their level of power against their level of volume.

The Ditto+ is no exception. Even at the highest setting its noise is no more than a quiet buzz. It’s totally discreet for use anywhere with a reasonable level of ambient noise. (So if going out with a plug in is your thing, have at it!)

App Functionality

The brand new We-Vibe app has been totally redesigned and rebuilt from scratch. It’s free to download from the Android or iOS app stores. You don’t even need to create an account to start playing, so you can dive in straight away.

The app walks you through connecting your toy, which is done through Bluetooth and takes about 20 seconds. You can then select “Play” to control your toy from close range, or “Long Distance Play” to connect with a partner anywhere in the world.

The “Single Vibe” mode allows you to select a setting and then change the intensity with the swipe of a finger. The “Multi Vibe” mode is particularly cool and allows you to select four different modes, which appear in the four quadrants of your screen. You can then change mode and adjust the intensity with the swipe of a finger.

You can also create a playlist or use “Beat Mode” to vibe along to music, or select “Ambient Mode” to have your toy respond to the ambient noise of your surroundings. (This could be fun in a loud environment such as a club or party.)

Overall, an impressive array of options that make for a surprisingly versatile toy!

The one option I found completely useless was the “Touch Mode.” Supposedly this allows you to translate touches of the screen into a vibration pattern but no matter how (or how fast or slow) I moved my finger across the screen, the intensity and pattern of the vibrations was the same. It’s a cool idea but utterly non-functional in its current form.

The We-Vibe’s app connectivity is steady, reliable, and highly responsive as long as you’ve got a decent internet connection. We-Vibe has typically been ahead of the curve in this area generally, but the new and improved app really is a step up.

The We-Vibe app does not allow screenshots due to its security policy. This was super annoying for the purposes of completing this review, but does make sense from a safety perspective!


The We-Vibe Ditto+ retails for £109.99 in the UK and $129 in the US. If you just want a basic vibrating silicone plug, you can get something much cheaper and enjoy much the same effect (though, admittedly, the vibrations won’t be as strong or rumbly.) But if you’re going to make the most of the extensive app functionality, the We-Vibe Ditto+ is a good investment.

Good design, great vibrations, actually useable app. Excellent all around.

Thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this product to review. All views and experiences are, of course. mine. Affiliate links appear in this post.

[Toy Review] OhMiBod Kiiroo Fuse

Kiiroo is currently one of the world’s biggest names in remote control and app-controlled sex toys, alongside the likes of Lovense and WeVibe. After my recent experience with the Kiiroo Pearl2+, I was excited to get to try another legendary Kiiroo toy: the OhMiBod Kiiroo Fuse.

Kiiroo Fuse: Details

OhMiBod Kiiroo Fuse

The Kiiroo Fuse is a rabbit-style vibrator. In the box you’ll find the toy, a charging cable, an instruction manual, and a silky drawstring storage bag.

The entire toy measures just over 7″ in total length. The rigid internal arm offers 5″ of insertable length and is a slimline 1.3″ in diameter. Its clitoral arm is 2″ in length and extremely flexible. The entire thing weighs in at a petite 131g.

The Fuse is rechargeable via the included USB charger, and you’ll get 1.5-2 hours of use from a full (2.5 hours) charge. It’s not waterproof, though (only splashproof) which is a little surprising from a toy at this price-point.

The Kiiroo Fuse is made from body-safe matte silicone in black or pink, accented with a silver metallic strip on the handle.

Using the Kiiroo Fuse Manually

With the best will in the world, I’m unlikely to regularly use an app to control a vibrator when I’m using it by myself. Aside from anything else, I need one hand to hold the toy and one hand to scroll through erotica or sext one of my partners. I simply don’t have enough hands to do a third thing, too! So I started off by testing the Fuse as just a regular rabbit vibrator, using its manual controls.

Kiiroo Fuse app controlled vibrator buttons

The Fuse’s manual mode is operated from a single-button interface, which I don’t love. It includes 7 inbuilt settings: one constant speed and 6 patterns. The lack of multiple constant power levels in manual mode is a pretty major downside! However, you can somewhat get around this by putting the toy into “touch sensitive” mode. This means it will vibrate when it is in contact with your body. The more of the toy is inside you, the harder it will vibrate. Clever, no?

The button is also sort of small, though there is a little pulsing light so it’s easy to see even if you’re playing in a dark space. The Fuse’s handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, and the button is well positioned.

But all of that aside, does it actually feel good? The Fuse’s shape is excellent, with a gentle curve and pronounced ridge on the head that’s ideal for G-spotting. The flexibility of the external arm makes it easy to keep consistent contact with my clit. It also means the toy is likely to suit a wider range of bodies than those with a fixed position clitoral stimulator. Physically and ergonomically, the Fuse’s design is excellent.

Finally, let’s talk about the Fuse’s vibrations. As with other Kiiroo products I’ve tried, they are strong and rumbly. One huge, major, enormous problem? You can’t control the vibrations in the two arms separately. This is a real issue if, like me, you prefer much more intense stimulation in one area than the other.

Using the Kiiroo Fuse with the App

Kiiroo toys really come into their own when they are connected to the Kiiroo app (called FeelConnect, available free on both Android and iOS.) I started off trying it with the app by myself (even though, as mentioned above, I’m unlikely to actually do this in general use.)

I thought I might be able to control the toy’s two vibrating portions separately through the app. Sadly, no such luck. It’s still both or neither. There are some fun features within the app, though. You can use touch control to turn the toy up or down with the swipe of a finger. For some reason, though, I COULD NOT get this to give me constant vibrations. It insisted on pulsing up and down no matter what I did.

Screenshot of Kiiroo Fuse app

The “clap control” (which is really just “sound control”) offers some interesting potential. You can adjust the sensitivity, but beware: if it’s up too high, the toy will pick up on the sound of its own vibrations and stay on regardless!

Screenshot of OhMiBod Kiiroo Fuse app

Finally, you can connect your Kiiroo Fuse to various erotic media including both 2D and VR porn (you’ll need a VR headset and the FeelVR app to enjoy the latter.) This can provide a more immersive masturbatory experience, if that’s something you’re after. And if you’re an online sex worker such as a cam model, you can connect your Fuse to various camming sites and give control over to your fans in exchange for tips or as part of an interactive show.

Testing the Remote Capabilities

To test this toy’s remote capabilities, I embarked on a little remote vibrator sex date with my girlfriend[1][2].

We had a little trouble finding each other on the app after she set up her account, for some reason – my username showed up in her searches but hers didn’t show up in mine. I’m still not sure what the problem was here. Once we’d found each other, the toy connected quickly and the responsiveness was excellent. (Which is good news if your partner happens to enjoy switching the toy off or turning the power right down juuuuuust as you’re about to cum… ask me how I know.)

Fuse by OhMiBod and Kiiroo

You can text-chat or video call through the FeelConnect app, though you can’t send pictures, which feels like an oversight. Of course, you can also chat in a different app and switch between the two as needed if you prefer. (That’s what we did in the end.)

The person controlling the toy will see a slider. They can use this to turn the toy’s vibrations up and down. Unfortunately, as far as we could tell, that’s about the only thing they can do. There didn’t seem to be any way to turn on a pattern or pulse setting instead of the constant vibrations remotely. This wasn’t actually a problem for me – I far prefer constant vibrations to patterns! – but it’s something to be aware of if your preferences are different.

From a connectivity and responsiveness perspective, though, this is one of the best toys I’ve ever tried. Not once did the connection drop. Despite the tremendous rise of app-controlled toys recently, it is still unusual in my experience for one to work this seamlessly.

If your partner also has a Kiiroo toy, you can use the “Device to Device” functionality to control both toys at once. Which seems like it would have some very fun potential!

I think that my main use for this toy going forward will be remote play like this. It’s unlikely to be something I’ll reach for regularly by myself, but its long-distance capabilities are probably its main selling point.

[1] The eagle-eyed regular readers amongst you will notice this is the first time she’s been mentioned. Yes, it’s a new relationship. She’s wonderful and I am very happy!

[2] The things my partners do for you all! #DoingItForTheReaders


Mixed on this one. On the plus side, very strong and rumbly vibrations that get me off hard and reliably. It’s got great connectivity and responsiveness for playing remotely with a partner. On the downside, though, the app is clunky to use and surprisingly limited in functionality compared to other similar products on the market.

By far my biggest criticism about the Kiiroo Fuse is that you can’t operate the internal and external portions separately. This is a huge downside if you’re someone like me who prefers gentle internal vibrations or just the pressure of an insertable alongside strong clitoral vibrations. To get the strength of vibes I want on my clit, I have to deal with internal vibes that are really much more intense than I would prefer.

Overall? I think the Kiiroo Fuse is a good toy but not a great toy. It’s got great potential but also some significant flaws that need fixing to make it worth the price tag. The OhMiBod Kiiroo Fuse retails for £144.

Thanks to Kiiroo for sending me this product to review. All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own. Affiliate links appear within this post. Using them sends me a small commission at no extra cost to you!

[Toy Review] Pink Punch Peachu Sucking Vibrator

I am endlessly fascinated and entertained by the different iterations of sex toy designs that companies come out with. As well as the classic rabbit vibes, we’ve got products that look like penguins, whales, emojis, mushrooms, and more. But peaches are a new one on me. I suppose it makes sense – apparently, the peach emoji is the universal symbol for a butt (or, less frequently, a vulva) when sexting, much like the aubergine/eggplant is the symbol for a penis. (And yes, there are aubergine emoji vibrators.) Enter the Pink Punch Peachu Sucking Vibrator.

Pink Punch Peachu Sucking Vibrator: Details

Following the success of their Sunset Mushroom vibrator, Pink Punch have developed their latest offering: an app-capable clit sucking toy known as the Peachu.

Pink Punch Peachu sucking vibrator

My Peachu arrived discreetly packaged and, inside, was attractively boxed in sturdy branded packaging. As well as the toy, the box contains the charging pod and cable, some instructions and additional information, and a set of Pink Punch stickers. As a mid-priced toy, it’s lovely to see the effort that has gone into the presentation here.

The Pink Punch Peachu is a small clitoral toy shaped like a peach. It measures just 4″ from base to tip, and 3″ in diameter at the widest point. It’s made of ultra-soft, matte food-grade silicone, which is completely body-safe as well as a joy to handle. Its colour is a deep orange fading to a pale yellow, with a translucent layer on top to give it a softer aesthetic.

Peachu by Pink Punch
Image: Pink Punch

The Peachu comes with a dome-shaped charging case. Please note that, unlike the last Pink Punch product I tried, this charging case is NOT wireless. You’ll get around 2 hours of use out of a full charge, which takes 2 hours.

The Peachu is waterproof to an IPX7 rating. This means that it is submersible in up to 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes. So if playing in the bath or shower is your jam, have at it. (Leave the case outside the bathroom, though, as this part isn’t waterproof.)

The Peachu Sucking Vibrator retails for $109 (that’s around £88). I’d consider this a very reasonable price for an app-controlled toy. But did it live up to expectations in use?

What I Like About the Pink Punch Peachu

There are a lot of things – honestly, more than I expected! – that I like about the Pink Punch Peachu.

First, the aesthetic is legitimately cute. I’ve tried so many sex toys at this point that I’m excited by quirky designs, unique shapes, and different twists on old themes. I think something like this could also be a non-threatening introduction to toys for a nervous beginner.

Peachu clit sucker
Image: Pink Punch

The Peachu is pleasingly light at just 164g and surprisingly ergonomic to hold. I have fairly small hands and the Peachu fits comfortably into my hand. The dual layer silicone is also enjoyably squishy to the touch. Its button is easy to press (though I don’t love the placement – more on that in a minute) and I can even forgive a single-button interface on a toy with only five inbuilt settings.

Pink Punch Peachu clit sucker

The charging case is a really big plus for me. It means the toy doesn’t have to sit on the floor (not very hygienic!) or awkwardly perch on the edge of my bed/desk/sofa while I’m charging it. The hard plastic case doubles as a dust cover, keeping the toy clean while it’s in storage.

Noise-wise, the Peachu is fine. Calling it “whisper-quiet” is a stretch, but it’s not going to wake the neighbours or alert your roomates to your masturbatory activities unless your walls are made of paper.

Most importantly, the Peachu gets me off quickly and reliably. The suction sensation is steady and intense, and ramping up slowly through the five speeds can bring me to orgasm in a few minutes. One fellow tester noted that the toy’s stimulation style was somewhat too direct and intense for their preferences. That directness and intensity is what I like in a suction toy, but your mileage may vary. Always be mindful of your own preferences when choosing a toy!

Because the Peachu doesn’t have a typical “nozzle,” just a hole in the body housing the suction element, it’s hard to get a true seal but easy to move around in use. Since I often prefer to move toys around against my vulva rather than simply put them in place and leave them there, this is a feature rather than a bug. With a little lube, it’s easy to slide around and reposition in use as required.

How is the App Functionality?

The first couple times I tried the Peachu, I used it on its own in manual mode. I like to get a sense of how a toy functions in this way before adding all the bells and whistles of app functionality. As we’ve discussed, the Peach is a good clitoral suction toy by itself. But did the Pink Punch app add much to the equation?

The Pink Punch app is available for free on both Android and iOS. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to set up an account using your email address and a couple of basic details such as your birth date and gender. You can then connect your toy using Bluetooth, which took me about 20 seconds.

You’ll then see the app’s fun and memorable cyberpunk-y homescreen, from which you can select your options and start exploring. The look and feel is fun, and always calls to mind a retro video game for me.

PinkPunch app

You can try out different settings and control your toy’s intensity with a simple swipe of the finger. There are a number of different patterns and modes to choose from, including the amusingly-yet-bizarrely named Naughty Cat (is this a pussy joke?) I don’t really care for patterns, though, as my regular readers will no doubt be aware. While I had a little fun trying them out, I generally prefer to stick to the constant suction mode.

You can use your phone to control the Peachu from up to 10m away, or connect with a partner remotely anywhere in the world using an invitation code generated through the app. In both cases, the responsiveness is good with little lag or drop-off.

I doubt I’ll be using the Peachu with the app regularly for solo play. I can get everything I want out of it with the built-in patterns and manual interface. But for the occasions when I find myself playing remotely with one of my partners, it’s fun to have the remote control option.

Anything I Don’t Like?

I’m not wild about the button placement. When I’m holding the Peachu in my hand and against my clit, I have to curl my little finger under in a slightly awkward fashion to change the setting in manual mode. The button would be better placed on the back of the toy rather than the base.

I also would have liked the opening to be slightly wider. My clit is, as far as I know, fairly average in size. So this toy might not be a good fit if you have a larger clit or prefer a wider portion of your clitoral area to be covered by the toy’s suction nozzle.

Finally, I don’t love that the app asks for gender (seems unnecessary) and that the only options it offers are “male” and “female.”


The Pink Punch Peachu is a surprising gem. When I took it out of the packaging, I wasn’t at all sure its shape or design was going to work for me. But, a few little issues aside, it’s a great little clitoral stimulator with the added bonus of app functionality.

Plus it looks cute as hell on my nightstand.

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This review was sponsored by Pink Punch. This means the company paid me to test the product and write a fair and honest review. All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

[Toy Review] PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator

I’ve reviewed many different styles of sex toys at this stage. There’s the classic vibrators and dildos, of course. But I’ve also tested toys shaped like penguins, whales, emojis, birds, roses, and more. Until this week, though, I have never tested a vibrator shaped like a mushroom!

PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator: Details

PinkPunch sunset mushroom vibrator

PinkPunch got in touch and asked me to test their brand new Sunset Mushroom vibrator, which is the result of multiple years of development and a significant financial investment. I was only too happy to agree!

The Sunset Mushroom is a miniature app-controlled vibrator made of silky smooth and body-safe matte silicone. It measures just under 4″ in total length and looks like a little pink mushroom with cream and orange detailing. The design is really cute and eyecatching. I particularly like the detailing on the mushroom head and the translucent top layer of silicone gives it a softened, otherworldly aesthetic.

The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator comes with its own wireless charging case (think the sort of thing that you charge Airpods in!) This means you don’t need to plug the toy into the wall to charge it. As long as the case is charged, the toy will charge up automatically when you pop it into the case. The little heart light will flash to indicate that the toy is charging. This design makes the toy ideal for travel. A full charge takes 30 minutes and you’ll get an hour of runtime (charging the case takes around 2 hours.) The Sunset Mushroom is also fully waterproof, though its charging case is not.

PinkPunch sunset mushroom vibrator case

My Sunset Mushroom Vibrator arrived in discreet, nondescript packaging. Inside, the toy is attractively boxed in cute branded packaging and fastened with a PinkPunch branded ribbon. Inside the box you’ll find the toy, its charging capsule, a micro USB cable to plug it in, a detachable pull loop with you can optionally clip onto the toy, and a little PinkPunch pin badge. You’ll also find an envelope containing an instruction leaflet and some PinkPunch stickers. It’s clear that real thought has gone into the presentation here, making this toy lovely for gifting or just as a treat for yourself.

PinkPunch sunset mushroom vibrator in its case

The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator retails for $99 (just over £80), which is at the lower end of the price range for an app-controlled toy. But how did it fare in use?

Sunset Mushroom Vibrator In Use: Manual

Despite its small size, the PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator packs, well, a punch when it comes to features and functionality.

The motor is sensibly located in the head of the mushroom for best vibration transferrence. This isn’t quite as powerful as I would ideally like and it’s a little buzzy. The handle also vibrates a little during use, so be aware of this if that’s likely to be a problem for you.

The single-button interface is sensibly located on the base of the toy and is easy to press to cycle through the inbuilt three constant vibration speeds and four patterns.

PinkPunch sunset mushroom vibrator

Here’s a really cool thing about this toy: at first glance it looks like it’s primarily a clitoral vibrator (essentially it’s a mini wand!) but, thanks to the included detachable pull-loop to aid with easy removal, you can also use it as an internal vibrator. It’s small enough that it can even function as a leave-in if you like, stimulating you as you go about your day.

One of my favourite aspects of the Sunset Mushroom Vibrator’s design is the rigid neck. This means that you can get a good amount of pressure without it flexing away from your body. The curved shape and large, rigid head is amazing for targeted G-spot stimulation. I also really love the texturing on the tip of the head for clitoral play which, when coupled with a little water-based lube, adds a lovely additional sensation.

PinkPunch sunset mushroom vibrator

Personally, and perhaps surprisingly, I like this one best as an internal toy. The vibrations weren’t quite enough for me to orgasm clitorally, which tends to require very high powered and rumbly vibes. But I prefer gentler toys for internal use. The lower level vibrations combined with the fantastic shape and bulbed mushroom head made it the ideal long-term wear G-spot toy for me.

Unlike so many toys that make this claim, the Sunset Mushroom Vibrator actually is impressively quiet. It’s unlikely anyone in the next room will hear it unless you have paper-thin walls. And if you want to surreptitiously play in public, it’s likely to be fine anywhere with a reasonable level of ambient background noise.

Sunset Mushroom Vibrator In Use: App Functionality

The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator functions just fine by itself, but really comes into its own when coupled with the PinkPunch app, which is available for free on both Android and iOS. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to set up an account using your email address. It’ll ask you for your date of birth (I’m not really sure why? A licensing requirement for an 18+ product maybe?) and your gender (there are, sadly, only “male” and “female” options.)

Once you’re in, you need to connect your toy by following the instructions on the leaflet. This took less than a minute and connected the first time with no issues. At this point, the app gives you an array of options.

To start controlling your toy from your phone, click “start”. You can then scroll through the four different pattern options and change the speed with a swipe of your finger. The “Lottery” option is fun, cycling through patterns at random in ten-second increments.

You can give control to your partner using the “remote control” option. They will need to have the app downloaded on their phone. Then you simply give them a unique code which will allow them to control your toy until you end the session. This has good potential for people in long-distance relationships, as well as for online sex workers such as cam performers.

The app has a fun and colourful aesthetic that reminds me a little of a retro video game. There’s even a section where you can see your use stats and get reward badges for using different functions. So that’s fun if, like me, you are eternally motivated by little hits of digital dopamine.


I really like this one! Even though I wasn’t blown away by the strength of the vibrations and am unlikely to use it again as a clitoral toy, it’s a surprisingly excellent insertable. The design is cute, the shape is excellent, and the app functionalities and portable charging case really elevate it.

You can get 30% off your order at PinkPunch.com with my exclusive discount code, Amy30.

This review was sponsored by the good folks at PinkPunch, meaning I was paid to test the product and write a fair and honest review. All opinions and experiences are, as always, my own.

[Toy Review] Ifonnx Euna App-Controlled Vibrator

Wow, it has been a while since I’ve written a full toy review, hasn’t it? I have to admit that I’ve missed doing this, though, so it’s really nice to get back into the swing of things with the Euna app-controlled vibrator from Ifonnx.

Ifonnx Euna: Basics

The Ifonnx Euna is a curved vibrator that sits somewhere between a classic “love egg” and that whale thing I reviewed last year. Its insertable length is around 3.5″ and it has a long, curved tail for easy insertion and retrieval.

Ifonnx Euna app-controlled vibrator

The single control button is located on the end of the tail and is large, easy to press, and prominent enough that you can feel for it without needing to look. Without using the app you’ll have access to 3 constant speeds and 8 patterns, which you can scroll through with the touch of the button.

The Ifonnx Euna is coated in 100% soft, hypoallergenic, and body-safe silicone. Mine is a bright shade of pink, and it’s also available in a dusky dark blue. It is IPX7 waterproof, meaning it can be submerged safely in shallow water for up to 30 minutes. In other words, if playing in the bath or shower is your thing, that’s totally possible.

Ifonnx Euna app-controlled vibrator box

The Euna retails for $96 at full price (around £80 GBP), which is a pretty competitive price point for a body-safe, rechargeable, waterproof, app-controlled toy. It arrived discreetly shipped and packaged in an attractive branded box made of recyclable cardboard with a plastic inlay tray.

Along with your toy, in the box you’ll find a charging cable (you’ll get 60 minutes use from a 60 minute charge), a red velvety storage pouch, an instruction leaflet, and a gift card for a discount off your next purchase.

Ifonnx App

The Ifonnx Euna is controllable from anywhere in the world via the free app, which is available on both iOS and Android. Weirdly, I couldn’t find the app by searching the Play Store, but it popped up immediately when I scanned the QR code on the toy’s instruction booklet.

It took a couple of attempts to connect my toy. For some reason, you have to have location permissions enabled for the app to pick up the device. I’m not sure why that should be but maybe someone with more Bluetooth knowhow can explain? But as soon as I’d figured that out, it conncted in less than a second.

Ifonnx Euna app-controlled vibrator app screenshot

Once you’re in the app, you have several options. The Motion option vibrates the toy along with movements of your phone, which has interesting potential for (for example) putting the phone in your or your partner’s pocket as you walk and feeling the vibrations with every step. The Sound setting picks up sounds in the surrounding area and vibes along to them. Try playing music, talking into it, or just keeping it switched on when you’re in a noisy space.

In the Patterns section, you can choose from 9 pre-set patterns or draw and save your own, giving you literally endless possibilities. Under Music, you can upload your own favourite tunes to vibe along to. And in the Remote Connect section, you can hand control over to your partner from anywhere in the world as long as there’s an internet connection.

You can even wake yourself or your partner up with vibrations, if you wish. Since this is an intertable leave-in vibrator, you can wear it overnight. Just set it to vibrate with your chosen pattern and specified intensity at the time you want to wake up. Well, there are worse ways to start your day!

The toy-to-app connection is excellent. Unlike many toys I’ve tried in this category, the connectivity is stable and reliable and the response speed is virtually instantaneous. It also has an attractive black and gold aesthetic and an intuitive user interface.

How Does It Feel?

I like the shape of the Ifonnx Euna a lot. Its slightly curved body provides a nice internal pressure. If you position it just right, the tip can rest against your G-spot. The flexible tale makes it easy and comfortable to insert and remove, and lies non-intrusively against your body while you’re wearing the toy. Thanks to the soft silicone, it’s comfortable enough for all-day wear if that’s your thing.

The vibrations are pretty strong and honestly, more powerful than many more expensive toys of this type that I’ve tried. Unfortunately, they are a little more buzzy than I prefer. If you enjoy deep rumbling vibrations, this might not be the toy for you.

Personally, it’s unlikely that I would orgasm with it, but it’s fun for an ongoing tease throughout the day, while out and about, or as a precursor to sex.


The Ifonnx Euna is a great quality little vibrator with excellent app functionality. It also sits at a surprisingly affordable price point compared to many of its competitors!

Buy yours here and check out Infonnx’s other products while you’re there.

This review was sponsored, meaning I was paid to test the product and write a fair and honest review. All options and experiences are, as always, my own.

[Toy Review] Monster Pub Dr Whale 2

You’ve heard of rabbit vibrators. You’ve probably heard of Satisfyer’s famous Penguin clitoral suction toy. But have you ever seen a whale vibrator before? Well, now you have! Specifically, the Dr Whale vibrator, which I recently received to test and review.

Monster Pub Dr Whale 2: Basics

The Dr Whale 2 is a curved vibrator shaped like a little whale. It measures 7 inches in total when stretched out flat (4 inches insertable) and 1.3 inches in diameter at the widest point. It houses two motors, one in the whale’s “body” and one in its tail.

Monster Pub Dr Whale 2

The Dr Whale 2 is coated in soft and body-safe silicone in a pretty shade of pale blue. It is rechargeable via the included USB cable and you get 120 minutes use out of a full charge. You also get a storage bag for the toy.

Confusingly, the website says the toy is waterproof but the included instruction booklet says NOT to submerge it in water. I’m going to assume that means it’s splashproof only, though I’m not entirely sure. I didn’t want to risk breaking it by submerging it. For a toy of this price point, though, I feel like “waterproof” should come as standard.

Monster Pub Dr Whale 2

The Dr Whale 2 features an internal heating element that warms up to a comfortable 42C within a couple minutes of being switched on. Most intriguing of all, it is controllable via the Monster Pub app (available free on iOS and Android).

App-Controlled Kegel Exerciser

One of the advertised purposes of the Dr Whale 2 is as a kegel exerciser. Performing kegel exercises regularly can help strengthen your pelvic floor, which some evidence shows has a variety of benefits from better bladder control to stronger orgasms. I delved into some of the science on kegel exercises a long time ago on this blog, and anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that while using internal exercisers like the Dr Whale 2 doesn’t necessarily make the kegel exercises more effective, using one might make you more likely to perform them regularly.

I downloaded the app and the toy connected easily. The connection is good, reliable and steady as long as you have a stable internet connection.

You have to set up an account on the app, which takes a few seconds. It also asks you to select your gender, but only offers “girl” and “boy” (which is weirdly infantilising as well as annoyingly binary.)

The app then asked me to complete a “Q&A For Girls” which consists of a few questions about whether you’re using the app alone or with a lover and whether you want to share it with a partner. It also, however, includes THIS:

I strongly suspect this is just some really, really bad Google Translate but the last thing I want to see in a sex toy app is talk of being “molested”. Gross. It also gives me pause about the app’s security and safety. Is it likely that someone is going to randomly take control of my toy? Because that’s, erm, deeply concerning if so.

Once you’re in, you can choose from a range of pre-set patterns and those created by other users. You can also create your own using the “Gesture” mode, connect with a partner via chat tools such as WeChat or WhatsApp, or make the vibes respond to movement with the “Action/Reaction” mode.

If you go into the “Health” tab at the top of the screen, you’ll find the various kegel exercise section. In this mode, a voice talks you through a range of exercises. The sessions are pretty short, stating at just 3 minutes, so they’re quite accessible. If you need a little extra encouragement to do kegel exercises regularly, you might enjoy being gently talked through it by the narrator’s soothing voice. I certainly find it helps me to actually bother doing my exercises!

The app responsiveness is good. It’s also fairly intuitive to use, with just a few basic controls to get your head around.

What About as a Sex Toy?

I like the shape and flexibility of the Dr Whale 2. I also really like the gently ridged texture of the silicone on one side of the whale’s body. Its flexy tail means it will work for a variety of bodies and comfortable positioning is easy. The downside of the flexible tail is that, when you’ve inserted the toy, it’s difficult to get a satisfying amount of clitoral pressure.

Monster Pub Dr Whale 2

I’m not really a fan of internal vibrations, though, so I soon turned to using it solely as a clitoral toy.

Unfortunately, the Dr Whale 2 really falls down for me on power. It’s not the worst by any stretch, and I’ve certainly used more expensive toys that were packing less of a punch than this one. But ultimately the vibrations are of mediocre strength and very buzzy. This toy is highly unlikely to ever get me off.


A mixed bag here.

I do think the Dr Whale 2 is a good kegel exerciser. The guided sessions on the app are a nice touch and the vibrations add more pleasure to the whole process. As a sex toy, though, I’m unlikely to ever use it again. It’s just too buzzy and not really powerful enough to be satisfying.

The Monster Pub Dr Whale 2 retails for $119.00 at time of writing.

This review was sponsored, meaning the company paid me to write an honest review. All views and experiences are my own.

[Toy Review] Orgazmic Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator

When Honey Play Box invited me to review some products from their extensive range, I was immediately drawn to the Orgazmic Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator. Its interesting shape and remote control functionality suggested a range of interesting possibilities.

But did it impress me when I tried it out?

What is the Orgazmic?

Orgazmic waterproof clitoral vibrator, vibrator for women, people with vulvas, couples

The Orgazmic is a small clitoral vibrator. It measures 4.16″ in length and 1.05″ across at the widest point and is coated in 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone. It’s available in pink or purple. It is rechargeable via the included magnetic cable, with a full charge giving around 2 hours of play.

The Orgazmic is completely waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower if that’s your thing.

My Orgazmic came packaged discreetly in a solid, plain black box. Great for gifting and also works well as a storage box.

My Experience

As soon as I pulled it out of the box, I knew I was going to absolutely love the shape of the Orgazmic. It is slightly curved, similar in shape to “panty vibes” you may have seen, with ribbing in the silicone at the wider end and a raised nub in the centre. This is a vibrator that’s absolutely made for grinding on! Slide it between bodies during sex with a partner, or place it on a firm surface. It also rests comfortably against the vulva as a lay-on toy, or even slips into your underwear, if you prefer.

Orgazmic panty vibrator, clitoral vibrator

The Orgazmic offers 9 different vibration modes including 3 constant speeds and 9 patterns, and operates on a simple 1 button interface.

Orgazmic waterproof vibrator

While the Orgazmic offers a decent level of power for such a small toy, I really would have liked it to be rumblier. I much prefer deep, penetrating rumbles to the more surface-level vibes of the Orgazmic. Of course, this isn’t a universal experience! If you prefer higher frequency vibrations, the Orgazmic will suit you well.

The Orgazmic is easy to clean when you’re done. Just use some warm water and gentle soap or a sterile medical wipe.

Remote Control Capabilities

The Orgazmic comes with a separate remote control, which you can slip into your pocket or hand to your partner. I’m not sure exactly what the range is, but I tested it at a range of about 10 metres and it worked perfectly, so it’ll be suitable for most remote control play when you’re in the same physical space.

Remote from remote control vibrator panty vibrator

The Orgazmic is quiet-ish, topping out at around 45 dB. If you want to use it out and about, I’d recommend choosing spaces that have a decent level of ambient noise to begin with. Remember it’s not cool to involve others in your play without consent!

Remember that the remote control will also need charging (via the same cable as the toy), so factor that in to your charging time before you play.


The Orgazmic is a decent all-rounder if you like buzzier vibrations. It’s got a great shape, reliable remote control compatibility, and a good number of settings and patterns to choose from.

The Orgazmic retails for $51.99.

This review was sponsored by Honey Play Box. This means they provided me with this product and paid me to write a fair and honest review. All opinions are, as always, my own.

Kink in Public: Is it Okay and How Can You Do It Safely?

A lot of people have exhibitionism kinks, meaning they get off on the idea (or reality) of doing sex and/or kink things in front of other people. But is this something you can do? Is it something you should do? The short answer is yes, but you need to be careful and considerate if you do choose to go for it.

Consent Matters

Consent to sex and BDSM extends to anyone who will witness it. And this means that random members of the public should not be seeing your activities, since they have not consented to do so.

In some spaces, such as swing clubs and kink dungeons, consenting to be there means consenting to see certain activities that fall within the rules of the space. So if you want to get your exhibitionist on, consider going to one of these spaces so you can do so in a safe, controlled, and consensual way with enthusiastically voyeuristic participants.

Remote Control Sex Toys

One way to play subtly in public spaces is to use wearable, remote control vibrators such as the Lovense Lush or We-Vibe toys. These toys are generally quite quiet, meaning that you can safely use them in spaces with a decent level of ambient noise. Plus if people hear something vibrating with no other context, they’ll likely assume it is a mobile phone ringing.

Obviously, you’ll need to keep your facial expressions and responses under control if you want to do this.

Check out my Lovense Ferri review, We-Vibe Chorus review, and Lovense Lush review for some inspiration for remote control sex toys you can use.

Subtle Protocols

Many kinky and D/s couples continue their dynamic in public – without violating anyone’s consent – by implementing protocols that people would not associate with kink without additional context. Easy examples include the submissive always walking on a particular side, the submissive carrying the Dominant’s belongings for them, or the submissive going to the bar to fetch the drinks as an act of service.

These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination and come up with subtle kink protocols that work for you.

Day Collars

I have mixed feelings on the subject of wearing obvious BDSM collars in public. On the one hand, we all get to wear the things we like on our own bodies, and many collars could plausibly pass for simple chokers. On the other hand, a collar can still be a fairly obvious symbol of a power exchange dynamic. You must decide for yourself where you fall on this. I used to wear my collar in public when I was in my former 24/7 relationship, but I probably wouldn’t do so now.

Fortunately, you can get subtle or completely vanilla-looking day collars. Mine used to be a bracelet with a little lock and key charm. Some look like simple necklaces. Your “day collar” can be a necklace, bracelet, ring, or something else entirely. I even know people who have a tattoo as their day collar, though obviously this requires an enormous degree of commitment and certainly!

Wear Something Your Dominant Chose

An easy way to feel submissive all day long? Ask your Dominant to choose your outfit for the day (or even an aspect of it, such as your underwear). Kayla Lords has written before about having her Dominant partner choose her panties for the day when they were long distance, and I think this is a great idea!

Receiving Tasks by Text

If you’re out and about away from your kinky partner, why not experiment with sending and receiving tasks by text (or email, messaging app, or communication system of your choice). These tasks can be sexual (“next time you go to the bathroom, take your knickers off and put them in your bag”) or completely vanilla (“drink a glass of water in the next half hour”). This is a great way to feel connected as you go about your days, and does not risk involving any non-consenting participants in your dynamic.

This post was written as part of Smutathon 2021! You can check out all our work and learn more about the challenge on the Smutathon website. Please consider donating to this year’s charities, Gendered Intelligence and Trans Lifeline.